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Z Records ZR1997061
Produced by: Burr, Grimmett & Cooper

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Bad Company, Company Of Snakes, Lionsheart
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. I'm Back
  2. Forgive & Forget
  3. Blue Collar Fever
  4. Misery
  5. Action
  6. Breathe On Me
  7. Little Miss Predictable
  8. Landslide
  9. Tomorrow's Another Day
  10. Don't Want You Back
  11. Miss You

Friction is none other than Lionsheart vocalist Steve Grimmett and guitarist Nick Burr. Joining the duo is bass player Gavin Cooper.
The album's songs are all written by Burr and Cooper.
Lionsheart have a substantial following, but this album is better viewed as a side project, not a replacement or a sequel to that band.
However, the style will certainly be familiar. UK style rock in the best tradition of bands like Lionsheart & Bad Company, with strong blues based roots.
Friction's sound is comparable to what Company Of Snakes are doing right now, but Friction are a little more straight ahead rock n roll, rather than the blues dominated COS.
Forgive And Forget is a great little number, with some great hooks and solid lead guitar, Misery is a cool laid back ballad and Landslide shows off the heavier side of the band.
Mix the three styles and fill in the gaps and the album as a whole is very enjoyable.
The only track I'll skip is the band's cover of the Sweet tune Action. After several more beefy renditions of that track already on record, this version falls flat.
The production is solid, but we have another album without a feature drummer here, so the mechanics of a drum machine are occasionally distracting.
BOTTOM LINE: Another solid album of no frills British rock n roll. Must be the season for it. A likeable album with a strong cast of songs that doesn't run too long and overstay it's welcome.
If you like it plain and simple, but with melody and hooks, check this out.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Grimmett and Burr, Lionsheart fans and fans of blues based UK rock n roll.

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