Produced by: Steve Perry
  1. Oh Sherrie
  2. Foolish Heart
  3. She's Mine
  4. Strung Out
  5. Go Away
  6. When You're In Love (For The First Time)
  7. Against The Wall
  8. Forever Right Or Wrong
  9. Summer Of Luv
  10. Melody
  11. Once In A Lifetime, Girl
  12. What Was
  13. You Better Wait
  14. Missing You
  15. I Stand Alone
  16. It Won't Be You (Demo)
  17. If You Need Me, Call Me (Demo)
Ok, basically any Steve Perry release is a welcome one and will be lapped up by most - including me. After all he is THE AOR voice.
So let me get the knit picking out of the way first.
1. Why no new photos? Why are all the photos outtakes from the For The Love Of Strange Medicine shoots?
2. Where are the Nuno Bettencourt tracks from before the Strange Medicine recording sessions? They would have made awesome inclusions on this collection.
3. Why is it now that the tracks that came from the Strange Medicine CD5 releases, are being touted as from the unreleased album Against The Wall? I was always under the impression that they were outtakes from his last solo record. But maybe then I was just presuming to much at the time.
As outtakes they sounded quite good. But listening to them as proper tracks that were to make an album - I think they come up short.
Anyway, to more detail...
Tracks one to five need no reviewing as they are long since classics.
Track six is out first taste of the shelved solo album Against The Wall. Is it just me, or are we just now hearing of such a shelved release? Please let me know - I am in Australia and may have missed the past talk of it.
The next seven tracks, including 3 in original form, are the backbone of this never released effort. And you know what? Despite enjoying these songs right now, I think this release could have been a real disappointment.
Here's why: When You Are In Love (For The First Time) is a poppy calypso flavoured number. Quite catchy and fine vocals for sure, but nothing that I would call classic.
Against The Wall is a much better tune. A mid tempo ballad, it is typical of the moody Steve Perry pop we love and hints at some big AOR moments and that Street Talk guitar sound. Also some of the best vocals of the unreleased material.
Forever Right Or Wrong is another great tune. From the CD5 You Better Wait, this is a classy power ballad with a great chorus and fine vocals.
Summer Of Luv is another uptempo poppy track that I can't really pin down style wise.
A kind of tribute to Motown pop or something. Not bad, but again, not classic.
Melody is another really smooth ballad. Just Steve and a keyboard. From the Missing You CD5. I really like this track.
Once In A Lifetime, Girl is another simple pop song. Pretty light and a little more AOR than tracks 6 and 9. Not bad. Nice chorus anyway.
What Was is another very slow but high class ballad. The vocals here are awesome.
This completes the tunes from Against The Wall. Pretty good individually, but putting all these tunes on a proper solo album release would have made it too slow and poppy.
As it is I am ready for a rocker right now!
Thankfully I am rewarded with one of the great AOR tunes ever. You Better Wait is one of my all time favourite ever AOR tunes and sounds as fresh and awesome today as it did in 1994. I just wish there was more like it then and more now. Where are those Bettencourt tracks?
But then it is straight back into ballad mode with Missing You and the not very great I Stand Alone.
They are followed with a couple of more interesting numbers.
First up a demo of the tune that was also from the Missing You CD5. Another outcast of Against The Wall? Nice and raw. Good moody song. Check out the finished version on the single too.
If You Need Me, Call Me is another demo, with the original to be found on the You Better Wait CD5.
A lighter and rawer version and interesting to hear but it pales to the final version. The vocals aren't as strong here and the tune more light-weight.
And that is that. Probably the last Perry release for another couple of years.
One that highlights the past without offering any hints of the future.
There are certainly more unreleased tunes out there. I know of five others besides the Nuno tracks, of them I don't know how many there are.
I hope one day we will hear them and I hope that also we will hear a new rocking Steve Perry release.
Till then I will stick to playing my Journey CDs and Steve's 2 solo records. Nice collection, but I don't think I will be playing this that much. Shame really.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Steve Perry fans and Journey die hards.

04/12/08: Robert M Lisanti -
Rating: 100
I love every song on this cd..Perry is one of the greatest singers in history....period!

14/10/05: Mary Saxton -
Rating: 10
I loved Journey when Steve Perry was in it. Unfortunately, I was never able to go to a live concert. I having been playing the Steve Perry Journey CD's almost every day, I have loved them since Lovin Touchin Squeezin came out. I love Steve Perry. His voice is uncomparable. I went to see the new Journey and I had fun when they played the old songs, but, regretfully the lead vocals were just not there. I really don't believe they will ever produce a song that will climb on the charts. Steve Perry made Journey. He doesn't need them. But, they certainly need him. His greatest hits cd is awesome. His voice is mesmerizing. The writing is brilliant. I have been playing it almost every day at work. Sometimes I can't concentrate, so I have to take a break. My greatest wish is for Steve Perry to write, sing and produce another solo cd. I would probably buy two. One to keep nice and one to play. My favorite songs on the cd (hard because I love them all) are: "She's Mine", "Against the Wall", "Forever Right or Wrong" and "What Was". I heard a song clip on a web site called "Bill's Steve Perry Page" of a song the owner of the site called "Celebration". I loved it - Does anyone know where I can get this song? I just bought the David Pack CD just to hear Steve sing background vocals on a song he wrote called "A Brand New Start". I'll buy anything, just to hear his voice. Please come back Steve, "because we love you, because we need you". God gave you a wonderful gift, please share it with us once again.

18/05/05: juan carlos angulo palacios -
Rating: 95
what a wonderful cd!! totally awesome!! great songs! great voice! great music! great musicians! acceptable production.. what else can i ask?!! salutes from Lima - PERU in southamerica.. i am a great fan from JOURNEY and STEVE PERRY.. and this album blow me awayy!! best regards!

01/03/05: scott -
Rating: 100
For those who think that Steve Perry cant sing, lets see if any of you can do better, those who try, keep your day job. leave the singing to the voice!what ever you may be up steve god bless you and yours!

28/02/05: Scott M Turner -
Rating: 100
He is the voice, A friend of mine said that I couldnt tell the diffrence between Steve P and Steve A.well he could not believeI got 5 out of 5 right, it just goes to show you there is only one. were ever you are, and what ever you doing Steve Perry, God bless you and yours.

15/02/05: LaToya -
Rating: 10
I am a 30 yr old black female and I want to say that I LOVE Steve Perry... His voice and his tone is so beautiful...I've been on the net for 5 hours listening to "Oh Sherrie".... love ya, love ya, love ya, love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/01/05: Chantal -
Rating: 100

Greetings from Canada.

The man still has it. A true singer cannot just sing one type of song / music. This cd allows us to hear new styles of music by a very talented artist. I have enjoyed listening to each and every song.

Thank you for your time.

05/11/04: EDILIA -
Rating: 0
I love steve perry

11/04/04: John Gilbert -
Rating: 100
This collection is all over the place in production quality as well as styles...but I don't care. I will take any extra material from the greatest voice ever. I loved it all. I highly doubt that Steve would ever read this, but I think I speak for many, many other Steve Perry fans out there that says - MORE PLEASE!! In your VH1 Journey interview you said we haven't seen the last of you...WELL where are you. I know you are alive. You did something with that Charlize Theron movie. Please you aren't getting any younger...please, please, PLEASE give us one or two more releases of new material or release the never before released material this review spoke of. You know it would mean so much to your fans. At any rate thanks for all your incredible music you have given us. I will cherish it until I die.

29/11/03: Paul -
Rating: 38
If this was just a new CD I might rate it in the 70's. But this is supposed to be a "Greatest Hits" for cryin' out loud. This may be one of the worst "best of" albums of all time. Strangely, though, the reason I took the time to write this review was to take exception with the description of I STAND ALONE as "not very great". It is probably the truest piece of solo work that Perry has ever done. It doesn't suffer from the massive over-production that seems to filter his voice that every other track he has done solo has. It's the only cut I've heard of his that would fit on a pre-RAISED ON RADIO Journey album. One final note: considering all of the sub-par songs included on this CD, I can't believe that RUNNING ALONE got overlooked.

28/04/02: Henry -
Rating: 0
First off I think that Steve in his prime was untouchable as a vocalist,and as a performer,and songwriter.How ever I never really cared for his solo work except for maybe 3 or 4 songs which wasn't included on this is now 2002 and still no word on a new Perry release,what is going on with him has he retired or what? I bought the album and listened to it but ended up trading it in at a used cd store and I didn't care for ir .

14/03/02: JourneyJosh -
Rating: 100
How can you people call yourselves Steve Perry fans? This man had trouble getting over his mother's death and the death of the
greatest band he has ever been involved in, and you diss him because some of the tracks aren't up to Street Talk standards?
This man is the world's greatest singer, and if you call yourself a fan of this man, you should support him and everything he does.
During 1988, when Steve recorded the album Against the Wall, he was going through a lot, so that affected the tone of the music
he would write. This is a great CD, with some songs that just really push you through a wall (or maybe against a wall). And, we
all know that Perry can write ballads like no one can, so why knock him? I can't wait for his new material.

26/11/01: Mik -
Rating: 10
Impresionante, como siempre Steve Perry, nos sorprende con
su voz en cada tema, Es único!!. Esperando sus nuevo CD con muchas ganas. Animo Steve!! eres el mejor.

05/08/00: alex lee ericsson -
Rating: 8
Not as good as iīve expected....but i love everything what this guy do anyway...easyly best male vocalist of the universe.
so if you donīt feel that way, you better listen to it somewhere first...īcause itīs have nothing to do with his THE LOVE STRANGE MEDICINE album...and where is those missing Lincoln Brester songs?? after all WHAT A GOOD VOICE HE GOT....

01/08/00: Teresa -
Rating: 10
Okay, people, I am SO sure that Steve Perry is letting us all down by leaving Journey because of health problems. How could he not take our little feelings into consideration? HELLO!!! The man is an actual human being, despite popular belief of the contrary, given his extraordinary voice. AND YES, I DID SAY IT!! I can sit here all night analyzing and re-analyzing his talent, and yet I still cannot fathom those of the opinion that his voice is anything other than amazing. The man is 50 years old. I have been listening to Journey since I first bought Captured on 8-track back in 1981. I was only 10 at the time, and I have yet to hear another voice of that magnitude since.
I have had the opportunity to hear the "new" Journey, and it pales in comparison. I am also shocked that Perry's former bandmates Schon and Cain had so little loyalty to their supposed
friend that they would tour without the backbone and heart of the band. Without Perry they have lost the soul of Journey.
Now with my review. GH+5 is a must-have for any true fan. Simply put, it makes me crave more. We can only wish for some new material for Perry that show his talent and lay to rest any
doubts that he is anything BUT the greatest voice in rock music.

16/07/00: jrnyman -
Rating: 5
I was very disapointed in the GH + 5. I have all the songs anyway so this wasn't anything new. I hope that his new album coming out soon will be better and more up beat.

04/06/00: alliedforces -
Rating: 20
Wheres "Dont fight it" one of the best none journey songs he has ever done.I'm sure kenny loggins would have let steve use it on this album.Perry still has the voice but his solo work is just plain bad.The fist time i every heard perrys voice i just saw a kiss concert and was buying the new england album who opened up for kiss and steves voice came on the radio for a commercial for infinity and blew me away i bought the album in a heartbeat and to this day its the best work perry has ever done.There is no fire left just a bunch of silly love songs that all have been done before.Wise up steve,Its time to rock again.....AF

04/01/00: z -
Rating: 0
The most boring bunch of garbage imaginable. I should have just bought the Strung Out single because that is the only track that does not induce zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

11/11/99: J.O. -
Rating: 100
From a musicians point of view I think it would have been a shame to leave these songs on the shelf forever. Would it not have been a waste? Let's face it, the man kicks ass! The guy shatters glass no matter what! The music is great the lyrics are great. When did he write one of the songs? in 5th grade? WHO CARES!! If it's a Steve Perry album, it rocks!! If it's a Steve Perry album, I want it!!

Rating: 7
I'll be amazed if anyone reads this. We all love Journey. I don't believe there's a person alive who wouldn't like at least ONE Journey song. I thought I was going to just review this album but after reading all the other reviews I see this seems to be a forum for frustrating fans to vent their opinions... here's mine: Of course people will always associate Steve Perry with Journey. Just like people still think David Lee Roth should be with Van Halen (Although I personally feel that Sammy is an exponentially better singer and writer than David could ever hope to be. Not to say David doesn't have his place in music... but come on... comparing Sammy Hagar to David Lee Roth is like comparing Ann Wilson with Shania Twain... they both are good at what they do, but one is obviously more talented than the other... anyway, back to my review) I love Steve Perry and I always will but people have to learn that things change. No one likes change. I mean when Jack Blades left Night Ranger it wasn't quite the same. But "Feeding Off The Mojo" was a great album on it's own it just wasn't Night Ranger anymore, but it was STILL GOOD MUSIC. See my point? With Augeri they're still gonna make great music. I personally adore Jonathan Cain's writing and I think it gets more insightful and intimate over the years. I think the material on the new Journey album will be very tasteful. But people have to stop holding everything up to a shadow of the past albums. What do you expect? An album with a track listing that reading "Separate Ways II", "Faithfully, STILL", "Send Her My Love AGAIN", "Kissin, Huggin, rubbin"? COME ON! You can't expect a phenomenon like Journey to be able to repeat itself. We should ALL be thankful that they're still making music for us to hear at all!! I know I am. As for as Augeri goes... he's great. I saw him with Journey earlier this year and they were sensational. And by the way you could not ask for a better replacement drummer than Dean Castronovo! He's incredible and he sings!!! Oh yeah... Augeri... he was very gracious and he sings like an angel. Now of course he's no Steve Perry but who is!!! (Although my personal opinion is that that HUGO guy tries WAY too hard to be Perry. Sorry Hugo! I like some of your stuff and I respect anyone that writes but try to be more original!!) When I heard Journey was getting a new singer I hoped and prayed that it would be Kevin Chalfant. In my opinion he would have been the best man for the job and could have prevented alot of the heat Journey's getting because Augeri LOOKS like Perry. SO WHAT!?!? I never bought records because of what someone looks like (with the possible exception of Vixen) so what does it matter if Augeri looks like Perry?? The man can sing and write and in my humble opinion he was second best choice for Journey right behind Kevin Chalfant. And speaking of which, what the hell is Kevin up to???
The album... Steve's solo record was disappointing. The songs are inferior. I'm sorry but they are!! It's Perry's voice that makes the songs digestible. Admit it... if Jani Lane would have released these songs no one would have taken the time to write these reviews. Don't get me wrong though, I love Jani Lane too, it's just the first singer that came to mind. The only truly good song in my opinion is "Melody". Overall, I don't regret buying the album cuz I'm one of those people who has to HAVE IT ALL but I'll probably never listen to it again other than that one song. As far as Journey goes... they still have two of the three main writers and I truly can't wait for the new album. And to the fans who knock Journey and Perry because they can't magically reproduce the magic of the once in a career album like "Frontiers", all I have  s

12/09/99: Toni Barrett -
Rating: 10
How can you trash something so full of vocal intensity?

10/07/99: Brian -
Rating: 6
Other than "Against the Wall", "What Was", and "Forever Right or Wrong", I don't hear much on this album that stands out. Just a bunch of songs from the past, and some terrible tracks that deserved to be called filler ("Summer of Luv", UGH; "Once In A Lifetime", BLEEEECH!). I think some actual new songs would have been a better choice for this album. For instance, a better mix or re-recording of "It Won't Be You" would have been awesome, as this song, while not real strong in the vocal department, has a perfect melody. And "Melody" could have used a new mix also. WEAK sound that ruins a good tune. But maybe I'm just nitpicking now :)

I think Steve's career has ended with this album. Too bad, really. His voice is shot, and can't hold up on tour anymore (anyone who witnessed the final dates of the FTLOSM tour can attest to that). I think that's the REAL reason that he didn't tour with Journey foTB

28/03/99: Nathan C -
Rating: 5
First of all I must admit I haven't even heard this cd. I do however own all of his previous releases. To say that Steve Perry is better off without Journey or that Journey is better off without Perry is just wrong. Steve Perry writes great ballads but I have never liked the faster songs on his solo albums. I know that some fans will say that there were some good upbeat tunes on Strange Medicine, but try and compare those song with Any Way You Want It or Seperate Ways. I don't think that Perry's or Journey's future projects will ever live up to what Journey fans expect from the past Journey efforts. Just enjoy the great music thema

27/03/99: Karin -
Rating: 100
I think the Greatest Hits CD is terrific. It is a combination of his best past work with great new or at least newer songs. Steve is as amazing now as he was 22 years ago when he joined Journey and made Journey what it was. I disagree that his songs are "to poppy". I think your review was to harsh. I have listen to the CD many times, and each time it sounds better and better. Steve will ALWAYS be the best singer ever.

25/03/99: Mark B. -
Rating: 10
I'll give this new one a ten, even without hearing at all. The reason is the way he uses his voice. I've been a Journey fan for 21 years and yes I do know the pre-Perry albums. There was JOURNEY, LOOK INTO THE FUTURE, & NEXT. Those three were OK because of the music was there. Only true Journey fans would know why Perry took over for Flieschman. Of course, his voice thats why. Thats why INFINITY took off like a rocket out of the stores. Since then everyone was hooked. Lets face it, we can't knock the guy for trying to do what he loves to do, and thats make music. I think of Perry's voice as the sixth instrument. He just does'nt sing, he uses and expresses his voice like an instrument. He knows when and where to use that wright note at the wright time. So for all you Journey fans out there, Steve Perry is still the best in my book. Yes I'll pick up the new Journey cd as well, but S. Perry's music will last a lifetime with me.Whether it's the studio or live, Perry can do it no matter what stage of life he is in. In my opinion, I think so after buying every single Journey album plus the DREAM AFTER DREAM import album and have seen them twice here in LA. So as far as I'm conserned, Perry is 10 times better than the Grunge or Alternative crap they make today that some other groups put out. Thats why I still listen to all the Journey I can Thanks , and may JRNY tunes live for er

24/03/99: Jim Jenkins -
Rating: 8
I've just picked up GH and think its a great album. Remember we Brits never saw the single releases from "Medicine" so this latest compilation is a god send to us! i'm enjoying it - just played it twice. It's not journey who I was lucky to see live here in UK (79 & 80) and those memories never fade! I'm praying Steve will record new songs for us fans to hear - c'mon Steve record more classic tunes! And if you tour again - Europe - England - Liverpool - please!! As for Augeri...saw him with Tyketto - best forgotten! Keep with Mr Perry - the voice of AOR - for me anyway - think I'll play GH ain

21/03/99: scott -
Rating: 0

16/03/99: Paul -
Rating: 6
I thought that this release was a big letdown. I also was hoping for some material that I havn't heard before. I have lost a lot of interest in Steve Perry since he went into hiding again. He left Journey once, what made anyone think he wouldn't walk away again. I have seen the new Journey more than once and even saw them on their first official concert to the public in the U.S. since the 1991 in Cadott, Wisconsin last year. I agree that the presence is missing some without Steve Perry, but the point was made that this is not 1983 anymore. If you heard Steve's voice live at all on the Strange Medicine Tour, you would know why he did not tour with Journey. I had to cover my ears during the end of Faithfully, because his voice was so bad. Steve Augeri is the best thing for this band right now for live material. But when it comes to studio, I do think the sales will hurt some. But I am 100% behind the new Journey and I still will follow Steve Perry. Lets see some new material from both projects!!!!!

15/03/99: Kathy -
Rating: 9
I've heard alot of great comments and alot of trash about this cd and Steve Perry. And I know some people are entitled to their own opinion but bashing his talent is going too far. Try and go back and remember why you fell in love with Journey to begin with, yes it could have been there instrumental talents or its looks. Not quite, lets face it if it wasn't for Steve's vocals; Journey would not have been together as long or gotten as far as they did, not to mention his songwriting ability.

As for this cd I think that it's a great compalation, especially Summer Of Luv, Once In A Lifetime, Girl, and I Stand Alone. But it left me wanting more, like he showed on Trial By Fire. But if it didn't happen I wouldn't be surprised. It's been a long and rough road not to mention Steve's health problems among other things. But I think that he still has it in him to get back out there and show everybody that he still has the vocals of all time.

And to the person who called Steve a "head case" maybe you need to put yourself in his shoes and see that after alot of touring day in day out for 20+ years can be a rough toll.

As for Journey's new lead singer Steve Augeri... I have to admit that I had my doubts to begin with. I thought it very impossible that anybody can or ever will fill the huge void of Steve's absence. They will probably never be as big as they were before with Augeri, but they found the best replacement possible. He may not have the stage presence or the looks but hean

07/03/99: DaCritic -
Rating: 59
This album should have been called. "Journey wait up I still have a mortgage" or "Slapped together for you, cuz' the rent is due."

Rating: 0
Steve Perry is better off on his own! He got if not the best voice out there, and I hope that he will continue to write and sing solo. Remember,"he kept his promise".

06/03/99: Jodee M. -
Rating: 8
I couldn't wait for this to be released. I think the songs included were excellent, but I tend to agreet that there were other songs that could and should have been recorded. One such one was "If Only For The Moment, Girl" If I understand right, though, that was released on the Japanese version.
My only other concern about this album is the fact that there is very little talk about inspirations, motivation and basically, the "Thank You" list. I think this shows that an artist can be humbled. Not that he's not humble,but I guess I would be more convinced had he included one of these. I don't know, do greatest hits albums include thank you lists?

27/02/99: Terry - TDonn97015@aol,com
Rating: 9
While I agree that more could have been added, he's still the best.
perry IS Journey and if that's not true why did the album and the tour tank without him? Who the hell is Steve Augeri...a wanna-be!

The fans who knock Perry -- he doesn't need you!

27/02/99: Red Dog -
Rating: 9
"Captured By The Moment", "Don't Fight It", and "If Only For The Moment, Girl" should have been on this. The latter two are hard to find now days anyway. I totally disagree with everyone who says "Against The Wall" is a great song. This is the only Perry song I can't stand! The style, vocals, direction, just doesn't sound very good. As for the rest of the songs, I like them. I've never liked "She's Mine" all that much, however. I love "I Stand Alone", even though his voice shows its wear. I don't know about anyone else, but I wish Steve would cut loose and do some revved-up tunes he can tear up on like "Line Of Fire" or "Lay It Down". I also wish he would record a Sam Cooke tribute CD. As for the new Journey... I saw them last fall and they were awesome. Steve Augeri did a great job for Steve Augeri. However, he doesn't even come close to performing the way Perry did. Augeri doesn't have emotion. Augeri doesn't do many cuts and runs, and doesn't improvise much at all. Sam Cooke was THE MAN of the late '50s to mid '60s. Steve Perry was THE MAN of the late '70s to late '80s. Sadly, there is no "E

27/02/99: Sean Gaynor -
Rating: 2
This album is mis-named "Greatest Hits." Honestly, it should be named a few hits plus several pop experiments. It has long been obvious that Perry has wanted to do his own thing, musically-speaking. When you hold TBF up against Journey's past albums, and you consider this new decidely-pop release from Perry, you can see his influence over TBF. TBF sold pretty well (but nothing compared to Journey's hit albums of the '80s). IMO this was because Journey fans were so starved for an album. For cryin' out loud, it had been 10 years! Ten years of pent-up demand for new Journey material. I don't expect Perry to rock if he doesn't want to, my contention is that he should have been more decisive with his own plans. He should have been more honest and open with the fans. I think we deserved that. You don't just leave people that you respect hanging. Journey's core of fans was more deserving of respect. 10+ years later, Journey is past its prime (not so much because of the band members talents, which is still good, but because it is a new era of popular music). Gone forever is the mass-appeal that Journey once had. Steve Augeri is a strong vocalist in his own right, and has great stage presence like Mr. Perry. I feel that Journey was a collaboration rather than dominated by any one member. Therefore, I feel that Journey would have still achieved success with another talented lead singer like Augeri (although not as much success as with Perry). The new Journey will continue to produce fine material, which will eagerly be purchased by many Journey fans. Those who are so pro-Perry that they have not given the new lineup a chance will probably continue to stay away...which is a shame. I can just see the pro-Perry fans claiming the new album a failure if it doesn't out-sell TBF. They will say this clearly is because Journey decided to go on without Steve Perry, taking advantage of the fact that popular music has moved on. If the new album doesn't sell well, it will be because the pro-Perry contingent of the die-hard Journey fans (which are just about all that is left now) decided not to support t n

08/02/99: karen wells -
Rating: 10
He sings like an angel and he's gorgeous. What more can anyone say? Thank you, Steve for sharing your voice.

04/02/99: juan - journeyn2@ao
Rating: 10
this is to the poeple who say STEVE PERY cant sing like the old days.first of all lets remember he is 50 years old how many poeple his age still sound the same .lets remember his voice was used over and over in concert , and that was very tuff on about the new STEVE well let me til you i saw him in concert and yes is he close to the real thing wich brings this ponit up.if JOURNEY does not need PERRY why would they find a guy who sings like PERRY and go's on TOUR singing all the classic journey songs .that tells you that they need PERRY but since they cant wait for him .they find a perry coppy cat.they went on tour and didnt mention anything about PERRY that was very wrong because everybody is saying how good they sound now .but if you sit back and think hes singing all the classic songs the same way perry sang them .and for the record towards the end of the tour the new steve was having problems doing the classic JOURNEY songs that perry did over and over from city to city . and one more thing how many poeple remember JOURNEY before PERRY got there not to many cause the new guy sang only PERRY and JOURNEY songs not songs from the journey before PERRY . so to the poeple who say PERRY needs journey remember that PERRY'S solo songs reach higher the the classic journey songs. but together perry and journey will always be the best .

25/01/99: Suzanne - JRNYALWAYZ
Rating: 10
After reading what other "fans" have written, I am pretty upset right now. So if I tend to sound hostile, please understand! I have to start my review by stating that I have followed Steve and Journey for the past 17 years, and have been lead by very many different roads by all band members. I have tried to stay on all roads, but as years went on and I got older and started to understand what the words trust, friendship, love, and promises meant, I kind of chose some roads to go on more than others. Two roads I swayed more towards was the Journey road, I always stayed faithful, and the Steve Perry road. Although I would choose Journey's road any day, I fell head over heels with Steve Perry and followed him wherever he was headed. I bought all of his solo CD's and also have all of Journey's. Sometimes I would get mad at Journey, Steve especially, because they would promise Journey would make a come back, and only once they did it. I would blame Steve because his solo music was doing so well. Well they did it twice but fell short the second time with out touring. Something that makes me very sad to this day. But as they say there are two sides to every story and I've heard both and if someone says that they are not able to tour because they are not ready because of health reasons, then they should be with "friends" that understand and are not pushy into making you do something that you are not ready to do. Even if it is something that millions more people want you to do. It was not easy for Steve to say that he could not tour. We all know he loves to tour. So why are there so many fans out there bashing this man? He is human. Please start treating him like it!!! My rating on Steve's new CD is a 10. I think it shows that Steve has a lot of guts. He knows we all want NEW material. He knew he was going to get a ton a heat for this. I absolutely loves this CD. At first when I heard the words "Greatest Hits". I froze. I was saying you gotta be kidding me. Now that it is out. I LOVE IT. Summer Of Luv is my favorite track. The vocals on this are unbelievable!!! The track that I rank a close 2nd is I Stand Alone. Again, awesome vocals, and the lyrics are so true to the life that he is now living. Once In A Lifetime, Girl is a great tune. And I really love the Alien Project demo. I also love listening to those 80's tunes too. Strung Out, Oh, Sherrie, You Better Wait, are all songs I still love to this day. It saves me time now, because all of these songs are now on one CD. I will end this review by saying that What Was may not be any more with Steve and Journey. But those of you that state that Stephen Ray Perry can no longer hit the notes, please buy this CD, crank tune 15 and I think you will agree, this man is the best vocalist of our day and e.

25/01/99: TY Bennett -
Rating: 9
The only reason I didn't give the greatest vocalist of all time a '10' on his newest release is because it is a compilation and not completely 'new'. The production is outstanding as most of Perry's recordings are. This guy has the perfect combination of range, timbre, power, control, style, endurance and emotion. His voice is simply amazing. I will give my opinions on the 'new' songs off of this release starting with WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME. Here Perry shows us his Sam Cooke influence with a island-inspired ditty. He starts out brash and soulfully (and without reverb) quoting the memorable melody. Once the rhythm section kicks in, the diatonic licks and melodic phrases drown the listener in a rich, sonic ocean. Steel drums and strings combine to make a tune that will dare you not to smile. The song vamps out with Steve improvising over the chorus' harmonic structure. He tips the hat to Cooke and offers his own hooks reminding fans just why they fell in love with Perry to begin with.
On against the wall, Steve gets a little progressive. The lyrics are clever but it's the vocal performance that is so impressive. In the verses he sings angular lines that are somehow STILL very melodic and memorable. The texure in the chorus bombastic and rocking with Perry wailing away with powerful melismas showing his remarkable range and stamina. Summer Of Luv is another 60's styled R&B tune where Perry uses sprechstimme in the verses. The choruses bring back Steve in full force, singing sweet, eloquent, soulful lines. The tune fades out with Perry's famous melismas, once again, soaring high above with long, sustained notes. Once In A Lifetime Girl gives a taste of the raspy, emotive voice of Steve Perry. This is another rocker where the musicians really shine. Perry gives a great performance complete with high notes, intervallic lines, catchy melodies and a R&B tag at the end. Overall the new songs are just great. The rest of the release has some rare recordings as well as hits from Steve covering his entire 20something career. It illustrates all of the things for which Perry is respected for and proves his immense versatility. Be it moving power ballads (a term Perry is almost soley responsible for), bluesy,raspy numbers, soaring rockers or even classically tinged pieces---this ror

21/01/99: Brad D. -
Rating: 5
I wish to preface my remarks by saying this is just my opinion...and it is not an opinion that I am happy to have. This is a sad release from the once mighty vocalist, THE premier rock and roll voice of the 70s and 80s now a thing of the past. As a long-time Journey fan (since 1978) and a fan of Perry's "Street Talk" and FTLOSM albums (the FTLOSM tour was also great), I was bummed by this cash-in job. No Nuno Bettencourt true unreleased material...just a chronicle of what Perry used to be. What this collection shows me is how great Perry WAS...and demonstrates the sad decline. There is nothing here that the original albums and CD-5s did not include, and the few things that are new to my ears are not that fantastic. The Alien Project demo only demonstrates to me how Perry no longer has the voice he used to have. Is that a good thing to show??

I am sure that I am setting myself up for flames from fellow fans, but our vocal hero is obviously a head case now. The Journey reunion was the coolest thing that could have happened for all parties involved, but Perry helped kiss that opportunity goodbye. While Steve Augeri will always be a replacement in the eyes of many, at least he realizes a good thing when he has it, which is something I cannot say for Perry. It is also time to admit that Perry does not have the pipes that he used to have. Come on people...stop looking at Perry as if it is still 1983. Come on Steve...stop hiding from those of us who have supported you over the years. Come out of Xanadu, grant an interview and give us long-time fans some answers. We deserve that much for all the years of joy and good music you have brought us. While you are at it, Steve...give us an album of material that is worth buying, with maybe even (God forbid) NEW STUFF...even better, new stuff that actually rocks. The fire still must be burning...somewhere...

19/01/99: Greg -
Rating: 7
If you have the albums and FTLOSM CD 5's, don't bother. Only
highlight is "If You Need Me, Call Me" for the reasons mentioned above. Still, it is cool having "You Better Wait," Strung Out,"
and "Oh Sherry" on one CD...too bad those Bettencourt songs are on the shelf...probably permenantly. To the guy who is slamming the current JRNY, go to a show yourself. The "new" JRNY is, simply, awesome. I was a doubter at first, but my doubts were layed to rest when I saw the guys on the Vacation's Over tour. The Tall Stories album didn't do Augeri any justice

14/01/99: beau -
Rating: 6
steve perry was an essential sound of journey. but, without journey steve perry is just mediocre. his solo material stands to that testament! sad..

Rating: 5
[To Preface my previous review posted on the Newsgroup
This new CD is okay, there are a few good tracks like
Against The Wall which is more similar to
Colors Of The Spirit

and I belive there is a slightly different mix of
"what was" on the new cd
as opposed to the cd-5 version
and as for the "writing demo" of
"it won't be you"
it does not sound any different than the
version on the missing you cd-5

The sound quality is minimal
and at some points I need to put my
hearing aid in to make out what steve
is ennunciating (no lyric sheet here folks)

This project is definately a primer to what
will inevitably come when steve gets his new
label deal.]

by Aljemacks De Lucia

the untimely release of Steve Perry's new
solo retrospective comes on the heels of another
ex-sony crooner George Michael who's gloryhole
grandizment of bathroom humor put his career
literally in the toilet.
Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased

first off the title has to be the most unsavory combination
of subject combined in one sentence.
I would have preferred the following title:
Don't Hold Your Breath: (Hits, Misses & Errors)

second the horrible artwork on the cover of the cd and
the inner fold out sleeve looks like old FTLOSM photos
and reject photos, the "eyes" picture on the booklet was
actually the fold out picture on FTLOSM where the
liner notes were listed (there are no new or recent photos of steve.)
at least George Michael did a new photo shoot this year.

what's glaringly missing is the B-side of Oh Sherry
"Don't Tell Me Why Your Leaving"

and the unexplained writing demo of "it won't be you"
which was listed right below the quest for camelot song
leading some to believe that "it won't be you" was meant
for that film. (incidently "it wont be you" is on the CD5
of missing you and was not listed as a "writing demo" as
was the Missing You demo on that cd5 that truly was
a writing session. "It wont be you" sounds very polished
and finished; a complete song.)

thirdly the entire contents of the cd were not re-mastered
in sterling 20-bit digital audio as were all the previous
journey cd's and steve's Street Talk.

the complete cd looks like a rush job similar to
Greatest Hits Live and should have contained
a stapled booklet detailing and outlining steves
life and career and a track by track commentary
by steve would have been nice.

Only two tracks from FTLOSM were included
in this set which is a disappointment as there were
many more songs that could have been included.

this should not have been a "Greatest Hits" package
as it immediatly excludes all other worthy material
that did not chart high or get released as a single.
A "Best Of" package would have been a more
welcome addition for this ex-Journeyman allowing
a more broader section of Steve's work

"Don't Fight It"
"Only for the moment, girl"
"Don't tell me why your leaving"

in addition to some new tracks would
have left me feeling more satiated;
instead I feel put thru the grinder
and served up a recycled perry
with nothing new to say.

Aljemacks writes every once in a whileor

08/01/99: Scott -
Rating: 10
What can I say, I have enjoyed everything this great man has put his voice to. I do think "I Stand Alone" is one of his best songs to date. I really enjoyed that. As far as the "If You Need Me, Call Me", that is awesome. I do like the oneof the CD5 better, but hearing this Alien Project song, finally available in a quality that is listenable, is truly a dream come true for me. This is not aremake here, it is the actual original cut that Herbie Herbert & others heard back in 1977. So, having this original song, in this pure of a form was awesome. I have the Alien Project Demos & I have heard many copies of it & thye all are poor quality, so again I was just so happy to hear it in this state. Some friends of mine do not understand that this is "the" first song the label & Journey heard from Perry from Alien Project, they think he redid the song for the Greatest Hits CD, but in fact this is the real Mccoy. Thanks to Mr Perry for continuing to put out the best music I have ever heard. I look forward to more in 1999.

08/01/99: Geoff Gause -
Rating: 6
I was "wowed" when I first heard some of the songs from the CD5's. To wait and wait for these (and I am a die-hard SP fan too) I was left with cotton mouth. I wanted more to sink my teeth into. I feel like many others that the term "Greatest Hits" is so unappropriate for one of the cleanest most artistic soloists of our time. Two albums under his belt and a greatest hits release? Maybe I am grumpy because I wanted so much more out of this album. Against the Wall...different and really likeable but I don't go in too much hearing Steve Perry as a Calypso Artist. The reggae flavored music seems to be a stretch to me. Well who am I anyway. What Was, Forever Right or Wrong, amazing and powerful music. I do agree though we all love to hear Steve Rock - he just don't want to!

08/01/99: E.M. -
Rating: 9
To start with I'd like to bash Neal Schon for a minute. I read that he says Journey was a band long before Steve Perry joined. This is true, but let me ask you Neal, how many of your self titled Journet album or the Next album sold? Not much I'm sure. And for those people reviewing the Journey concerts on the Journey Fans Network web page that say Steve Perry who? and praise Steve Augeri need to get a clue. You know if Perry rejoined the band that Augeri would seem like a bad dream. They would say Journey sounds better than ever now that Perry is back. Anyway, onto the new Steve Perry cd. It is wonderful! I have all of his cds including both CD5's from the Strange medecine era. I think Steve only included pictures from this era in the cd because he is reflecting back onto the part of his life. I'm waiting for him to come out with a new cd that shows he will be moving forward in his life and in his music. The 4 songs i didn't know were 1. When your in love for the first time 2. Against the wall 3. Summer of luv and 4. Of a lifetime girl
Any new music he puts out just adds new memories to my life. His voice is always easily recognized and no one can replace or come close to his passion. I was surprised to see "Go Away" and "She's Mine" from the Street Talk cd on this compilation. I never knew he ever officially came out with these songs but they are perfect for this cd none the less. I love the song " If you need me, call me" but i like the cd5 version a little better. It's a much more rocking version of this tune. I'm also surprised that Steve didn't include "One More Time" on this compilation which can be found on the You Better Wait cd5. Only for the Moment Girl would have been another great tune to include on this cd. Lucky for me i have both of these songs in my collection :-). Overall, it is a fantastic cd. I got it for Christmas and just can't stop listening to it! Go buy it, you will not be disappointed. Steve Perry is tops! By the way, I highly doubt Neal and the gang are doing as well as they would if Steve was still with them. Looks like Neal is taking after eddie Van halen ( another joke). Your music is the best Steve perry and your fan base will wa

05/01/99: Billy M -
Rating: 7
i like this release but i think songs like "stand up before it"s too late" should"ve been on this too. I disagree w Andrew on "I stand alone" I think his voice is PRIME on that one!!! The unreleased ones are ok i was VERY excited to hear the song that got him hired by JOURNEY "if you need me call me" i had heard all about this song for years but never heard it.