MTM Music
Produced by: Tommy Newton

Released: April 22 / Website
Relatives: Def Leppard, Bon Jovi
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Intro
  2. Kid Is Going Down
  3. The Journey Will Never End
  4. On The Rise
  5. We'll Drag You Down
  6. Only Human
  7. Lucky Son
  8. I'll Be There
  9. Larger Than Life
  10. Dangerous Destiny
  11. These Are The Good Times
  12. Sunshine Memories
  13. Sign Of The Times

Personally, this is my favourite Jaded Heart album, although it is still a couple of great songs short of being a classic and might be a bit soft for some fans of the last couple of albums. All in all, it's probably not as consistent as their last album, but I still dig it more.
Jaded Heart have always been regarded as Europe's answer to Bon Jovi, but on their new album they move a step closer to the sound of fellow stadium rockers Def Leppard.
The band's last album IV was produced in the USA with Bobby Barth and brought the band into the major leagues as far as sound and attitude.
On The Journey Will Never End, take another small step sideways, toning down their approach a little.
Produced this time around in Europe by the renowned Tommy Newton, this album is as sharp as any the band have released and features some more outstanding melodic hard rock tunes, with a slightly more European feel to them.
The thing that stands out above anything is the extremely high quality backing and harmony vocals. The band have never sounded better and lead vocalist Michael Bormann is also sounding a million bucks.
I don't think this album is as heavy as the band's previous efforts, none of the songs match the intensity of last album's Live And Let Die.
But in place of the extra aggression is more melodically styled mid-tempo, harmony filled songs, naturally with the same anthem attitude the band have always carried.
Quite honestly, the Def Leppard like harmonies and chorus backing vocals are outstanding and carry the songs through this album.
The two big power ballads of the album On The Rise and Only Human are similiar in delivery, but outstanding nevertheless.
Only the song that separates those tracks sounds out of place on this album. We'll Drag You Down is a big heavy rap-effects filled experiment that works ok on it's own, but not so much in the context of matching the rest of the album's songs.
The inclusion of the Backstreet Boys cover Larger Than Life is lot so fun and shows how a good song can get better when rocked up.
Dangerous Destiny gets a little heavier and touches on the band's traditional sound, while Sunshine Memories and Sign Of The Times run together and finish the album on a slightly soft acoustic note.
BOTTOM LINE: A great melodic hard rock record - period! Not too heavy, but not soft either, there are plenty of great moments on this album, all fuelled by the fantastic vocals of the very in-form Michael Bormann.
3 albums in 3 months for the guy must place him in the running for vocalist of the year. I have never heard him sound better than on this record and on the new Rain album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Jaded Heart and Michael Bormann, some fans of Def Leppard & Bon Jovi
DISCOGRAPHY:Jaded Heart . Slaves And Masters . Mystery Eyes . IV . Diary . The Journey Will Never End

24/09/03: Geoff -
Rating: 92
One of my favourite bands of the genre strike back with force. 'IV' is a hard album to follow up as that was pure melodic hard rock bliss. Powerful, lyrically excellent and the songs were brilliant. Musically, I think the band is as powerful and excellent as ever. The songs are not quite as good lyrically as 'IV', but there are some awesome moments here and the overall songwriting is very strong.

'Kid Is Going Down ' is a HUGE opener. Big riff, big sound and you know this is Jaded Heart. 'The Journey Will Never End' is already one of the albums finest moments and pure melodic hard rock perfection. Once again, musically massive and a riff to blow scalps apart.
'On The Rise' is a slower moment, and a very fine slab of melodic rock. Very, very good song.
'We'll Drag You Down' is a big powerful rocker, 'Only Human' is pretty much a ballad, and f*cking good one at that. Nice vocals, musically great.
'Lucky Son' is another big rutheless rocker, as is the excellent 'I'll Be There' - one of my favourite tracks of the album which leads into a big anthem type chorus. Great stuff.
Before hearing this version of 'Larger Than Life' I'd have said Surely Not! But this is good! Makes the Backstreet Boys sound like something worthwhile. Great cover! Awesome riff too.
'Dangerous Destiny' is one of my favourite songs of 2002 and easily my fave off the album. Huge riff hungry melodic hard rocker with a blinding chorus. Amazing song.
'These Are The Good Times' and 'Sign Of The Times' are both great closers too.

I suppose in reality this is probably a touch more consistent than the brilliant 'IV'. Still not as good in terms of lyrics overall, but a very fine heavy melodic hard rock album. Excellent vocals, great big guitar and drum sound. Huge production, huge sound. Wonderful band and wonderful album.

30/01/03: Gonzalo del Valle -
Rating: 95
OK, one of the best releases of the year. The perfect actual melodic rock I want today. Jaded Heart is already a huge band.

05/09/02: Rafael Winck -
Rating: 92
Michael Bormann is a motherfucker genius, he writes all songs, and they are perfect. Barish is a killer finest guitar player. These guys are great!

13/07/02: Greg Sykes -
Rating: 80
The album has excellent production as I can tell a big difference from their earlier albums. The best songs are The Kid is Going Down, The Journey Will Never End, and I'm On The Rise, only my opinion. There are too many fillers. Still is worth checking out though!

06/07/02: kc_rocker -
Rating: 99
this cd is just as amazing as all of the others...this is one of the best bands Ever....the guitars are awesome...the rythm section is awesome and as well Borman's voice speaks for its self....only track that caught me off guard was the "well drag u Down" which is good dont get me wrong....but the rest is all out and out awesome....only reason i didnt give it a 100% is because nothing is perfect....cant wait to hear the next album....i wish he would have put out three jaded heart albums this year instead f the rain and solo cd thanks for reading my rants and raves and rock on all


25/06/02: Ty -
Rating: 95
I thought this cd kicked ass. I love the production and huge Guitar riffs. The Journey Will Never End, Dangerous Destiny, and We'll Drag You Down are great rockers. Drag You Down is a bit Heavy for them, but very well done. On The Rise and Only Human are awesome Ballads with very good lyrics. Some of the choruses almost sound Def Leppard like. I just about shit when I started to hear the main verse of Larger Than Life. I saw the title, but never put the two songs together until I heard it. They did a great cover of it. Usually it's the R&B acts that are ruining the good rockers, but Jaded heart took a shitball of a song and gave it a good boot. All in All I really like this cd and would put it in the same boat as their Slaves and Masters, and IV cd's.

13/06/02: savacap -
Rating: 85
Great cd with great songs with one exception. The song "we`ll drag you down has no position in this cd. Maybe it`s the most American cd from the group. Iam afraid that jaded heard will start to repeat themselves in the next album. But this is something that you have to buy.

05/06/02: J.C. -
Rating: 92

02/06/02: Glenn -
Rating: 92
First of all, I don't know where these guys get off writing a bad review for this awesome record. I got "IV" about a year ago and was immediately impressed with Jaded Heart. They blend together elements of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi and add their own style to get very appealing rock music. Michael Bormann is an incredible vocalist too. Ok, so now for analysis of their latest album, "The Journey Will Never End." I liked this album from the first listen in my CD player. The songs are catcy, melodic, and most of them rock. I'm not talking heavy metal rock, but most of them are uptempo. The song writing is very good, and I enjoy every single song. Some songs are better than others, but I don't think there are any fillers. Highlights include the uptempo rockers "On the Rise," "The Journey Will Never End," "Lucky Son," and "Dangerous Destiny." "We'll Drag You Down" is a very cool song and is unlike the others. I think their stay in the USA influenced them a lot. The verses sound almost like a Limp Bizkit song. I think this is a reason that some people outside of the USA might not like this track, but it still has a harmony filled chorus regardless. Overall, "The Journey Will Never End" is a great album for fans of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard style hard rock. I think it picks off where "IV" left off very fittingly and showcases the diversity of this talented band. Go out and get it, don't listen to these people with their unwarranted bad reviews, it's a fantastic album.

02/06/02: Paco -
Rating: 98
I think this is a great album. I don't understand the low rating above. Pehaps it is beacause that the fist album I have from Jaded Heart. All is perfect, It is melodic, hard, modern,... And after listen IV album definitely my favorite is the journey will never end...

31/05/02: Fernando -
Rating: 0
Nadie escribe en Espaņol que pesaos con el ingle!!
Nada que todavia no he escuchado el ultimo de Jaded, pues me lo voy a bajar del audiogalaxy y si me gusta me lo compro.
ale adio!

16/05/02: Federico -
Rating: 70
I was a big fan of their first two cds. Those were master pieces,perfectly balanced between Dokken and Bon Jovi. Than they dissapointed me a little album by album. In this new one the songwriting is no more brilliant like before.Maybe, Micheal is involved in too many project. My favs here are These are the good times and Dangerous Destiny. We'll drag you down is very strange, new metal, maybe they want to offer something various, that's ok. Also Larger than life is a strange cover of Backstreet Boys(bleah), I love the result. Micheal show that Jaded heart are bolds to cover a band so unpopular between rockers. I still like 'em and support them, but not like before.

13/05/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 74
After several listenings it's still not easy what to think about this one. The production is good and Michael is singing well(better than on the other records he's done as Rain and his own solo effort). But the songs are not consistent enough, it's like the band don't know what direction they wanna go. Sometimes it's rather heavy, sometimes it's really 'soft'. Maybe a good mix after all ? One word about the cover, stupid ! All by all a decent affair, but far from an essential release.

11/05/02: Todd -
Rating: 68
After the release of IV (which in my opinion is one of the best melodic rock releases ever) I was eagerly awaiting Jaded Hearts next studio effort.The Journey Will Never End is a solid rock record but there is one important ingredient missing...the songs.While the best song "Lucky Son", the rap/rock "We'll Drag You Down" and ballad "Only Human" show Michael and the boys in fine form the album falls short as the songwriting on a whole is a little thin.Maybe this has to with Mr Bormann being involved in numerous other projects or being the chief songwriter.Don't get me wrong this is not a bad effort but maybe after IV I was expecting too much.

10/05/02: Darren -
Rating: 65
I TOTALLY agree with David that this new cd is a bit of a disappointment.I also agree with him that Michael Bormann is wearing himself thin when it comes to writing songs,and when you are really the only songwriter in the band,it tends to show more easily.Why bands start with intros,I will never understand,as it is just a waste of a track and one you will rarely listen to again.Not one song on this new album comes close to the last cd."We'll Drag You Down" is strange for them but cool,as is the BSB "Larger Than Life"."Sign Of The Times" could've been alot better beefed up a bit with keys,drums,guitars and orchestration.It sounded to me like an unfinished demo.To put it all in a nutshell,this new cd doesn't come up to IV.Not in songwriting,not in attitude and not in production.This band has so much talent,and after the IV album,this should've been a complete ballcrushing rock fest.Not to be.Maybe next time guys!!!!!

01/05/02: Scott -
Rating: 78
I guess I'm somewhere in between with my review. The last two classics ("IV" and "Mystery Eyes") had me popping this cd open
with great anticipation. The first couple tracks were cool, I love the opener and the title track and even the "Pour Some Sugar On Me" influenced "We'll Drag You Down"
grew on me, but then the filler hits you. "Dangerous Destiny" has a some good, heavier guitar work but falls flat come chorus time. The only track that really sticks out
on the second half is the surprisingly cool cover of the BSB's "Larger Than Life". Overall it's a pretty good album, but probably their weakest effort next to "Slaves+Masters"

29/04/02: Derek -
Rating: 93
I think that David couldn't be more wrong about the latest Jaded Heart release. i think this release is great. I think that Michael Bormann may have written his best song w/ "The Journey Will Never End". I think the cd is a masterpiece. I think the 2 power ballads ("On the Rise" and "Only Human") are wonderful. I actually somewhat like the rap/metal track--"We'll Drag Your Down". Best songs are title track and "Lucky Son". Buy or Die.

17/04/02: David Collins -
Rating: 40
I picked up the new Jaded Heart album with rather high expectations, but I was really disappointed. I've always thought that Jaded Heart had quality albums and I have been a huge fan of their last two studio albums, "IV" and "Mystery Eyes" (as well as the "Best of"). I really liked "IV" the best and thought the song quality and production was best on this album. I thought "Mystery Eyes" was their second best album followed by the debut, "Inside Out". (Slaves and Masters" was Ok)

However, this new album is really subpar. I've gave it about three listenings and to put it more bluntly--I think it sucks! Perhaps, part of the problem is the fact that songwriter Michael Bormann has really spread himself to thin lately since he has recently completed a solo album and the new Rain album (of course the bulk of the Rain album was recorded some time ago.)

Anyhow, maybe my expectations were too high and it will eventually grow on me. However, if you are a big fan of Jaded Heart, I suggest that you be prepared for a bit of a disappointment.


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