From The Inside Visions Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Frabrizio Grossi

· Running Time: 57.50

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 93%
Sound: 95%
I'm not always sold on these project releases, where an artists sings a selection of tracks picked out for them, as I believe it makes it harder for the artist to make a connection with the songs and therefore sound convincing when delivering them.
From The Inside is a little different as Vaughn was directly involved in writing songs for this and also the debut album. Plus there's something about the passionate voice of Danny Vaughn that seems to transcend any obstacles possibly thrown at him.
The debut From The Inside release was an almost perfect display of emotionally charged melodic rock, with Vaughn singing as if his life depended on it.
What I like about From The Inside was that Vaughn dived into the songwriting process with producer Fabrizio Grossi and has again together penned half the songs for this album.
If any criticism could be leveled at the first release, it would be that it could have featured a better mix/overall production. Visions is album number two for the Vaughn/Grossi team, with Eric Ragno joining in on keyboards (his contribution both noticeable and valuable) and House of Lords star guitarist Jimi Bell has also been recruited to beef up the sound.
And it is fair to say that he has done exactly that – the guitar playing here has more authority then the debut.
Production wise, I'm not sold on the way Grossi makes some instruments sound, especially the guitar. That said the sound really punches through the speakers thanks to a Tommy Hansen mix. So in that sense, in keeping with the debut, this is one of the best sounding records to date for Grossi.
While I rate this a better sounding release, I still prefer the debut due to the nature of the songs featured on that record.
There are some absolute melodic rock gems to be found here and again Danny Vaughn is singing like the vocal God he is. Highlights are plenty and the record overall must fall into the must buy category for fans of traditional, expressive European/US hybrid melodic rock.
Highlights from the album include:
The opening duel salvo of Light Years and Making Waves would be winners on just about any record in recent memory, with Making Waves up there for me as one of the best melodic rock songs of the year.
And the power ballad If It's Not Love is sensational and sees Vaughn deliver one of his best vocals ever.
The fast moving and attention grabbing 21st Century has another brilliant chorus and memorable verse and the drumming of Peter Lobo and soloing from Bell really propelling this track.
And as the opening two tracks delivered a one-two punch, so to does 21st Century and Days Of Hunger together. Another killer vocal, hook and melody here.
Moment To Moment has a distinct Tyketto vibe that I'm sure Vaughn fans will appreciate.
And One More Night In Heaven is another very strong ballad that perhaps could easily fit House Of Lords.
Telemetry closes the album off with a happy go lucky vibe that sums up the album as a whole.
The Bottom Line
Another very strong record from the ever consistent Danny Vaughn and a great companion release for the debut From The Inside release. Some amazing songs and great performances combine for another clear winner, even if the debut was perhaps a little stronger in the songwriting department. A tighter sound here makes both albums hard to peg against each other. If you have the first one – you need this.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· From The Inside
· Visions

Line Up:
· Danny Vaughn: Vocals
· Jimi Bell: Guitars
· Peter Lobo: Drums
· Fabrizio Grossi: Bass
· Eric Ragno: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· From The Inside
· Vaughn
· Tyketto
Track Listing
· Light Years *
· Making Waves *
· If It's Not Love *
· Listen To Your Heart
· Love Is No Stranger
· 21st Century *
· Days Of Hunger *
· Visions
· Moment To Moment *
· One More Night In Heaven
· Push Me Off
· Telemetry *

--*Best Tracks

24/03/09: jacco -
Rating: 95
Been a fan of the man since 1991.Everytime i hear his voice i feel myself bursting with energy.
This album is so good,the songs are so powerfull,a must buy for everyone who loves melodic rock!

01/10/08: Zok -
Rating: 94
From The Insides second album is great. And this is Vaughns best album since Tyketto, the record is more in style of that band too. Danny Vaughn vocals is amazing, just listen to "If its not love".

01/10/08: danimal -
Rating: 90
More classic Danny Vaughn and From The Inside. I like melodic rock, too much could get to be a bit tedious, but this record along with the first are just top shelf releases without being over the top or overwhelming to the ears. Albums like this and the debut should be considered works of music art as they work so well as a complete album, from beginning to end than just a record made in search of radio play or singles. Every song is strong because as a whole record the mood, the sound, the production, the vocals are just dead on. Not a perfect album, but definitely 9 out of 10.

08/09/08: Paul Melling -
Rating: 95
Just pure class! If you love melodic rock in the style of Journey and Crown of Thorns you will love this album. Songs with great hooks that will get you pressing the "repeat" button on your cd player!
Fans of the first album will also appreciate the better production would be great if the guys could re-record the first album using this album´s production standards.

05/09/08: Jeff Spader -
Rating: 95
Very good record. Among the strongest melodic rock offerings in 2008. Contender for the album of the year award. Mr Vaughn, we want more!

18/08/08: YNGWIEVIKING -
Rating: 83
IMHO it's the best work by DANNY VAUGHN since his TYKETTO days !
and JIMI BELL is outstanding with short but intense guitar solos

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