Produced by: Bill Drescher & Rick Springfield
  1. Prayer
  2. The White Room
  3. Free
  4. Itsalwayssomething
  5. Religion Of The Heart
  6. Shock To My System
  7. Karma
  8. Beautiful Prize
  9. In Veronica's Head
  10. Ordinary Girl
  11. Act Of Faith
  12. Jessies Girl (Acoustic - Japan Only)
This has been the most anticipated AOR release in years.
Now you should know by now what a fan I am, so prepare yourselves for a long review!
But I hope you will find it still fair and a little impartial! But basically, I love it to death, so it will sound like a rave regardless.
It has been a mere 10 years since Rock Of Life was released and a little longer since Rick launched a full scale tour.
Karma has been several years in planning and over 6 months in recording.
A couple of the songs even originate from the recording sessions from 1993/4 that would eventually become the Sahara Snow project.
I have had the great privilege of listening to demo's to 7 of the 11 tracks on this album for several months now. And even now, this is not quite the album I was expecting. For the most part, this is a Rick Springfield I have not heard before.
I have reported with much enthusiasm that Rick was returning to his hard edged guitar roots,
so it may not exactly be what you are expecting either.
Since the demo's were recorded, the songs have been radically re-worked, polished up and have been given that unmistakable Rick Springfield hi-tech AOR tweak.
And this is very high tech. There is a mixture of styles on the album, and less of the hard edged guitar that made Living In Oz a masterpiece, than I expected.
But it is all pure AOR and pure brilliance.
There is absolutely no doubting the quality of the song writing. The lyrics touch on several subjects, but remain the most personal of Rick's career. A legacy of another bout of writers block and several years off the road.
The production is just enormous. As expected there are layers upon layers of guitars, keyboards, synthesizers and vocals. In fact despite the ultra smooth style of the album, the vocals are quite live and raw in places.
A few of the tracks strip it back more, while a few others go completely over the top!
Listening to the production quality here makes me more aware of what we miss sometimes with the smaller labels.
Generally the style seems to be a mix of a general progression from the Rock Of Life era and a sample of songs from the Sahara Snow project.
Mix those and some unexpected new twists and ten years of passing styles and you get a Rick Springfield that is remarkably fresh and original, yet familiar all the same.
The songs have come from a couple of different backgrounds, which is reasonable to expect given the time frame between this and the last album.
The songs can be split into 2 different 'feels' because of their background, but despite this there is an unmistakable instrumental theme running through the record and sure familiarity between all the tracks.
I think it could be best explained in that on half the tracks it is the keyboard/synth taking the lead and in the other half it is the guitar and vocal leading.
Mix them up through the album and it makes for interesting listening.
The long awaited album bursts to life with a snap of a high tech drum and a pseudo dance beat and Prayer is away. The vocal is restrained but smooth and quite raw. The style is something similar to Hold On To Your Dream mixed with Woman, both from the Rock of Life disc. There are plenty of layers of synthesizers and the chorus lifts from mid paced balladry to a poppy and uptempo little anthem. I send a prayer to heaven for the chance to be, a better man than the man I see...
The White Room is another big high tech AOR synth ballad, but with a difference. The subject matter is again deep and complex as is the song.
It starts with a electronic drum beat and clear 'synth' piano lead that appears through the song.
The vocals have some effects and is moody to say the very least. The chorus jumps from nowhere to a big rock beat with just a raw guitar and sharp electronic drum beat backing the vocal that is totally out of character with the verse of the song. Another highlight of the album. Listen out for some big drums sounds toward the end of the track.
Free is one of the new tracks that I had not been exposed to. This really threw me to the floor. I was not expecting anything like this. This is one of the greatest ballads I have ever heard.
This simply floors them all. Free is a new age influenced soft ballad with a verse with little musical backing besides a soft guitar and background synth, while the chorus features a duel vocal from Rick with him backing himself over some superb soft electric guitar soloing along side. The end of the song features a solo vocal that will just send shivers up your spine.
Itsalwayssomething is the first guitar driven track of the album and the first taste of Rick Springfield in the 90's. This track is more laid back than the live version that was road tested this US summer, but lacks none of it's kick. This is probably the most lyrically deep Rick song that I have heard since My Father's Chair and once again touches on that subject and the pain that went with it.
The vocal is more up front and urgent and very live and contains a real passion. There is duel guitar accompaniment, one being a straight up riff and the other placing a sort of blues tinge to it.
...I've been good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...anytime I stop to smell the roses they drew blood from you know what I mean?...
The song is mid paced, like much of the record, but the chorus again lifts and rocks in it's own special way. Mid way through there is a great hard edged guitar solo and the song seems to lift to a rockier finish. This is one of the best Rick tunes I have ever heard.
An absolute anthem of a generation.
Religion Of The Heart is another instant classic. The style is the same as Itsalwayssomething. The lyrics are dark and brooding, as is the vocal. The song is very laid back, but guitar driven with some great background organ, and a bluesy lead guitar during the faster chorus.
...You raise your glass, you drink their wine, but you're still thirsty all the miracles tonight and you'll skip the midnight masses...
Shock To My System is another ballad, but with a completely different feel to that of Free. This is another synth dominated track and is basically a big big high tech ballad. It starts slow for sure, but the chorus is just huge. Guitars on the chorus only and a vocal that is mixed with effects similar to that of the Sahara Snow ballad 'Somewhere'. Just bigger!
Karma is another surprise. Along with the rest of the album, it is not a Rick that I have heard before. Karma is a happy song and lyrically about what you would expect...what comes around, goes around.
The songs reminds me a little of Mr. Mister at their best. This is high tech guitar driven rock, but with big effects and a little of that 70's psychedelic Beatles influenced. The chorus is rocked up by a nice lead guitar that leans back to the blusy style that is imbedded in the style of the album.
...Every bit of love that I give to know what I comes back to me...
Beautiful Prize is another new track and the first single. Back to the guitar lead, but this time dominated by an acoustic strum that carries this songs along at a fair pace. Electric guitar, bass and organ also are cleanly mixed into the track. The vocal is back to the style I just love - raw, live and clearly passionate.
The song appears one of the happier tracks of the album, yet the subject matter deals with the extremely serious problem of Incest. The lyrics come from a true story told to Rick.
A similar guitar feel to Lust from Sahara Snow.
...In a house full of secrets...the truth doesn't matter...
In Veronica's Head is the track that I have the hardest time describing.
Quite simply it is possibly the best hard rocking Rick songs ever. This track is just going to rip when played live. Especially since the finished version is more laid back again from the demo.
Starting with a strong synth/keyboard hook, then moving to an acoustic guitar backing, Rick's moody vocals start slowly and stay intense thru the short verse, then the instruments drop out...maybe it's a fact of life... then bang! The vocal rises from nowhere and it's drums and guitars and vocals going off. Anthem time! But it still isn't that fast a track. Just intense.
And as easily as the chorus came, it goes again and so we go round for another shot.
This is as good a track as Love Somebody or Affair Of The Heart. The lead solo rips and the song starts stop/starting with a guitar/drum beat, then it's more guitars and the chorus keeps going and the vocal is very high.
And then, just as you are about to lose your head, it fades to end. Just as well. Play it again...
Ordinary Girl brings us back to earth with a simple country guitar intro and some nice acoustic/electric strumming that carries us through a truly superb and beautiful mid paced rock ballad.
Great electric guitar lead and some great stripped back vocals. Another highlight like Religion Of The Heart and Itsawlayssomething. Nothing like I have heard before.
Act Of Faith is the last 'new' track, (if you don't include the yet to be heard Japanese and US bonus tracks). This is another high tech synth pop ballad like Shock To My System or Prayer.
This time it is a bit softer and more laid back. It ends the album on a soft tone and makes for great late night listening.
An acoustic version of the classic Jessie's Girl ends the album. This is a great version with plenty of life and some pretty hyperactive acoustic guitar playing. A really enjoyable listen and a fresh spin on the original. How about an acoustic best of?
And that my that. The return of one of AOR's most loved individuals and musicians. This album will take some listening to, with a few maybe initially disappointed. It is not a fast paced album, nor is it completely guitar driven.
Regular visitors to this site, who know my love of all things Rick, are probably expecting a 100% score. I am yet to give one. This was tough, but I still decided to go just short of. 99% is the highest score I have ever given an album because frankly, this is the best record I have heard since doing this site and possibly long before it.
But I accept that a more guitar heavy album would have been just that little bit more desirable.
The core band features Rick, Mike Baird and occasionally Jack White on drums, Tim Pierce on guitars and Phil Shenale on organ and keyboards. Stan Bush and Richard Page appear constantly throughout on backing vocals and Jason Scheff guests on Bass also.
If you don't love this album straight up, I can see no reason why you won't after a few days as the songs here are infectious and memorable and simply undispensable.
Essential for all.

08/06/06: Joan Jett -
Rating: 0
Rick Springfield is and always will be "the hook" master. Put your hands together and it is the same riff and the same hook, melodic master of torture. Repeative and he must go through the phone book and pick names of girls to title in his songs. You have to be as talented as Elvis Costello to dare attempt to put girls names in your songs. If you are looking for manufactured music seek this album. He does not get radio play because bad music does not get on the radio, unless you do bad covers of old music like Michael Bolten, cut your hair and you get nothing! Talent speaks for itself.

25/12/05: chad -
Rating: 94
Why did Rick slow down "It's Always Something?" I heard him play it live in the summer of 98 and it was awesome. It got some airplay here in MN but didn't last long. I still like the song now but it was better faster. I think this is a wonderful album. So many songs became my favorites. "Ordianry Girl" is the kind of song that every guy wishes he could sing to his wife someday. Beautiful Prize, Prayer, Religion of the Heart, Karma, Act of Faith, all really good songs. Some of these should have received a lot of air time on AC stations.

04/09/04: bob g -
Rating: 79
solid and pleasing, but very mellow and soft.

Free, Religion of the Heart, Beatiful Prize, Ordinary Girl, all awesome tracks.

23/03/01: viviansimm -
Rating: 0
i hope to see rick springfield in concert someday. i got his new cd alive it is the best.from love vivian simm.

05/10/00: Tara -
Rating: 100
Hi enjoyed your review. I must say I agree with you that this is by far Rick's best album to date. I have his hole collection of music and this just seems to sound at where I am in my life. I think Rick could have gone above and beyond the success of working class dog had this album been given the air play and marketing it deserved. I called radio stations to request the music off the album and they did not even know about it. This is sad. This is also why you need the big record companies. This album deserves a grammy, a oscar and any other award for its perfection. I am just sorry to say that due to the low profile of it, it most likely will not happen. KARMA was fantastic!-thanks Tara

Rating: 80
First things first! I love Rick Springfield and as I live in Australia I eagerly anticipated this release for a long time. Now the caveats. Although this cd blows away nearly all the product out there today and I love it I found the new Rick reserved and almost muted somehow trying to update for the millenium. Rick - get a hold of yourself and focus on your speciality - quick, up-tempo and awesomely melodic rocking tunes as exemplified by IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING. Killer track, I nearly cried when I heard it - it was that good. In Veronicas Head was also interesting but some of the other tracks meander with Rick's voice in the background. We need Rick up-front and rocking and commercially at the top where he deserves to be. My impression is that a few more tracks in the style of IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING might just get him the.

Rating: 70
Okay... first I'll say that I adore Rick Springfield. Anyone who can write, sing, and play that good has GOT to be respected. He's one of the few artists who never get old. I listen to the old albums over and over again. They are so good. Short, catchy, perfect. That being said don't get pissed at me for this... I could have done without this album. There's really only 4 good songs on it. "Theresalwaysomething", "Veronica's Head", "Act of Faith", and whatever you wanna call that hidden bonus track. "Maria" I guess. That "Bonus" track was better than half the songs on the album. Now as I said I hate to say these things cuz ANYONE who says anything bad about Rick goes immediately on my shit list but I must be honest here. Every other song on the album slips right by me. They all blended together and didn't really grab me or get me rockin like the older stuff. But... I DID rush right out and get this album and I saw him at Six Flags just two days ago. (I know you're jealous!!) I'm still a die hard fan but I'm just coming to terms with the fact that the Rick I know and love is still Living in Oz in 1984. [][][][]

09/06/99: Hanna Reese -
Rating: 95
Fantastic album, worth the wait. Rock Of Life '99.

01/05/99: Sandy -
Rating: 100
This is truly Rick's best work to date. I can't get enough of this cd. I wish everyone would listen to it, unfortunately, I live in Chicago and the radio stations won't play it. I guess the record label is greasing enough palms in Chicago. But I do here that in other states and town he's getting lots of air play. Nonetheless, every song is a gem, my personal favorites are Act of Faith (if you ever lose someone dear to you, you will need this song to get you through it), It's Always Something (what a perfect explanation of life itself), Religion of the Heart is definately a song for everyone, Veronica's Head - once you hear it you can't get it out of your head! Please do yourself a favor and buy this CD, it is worth more a lot more than the cost itsf!

23/04/99: Christer Kangas -
Rating: 100
Great AOR. Rick's best since "Living in OZ".mm

22/04/99: Marc Bryant -
Rating: 95
Out of all the artist releases that have come out over the course of the last 6 months, this is the one I probably got the most excited about. One of the great things about Rick is how he manages to consistently maintain his songwriting style from album to album but change his sound at the same time. "Karma" is not what I was expecting to hear which is what makes it such a solid CD. From the rocking power pop of songs such as "Itsalwaysomething", "Karma" and "In Veronica's Head" (my personal fav) to the moody ballads "Act Of Faith", "The White Room" and (my other fav) "Shock To My System", this is an album any AOR fan, new or old, could enjoy. I just can't wait to hear some of this material live. With the right radio support, Rick could do it all over again. ot

15/04/99: boxster -
Rating: 100
Wow, what an incredible release! The more I listen, the more I just love this CD. It seems to get better every trip through.

It's very obviously Rick, but different all the same. Now if it'll just go multi-platinum and sell tons here in the U.S.!

After Sahara Snow, I was a little worried that the techno-pop vibe would carry over, but those concerns were completely unfounded. This is rock in its best possible form.

Karma may very well represent the best songwriting of Rick's career. It doesn't rock quite like "Rock of Life" or "Living In Oz", but it doesn't need to. The guy's still got it.

Itsalwaysomething is easily one of the best songs he's ever written. Karma, Religion of the Heart, Beautiful Prize, and Prayer are gems. In fact, every song just seems to work perfectly. Several start innocently enough, then just nail you with the chorus. The chorus in the title track has got to be one of the most infectious ever written. Harmony vocals have rarely sounded so good.

Eleven years (not counting Sahara Snow, of course) is a long time, but this was well worth the wait. Let's hope the next one is only a couple of years off. If it's anything like "Karma", I'll be standing in line.

Do yourself a huge favor and get this CD. Buy three or four. Buy one for everne

08/04/99: danny gregory -
Rating: 100

12/03/99: Carsten -
Rating: 90
So here we are listening to a new RS album after all these years. It took some time to get the japanese version here in germany.
I didn't like Sahara Snow, just because there was too much high-tech synth and it sounded very "artifical". Karma is much better, no doubt. Still - after all these years and with "Tao" and "Rock Of Life" being my favorite RS albums, I was a litte bit dissapointed. There's still too much "high tech synth-style" music for me on this one. I miss the power and speed, the rock guitars that I loved so much in songs like "Dance this world away", "World start turning" and so on. So I had to get used to this very "laid back" style.
Nevertheless I still love Rick's music, and I found my personal access to "Karma".
I especially like the songs no. 4 (Itsalwayssomething) up to no. 10 (ordinary girl), but I could
do without the first three ones. My favorites are: "Ordinary girl", "Itsalwayssomething" and "Karma"!
Conclusion: "Karma" is a good album. It has occupied my cd-player for weeks now. It's a new style, it's different, but it's good. Nevertheless I have not given up hope that Rick will return to a more guitar driven music.
"What really matters" and my I love Rick's music:
You can hear and feel that his heart is in this music, you can feel his neverending struggle with himself and life in general. That's what makes his music very special and that's why I hope that we won't have to wait long for the next album.
Greetin f

06/03/99: Adrienne Kish -
Rating: 100
I haven't had the privilege of getting this cd yet but reading all the comments and knowing his music, I am anxiously awaiting the day I can get my hands on this CD. I'm already excited

24/02/99: Bill Bilbrey -
Rating: 99
This is the best since Living in Oz! Rick at his finest. I hope we can expect more in the very near future!

17/02/99: Mike Boatman -
Rating: 9
I heard "Itsalwaysomething" twice live when Rick was touring, and loved the song immediately. Musically, my tastes have been drawn to a more acoustic sounding rock, and thought if the whole ablum was like that, there's no way it could lose in by book. John Waite's "When You Were Mine" is my favorite of his solo stuff, so I thought that this album might top "Tao" as my all-time favorite Rick album.

Great Album, no doubt. As good as "Tao" or "Rock of Life"? I don't quite think so. I guess my prefrences with Rick is some harder guitars and percussion, not that "Karma" didn't have it at times, but it didn't quite sit well with me. It was a huge improvement over what I heard with "Sahara Snow", but I figured that was because Rick had total writing control with this one which is now my third favorite Ricklb

12/02/99: Kathy Bolesta -
Rating: 100
I've only heard a few sound bytes, but as Rick said in his
VH-1 interview about fame (it's about freakin' time), the same
goes for this CD - it's about freakin' time. 10 years was way too long to wait!!!! It's Always Something keeps playin in my head as well as Religion of the Heart. I can't wait to b t

08/02/99: Ray Kelley -
Rating: 88
This isn't gonna sound like the all out rave I've seen from most of the other reviewers, but if I'm gonna claim to "review" something, I feel like I'm honor bound to be impartial and obective, despite how much I might like the artist. Hey, for the most part, I HATED Sahara Snow, save for "Lust" and "Stranger"

One may notice that I've given it the lowest score of anyone so far, but 88 is still pretty darned good.

"Karma" is a solid peice of work, but it oughta be, seeing as how he's had eleven years to work on it. Here are my takes on the individual songs:

PRAYER-A good mid paced song with a universal theme, that a
man should be big enough to admit his weaknesses, and to ask God for the strength to help him overcome them. Not a fast song, not particularly "rockin'", but very catchy. A good kick off for "Karma".

THE WHITE ROOM-Probably closest stylisticly to the tracks on the "Rock of Life" CD. As far as I can tell, it's about a woman trying to kill her personal pain with drugs and alcohol. Well written with a good chorus.

FREE-You know, alot of people went ga ga over this one, but it honestly doesn't grab me as much as most of the other tracks. I mean, it has a nice romatic quality, but it's just too subdued for my taste. Maybe it's cause I'm a guy.

ITSALWAYSOMETHING-BAM! Now we're really getting somewhere!
A great pop rocker with a message we can all relate to.
"You never ever get away clean." Damn right. He played this one live at the Mall of America concert back in June, but you can never tell nearly as much about a song live.
When I go to see him in a couple of weeks in the Millennium Theatre at Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Mississippi, I'll look very much forward to hearing it again, now that I've come to love the song.

RELIGION OF THE HEART- We settle down a bit now, but the song packs plenty of emotional punch. Rick's telling the anonamous woman to stop seeking fulfillment in the company of others, and to come to peace with herself is a subject very near and dear to my heart. Great use of metaphor in these lyrics by the way. Love it.
P.S. What is with songs entitled "_______ of the Heart", anyway?

SHOCK TO MY SYSTEM-Good, but just to mellow for my taste. Doesn't really say anything that "Free" didn't already cover, anyway.

KARMA-This is the first title track I can remember that the title of the song never comes up in the lyrics. However, that doesn't make the song any less than great. It's not the entirely "happy" track that some have made it out to be. In addition to "every little bit of love" coming back to him so will "everyone that he betrayed" and "all the times that he's been unfaithful to the all the things that he believes". A simple truth, but a powerful one that we
somehow manage to forget on a regular basis.

BEAUIFUL PRIZE-Really good with a powerful message about child abuse, but by releasing it as the first single, I think that Rick creates the impression that he's still trying to prove that he's not just a "bubble gum" artist.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, he has nothing to prove, and anyone that's heard "Tao" and "Rock of Life" know better, anyway. As for the critics who've always had it in for him, screw them. They wouldn't know good music if it bit 'em on the arse. Good song, though.

IN VERONICA'S HEAD-Woo-hoo! I love all of the artistic stuff, but I also love the fact that Rick's seen fit to bless us with an honest to God "Affair of the Heart"/"Love Somebody" style rocker. Those wanting "Living in Oz"-esque sounds will love this song, and so do I. It Rocks! Rick ain't sounded like this for fifteen years!

ORDINARY GIRL-Not bad, but I find myself hitting the skip button on my stereo when this one comes around. Bottom line is this: I'm not a country music fan, and I can do without it from my favorite rock and roll guy, thank you very much.

ACT OF FAITH-I LOVE the haunting choir tones that kick off this song. I also really like the rest of the song. Nice writing and vocals, and good production.

JESSIE'S GIRL (ACOUSTIC)-Uh, I'm probably in the extrme minority among Springfield fans, but I was never crazy about this song, I always thought it was cheesier than a Double Quarter Pounder (That's a Royale with Cheese for those of you in Europe.) Still, he is playing that acoustic guitar for all it's worth, and that makes it worth a listen.

There. I'm done. Despite the fact that I didn't rave to the degree most did about this record, I really do love it.
It's among his best, definately.

Hey, judging from the cover, shouldn't it have been called "Dogma"? ni

08/02/99: Jim Woodward -
Rating: 99
Absolutely brilliant album.. Some different Rick Sprinfield
here but an absolutely outstanding album, shows me that Rick
has some so far, his music has advanced through the years
to generate the ultimate, dynamic and smooth AOR style that we've
all come to know and love.

My favorite tracks on the album would be Ordinary Girl,
Beautiful Prize, In Veronica's Head and Religeion of the heart.

Excellent effort Rick.s

06/02/99: Kerry Wheeler - K1469@AOL.COM
Rating: 97
With proper backing from the fans and label, THIS ALBUM HAS GRAMMY WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!
I wish this album could have the proper wide spread,big hype,mass production that it deserves. There will not be another album released this year as complete top to bottom. Each song stands on it's own yet flows to the next like a great body massage! You tend to get mesmerized by the acoustic drive of the songs .The album as a whole is fresh and new but yet very familiar, kinda like re-living the way your wife used to treat you before you put the ring on her finger! Ha! You guys know what i'm talkin' bout. This album is solid,but i do want Rick to rock like
Living in Oz one more time. I don't think you can pick a favorite song on this album,each one connects to the next. At this moment( Religion of the Heart ) has me spellbound.
You heard it here first-GRAMMY
This album has got to get nominated !!!!


05/02/99: SPYDER -
Rating: 100

03/02/99: Brian Carney -
Rating: 99
Like many of the reviews I've read so far, I also was surprised by the lack of the traditional Rick Springfield sound on this album, and I must say that it left me a bit disappointed the first time I heard it. I have since gotten over that !! As one of the previous reviews read , "the songs here are infectious. I couldn't agree any more. I find myself singing pieces of this album all the time, and its not just one song , it's all of them !!
The best songs here are "prayer"
"It's always something"
"ordinary girl"
but the one song that hooked me from the first time I heard it
was Beautiful Prize. I had originally heard that Its always something was to be the first release, and I felt that it could do very well, but for my money go with "B. Prize" as its combo
of lyrics and awesome sounds could go far if given a chance.
For me, I can honestly say that when the dust settles, this album will take its place as my favorite Rick Springfield album of all time, or at least to date anyway !!! Thanks Ric

28/01/99: val van etten -
Rating: 100
I'm going to try and be as brief as I can in my comments about KARMA. I'll start out by saying that this CD is absolutely completely and totally awesome!!!!!. I have been a fan of Rick's since 1972 and have "lived" through Rick's up and downs in the music business. I have stayed a fan of his for so long for a number of reasons, but the one thing that hooked me about Rick from the start was his ability through his words and music to create a visual picture in my head with his music. His music speaks to the heart, the mind and the soul, and he's never been afraid to try something new and explore with each album or CD that he's done. I''ll admit to having been frustrated on many occasions for Rick (and myself) with how things have gone for Rick's career and the time between albums, but that is mainly because Rick's music has always served to be the cure for what ails me and when there have been long droughts between his albums/CD's, I really felt that something was missing in my life. I was one of those people who was not completely bowled over by Saraha Snow, although it did grow on me, and was really wondering what Rick would deliver to us with KARMA. I honestly feel that KARMA is one of Rick's best efforts, if not his best. With the first listen to this CD I felt like something that I'd lost or had been missing had instantly returned. Since getting my copy of KARMA, it hasn't been out of my CD player; it feels like a beloved friend that I'd lost touch with has come back into my life. There is not one song on this CD that couldn't be a classic. It's been hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to chose the songs that hit me write away I'd say that The White Room, I'm Free, It's Always Something, Karma and Act of Faith are the ones. In my opinion this CD combines the best of everything that Rick has ever done and all of his life experiences up to now and shows us in the most personal terms where he came from, who he was, what he went through, and who and where he is now. He admits to mistakes, he asks for forgiveness and guidance, and he has learned what's really important in life. It's been a long, crazy ride, but he's survived and has realized that it's O.K. to be in his skin, as perfect or imperfect as that may be. KARMA is not the CD that I thought it would be, but it is the CD that I knew and hoped it would be. It's a mature, bold and brave effort. Rick has done himself proud and he has rewarded his loyal fans with words and music that uplift us and educate us, something he has always been able to do. I hope that we don't have to wait another decade for a new album, but KARMA has made the wait worthwhile. If KARMA doesn't get some serious airplay on the radio and become a bit hit putting Rick back on top where he rightfully belongs, than I don't know what's wrong with people's taste in music. Rick Springfield has delivered a brilliant album that the music world is in dire need of . In my opinion, admittedly biased, but I still think true, KARMA is the best CD to come out in years. It far surpasses anything being played on the radio at this point in time. I can't wait to be able to see him in conrt

26/01/99: Marni O\'Doherty -
Rating: 99
So few things in life are actually worth the wait, but this was, and so much more. Emotional, lyrical, completely generous in what he reveals of himself in each song, reflective of an emotional and spirtual growth. No reason why radio shouldn't eat it up - Karma, Prayer and Act of Faith all have incredible hooks that resonate long after the songs are over, Free has a sweetness to it that grabs me a little more each time I hear it, and Itsalwaysomething really cuts both ways - an upbeat, solid tune that couples Rick's insecurities ("my leaky ship came in") with an understanding that the ups and downs are part of the journey, and in the end, the journey is what makes life worth living. Better alwaysomething, than neveranything. Someone earlier said that "Act of Faith" is a simple song - "get over him, I'm here for you" - I disagree. It struck me as a mourning song - the pain of loss is overwhelming, but time can heal those wounds if you have the faith to believe it will, and the love of others (either as a friend or lover) can help to build that bridge from a painful present to a hopeful future. The sequel to My Father's Chair?
I just hope this album gets the airplay and recognitiion it deserves. Hopefully the VH1 profile coupled with the recent tour dates and perhaps a few choice reviews will keep up Rick's more recent high profile and radio airplay will follow.
What a great, great album. Thanks for coming back to us, RS, better th e

21/01/99: Ann Marie -
Rating: 0

20/01/99: Mary ann Sinnett -
Rating: 100
Karma is the best Rick Springfield work to date. Although I will always love his former stuff. Karma is possibly the best music I have ever heard in my life.

18/01/99: steve fisk -
Rating: 100
Okay, so the wait is over. Was it worth it? Definitely! Each song takes the listener to a different place emotionally. From the slow, flowing notes of "Free" to the rocking "In Veronica's Head", it's a roller coaster ride of rock and roll, '90's style. There will be more than a few disappointed fans looking for a "Living In Oz" sound and not finding it. But, what "Karma" lacks in guitar driven rockers, it more than makes up in deep, meaningful songs fueled by Rick's mature and experienced voice.
I suggest if you want to hear "Living in Oz", get out your "Living In Oz" cd. This is "KARMA" and it is great!! Rick hasn't toured around here (Chicago) yet, but you can bet that I will be there when he does, playing these new classics. I'm anxious to hear the other 12th track on the US version. Let's all stand behind our hero and call the radio stations when "Karma" is released in the states. Let's put Rick back on top where hbe

13/01/99: Joey Kalina -
Rating: 100
This is AOR craftsmanship at its "FINEST". The lyrics and music of Rick Springfield have been a true inspiration in my life for many years. "KARMA" is pure fuel for the soul. This is a "MUST HAVE" CD for all melodic rock and AOR fans. REMEMBER, WE ALL NEED TO PUSH RADIO PLAY WHEN "KARMA" GETS RELEASED IN THE USA, SO EVERYBODY CAN BE EXPOSED TO THIS "ESSENTIAL" CD AND RE-INTRODUCED TO "REAL" MELODIC ROCK.--- Peace and Love, Joey from Chicago

11/01/99: Ytazsno -
Rating: 100
On previous albums from rick, such as ROCK OF LIFE, you can hear the emotional side of Rick's songwriting. On this album you can FEEL it. I was deeply moved by a number of these songs. I have been a long-term, die-hard Rick Springfield fan and this is easily my favorite album!!!!! ( I always have "Prayer" stuck in my head!)

02/01/99: jc -
Rating: 100
I was disappointed with a number of tracks on the Sahara Snow CD, but Karma has erased that. This is a satisfying disc for any Springfield fan. 10 years of waiting, wondering, hoping. Prayers answered. The CD package is rewarding. Rick looks relaxed, like he might even be enjoying life! The songs insightful,catchy and fresh. Ordinary Girl, White Room & In Veronica"s Head are early favorites. Free is hypnotic. I find myself listening to it 2 or 3 times in a row. Anyway it"s just exciting to have this CD in my hands. I wasn"t sure if I would ever hear any new music from Rick again. Looking foward to the VH1 Behind the Music on Rick in mid January

30/12/98: micheline chretien -
Rating: 100
After seeing My Rick Springfield on the "Spirit of N.Y Boat"
nothing compares. He is an extroadinary song writer and a great
kisser. The album is GREAT!!

26/12/98: Stuart -
Rating: 99
Rick Springfield has done something that most bands around today
have failed to do.And that is bring AOR into the 90"s.This genre
is dying on it"s arse because everybody is still trying to do the
things that were being done 10-15 years ago.Karma proves that you
can still have the melody,the hooks and all the things that make
rock music great,but have a modern edge to it.
Karma is quite easily the best album in years.There are no fillers.Each and every song is superb.I can"t even pick favourite
songs as each one just begs for another listen.Rick Springfield
is a master of his craft and no one can touch him.Let"s hope this
is not his last album,and he will continue for many more years.

22/12/98: Mark Orsted -
Rating: 91
Rick Springfield is my favorite singer/songwriter in the whole world, and as such, this review will tend to be biased. Even with that, I feel I need to be as honest as possible with this review, so some things may not sound quite as "positive" as one would expect from me.
The album starts out slow, and to be quite honest, never goes anywhere fast. If you are looking for Rock Of Life, Living In Oz, or even TAO, you won"t really find it here. Not that the songs on this are weaker, because they are not. For the most part, take the emotion from those albums, strip out the overdubbed heavy guitars, poppy drum machine textures, and strip everything back to the basic acoustic guitar & some killer vocals.
The first thing that strikes me about this album is it"s "quietness." I, being a fan of the hard rock style, tend not to be big on "quiet". I thought Kip Winger"s "Thisconversation....." was a great acoustic album, but a severe letdown if you wanted "Winger-esque" sounds. Joey Tempest (Europe) has done 2 solo albums in recent years, the first was very similar in style to Kip"s, very "acoustic" and stripped back. Recently I reviewed the 2nd, and to recap - hated it, gave it an 11 out of 100. Richard Page (Mr. Mister, and also a regular appearance on RS albums historically) released a slow moving acoustic album entitled "Shelter Me" which also had the same feel. Rick has done the same. This album has the same flavor as Kip"s, JT"s 1st, and the Richard Page, except that it takes the brightest spots of each of them, blends it up, add trademark RS style & flair, and creates a perfect blend of acoustic Adult Contemporary Rock (Lite rock some call it).
The album starts out with the mid-tempo poppy "Prayer". The standout on this track is the almost killer blended vocals. When RS sings "send a Prayer to heaven", the rich textures jump right into the center of my head. Totally awesome! The production work on this track alone is "worth the price of admission", but it gets so so much better.
Track 2, "The White Room", is a slower paced song, but it has all the rich harmonies and a really nice "subliminal" keyboard riff throughout.
Track 3 is the "ballad" if there is one to be called on this album. "Free" appears (to me at least) to be a track written directly to his wife. He sings "when we are one, I am complete...". I"d say that"s a pretty strong track - didn"t Jack Nicholson say something like "you make me want to be a better man" to Helen Hunt in the "As Good As It Gets" ? This song is that line, 10x over. "Free" has the potential to slam it big on the radio, primarily because of its lyrical content.
A quick "sidebar" on lyrical content - this is the most "deep" stuff RS has ever attempted.
Track 4, "Its Always Something" has pop radio hit written all over it, except that the lyric just isn"t "trite" enough! Doesn"t that just burn you! Rick sings about his father defending his guitar playing when he was young, and then, when he was "breaking it", his father died. He sings "it"s always something" as a tongue in cheek way of saying "with every silver lining there is a cloud".
"Religion Of The Heart" is next up. The guitar riff"s on this one were a tad annoying at first, but they grow on you. My simple minded interpretation of this song is that he"s singing to one of those women who "has to have a man", telling her to first have faith in herself, take care of herself, and get herself straight.
"Shock To My System", track 6, brings us to the middle of Karma. Starting out with a simple keyboard and drum track, interspersed with a slight acoustic strum. Rick goes "electronic" on the chorus to this one, singing "Shock To My System" in a "computer" voice. The song feels & sounds like it would have been right at home on TAO, which to me was the most experimental effort of his (until this one!).
Next up we have the title track, "Karma". Some intense keyboard strings with some acoustic finger picking starts off this one. It"s a simple concept - what comes around goes around, and we should all be aware of that. The song has a very early RS sound, something that could have fit well on "Beginnings" with it"s overall feel. I guess that"s Karma!
The next track is a very very serious track, with some a very dark message. "Beautiful Prize" deals with a girl and the incest/abuse she has had to suffer through. Many have stated that they don"t quite understand the reasoning behind releasing this "dark" track as the first single. I now, can see the reasoning. #1, it has a country rock feel to it, or maybe even a Tom Pettyish sound (except that here we have a much better vocalist). #2, it"s got a very very catchy riff throughout. To get radio airplay, this song would probably do well, and in these "politically charged" times, I"m sure it would do very well. Personally, being very "anti PC", this song isn"t gonna win any great awards from me, but I would strongly suggest that maybe some of the agencies in the world who are dealing with this subject matter look into licensing the track for ad purposes. It basically says everything they could possibly want to say, and then some.
"Veronica"s Head" is the "all out rocker" if there is one. Not that it "all out rocks" or anything, but this is definitely more along the lines of the tracks off of Rock Of Life. This *is* the catchiest song on the album, all about a woman finally gaining freedom from what appeared to be an oppressive husband. The guitar work on this song is fantastic, especially throughout the chorus. I"d have to say this is my favorite song on the album.
Track 10, entitled "Ordinary Girl", is the "upbeat" love song. It talks of, presumably, his wife, and how they are both just ordinary people, and that"s exactly what he wanted, etc. She is everything he wanted, she"s an Ordinary Girl. Whew! we"re almost finished with this ride!
Track 11 is "Act Of Faith" with a simple message - get over him, I"m here for you, etc. Kind of a "just because he broke your heart, doesn"t mean I will - but it"ll take an act of faith on your part to see that".
Track 12, apparently different than what will be on the US version, is the acoustic re-recording of RS"s biggest hit, "Jessie"s Girl". As acoustic versions go, this is the epitome of acoustic. This could be RS sitting at your local radio station doing a quick on air track. His voice holds this song up for the world to hear it in all it"s raw essence, and being in acoustic form, the emotion he intended the song to convey oh so many years ago comes out in fine form.
Okay now, drum roll please..............
Final score if you"re a RS fan: 91% out of 100% Final score if you are not: 81% out of 100% Magazine reviewer score: 95 out of 100
Now, let me explain. Rick Springfield fans must have this album, to complete their collections, and also to hear Rick at his most "emotional" stretches ever. They will be (and have been) immediately enamored with the depth, and the production of this album.
Non fans (or maybe we call them soon to be converts?) will most likely find this album to be a tad on the dry side, but with merit, due to some of the subject matter, and the lyrical depth. The production will also draw the ear of musicians striving to make the perfect sounding album, because this is one of them.
Reviewers oughta eat this up. The depth that so many reviewers claimed was lacking on prior RS efforts is here, and it"s in full force. The editing & production work are Top notch, The "over-use" of the drum machines, standard guitar riffs, and extreme vocal layering/tricks are gone, allowing just the purity of Rick"s music and voice to come through. I think that will also win brownie points for Rick.
Overall, I see this album as being able to become successful in the US, and also become a "critics darling" due to it"s depth.
nuff said, day is over, hope ya"ll enjoyed the literature I wrote! :)

15/12/98: Pasquale Priolo -
Rating: 95
The more I listen to this album the more I simply love it. "ItsAlwaysSomething" is awesome. Although, I like the live performance better. Prayer, Veronica"s Head, Ordinary girl are my next favorites. "Free" is the best love song I have heard in a long time. I"ts a Great album. However, I would have prefered A more guitar driven sound ala Living in Oz/Love Somebody.
PS. Rick, PLEASE don"t take another ten years to release your next album.

14/12/98: Liong Djien Ko -
Rating: 95
Per 12 Dec 98 I have the Rick Springfield"s Karma now almost one week at home.
Indeed it is NOT that hard guitar edged album as Rock of Life or Living in Oz is.
But don"t worry ..... it contains really suberb AOR songs and beautiful ballads.
Songs grow in their greatness day by day !!

Favourite tracks up to now :
= the white room
= Free ( what a great AOR ballad , melody will stick into your head all day long )
= Religion of the Heart
= Beautiful Prize ( listen to the hammond organ !!!)
= Act of Faith
= Jessie"s Girl ( what a energy in his voice !!)

The persons who looked for the more guitar edged songs will be satisfied with great slide guitar work of mr Rick Springfield himselves.

Kind regards from a chilly Hong Kong, Liong Djien

11/12/98: andre -
Rating: 98
This is an album we have been waiting for 10 years. That`s quite long and I am very happy to hear the end result. This is a great album with lots of studio work in each song. I would have liked a couple of only acoustic guitar and Rick singing (like the amazing Jessie`s girl version)
There are a couple of songs that I am having a hard time getting into such as Act of faith and Karma, although the latter is slowly but surely getting into me.

I like the whole feel of the album with Rick experienceing the slide guitar. The keyboard is very godd throughout the whole cd, thanks to Phil Shenale.

I think that Rick did a great job because this album has a real 90`s feel without losing Rick background in the 80`s

I hope this cd gets a lot of broadcasting so that we can hope for another cd .

10/12/98: Michelle -
Rating: 100
Yes, 110% because Rick put 110% of himself into the cd and all I can say
about it is WOW!!!!. For those of you in the Rick Loyal Supporters fan
club pull out the Feb 1998 issue and turn to page 12. The the song "Prayer" was
completely rewritten and I think the tune we are hearing is even better then the
orginial lyrics!. Rick you did a wonderful job, but please don"t make us wait
another 10 years for music this good. There is nothing on the radio that sounds
better then this! :).

Oh and since Karma arrived in my mail box my christmas Cd"s have been getting quite a rest. Hey Rick,
how about doing a Christmas cd?? <G>.

10/12/98: Jodi -
Rating: 99
When I heard he was coming out with a new album after 10 years, I got excited!! I have liked other artists over the years but NONE as much as I have loved Rick. When I received Karma in the mail I literally ran to my CD player and put it on. I LOVED it! Especially the title song Karma. When I heard that song I thought, "This has HIT written all over it!" I hope that this song as well as Prayer, Shock to my System, and the others get played. They are just as good(I think better) than the songs that get played today. The reason I didn"t give it a 100% is because I wish it had just a LITTLE bit more guitar(rock)edge to it. I still LOVE it though! Thank you SO much for putting another album out Rick. This may be your best one yet(I know what I said earlier about a harder rock edge but hey, this CD is "A Shock to my System!"

09/12/98: Darren Farris -
Rating: 99
After 10 years of waiting for Rick to put out another album there is no way that I can be impartial. I think if he would have done a cover of "Row, Row, Your Boat" I would have claimed it was the greatest musical triumph since Beethoven"s 5th. So I won"t try to actually review the Album but I will give my opinions about some of the tracks and the overall " feel " of the record. When I listened to the first track, me being a long time RS fan, the first thing I noticed was that Rick was already straying from his previous RCA releases formula. The opening song "Prayer" wasnt the usual type of song Rick normally opens an album with, at least if you compare it to such predecessors as Dance this World Away, Human Touch, Rock of Life etc. This was a really nice way to hear Rick come back. I think anyone with some level of consciosness can relate to the Greatest request of all time, "God help me be a better man, Im not saying I will be perfect but I am conscious of the fact that there is always room for improvment." The percussion in this song and other tracks as well (whether that was the intentions or not) gives it a very 90"s flare. Ricks standard trade mark is there of course "The Power Hook." Rick writing a song without an awesome hook is like Bill Clinton going out on a date without a box of cigars handy. Track #4 ItsAlwaysSomething is the song that I expected to be track #1. To me this is the song that should be the Rock Anthem for the 90"s. Even if you are not the cerebral type and you just dont get " Prayer " surely you can relate to this song. I was surprised that he didnt lace this in more electic guitar. I got used to the concert version which is very nail driving rock. I have to quote an old friend on this one ..." If you dont like this song, then you dont like music!" To me I felt like if Rock of Life(the song) had a sequal, this would be it. Track #6 Shock to my System, if this is not the second single then I will be, well, uh shocked. As I am writing this now , I cannot get that song out of my head! This I would say is the most "Pop" song on the record. Karma (the album) is full of surpises. At some points you can feel Ricks early 70"s roots shineing through which is very nice. There are times when you feel like Rick is picking up where he left off from Rock of Life. As usual Rick has made an album full of soul drenching hooks and lyrics. Hats off.

09/12/98: Chris -
Rating: 99
This has got to be his best CD ever. It has a noted different style from his previous work, but this CD just gew on me instantly. All the songs are great. Beautiful Prize would be a hit if he gets the airplay on radio. Prayer, The White Room, Karma, and In Veronica"s Head are also great songs. The aucostic version of Jessie"s Girl on the Japanese version is just fabulous. This is a must own for any fan. I hope he gets the credit and recognition he deserves for such a great new sound. Good Job!

09/12/98: Beth -
Rating: 99

09/12/98: Shelly -
Rating: 99
This cd was more than worth the 10 year wait. As another fan quoted "You dont just listen to this music, you experience it." That says it perfectly. The songs flow so well one into the next and bring you through an entire range of emotions. The songs are mostly mid tempo - a somewhat new sound with classic Rick mixed in. Each song to me is pure genius - I cant find a b side song in the bunch. The ones that stand out to me are Karma, Free, Ordinary Girl, The White Room, - Its really hard to pick a favorite. I think Karma is the best choice for a first release - it packs a great beat and message - "And the smallest stream runs to a river and every river runs to the sea So every little bit of love I give to another, you know I believe it comes back to me" GREAT tune. Ricks song writing has really matured and you can see how he"s grown as a person. There is alot of truth and honesty in what he sings about. This album has been a long time coming and it is packed full of the last decades worth of experiences for Rick. I hope it brings him all the success he deserves. "Nothing that matters comes easy, and nothing that comes easy ever really matters".

09/12/98: Robin Fricke -
Rating: 100
This cd is definately worth waiting for!!! Having a hard time choosing my favorite. This is definately a must for any Rick Springfield fan. His songwriting just keeps getting better!!!!

09/12/98: Laurie & Allyson - RS
Rating: 100
RICK: can"t say anything but AWESOME!! We LOVE Karma!! Can"t wait to hear the songs on tour...come back to New York, please.

We are completely & absolutely blown away. Each song is as incredible as the last. We are deeply moved by the lyrics and the music of each song. There are just no words to describe the feelings we get.
"Prayer"->awesome, love the beat, the lyrics, everything
"The White Room"->chorus is incredible, just grabs at you
"Free"->as moved as we were when 1st heard Rick sing it live
"It"salwayssomething"->Can"t stop singing it
"Religion of the Heart"->music & lyrics rock!!
"Shock to my System"->music is incredible, can"t stop singing it
"Karma"->"So every little bit of love, I give to another, you know that I believe, it comes back to me"<-absolutely timeless
"Beautiful Prize"->can"t help but being moved with each hearing
"In Veronica"s Head"->same as above & love the beat
"Ordinary Girl"->absolutely sweet and touching
"Act of Faith"->also deeply moving, music is awesome
"Jessie"s Girl (acoustic)"->love Jessie"s Girl in any form :)

A definite must have for anyone, Rick fan or not, highly recommended and well worth the loooong wait.

Laurie & Allyson
"So every little bit of love, I give to another, you know that I believe, it comes back to me" :)

09/12/98: Laura Kubiak -
Rating: 100
for those of you still waiting on karma, it"s worth the wait!
i love it more and more each time i listen to it. i started trying to think of my favorites, and ended up with the following comments.
so please indulge me....

Prayer: This has Rick"s signature all of it - the lyrics and music. It is a very catchy tune. I wonder if it"ll see radio play since it is so spiritual. It"s a song where we get to see a little glimpse of Rick...I love songs like this! And it"s a song we all can relate to on some level. Who of us doesn"t want to grow and be a better person? Absolutely a wonderful song. And it has a great bass player named Lance something!

The White Room: Heard from Derek that the band is practicing this one - so future concert-goers, be on the lookout for this one! This song has a lot of feeling and is a little sexy, I think. Would be great live.

Free: A beautiful and very powerful song about love. I don"t know why, but it makes me kind of sad. Maybe just because it is so powerful and moving. It"s truly inspired!

ItsAlwaysSomething: I like the live version a little better, but the CD version is still a great little song that we can all relate to. Rick somehow puts some very serious setbacks into a catchy, light song.

Religion of the Heart: A lesson song from Rick with a lot of wisdom. Seems to speak from experience.

Shock to my system: I love this song! The words are incredible, and the chorus sticks in my head. He is such a talented songwriter. And haven"t we all met someone who turned our lives upside down? I still want to know if it"s about one of the boys or Barbie or something else! I"ll just have to wait, I guess.

Karma: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Rick describes Karma in a simple and eloquent way. And this is obviously the way Rick lives his life! (Again, Lance on the bass!!) I pray that all his love does come back to him! If it does, Rick will be a VERY loved and happy man!

Beautiful Prize: Hard to listen to this one. Rick takes the story of child abuse and writes and sings with such depth. Like all of his songs, you feel this one. And it"s tough for me to listen to it without feeling the pain that so many must endure. Again, his great song-writing and voice! But, very heart-wrenching.

Veronica"s Head: Wow! This is vintage Rick! I do love it! And does anyone else melt at "Yeah Baby, it"s a fact of life." I know I go weak in the knees at that line. The little things his voice can do!

Ordinary Girl: A very sweet song that kind of reminds me of Success days.

Act of Faith: Emotion on this one is fantastic. It reminds me a bit of the feeling behind Hold on to Your Dream. Rick can certainly write about real life and real feelings. I heard Rick say that Karma is from a lighter darker side than ROL. I think that"s true. Here is a song about finding the strength to carry on. It is phenomenal. Everyone who has felt a severe loss has felt these same feelings.

Rick has once again shown how he can take the deepest feelings and emotions and turn them into music for all of us to enjoy! And mostly to tunes that we can bop a little to.

09/12/98: Melissa C. -
Rating: 99
I LOVE KARMA! Act of Faith, Free, Prayer, and Religion of the Heart are my favorites, BUT I can honestly say, there is not one song on Karma that I do not like! I have not stopped listening to it since I got it out of my mailbox yesterday. I have fallen in love with the songs so fast! Usually I have to listen to a song several times to get a feel for the song, but with the songs on Karma, they just kind of grabbed me and they have not let go yet!! Rick has given us a wonderful gift! Thanks Rick!

09/12/98: Jerry Oliver -
Rating: 93
It"s not "all that" but it is very good, I could do without "Act of Faith", but "Free" is simply incredible!!! Get it, you won"t be sorry!