Motley Records / Beyond
Produced by: Mike Clink

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Warrant, Bulletboys
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Hell On High Heels
  2. Treat Me Like The Dog I Am
  3. New Tattoo
  4. Dragstrip Superstar
  5. 1st Band On The Moon
  6. She Needs To Rock N Roll
  7. Punched In The Teeth By Love
  8. Hollywood Ending
  9. Fake
  10. Porno Star
  11. White Punks On Dope
  12. Unlisted Track
  13. 1st Band On The Moon (Demo)

The new Motley album has been with us all a little while now, so I have had suitable time to write a review for this album and re-write it a few times. This is what I finished up with.
This is the debut of the new line up of the band, with Tommy Lee off to pursue whatever it is he wants these days, and Randy Castillo coming in his place.
The album sees the band throw off any of their most recent sound - gone is the punky modern edge of Generation Swine and gone is the grunge influenced semi-industrial nature of the John Corabi lead Motley Crue album.
Back is the band's trademark party rock anthems and disposable tongue in cheek lyrics.
Vince Neil is back in control and in full flight. The theme of the album is typical Crue, just read the song titles!
The production of the album is handled by Mike Clink (of Guns N Roses, Sammy Hagar fame).
The songs sound great and it certainly has a party rock feel. Fast, furious and good fun, the album has received a pretty good response from fans so far.
But the thing for me is, I quite like the last two albums and was looking forward to a record taking up where Generation Swine left off. I already have the band's classic albums, so this album to me is a little surplus.
On top of that, I personally have moved on and to go back to some of the dumbest lyrics in history is a little disappointing. I like the album, but don't think it's a classic and think that overall the impact is a little flat.
Without the punch of Dr Feelgood and without the attitude of Generation Swine, I was a little disappointed. But I know plenty were more than happy with this album, so it really lies in what you wanted from the band.
BOTTOM LINE: A good album, with plenty to like for die hard Motley fans, but overall a little flat and nothing really outstanding on offer to bring back old fans that might have lost interest in the band. Still, it's better than many other releases out there and will no doubt keep plenty of Crue fans happy until the next development.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All long time Crue fans.

15/01/04: samolice -
Rating: 95
I love it! More than 3 years after it was released i still appreciate all the songs on the album. Party-rock n roll. That's all. And that's more than enough! Please another one Vince and Nikki! Just another one!

24/08/03: STEFF ROCHON -
Rating: 75

05/08/03: BRUSH -
Rating: 80
This is a really good album - its just that Vince has lost his voice and cant sing live to save his life- bring back Corabi I say -The self title album was one of their best efforts -behind Feelgood of course.

26/06/03: oscar -
Rating: 0
i thimk that this motley record is the best from doctor feelgood yers.there are songs too cools like punched in the teeth by love, porno star, new tattoo and many my opinion this record is very good

21/06/03: Boz -
Rating: 78
It seems as if Nikki Sixx and company have taken a step back on this one, as opposed to 97's Generation Swine. One may believe that this album was for the old skool fans of the leather jackets and make-up. Almost all tracks are listenable: if you like one you will like the others. However, it is not apparent that Motley were attempting to take any new steps on this one. Many tracks contain familiar and simple beats by Randy Castillo, and the song writing is at a very simplistic level. In fact, this album could have easily substituted for the sub-par "Theatre of Pain" album in '85. None the less, old skool fans cannot complain about "selling out" on this one. If you liked the new direction on Generation Swine, this one may bore you slightly. The tracks on New Tattoo will fit right in on the live playlists of future tours. The question is whether or not Tommy will want to play them.

27/11/02: Tim James -
Rating: 95
The Crue are the greatest rock and roll band ever, no one will ever compare to the integrety of this band.
They mean it, live it and they always have, right or wrong.
Musically the band can do whatever they want to, they have earnt the right, they were the first LA glam metal band, VH were a bit different.
I am sick of people saying New Tattoo was a bad album or Generation Swine was too modern etc Nikki is a songwriting genius FACT.
If the crue want to sing about girls, drugs, record company rip off's or even the state of the world they can, they make their own rules, you don't believe me read the dirt.
New Tattoo shines and features some Mick Mars best playing ever.
Randy is the only guy who could have replaced Tommy, it's not Motleys fault he left.
Vince is vince limitations and all take it or leave it, there will never be another Motley but maybe Nikki's Brides Of Destruction will come close.

28/10/02: Michael - n/a
Rating: 90
This is the first motley CD i have ever had to have. I find all the songs catchy and flow nicely. Unfortuntely this cd will not receive the attention it deserves due to the era in music. I think they did a great job with the artwork, just a shame Tommys missing as my only criticism is i dont like the drum sound or "feel" here and there. But all in all i think this is great and i cant take it out of my player!

04/03/02: Joe Suto -
Rating: 90
Sure it's not the best Crue cd ever, but I can honestly say I like almost every single song. Nowdays you can't say that about too many albums. I feel with Hollywood Ending, New Tattoo and First Band On The Moon, this will rate higher than Swine, and Girls, Girls, Girls in my book.

02/03/02: fosso - salva&
Rating: 80
hola crue fans para mi este album es el retorno a la actitud de los 80 pero echo en falta a tommy lee y a bob rock a la produccion y vince neil no esta muy fino cantando pero al menos este album te hace mover los pies long live the crue!

12/06/01: Scott -
Rating: 68
The first song was OK, but it was down hill from there. It didn't seem like there was alot of effort put into this CD.

05/06/01: AJ -
Rating: 5
To me, New Tattoo feels forced and unnatural. I love every release from the band with the exception of the Corabi effort. I thought it was a decent, just not a Motley album. New Tattoo has the same vibe. Yes, Vince on vocals makes the Crue sound like the Crue, but New Tattoo sounds more like something that would have been Vince's 3 solo release rather than a Motley record. I know most Crue fans don't think that Swine was worth anything, but I think Swine was their best release behind Feelgood. It would have been interesting to see what would have been if you take the 3 or 4 best songs from Methods Of Mayhem and replaced a couple of the New Tattoo tracks. Without Tommy, Motley lacks an incredible amount of punch and funk and end up sounding similar to AC/DC. No disrespect to Randy Castillo, but Tommy puts him to shame. I really hope Tommy and the boys find a way to exist together and put a phenomenal album out because they aren't the same without him just like Vince. Besides, I have to see what Tommy will do for his next drum solo.

04/05/01: big mike -
Rating: 65
I can admit I was wrong...I wrote a review carving this album up I reviewed this some time ago but it has grown on me. It not a sensational album but there are some great songs like " fake, new tattoo, and hollywood ending". Some of the songs lack a bit but the sound and vibe is good and there's plenty of laughs from the lyrics too as you'd expect. This album on reflection is worthy of my CD collection but I thought "generation swine" was better.

10/01/01: Matt Smith -
Rating: 9
Lets face it Generation swine was crap. John Corabi was good but no crue fan was happy without vince. Now they give people what they asked for and still this whining bunch of reviewers moan. This is a brilliant return to form for the Crue, Mr Lee can sod off and do rap rock tripe if he wants but so far people aint buying it. This is classic crue the way it should be.

03/12/00: Brad -
Rating: 82
Not bad--interesting to hear them return to more of that '80s sound. Certainly not the same as the old stuff, as it falls a little flat in comparision to such efforts as "Shout at the Devil", "Girls, Girls, Girls" and especially "Dr. Feelgood", which is to this day one of the best hard rock albums ever. The ballads are okay but a bit weak. Still, songs like "Hell On High Heels", "1st Band On the Moon", and "Punched in the Teeth by Love" are vintage Motley. The thing is, I also liked the experimental sounds of the 1994 self-titled album with John Corabi on lead vocals as well as the "Generation Swine" effort. Maybe in the future the Crue should combine the two sounds a little more and get a bit deeper with the lyrics than on this effort. (Listen to the songs "Uncle Jack" and "Misunderstood" on the Corabi album--they are actually capable of this.) All in all, still an enjoyable listen and worth buying for longtime Crue fans.

16/11/00: crosby -
Rating: 10
Loved it !! Its a party waiting to be opened! loved i am an 80s kinda child and it did do Glad I paid for it well worth it!
Flash A smile Like an Aligator!!
Joey Crosby

11/11/00: KAOS FAN -
Rating: 50
I really looked forward to this album but with regret I must say I'm very disappointed. Songwriting is crap, lyrics infantile(even by the Crues standards),drums are anaemic(no punch), and Vince Neil who was never a vocal God at the best of times sounds very ordinary. Miles away from Dr. Feelgood and has actually elevated my appreciation of Generation Swine - that's how unmemorable this album is. Danger Danger's latest slaughters this piece of mediocrity with nowhere near the hype; I'll bet Warrants new album will do the same because Jani still writes "good songs" - something Motley appear to have forgotten.Best regards to evryone from a very disillusioned Motley fan...

07/11/00: JockeLarzon -
Rating: 75
This CD is a good one, no doubt about that. But even though I like it alot, and it is better than Generation Swine, there is something missing. Hard to point out what exactly, but it doesn't give you chills like the 80s albums used to do. But maybe they will make a chilling CD next time around, perhaps Tom is back then. I miss the Cre's hey days!! Also, the drums are badly mixed. Compare to the drums in Bitter Pill and it's obvious that the power of the drums are gone. And I don't think it's only due to the absence of Mr Lee.

03/11/00: Metaleastteen -
Rating: 7
Just another record by this "Master of 80's Rock". Same old songs just like Motley records in the 80's. On this second album since the re-joining of Vince Neil, we'll miss the great drummining of Mr. Tommy Lee, not to underestimate the capability of Randy. Anyway it is just great to have the great bands, especially the 80's rock band still alive and kickin.

27/10/00: Brian Deuel -
Rating: 65
There are some good songs, and SOME shine of the old Crue, but there's something missing here; like the band is going through the motions. I can't see ever listening to it again (and thanks to Napster, I won't have to waste my hard-earned cash on it :). It just hangs like a bad fart.

25/10/00: NODDY -
Rating: 0
Absolute rubbish! Anyone who said this was a return to classic 80's Crue like Girls, Girls, Girls or Dr. Feelgood is talking crap. I haver never heard worse from a major band in my life. I am tempted to throw it in the bin but I may as well try and get a few quid for it at a 2nd hand CD fair!!!

23/10/00: BUU - I dont have any.
Rating: 3
WHAT A CRAP. Buy a Donald magazine. Its more entertaining.

22/10/00: Jason Lurcott -
Rating: 60
Other than "White Punks On Dope" and "First Band On The Moon" I don't listen any of the other songs anymore. Trying to sound a certain way is the polar opposite of what a band that been around for 20 yr should do. They should be making great new music now. The whole band is rich, the whole band has respect(as far as RockNRoll goes), why wouldn't they go and do something that they want to do rather then "please the fans"?

20/10/00: Big Mike -
Rating: 30
I'll cut to the chase, the 80's sound is great but the songs are
just crap. Generation swine wasn't the strongest album ever but at least it had 3 or 4 strong songs on it. new tattoo is more
like shlt tattoo. frisbee this one

19/10/00: Gary -
Rating: 90
Gotta say it's a great CD. Way better than Swine, although that was good for stylistic purpose. But let's just say Crue fans want a Crue Album. We don't want them reinventing the wheel, we want a record that you can drive around with cranking or hangin' out drinkin' with your friends and having a good time. That's what this CD delivers! I especially like the Porno Star track, reminds me of vintage Aerosmith, maybe Nikki showing a little musical influence there:)!!! Randy definitely holds his own, like you'd have a doubt after hearing him with Ozzy. Definitely get this it's great. The Crue and their decadent ways are back!

15/10/00: Jason Boesche -
Rating: 72
The Crue are back w/ a pretty good effort...This album could've been better for sure...There were some songs that for a band of Motley Crue's calibur that were kinda generic and flat.. "Dragstrip Superstar" and "Fake" were the low points in my eyes...A band that has a catalog of songs like they do, the 2 songs I mentioned there seem quite far beneath Motley standards. The ballad "New Tattoo" was not one of their greatest either. I give these guys credit for the songs that are great. I mean "Hell On High Heels" is wonderful.."Treat Me Like A Dog" and "Punched In The Teeth By Love" are great, raw rockers.. The really good songs far outweigh the bad...Much like the case w/ a group like Def Leppard though, when you're a band that has such a long history of great songs, you tend to want to hear stuff that's equivilent to the stuff that got them to the top... This album has its moments, but it lacks the pop and sound of the classics....I would've liked to have heard more stuff like "Primal Scream" off the DECADE OF DECADENCE album.. I like Motley when they have that big studio sound..A real slick and polished sound....I am encouraged however by this album. It's an improvement over SWINE and if they can harnace the really good songs on NEW TATTOO and continue to grow and evolve w/ Castillo, well, then some of their best years could be ahead... Good album. Nothing outstanding, but pretty solid...

Rating: 92
WOAH! The Crue are definately back and kickin ass on New Tattoo. If you like the trendy "stair at your shoes" tunes, well then you better pass this rock album by. It is one of the sleaziest Crue albums to date! Im sure old school fans will no doubt LOVE this disc! All the people who are saying that its "cheesy, or nothing new..." well...what do ya expect!!?? Its freakin MOTLEY CRUE!! Its supposed to be stop whining, and do just that...have fun and rock n roll!!

05/10/00: mike corbett -
Rating: 90
A must for all crue fans and true rock fans. Not for the decade of depression fans that choose monotone vocals barely heard over repetitious bass lines. When you hear "Punched in the teeth by love" it brings you back to the Shout at the Devil days. There is a new touch to the title track and rockers like Porno Star and Fake have shown the bands progression to mix some new beats with a great edge. Pick up this CDl; You won't regret it!

01/10/00: Rockchild -
Rating: 1
Nikki Sixx trying to please old school Crue fans. Every new Crue CD has been a step forward until now. This CD has all been heard before - and done better before. It's a pathetic attempt at bringing the 80s back. Weak lyrics already done to death and poor melodies. The worst Crue CD ever. The Crue will NEVER be in the music industry lime-light again with trash like this! Now Tommy's gone and you're ideas seem to be all dried up, leave the biz with some dignity! As for the fans - go and listen to Dr. Feelgood/Decade of Decadence. They will always be classics!

25/09/00: The Black Widow -
Rating: 95
Hello all you freaky freaks!!!!!!! Even though I know my opinion doesn't mean squat, I'm going to share my thoughts on "New Tattoo" anyway! First, let me start by saying that if you were not a fan of Generation Swine, your in luck! Old school Crue is back and kickin' ass!!!! This CD sounds like it could have been made right after Dr. Feelgood. I only heard 3 of the tracks before it came out (one of which, Pornostar, is different from the demo) and I was very impressed! I am happy to say that the rest of the CD is just as impressive! "Pornostar" is a great follow up to "Girls Girls Girls", "Dragstrip Superstar" continues where "Rattlesnake Shake" left off, "Hell On High Heels" and "She Needs Rock & Roll" fits in nicely with "Sticky Sweet" and "She Goes Down". "White Punks On Dope" could have been the flip side to "Dr. Feelgood". "New Tattoo" is a ballad that only the Crue could pull off (which they do very well). "Treat Me Like The Dog That I Am" and "Punched In The Teeth By Love" are tracks that would have fit in nicely on Girls Girls Girls. "1st Band On The Moon", "Hollywood Ending" and "Fake" could have been right at home among Dr. Feelgood's 11 tracks. My CD comes with a enhanced portion for my pc that contains the track "American Zero" This is a very cool track, too. What it comes down to is that "New Tattoo" is a must have for any Crue fan!!! They put out an excellent CD in the tradition of Girls Girls Girls & Dr. Feelgood, and have reminded me of why I fell in love with their music in the first place! One more thing...I know the Crue will never be quite the same without Tommy, but Randy is a great drummer and the perfect replacement! At first, I thought that it would be the same kind of situation as it was with Corabi: change the line up and the music changes. After listening to this CD I realize that line of thought was unfounded. Randy has helped bring the Crue back to what they were, and I for one am thankful for that! Welcome aboard, Randy!

25/09/00: B.Dahl -
Rating: 0
This is music from Jura-Time.I Won't more GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.

23/09/00: Ralph -
Rating: 95
I think this recording is the best one since Dr.Feelgood!!!! infact i think it is as equally as good as Dr.feelgood.
i have heard people say that the lyrics are stupid and not very mature. but when has fun rock & roll music ever been
about anything mature? if they are then Dr.feelgood is just as stupid and imature!!!! what im trying to say here is that
i have been waiting for a recording from one of the 80's bands out there that was worth listening to that really got me in
the party mood and this one does it! all the songs are great and full of the fun rock and roll theme we all remeber. its a
shame it doesnt get the promotion it deserves cause i believe if crue can do it hopefully the others will follow and try and
make the music that made them who they are today. GREAT WORK CRUE!!! i never thought id hear you guys rock like this again.

19/09/00: John Mathesson - n/a
Rating: 0
Bring Tommy Lee BACK !
Awful songs, terrible album...

18/09/00: G -
Rating: 80
First and foremost, comparing Motley Crue to either Warrant or the Bulletboys is a complete slap in the face of anyone who has ever said they were or still are a fan of the Crue. Sure, it is not 1989, and the Crue are no longer on top of the industry, but 'New Tattoo' does make a valiant effort to show the world that the boys are still able to kick some ass. Vince Neil. Nikki Sixx. Mick Mars. Household names to Crue fans and many music fans all over the world. Enter Motley Crue's newest tattoo, Randy Castillo. Castillo replaced the departed Tommy Lee, who left to pursue his latest project, Methods Of Mayhem. For those expressing any type of concern, do not be alarmed. Castillo can definitely hold his own. From the opening track, "Hell On High Heels", it is evident that he is not in the band to just "fill-in" for the departed Lee. "Fake" and "Treat Me Like The Dog I Am" take the fans back to the "older days", when the Crue were all about loud and agressive in your face anthems. "Porno Star" is another in gem. "New Tattoo" and "Hollywood Ending" are vintage Crue ballads. Will this album recruit millions of fans, as their first few albums did? Highly unlikely. But, you DO want to pick this up if you are an old school Cruehead.