1. Sign Of The Times
  2. Janes Interlude
  3. Panic In Jane
  4. Don't Ask Me Why
  5. Kong
  6. Mother Mayhem
  7. Soul Survivor
  8. Sea Of Love
  9. Crazy World
  10. Peace Sign
  11. When I Call On You
  12. Revelation
  13. Let Him Run (Bonus)
I anticipate a new Night Ranger album with enthusiasm reserved only for a handful of artists. Why? Because Night Ranger have never made a bad record. Their style has changed over almost every album, but their core trademarks remain to create classic American hard rock, like no one else can.
Seven is the band's second release since re-forming to the origianl line up.
Jack Blades called this album as the band's 'immature' album, after I described Neverland as a very mature record. That is only half true though, as this album continue's the more polished and mature sounds of it's predecessor. Where it does lighten up and have some fun is in the intelligent, yet tongue in cheek lyrical content.
I think Seven mearly enhances the new styles and different sounds of Neverland, while maybe returning to some more familiar territory with some heavier songs and a stack more guitar!
I think also that the album leans more towards a Jack Blades style of record. I feel there is a couple of comparisons to Damn Yankees on Seven, and he certainly had a hand in writing all of the tracks.
The production is also supurb. Sharp crisp songs with an even mix throughout. I am not sure where Fitz fits into things though, as he is only clearly visable when he gets the spot light on the 1998 version of 'Let Him Run'.
Sign Of The Times opens the album, and despite hearing a preview of the track, I was blown away at the amount of guitars and the heaviness of this track as it progresses toward it's climax. Jeff and Brad quite simply go off! The chorus has to be amongst the most classic Night Ranger have ever recorded, and is an instant classic. Great fun lyrics, and Jack is singing like a demon!
Jane's Interlude mearly serves as an intro into Panic In Jane, the main single or radio track. This track starts with electric guitars, but is evenly serviced with acoustic's throughout, with Jack going through a sort of rappy verse and a more laid back chorus than the last track, reminiscent of Walk In The Future, just an octave higher.
Don't Ask Me Why is a big hands in the air ballad, mid paced, and featuring some nice keyboard created string effects. A live classic in the making.
Kong is a killer rock track, with uncharacteristic vocals from Kelly. The songs bulids from it's cool start to become a screamer of a chorus. Kelly is singing tough, and I believe him! This song would have fitted perfectly on the Damn Yankees 'Don't Tread' record. Tommy Shaw on backing vox only emphasizes this. There are some cool purcussion effects courtesy of Jack's buddy Mark Hudson and Tommy Shaw. Michael Carabello also appears on the record, and I wouldn't mind betting it's on this track also. A fun jungle rocker!
Mother Mayhem is one of the surprise tracks. It is acousticly driven, but also features electric guitars. It kind of just cruises through a mid paced vocal driven verse, a continues to cruise through a very laid back harmony chorus, almost whispered, with Jack hardly raising a sweat. Very cool and a real change of pace.
Soul Survivor sees Kelly back at the mike, and remains fairly laid back in nature. A mid paced tale of life, with a more rocking chorus and great, if not simple, hook.
Sea Of Love starts off with a studio demo as an intro and then launches itself into hard rocking style in the vein of New York Time. A subdued vocal until a bridge and a chorus that lifts the pace entirely. Another big live track.
Crazy World is a Kelly Keagy ballad, and a big acoustic driven typical Night Ranger ballad.
Peace Sign is another big rock track, in the vein of the harder parts of Neverland. Jointly driven by acoustic and electric guitars, it still rocks well, and has very cool lyric. The chorus is something like My Elusive Mind. Great guitars.
When I Call On You is another big acoustic driven ballad, sung by Jack. It starts soft and builds to a full band conclusion.
Revelation is one of those tunes that only Night Ranger can pull off. A cool intro, with some off beat uitar effects, launching into a rocking beat like the title track to Neverland, and a moody verse from Jack that builds to a killer chorus and layers of guitars that will have every fan calling this track a classic. Another Nevrland style rocker.
Let Him Run ends the Japanese pressing, with some fine keys work from Fitz, that really suits the song down to the ground.
So there we have it. Another killer Night Ranger album. I can't see that to many people won't love this, but if something about Neverland put you off, this is middle ground between that on the bands' first five albums.
Some sounds new, some sounds old, and a lot of neverland in between.
Definitely better than the Japanese version of Neverland, but with that album's US release and better running order, I think maybe that Neverland will narrowly beat out Seven.
In short - another winning album from the most consistant band in rock n roll. I love it!


24/08/04: Michelle -
Love it! Love it! Love it! It is absolutely my favorite Night Ranger record. I love every tune! Especially "Sign of The Times" one of those songs you can sing in your head all day... and "Don't Ask Me Why?" great Jack Blades ballad. The whole album just ROCKS! If you love Night Ranger you will love..."Seven".

29/11/03: Paul -
85- Very Good. Not Night Ranger's best, in fact not even as good as NEVERLAND. But, hey, we're evaluating this CD on its own merits. SOUL SURVIVOR, KONG, PANIC IN JANE & REVELATION make this CD well worth buying.

05/08/03: Daniel Ames -
Who are these people? I don't understand. While "Seven" is not quite as strong as "Neverland," the best Night Ranger album to date, it is still marvelous. There is something for everyone - rocking, in-your-face guitar-driven monsters, mid-tempo rockers, and ballads. A great effort by one of the best bands in the world, and certainly one of the most underrated. I give this a 91%. Buy it!

21/06/03: RELLA -
Rating 72%


02/05/03: freddy de keyzer -
Good record of course. Night Ranger is a great band with great musicians. Dawn Patrol is still their top moment, but this is also very good !

13/09/02: alfonso -
excellent! the best hard rock i 've heard in time, don' be stupid ,buy it

03/06/02: Marty Papworth -
Is it me "Forever All Over Again" the most underrated ballad of ALL TIME??? I'd say it should give 'Sister Christian' & 'Sentimental Street' both a run for their $$$ let alone any other bands greatest ballad etc.....By the way, Midnight Madness would have to be their greatest! guitars! guitars!

29/06/01: Rachel -
This is my favorite cd right now, it's absolutely excellent! My favorites are Mother Mayhem, Revelation and Sign of the Times. I highly recommend it, it's the best by Night Ranger in my opinion.

GRANDIOSO y completo disco.En la mejor linea del hard /AOR de los 80.Impresionante en sus temas mas contundentes y precioso en sus medios tiempos

28/04/01: Mark Borowicz -
Hate to disagree with the majority of the reviews, but here goes. I wasn't crazy about Neverland, but this one is worse. What I liked about (old) Ranger was the crisp, sharp-edged guitars combined with great vocals/harmonies. This album has very little of those qualities. Jack's voice sounds like it has changed (for the worse) over the years. The songs mostly sound like rejected tunes from the unreleased Damn Yankees CD. I'm not all that thrilled with the production either. I guess I'm stuck in the 80's, but this album was a huge disappointment to me. Sorry.

24/04/01: brian burgess -
I had the pleasure of seeing Night Ranger in 1987 with Kansas and they rocked the house off. I was psyched as hell when they reunited and put out "Neverland" which I soon to realize was one of the better AOR cd's of the 1990's. "Seven" is also an excellent CD with some solid riffs, songwriting and guitar playing. I give it a 85%. If this was a review for "Neverland" it would receive a 95%. Nightranger can still "Rock in America"...

24/02/01: Scott -
I'd have to rate this as one of the best Night Ranger cd's. I has an updated sound to it and it flat out rocks! Should have had tons of radio play, but we have to here the same old Britney Spears songs 10,000 time a day instead. If you like Night Ranger this cd is a must have!!!!

03/12/00: Brad -
I got this album not long after it came out over two years ago. Surprise, surprise--it never did anything in the old USA commercially. Nonetheless, it is truly an amazing album. "Sign of the Times" is one of the best rockers they have ever done. "Panic in Jane", "Sea of Love", and "Peace Sign" are among the many other highlights. The band retains their old edge while updating their sound just a bit. A great recent effort from one of my ten favorite bands of all time. Just to lend my perspective on all Night Ranger albums (all of which I have except for Japanese-related releases), here are ranking for each of them on a scale of 1-100: Dawn Patrol - 97; Midnight Madness - 98; Seven Wishes - 96; Big Life - 88; Man In Motion - 93; Greatest Hits - 99; Feeding Off the Mojo - 89; Neverland - 91; Seven - 93. I'll also throw in rating for the two Damn Yankees albums, as they are a related band (Jack Blades rules!!) and also one of my favorites ever: Damn Yankees - 100; Don't Tread - 96. Long live this brand of rock and roll!!

22/11/00: Jerry B -
Great CD.........another winner from Night Ranger

24/09/00: Scott -
Two words sum it up. IT ROCKS!!!!

23/09/00: Mel -
Seven-Rocks!But in this day an age rock music isn't cool.Peace Sign should have had way more exposure,Talk about underated,NR have musical,lyrical,vocal talent more than most bands today.
Damn Yankees are another in the same vein.

23/07/00: Roy -
The only word that can be used to describe Seven and NightRanger is "AWSOME".

22/07/00: Christophe -
YES, I am a French NR great fan since '84, where I stayed for Study in Idaho State for a whole year. All my favorite songs are from NR.
Have good fun like me, in life.

29/05/00: gitrkikker -
This is another Classic album from the guys! Yeah baby!!!! They're better than ever and showing it on this one! Especially love the song "Sign of the times" ... what a kick ass rocker that is! And the emotional song "Soul survivor" - MAN, Kelly Keagy has got one of the deepest, warmest voices I've heard, EVER! Period. Night Ranger rocks! Love this album! Power to the peace sign and keep it up guys, keep on rocking America!!!

Agree wholeheartedly that Night Ranger is right up there in terms of their consistency of output as outlined by Andrew. I love all their albums but feel that sometimes in the past they have underutilised their talents. Brad Gillis is a guitar god and on this album he shreds like never before. The opening song 'Sign of the Times' s monstrous and the chorus is sublime. From there the quality doesn't let up and I particularly like Panic in Jane which like many of the songs of this album starts in what appears an alternative vein but actually develops into a classic rock song. Jack Blades singing is great and he sounds ballsier than early NR which really complements the songs. All in all a wonderful release from a classic band..

23/06/99: Todd -
Peace sign rocks

28/03/99: Dave -
"Seven" is the seventh "Night Ranger" CD depending upon how you define the criteria or do the math. If we start from the beginning and count only the albums that only the original quintet was involved in, Dawn Patrol" (1982), "Midnight Madness" (1983), "Seven Wishes" (1985), "Big Life" (1987), and "Greatest Hits" (1989), and "Neverland" (1997), "Seven" (1998) is indeed the seventh album. However, the "Greatest Hits" includes songs off of "Man in Motion" which was actually the fifth Night Ranger album, but it lacked keyboardist Alan "Fitz" Gerald, although he did make a contribute to song writing on that album. So perhaps we count that one and donít count the "Greatest Hits" or perhaps "Seven" means the number of albums prior to "Seven". Of course there was 1995ís "Feeding Off the Mojo" which shoots that theory all to hell. But then it only contained two of the original five members, Kelly Keagy and Brad Gillis, which brings up the issue of why it was ever allowed to carry the Night Ranger name in the first place (especially without Jack). Then there was the foreign releases ..... ok, you get the point .....

Now that Iíve got some of you confused, what better time to begin my review. When I first listened to "Neverland" I was initially disappointed. I shelved the album a little too early but fortunately my better half didnít and after more listening. I came to the conclusion about six months later that "Neverland" was a damn good album and was basically the first album Jeff Watson had played on in a while (with or without NR). In fact, "Neverlandís" best tunes and hardest rockers, "New York Time", "Sunday Morning" and "I Donít Call This Love", were songs written by Jeff Watson and Jack Blades respectively. However, I was and still am a little disappointed that Jeff Watsonís name was not amongst the song writing credits. I could have used a little less Keagy and a little more "New York Time" or "Sunday Morning".

The buzz prior to the release of "Seven" was that Night Ranger was making a return to their roots and the music that made them one of the most popular hard rock bands of the eighties. When I first popped "Seven" in my CD player, it appeared that that was indeed the case when I was bombarded with an eleven second introduction of cool pick slides and drum licks before Brad lit into his whammy bar kicking off the first song. The first song, ďSign Of The TimesĒ, marks the beginning of the first and perhaps the best song on the album. This song is straight ahead ass kicking rock ní roll written and sung by Jack Blades that is reminiscent of some of the earlier album openerís like "Rock in America" and "Donít Tell Me You Love Me". Like those songs, "Sign" features what was once a Night Ranger staple, the killer guitar solo formula featuring the whammy bar acrobatics of Brad Gillis and the lightning fast picking and "ten finger tapping" of Jeff Watson. The second track, called "Janeís Interlude", consists of 26 seconds of clean electric guitar (with delay and chorus) finger picking what at first sounds like Angelsí "All The Young Dudes", but turns out to be a mellow rendition of the chorus of the next song, "Panic to Jane". As the title of "Panic" suggests, Keagy co-wrote the song with Blades (and the words make about as much sense as "Sister Christian"), but don't panic. Unlike "Sister Christian" this song is pure unadulterated rock ní roll. Jack Blades performs the lead vocals except for the bridge section, which was done by Kelly, and the two harmonize together extremely well in the chorus. Definitely, the coolest thing about this song is Bladesí bass guitar playing which has never sounded as good as it does on this album. In addition, to the main bass line which serves as the main hook for the verses, Jack comes up with some other cool licks and fills throughout the song. The verse bass line is not only the primary hook of the song, it turns out to be an ideal background for some "kick ass" lead guitar solos. In fact the song starts out with a blistering 8 bar solo played on top of verse bass line with a similar 3 bar fill (and bass) played between the second chorus and the bridge section of the song. Directly after the bridge is a 24 bar solo played on top of 16 bars of the verse bass line which changes to the chorus bass line for the remaining 8 bars allowing the lead guitar to slow in speed while not having to sacrifice the sheer power being generated.

Night Ranger backs off the momentum they obtained in the first 3 tracks, with the an acoustic guitar and keyboard dominated ballad, "Donít Ask Me Why", which was written and sung by Blades. This song finally allows the listener to hear "Fitzís" keyboard playing where he is synthesizing the background string arrangement. This song is perhaps more reminiscent of Damn Yankees than Night Ranger and although I wouldnít classify drummer Kelly Keagy in the same category as Tommy Shaw, Kelly and Jack manage to do a damn good job establishing some impressive harmonies. Meanwhile, Jack Blades continues to lay down some more impressive bass licks and fills as Brad Gillis shows that he can hold his own with anyone, including Ted. His vibrato enriched lead guitar solo on this song brings back memories of "Eddieís Coming Out Tonight".

Speaking of the devil, Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, and Mark Hudson wrote the title track for the movie "King Kong" which also appears on the "King Kong" sound track. Shaw and Hudson play the jungle percussion heard throughout the song. "Fitz" uses the keys to duplicate some authentic sounding jungle flutes along with other synthesizers that in the introduction of the song makes a noise so "Kong-like" you may catch yourself looking over your shoulder to see if the beast isnít lurking around. Keagy actually performs the lead vocals while Hector and Umfante (Blades and Shaw) provide some remarkable background vocals. (Jack Russel of Great White also contributes backing vocals on the album although the songs where he sings was not specified.) Blades again comes up with another very creative and great sounding bass line that serves as the hook for the chorus. Other bass parts worthy of mention are found in the bridge, the main guitar solo, and the outtro solo. The main guitar solo is one of the best on the song where Jeff Watson is the dominant guitarist who sets your ears on fire with a touch of his ten finger tapping and other lightning quick licks that seem to fit in with the jungle drums in the background. This song really grows on you and the lyrics, which portray "King Kong" as a ladies man, are cunning yet appropriate.

Of the remainder of the songs, "Sea of Love", written by Blades and Keagy, is an attempt to return to the kick ass rock of "Sign" and "Panic in Jane". Before the actual song begins, there is a 16 second outtake of "Sea of Love" where voices in the background make the listener feel he is in the studio checking out a practice session. However, the hollow AM Radioish sound effect suggests that the engineer merely took an excerpt from "Sea" mixed in the background conversation and digitally downsampled it accordingly (along with converting the signal from stereo to mono.) Thus, on the seventeenth second, one wonders if Night Ranger is aiming to lay down "Another Thing Coming, Part 2", when a pulsating bass, heavy drums, and some sliding power chords start rocking. Bladesí voice sounds a bit slurred which is true to the personality of the character in this song. He is drowning in a sea of too much sex, drugs, and rock ní roll: "Smoked your last one just an hour ago, Humming a Tune you hear on VH-3, Sometimes I wonder what you think about me".

ďSea of LoveĒ does feature some dueling harmony lead guitar, and I am surprised to find that there has not been more of this. The carefree theme continues into the next song, "Peace Sign", written by Blades and Gillis, which is not as heavy as "Sea" but is uptempo just the same. The song is about an All-American boy recanting his past when he traveled to California and met a hippie girl that introduced him to sex and drugs and forever changed his life. The irony is that he is still a hippie "growing flowers at 50 cents a day" while she now runs "a multi mega corporation taking down millions. Oh happy day". However, the lyrics are the high point of this song because the song really has no melody and the words are spoken rather than sung. The music is at best mediocre.

"When I Call On You" is structured almost identically the same as "Reason To Be", but unlike "Reason", this song is boring. The same goes for the songs "Mother Mayhem" and "Soul Survivor"; they are simply mediocre at best. The last song on the CD is "Revelation" which is the only song other than "Sea of Love" past the fifth track (fourth song) that is memorable. Like "Sea" this song also has a kick ass intro. "Revelation" is slightly comparable to Billy Idolís "White Wedding" since the verse has the same type of thumping, driving bass line and Kellyís vocals are in some ways similar to Billyís, too. The B-sections and chorus each have their own catchy little hooks. In a sense this might be the most important song on the CD simply because it and "Sea of Love" are the only good songs amongst the last six songs.

Unfortunately, the actual CD does not live up to the hype surrounding its release. Perhaps part of that is due to the band having just recorded an album over a year ago, but then that never hurt the Beatles who used to make an album every six months. Not counting the track "Janeís Interlude", which is the introduction to "Panic In Jane", this album only contains ten songs. The first two songs, "Sign Of The Times" and "Panic In Jane", are really great songs, perhaps Night Rangerís best material since "Midnight Madness" was released 15 years ago. (Without these this album would have done good to have gotten two stars.) "Kong" is a really good song, one that keeps growing on you. "Donít Ask Me Why", "Sea of Love", and "Revelation" are better than mediocre songs. That means that 6 of the ten are better than mediocre and the remaining 4 are mediocre. However, I donít seek to buy mediocre albums and I would have to say that I am a little disappointed in "Seven".

Overall, I donít think it measures up to "Neverland" which I rate a star above. This album scores two and a half stars out of a possible 5, or a ď5Ē on a scale of 1 to 10.


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30/01/99: Julian Woodman -
What can I say?

I can't get sick of this album, no matter how many times I play it. Even my three year old son knows the words to Sign of the Times!
This would sell if played on the radio, but in England there's no chance of that!

Well done guys, a fantastic recor

13/11/98: Det -
This Record is very great Rock-Music.
100 %. We want more of this kind of Music.
Rock"n Roll.

06/11/98: Tommy -
"Seven" is the greatest album I"ve heard in YEARS!!! Promote this baby & you"ll see Night Ranger on the Billboard charts again!!! Night Ranger ROCKS!!!

02/10/98: Summer -
I thnk that with the right marketing this album would be more of a hit! It just needs to be played on the radio....If you like this album, share it, Seven has something that's for the 90's, just not enough people have heard it!!!

02/10/98: Andy Bassett -
Following swiftly on from "Neverland" this is another step away
from the classic '80's Night Ranger sound that
pretty much defined the Stadium Rock of the time.
Jack Blades is as smart as he is talented and knows
that merely re-hashing old styles will get the
newly reformed original line-up nowhere. So what we have
here is a canny blend of melodic rock with a 90's
sound that shy's away from the over the top production
that rendered late '80's rock so samey.
A heavy emphasis on acoustic guitars and simple, effective
melodies leaves the listener with a strong set of pleasing
songs. Strangely, though, the first thing I did after a few
listens was to reach for "Man In Motion"....

07/09/98: Laurent -
Their best work to date after Dawn Patrol ! Sign Of The Times is one of their best songs ever. I always liked NR without being their #1 fan which I now am !!! NR managed to adapt its sound and evolve without turning its back to what NR is all about : a great AOR/Melodic hard rock band.

Thank you guys for this amazing and outstanding album.

01/09/98: MARC GULLI -
This is there best work in years!!! I really wish this record would get some major airplay!!!The songs rock hard!!!Night Ranger are the best!!!

22/08/98: CENK EROGLU -
I am a biiig fan of NightRanger from their begining....Jack and Kelly got great voices...
but for me after Fit's left the band before
man in motion...they started to change...
so well changes are cool but for me something happened to Jack and he changed his vocal style
feels like a srange accent and for me thats not Jack. the best times are "when you close your eyes" "love is standing near"
and it is a mistake to get a soulfull man like Fitz and burry his keys down....Old Ranger Rules

15/08/98: Jeff McKinley -
I think the NR album is pretty good. I still like some of the older tunes better, like
four in the morning, sentimental street, Don't tell me you love me, etc.

The bands biggest problem is that they just dont get any air play!
I still think they are a awesome band!

14/08/98: Rob Kallo -
I am and always will be a Hardcore NR fan. Seven did not knock my socks off (I need my socks!), but I always appreciat the great works of this Supergroup. How man other bands survive this long and still remain in the interet of major labels? I will see them in Mpls., MN on Aug 21st. If any of you are gonna be there, E-mail me to let me know because hooking up with fans and watching the band as a united fan core is a top high! My favorite NR album is Midnight Madness, but I have every album they have ever released, plus 6 hrs od video containing 3 NRcncerts and many interviews, plus all the videos. The quality is not excellent throughout, but it still satisfies. I like Neverland better than Seven so far, but I must admit that I have not listened to Seven enough to present a fully valid review. Meanwhile, any and all of you dedicated Night Ranger fans are welcome to E-mail me. Sing Me Away....!

08/08/98: Mark Thunder -
Feeding off the Mojo?
It sounds like this will be the last CD from the original line-up. What a shame. These guys rock big time and the only way to keep them together is for the radio stations to get their collective heads out of Mr. Alternatives butt and have the balls to play Night Ranger. I really appreciate the fact that this band is not concerned with "Popular" music styles or production values; always remaining true to themselves. And for those of you who can't hear Fitz in the mix: He is the catalyst that holds the original sound together. Now drop and give me twenty.

06/08/98: John -
This is a great album. Simple as that.

28/07/98: Marilyn -
I hesitated in buying last year's Neverland. When I finally did I really enjoyed it. Now after giving it a couple of good listens, I find Seven to be even better. Really love WHEN I CALL ON YOU and KONG and MOTHER MAHEM really rock. Wish we could hear stuff like this on the radio! Night Ranger sounds better than ever.

27/07/98: Babu Barat - BABUB@AOL.COM
I must say that in 1997 I was somewhat disappointed with Night Ranger's return album Neverland. Thus my hesitation in purchasing the new record 'SEVEN.' However, having followed the band through thick and thin I decided to out on a limb and plunk down the $15 to buy this record, while at the same time in the back of my saying that if these guys didn't deliver this time then it was all over as far as I was concerned.
Well............ these guys didn't disappoint this time around. In my opinion SEVEN could be NR's finest album ever!!! Strong words for a band that once ruled the radio waves in the eighties.
However, songs like the surging opening track 'Sign Of The Times' to the catchy 'Sea Of Love' bring back memories from yesteryear while maintaining a '90s flavor. Blades and Keagy are in fine vocal form throughout the record (ummm, I mean CD).
SEVEN contains more acoustic-backed cuts from Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson than have typically appeared on previous NR records, but this change is a refreshing departure. Gillis and Watson have proven themselves through the years as being two of the genres best axe-slingers. Acoustic cuts like the hooky 'Panic In Jane' and groove of 'Mother Mayhem' are great tunes which showcase the diversity the band has recently explored with tremendous success.
'When I Call On You' is an inspirational ballad that again explores new musical heights for NR with a similar feel to Blade's Damn Yankees project. Gillis delivers a seething solo that carries the song to its anticlimactic finish.
Though this record probably won't bring NR back to the heights of success they achieved in their early years due to the lack of airplay for this type of music, any Night Ranger fan, or any hard rock music fan for that matter, would be a fool not to pick up lucky number SEVEN.

17/07/98: greg rosati -
It took a few listenings because Jacks vocals are a little weird but I am coming to like this one as much as neverland. It's a shame it won't get shit for airplay in the us. It's the biggest stretch creatively that the band has taken and I must commend Kelly for his vocals on three tracks, they kick ass but then I again I expect that from night ranger.

15/07/98: darren t. -
seven is the shit!! the greatest band in the world comes through again! this is the reason i have the night ranger logo tattooed on my arm! you can still rock in america, seven times!!!!!!!!!

10/07/98: Craig Bishop -
10/10 What more can I say about the best band in the world !

08/07/98: Carlos Baez -
Classic NR, and along w/DLR band's new album, one of the best hard rock albums in recent memory. Catchy melodies and awesome vocal harmonies, blazing guitar work from Brad and Jeff. If this was 1985 this album would top the charts for weeks. Another must-have for any true AOR fan.

03/07/98: Josh Olsen -
This album blew me away the first time I heard it--always the mark of a great album! It's nice to see at least one band staying true to their roots and making kick-butt hard rock music. Night Ranger has taken over the "Best Band in the World" title from Van Halen, after VH's fiasco, "III." Night Ranger rules!

02/07/98: Dave Glaser -
All I can say is that Night Ranger was, and remains, the world's best rock band. Seven is a clearly a departure for them. It has its "Night Ranger" moments, but it also is a new direction for the band - and one that is easy to love.
We all had to wonder what the fellas were going to be like after a decade apart, but Neverland and Seven are the best albums I've purchased in years. It's just too bad the U.S. radio won't wake up and give NR some airplay.
Neverland went all but ignored. I hope Seven doesn't meet the same fate. Everyone is missing out on a lot of great music because of today's "rock" radio. You can watch greasy, untalented turds mumble and stare at their shoes for two hours, or you can dance, sing, scream and see REAL musicians do their thing!
LONG LIVE NIGHT RANGER! SEVEN rocks! Let's just hope there's a plan for EIGHT.


20/05/98: Craig Bishop -
KILLER ALBUM!!!!!! Jack's songwriting has improved ten fold since their split in the 80's as was evident on their reunion album NEVERLAND. Damn Yankees really brought out Jack's vocal and song writing talent. These two albums are by far their best to date in sound and content.
Jack says this is their "immature" album. I disagree. NEVERLAND was a "rock" album in every sesnse of the word. SEVEN is a transgression of that and a more polished album. I don't think it is "immature", the guy's just sound like their having more fun. Listen to PEACE SIGN, MOTHER MAYHEM and SEA OF LOVE and you'll know what I mean. Kelly's voice is the best it's ever sounded ! LET HIM RUN and CRAZY WORLD are proof of that. No one can can do a ballad like NR. In fact LET HIM RUN is better than the original ! This is a different (better) NR than that of the 80's. The only song that sounds like their earlier material is SOUL SURVIVOR. Of course KONG is definately DAMN YANKEES (awesome track anyway.) NR are here to stay (hopefully), definately SIGN OF THE TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!
Keep rockin' fella's.................CRAIG.

15/05/98: Lawrence Han -
This album is a much more mature album than I expected after listening to 'Neverland'. The album starts off with a the blistering track of 'Sign of the Times' and blasts off from there. Brief and short thoughts after two passes of listening to the CD. Jane's Interlude/Panic in Jane - definitely a hummer. Don't Ask Me Why - hummer as well. Kong is more of a 'Roll your window down, Turn up your Radio and Crank it' Featuring Kelly Keagy on vocals, its been a while since we got to hear Kelly like this. Mother Mayhem is an interesting piece I'll have to listen to more.Soul Survivor - Interesting song. Sea of Love - Have to wonder what exactly that VH - 3 stands for Van Halen's 3 or Video Hits 3 Hmm..... Crazy World is an acoustic with a good rhythm. Peace Sign - is a cool song with a cool story. When I call on You can be sort of compared to 'Forever all over again' but, is much more quiet and reserved as an overall song. Revelation was kinda non-descript song for me. Let Him Run - Sounds great with Alan playing to the keys which replace the acoustic( although I prefer the original ). Overall I think this album deserves an 9 out of ten. Through out alot of the songs, if you look, there is alot of three letter yea, yea, yea like they needed filler space for the music. But this is definitely an album to purchase if you are a Night Ranger fan.

02/05/98: Greg -
At least you can always count on a good album from Night Ranger, and Seven delivers again. I think that the "rockers" seem to be even better than Neverland, however the "ballads" didn't quite have the same punch. That is just fine, because NR can still right better material than most bands today in THEIR SLEEP! We want a canadian tour!!!! "Power to the Peace Sign.........."

30/04/98: Mark Kennedy -
As with "Neverland",not as immediate as some of their older material - which means it takes two listens instead of one before you start humming the songs :-) Absolutely stunning and easily the best rock album I've heard so far this year - a definite 10 out of 10

23/04/98: Ellen -
An awesome album. I'm not sure yet whether I like &lt;I&gt;Seven&lt;/I&gt; or &lt;I&gt;Neverland&lt;/I&gt; better. But it's a great album, with some great tunes.

23/04/98: Marc Bryant -
I'm going to try my best to make this review as unbiased as possible although I'm a huge fan and the truth be known, these guys could probably walk into a studio and fart into a microphone and I'd buy it under the assumption that Kelly and Jack are doing it in harmony. This is definently a Jack Blades album. As a matter of fact, you'd swear that half of these songs were outtakes from Damn Yankees-Don't Tread and Shaw Blades- Hallucination. Overall, it's a great album. I would have to agree with Jack's description that this is an "immature" Night Ranger. But at the same time I'd have to say it's a lot more fun. A lot of artists today take themselves and the music way too seriously. Rockers like Sign Of The Times, Kong and Panic In Jane are destined to be live classics and ballads like Crazy World and Don't Ask Me Why are radio ready (that is if radio in the US would touch it.) I'd have to say the most traditional NR tune on the album would have to be Revelation which displays some great guitar work from Brad and Jeff and some stunning harmony work by Jack and Kelly. This one could have been on Seven Wishes. My only criticism would be the fact you have to really dig into the mix to hear anything Fitz is doing on some the songs. Other than that, if you get the oppurtunity, check it out.

22/04/98: Thomas Hoeifors -
I'll make this short and simple: SEVEN, the new studio album from NIGHT RANGER, has to be the best album EVER! It is packed with catchy songs that you just can't stop singing along with! (At least I can't) SEVEN ROCKS!!! I LOVE IT!!! - Night Ranger is *THE* best band in the world!!! 11/10 rating for SEVEN!!!

20/04/98: Richard Stewart -
An excellent album.
Follows on nicely from Neverland, with a bunch
of killer tracks.
I love Kong, you never get to hear Kelly sing like that!
Panic In Jane is also a favorite.
Sign Of The Times is brilliant with a great hook to it!
Peace Sign is also cleverly done!
I can't really say enough about this band!!
This album kicks!

18/04/98: Daniel Colton -
Night Ranger is the best band ever in the world.
Jack and Kelly are the sweetest singers and Brad
Jeff are madmans on the guitar. I thought
nothing could be better than Neverland, but
Seven proved me wrong by barely beating Neverland
out. I love the ballads. Excellen CD.





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