Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD104
Produced by: Hess & Lesperance

Released: March 25 / Website
Relatives: M. Swings, V.O. Reason, Believe & Ultra Feel
GENRE: Melodic Rock

  1. Weight Of The World
  2. Killing Me
  3. Outside Your Window
  4. All I Want
  5. This Ain't Over
  6. Internude
  7. You Ruin Everything
  8. Charmed Life
  9. If You
  10. See Saw
  11. Voice Inside

For me, it was never going to be a question of 'is this any good', it was always going to be about 'just how good' will it be? By midway through track 2 I knew this was a going to be a major hit. Just how major wasn't evident until I had finished the last seconds of the last track.
This album is an absolute melodic monster. This is one of the best albums I have heard in the 5 years of typing up reviews and one of the better albums in my entire collection.
Just whether you will share my unquestioned enthusiasm for this album will be somewhat determined by your previous dedication to all things Scarem.
Let me explain....this is not Mood Swings 2. A return to the Harem Scarem name after a couple of nu-breed releases under the Rubber name and a reported return to their melodic roots led many to wish for a replica of that well loved classic album.
This isn't quite that - but it isn't far from it either.
This is indeed a wholehearted return to the band's melodic roots, but in the tradition of their 10 year plus recording career, the band have not repeated any previous album and have instead forged ahead again.
But the difference in this album is the way they have forged ahead.
This is an album that takes in several aspects of the bands past and adds a couple of new elements. What that equals is a wonderfully fresh sound and a sparkling collection of tunes that in reality, should provide something for everyone. Weight Of The World contains something for every fan of every style the band have previously encompassed.
For those that aren't looking for something new in the mix or were totally dependant on Mood Swings 2, then not every track will be a classic.
For someone like myself, who has loved each and every previous album and think that the Hess/Lesperance partnership is nothing short of pure genius, then every single track of this album is classic and more.
It's also one of the hardest rocking albums of the band's career.
The biggest musical influence over Weight Of The World is clearly the Mood Swings & Believe style guitar playing, song structure and harmony vocals. Of almost equal influence is the album, with its strong harmonies and moody feel. Surprisingly, the other very strong influence comes from their last record - under the Rubber name. There is an equal influence from the boy's nu-breed tendencies, but in an even better form than the dedicated nu-breed Rubber albums. A few tracks here that would have sounded right at home on Ultra Feel, which itself was a very strong album.
What's even better about this new album is the sharp and precise production, the always present, sometimes intricate harmony vocals (with some thanks to original band drummer Darren Smith) and the huge drum sound, which is possibly their best ever recorded by the band.
Then there are the new twists and turns. Lets take it track by track:
A less than typical intro to Weight Of The World allows the song to explode with even more power. The title track features a big slice of Believe style guitar riffing, with a hard rocking intensity not heard since the Voice Of Reason album. Add some fine guitar soloing and a dark and heavy lead vocal and pounding rhythm section and I would say the album is off to a flying start.
Killing Me is insane. Yes, insane! The intro suggests a little nu-breed touch, but the song is all melody from the first chorus to the last breath. A modern hard rocker, with a huge drum sound. But the biggest thrill of all is the point where the chorus leaps from the speakers and latches itself to your brain, never to be parted again. One of the best tracks of the album. A monster anthem in part Mood Swings, part Nu-Breed style.
Outside Your Window is another heavy track, this time mid-tempo'd, with lots of special effects and a modern production touch. Truly a new sound for the band, with Harry Hess' vocals tougher than ever. But then we get another one of those classic Harem Scarem choruses, with a definite Mood Swings 'Change Comes Around' feel. Once again, the powerful drum sound is awesome in driving the song.
All I Want features a more familiar guitar sound, updated in line with the album's sound. This is a feel good up tempo rocker with another big Scarem/Def Leppard bridge/chorus, complete with lots of harmony vocals.
This Ain't Over is a beautiful power ballad and the only one of the whole album. This track features Harry's love of Queen, featuring some pompish and orchestral Queen elements, plus that unmistakable grand piano. The chorus is AOR at it's very lighter-in-the-air best.
Internude is a snappy little frantically paced instrumental piece that only runs 90 seconds. Pete captures a great guitar sound.
The song runs straight into You Ruin Everything, another masterpiece of classic melodic rock meets nu-breed. The track is right in your face, with a dark and attitude filled vocal. The bridge of the song is awesome and intensifies the feel. It's only eclipsed by a monster chorus that will leave every fan of Rubber in awe. Plenty of harmony vocals.
For other fans, there are more harmonies and hooks going on to more than keep you happy.
The hard rocker Charmed Life follows quickly...this song is another melodic gem. This track shows another new side to the band. The drum sound and modern production sound quickly make it a stand out. But what's with the chorus?? It's certainly a new twist for the band and here's a warning: First listen you will wonder why they didn't go bigger. But it will be there first chorus you start humming once the albums finished. Pure genius.
It doesn't stop there. If You is another 100% in your face good fun, up tempo nu-breed rocker that is just so much fun to listen to. Again, Rubber fans will be the first to love it, but it's so damn catchy others won't hold out. Very well produced and lots to listen to.
See Saw is a Pete Lesperance written instrumental, featuring the whole band and very much in the style of Believe's Baby With A Nail Gun.
Voice Inside completes the album for most listeners. In the very close tradition of Had Enough and Change Comes Around, this fast paced tempo is all Mood Swings, all guitar and all harmonies. It's huge.
And that's it - the wild ride of the album is over. It clocks in at less than 40 minutes, but you know what? I don't care. I am sick of albums that over stay their welcome. This is one of few albums I get to the end of and hit play straight away again. EVERY time. I just love it.
That's not to say that it couldn't have used at least one extra track (the Japanese have that bonus).
BOTTOM LINE: There will be some fans that don't quite get this. Those are the ones looking for Mood Swings all over again. So take note of that before buying!
For those with a broader mind, this album offers some of the best produced, best written and best executed modern melodic rock songs ever. The songs are short and sweet - they start, they rock, they get to the huge choruses and then they finish. That's why listening to this album is a wild ride. It's perfectly paced and perfectly produced. And at the and it leaves you exhausted and wanting more. The very point of a great album.
This may take time to grow on some, but with others it will be an instant attraction.
For me it was love at first listen, but even after 10 or 20 plays, there are still more hooks coming to my attention.
No matter what anyone says - for me this is a classic melodic rock release for any years. Faultless.
I might add that this is only the 3rd perfect score I have given in 5 years of running this site.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Harem Scarem's later work like both Mood Swings and Big Bang Theory / Rubber, most other fans and all fans of catchy as hell melodic hard rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Harem Scarem . Mood Swings . Voice Of Reason . Believe/Karma Cleansing . Big Bang Theory . Rubber . Ultra Feel . Weight Of The World

07/12/06: Paul -
Rating: 90
Classic or perfect? No. Must Buy? Without a doubt.

22/10/04: Nigel James -
Rating: 99
Superb melodic rock. My first introduction to HS after seeing other reviews and for once I can say they were dead right. Superb stuff, if you like memorable hard rock ( unlike Humanimal ) you gotto listen to this.

03/07/04: Daniel -
Rating: 100
All right, why not...this album deserves 100%. Great songs, strong vocals and also amazing guitar work. It upsets me that good music doesnt't get enough recognition these days and classic albums are being swept under the carpet. What's wrong with the world? I can not imagine why anyone would not like this.
And...yes I've got the Japanese Edition and the bonus track "End Of Time" is well worth the effort to find a Japanese copy of this album. ENJOY!!!

17/06/04: JE$$IE R. -
Rating: 98
The best Canadian band ever. This album is wicked in epic proportions! Awesome vocals by Harry and totally cool guitar work by Pete. What a combintation.

31/01/04: Scott -
Rating: 99
Thank God for Were it not for this site, I never would have discovered this AWESOME band! This album sets a new standard for great music! Rarely have I been so completely blown away by an album. I fell in love with this from the very first listen. Can't get these songs out of my head! FANTASITC! For anyone who likes this, I strongly recommend you also get DAnger Danger's "The Return of the Great Gildersleeves".

09/01/04: scott dixon -
Rating: 99
harem puts out as always a great cd glad they got went away from the rubber cd sound even though i love both those cd's and ultra feel is awesome.killing me is one of the most catchy songs ever written.and if you have a chance get the japan cd for the the bonus track end of time is one of the best songs ever.

07/08/03: Kevin Samson -
Rating: 100
Ok, first let me say I am VERY sorry, I had, up until just recently, never heard of Harem Scarem. But everything changed when POWER HOUR came on Much More Music here in Canada. just 3 short weeks ago I heard the song Slowly Slippin Away on POWER HOUR and was floored. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!! They are the best rock band to ever come out of Canada PERIOD!! Now I though Hardline was good!! Well bought the first album the day after and just kept listening to the cd everyday. Then I found out they had a new album under the name Rubber here in Canada. OK, I'll pick it up, it should be ok considering the caliber of 80's artists releasing cd's now with the exception of Hardline. (Hardline II rocks by the way!!) This CD slays me!!!! It's soo damn good. Every track just gets better, and better with every listen. I can't get it out of the player. Can't wait for the next one. Which reminds me, I gotta get Mood Swings haha. Funny considering I should be listening to Limp Park or Metallicrap considering I'm only 23. Melodic Rock Forever!!!!!!

29/07/03: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 95
This is the first Harem Scarem album I purchased and it's a great album.It is proper melodic rock with a modern production.Killing Me is a classic tune and you can trust my oppinion because I like real rock bands like Bonfire,Shy,Savatage and Great White (not Bon Jovi,recent Leppard or Limpit Park or any other pretend rock bands you may see/hear on the music channels) so please buy it.

10/05/03: dani -
Rating: 68
People say this album is sort of Mood Swings 2, but I completely disagree. It is absolutely different, and, of course, worse. It has a Rubber influence that I don´t really like, many songs sound a little power-pop contaminated, and that´s not a good thing if what you like is pure melodic-rock and AOR. However, being Harem Scarem, things can't go so bad, thanks, above all, to the sound of Pete's guitar solos, amazing as ever.

17/03/03: Dave -
Rating: 95
In Canada, this disc was released under the Rubber name and not Harem Scarem. Nevertheless, the disc is the same and it is fantastic. I have been waiting nearly ten years for "this" album. It is not "Mood Swings", but just as good. Every track has its merit. This album may never get the North American commercial success it so rightly deserves, but as long as they keep releasing new material of this calibre, true fans will always have a smile on their faces and candy for their ears.

26/02/03: Chris Reid -
Rating: 98
This is the first time I have heard an entire HS album. I was first introduced to this band by Andrew and this site. After reading his enthusiastic review of WOTW I decided I had to get this CD. I finally got it the other day through for about $17.00 (No import- YEA!) After putting it in my deck and giving it a listen I found myself going through the entire album, hitting play again, and going through it again. I think I have listened to it about 20x's now!! After each listen new melodies, hooks, and little gems surface. I have to say this album completely blew me away. This is perfect 21st Century hard melodic rock - I am at loss for words to fully explain how floored I am with this work. The writing, arrangement. performance, production - all stellar. I am not a person to be so effusive about an album but I can't help it with WOTW. Amazing!! I am now going to go out and find all of the HS/Rubber that I can get my hands on. I really want to get my hands on "Mood Swings" after all that I have read here but it has stiff competition from WOTW in being a better album IMHO. I can't wait to check it out! Peace all!

11/01/03: marcelo porciuncula teixeira -
Rating: 100
"If You" e " End of Time" (bônus Japão) SÃO AS MELHORES

21/12/02: MJK -
Rating: 80
A solid record...but NOWHERE CLOSE to a 100. If this is perfection Ill eat my shorts. First tune is great...last tune is between is filler...perhaps better than alot of CRAP...but filler none the less. So in short...this album is an INVERTED OREO. Good rock record but DONT buy the HYPE!!

08/12/02: Josue -
Rating: 100

19/11/02: Isaac -
Rating: 85
Great stuff - my personal favourite is "If You": I'm a bit nonplussed by the "nu-breed" tag this brilliant song attracts; it sounds like pure top-down blonde-in-the-passenger-seat AOR to me. Feel the glamour!!

18/09/02: twylyght -
Rating: 99
After getting an advance copy of Boston's "Corporate America" Harem Scarem has vaulted into the number one slot for favorite bands. If there was any doubt about the resolve of this group to deliver nothing less than the best, this latest compilation should speak for itself. The production is high, the range is wide, and the songs are epic. Only for a brief 5-second span in the entire album did I feel like there was filler music (hence the 99 instead of 100). The rest was an exercise in excellence. Everyone else in the music industry should look to these fellows and this album to see how to set their standards.

03/09/02: Art Colum -
Rating: 100
Rarely do I get overwhelmed with emotion over a CD as I expect to listen to stuff that more often than not sounds the same. I'm also a little P/O'd as I write this. I feel cheated that I have not heard these guys before! Any station that gives these guys a play will see their phone lines light up. This CD is a breath of fresh just doesn't get ANY better. My only complaint is that this masterpiece is a couple tracks too short! Do whatever you have to do to get this CD...don't cheat yourself any longer.

30/08/02: Rafael Winck Espinoza -
Rating: 100
This is like a "Best of HS". Every song is perfect and every minute better than another. The CD take a retrospective of Band's career, showing their infinit talent.

05/08/02: david garcia - DAVID.GARCIAZ@GRUPOBBVA.COM
Rating: 85
Estoy de acuerdo con Juan Pablo. Es un pedazo de disco. Yo también soy un gran fan de Harem Scarem desde su primer disco y tengo todos ellos. Pienso que realmente Weight of the world es Rubber pero con producción y guitarras de Harem. A mí personalmente me gustan mucho los dos discos de Rubber, pero le echaba en falta las impresionantes guitarras de Pete. Aquí desde luego están, lo que hace que sea un gran disco. Con todo, y pese a que seguro están entre mis 10 bandas favoritas, me parece que en algunos momentos se repiten en las estructuras de las canciones y en los coros, haciendo que suenen muy parecidas todas las canciones sea cual sea el disco (en la esencia, aunque las producciones sean muy distintas en ocasiones). Por eso pienso que hay muchos otros grupos por encima de ellos y que están un poco sobrestimados.

04/08/02: K. Morris -
Rating: 97
They're back....! One of this country's (Canada) greatest exports. Harem Scarem simply put Rock Hard, putting their blood, sweat and thought provoking tears into each and every cut on this cd. They blend the somewhat crazed guitar stylings of Pete Lesperance with the soulful, yet edgy vocals of Harold Hess which have served him well since I used to watch him in a little band called Blind Vengence as a 16 year old kid playing at the late great Larry's Hideaway (oh, the memories) but I digress, back to the here and now. This cd is totally awesome, I can't seem to get it out of my cd player it may very well be a permanent fixture. Virtually every song is a highlight with special mention going to my faves: "Charmed Life" (the driving bass at the beginning just gets the motor running), "Killing Me", "You Ruined Everything" and "All I Want" not to mention the title track. Any and all of these magnificent tunes could & should garner you a tremendous amount of radio airplay, if only they could hear what we, your fans, have heard all these years... I have to say for the record, that it is most disturbing to me that a high calibre band such as this must go overseas to find the true recognition that you and bands like Von Groove so richly deserve. Oh, well at least there is a place where your talents are much appreciated. Excellent effort I can hardly wait for your next offering.

17/07/02: Steve Cresswell -
Rating: 95
Where can you start on an album this incredible! Possibly the best album I've bought for a good 5 years or so. This is not "Mood Swings 2" its better than that (easy tiger!). Only nine vocal tracks and a short album ( those are the only reasons for it being only 95% mark! ) the nine tracks on offer are incredibly melodic, powerful, classics and the whole album is just much more consistent than "Mood Swings" to my ears ('blasphemy' I hear you cry!).
If I start on individual tracks I might just be here all day and I've got a job to go to (more's the pity) so better not. Suffice to say every fan of Harem Scarem, melodic rock, hard rock, modern rock and Blackpool freaking rock should buy this album. It's storming stuff!!!!!
To end I'd like to propose my ten favourite Harem Scarem tracks, in no particular order ( can you imagine trying to put them in order!!).
1. Saviours Never Cry.
2. Nothing Stranger Than love.
3. Die Off Hard.
4. Killing Me.
5. Hard To Love.
6. Table's Turning.
7. Charmed Life.
8. Breathing Sand.
9. Outside Your Window.
10. I Won't Be There.

Never been much of a fan of "Change Comes Around" myself (don't shoot me I'm going!!!) although live at the Gods it was incredible!!

13/07/02: Jason - none
Rating: 100
My feelings about this echo most everyone else's...truly amazing. Too bad they're not appreciated here in Canada as they are elsewhere. Just one thing, why is everyone comparing this to Mood Swings?? That was a great album in its own light, but this is something new. If bands don't evolve, the world quickly moves beneath their feet and they're stuck playing the same solos over and over, singing the sappy "i broke up with my highschool sweatheart" tunes again and again, even when their 40 years old. I don't think Pete and Harry set out to right MS II, the Sequel, and rightfully so. That was the past. In my opinion, MS was an amazing album written when the guys were in their early 20's; they've grown since then, as did their writing. I personally think VOR is their finest work, and the rest all tying for third.

10/07/02: Edu -
Rating: 98
Fantastic album, I can't explain my satisfaction to see the guys doing again what they really know how to do: pure hard rock. The only thing that I didn't like was the running time: 38 minutes? Come on guys, this is almost an Ep, we deserve more tracks next time!

Rating: 99
What can I say other than WOW!!!! Melodic Rock back on the map!!!

19/06/02: lowdz -
Rating: 95
The album I've been waiting 12 years for! Melodick rock lives again!

12/06/02: christian giess -
Rating: 100
Well, I'm goin' to make it short: I got this record as a promotional copy in January 2002, my first opinion was : Only Ok but not as good as the old ones (I was so happy that the guys ended that rubber - shit !!!! )After listening to it for the third time I got really into it, what melodies,what killer refrains, yes and I felt like after listening to the first two Harem Scarem releases, that means that I kept smiling all day and wa so lucky that I could embrace everyone I meet !!! Well, I have to say that I own everything Harem Scarem ( Demos, Bootlegs, all Japanese versions, projects of Harry & Pete, etc...) but the new CD of the guys is a must buy for everybody.And for everybody out there I have to say that the Japnese Bonus Track of Weight of the World called " End of time " is almost better than most songs on Mood Swings ( and Mood Swings is one of my best of all times records !!! ) If there's more to come like WOTW, I'd be happy forever !!! My top five of Harem Scarem albums:
1.) Harem Scarem
2.) Weight of the World
3.) Mood swings
4.) Believe / Karma Cleansing
5.) Live in Japan

Now my list of the five worst Harem Scarem albums of all times :

1.) Rubber
2.) Ultra feel ( altough not released as HS )
3.) Last Live
4.) Big Bang Theory ( only 2 or 3 good songs )
5.) Voice of reason ( a little grunge touch, but 3 brilliant songs !!! )

Well, if there's anybody who's lookin' for rare HS stuff feel free to mail me at !!! Bye and buy WOTW !!! Yours Chris from Germany !!!!

08/06/02: Karl-Stegger -
Rating: 100
The best album of 2002 so far.
no one over no one beside. its simply the best this decade.

Rating: 95
like i was waiting.almost perfect

03/06/02: Zoe Efstathiou -
Rating: 100
This album is awesome. It's melodic rock at it's finest but at the same time it's fresh and full of catchy tunes. It's just what a melodic rock cd should be in the year 2002. Just brilliant.

30/05/02: KAOS FAN -
Rating: 97
Let me be succint.This is monstrous! I must say, I have anticipated this album almost as much as every Heartland album(yes Im a fan)hoping that it would justify the unprecedented publicity. Its the perfect synthesis of classic AOR with modern songwriting and attitude.
Harry Hess sounds immense proving that he truly is one of the vocal greats.And the drum sound is breathtaking.We are really talking superlatives here and I can only dream about how good these songs would go down live. Favourite songs - all of them but if forced to choose "All I Want", Killing Me and See Saw - the instrumental.How does Lesperance conjure the ability to make all his instrumentals so emotive and absorbing?
Believe it or not I prefer this to Mood Swings.Love the return to the big harmonies and razor sharp guitars.But I really don't want to make comparisons with their earlier product.Suffice to say this is premium melodic rock and premium songwriting for the ages!Cheers.KAOS FAN!

03/05/02: Scott -
Rating: 84
Most of the other reviews have already hit it on the head. This is an excellent mix of early 90's Harem Scarem with their most recent efforts (Rubber). The energy is on a high level, the hooks are everywhere, and the guitar work is top notch. The true standout track is "Killing Me", which should please any HS fan. I don't think it's as good as "Mood Swings" or "Voice Of Reason", but it is a very good modern rock record and worth checking out.

02/05/02: Juan Pablo -
Rating: 100
ABSTRACT: one of the bests albums of 2002. Agressive rock, with great guitar work, and a modern feeling and rythm section. It's a "Mood Swings" (an album, to be honest, not so wonderful) adaptated to the new millenium and to all AOR fans. Songs like "Weight Of The World", "All I Want", "You Ruined Everything", the instrumental "See Saw" and "Voice Inside" should stay in everyone's minds for a whole lot of years.

Uno de los mejores discos del año, cuando éste acaba de empezar. Así de claro. Hess y Lesperance vuelven a demostrar por qué Harem Scarem son la mejor y más personal banda de AOR que hay en la actualidad, capaces de cargar con lo que sea, desde el mejor pop-rock hasta el rock más progresivo.

Al hablar de este grupo(y, más concretamente, de este su último disco "Weight Of The World") se hace inevitable la referencia a su "Mood Swings" de 1993, un disco idolatrado por muchos fans y, en cierta medida, sobrevalorado en exceso (después de la séptima pista, "Mandy", el álbum perdía bastante fuerza). Y se hace inevitable la referencia porque, para la ocasión, Hess & Lesperance han decidido volver al sonido duro de aquél disco, además de retomar el nombre y las tipografías que el grupo usó en 1993.

Pero, en lugar de volver a hacer lo mismo (algo impensable en unos tipos tan inteligentes), han acoplado a las canciones la experiencia de ese rock cañero y alegre con punteos rápidos y llenos de notas que practicaron en "Big Bang Theory" y que llegó a su mejor expresión en "Ultrafeel".

Es evidente que sin el paso por Rubber, no podría haber quedado tan bien una canción como "You Ruined Everything", metida justo en la mitad del disco, ni "If You", cuyo magnífico riff introductorio marca a la perfección la melodía del resto del tema. "Weight Of The World" es una canción que nunca les habíamos oido antes y que requiere varias escuchas para valorar la obra de arte que es: una canción al nivel de los tiempos, con una introducción acústica y una fuerza desgarradora en el estribillo. "All I Want" se parece en las estrofas a "Killing Me" en el hecho de que durante unos segundos carecen de instrumentación 'fuerte', como en varias de las otras pistas, lo cual se agradece bastante. Esta es una característica general de las canciones del disco: impresionantes introducciones, estrofas en dos tiempos (el primero de los cuales, con instrumentación básica), estribillos sobresalientes y solos de guitarra también en dos tiempos (uno de carácter más 'rítmico' y el otro ya sí que más 'escalado').

Quizá el cd se resienta tras varias escuchas por un cierto parecido lejano entre las canciones. Da lo mismo, porque todas y cada una son grandes composiciones, que cuesta pasar de largo al oir el disco, a la postre, pegadizo como pocos.

LO MEJOR: mete caña, y mucha.
LO PEOR: nada.
LA CANCIÓN: cuatro: "Weight Of The World" por su originalidad y la impresionante fuerza de su estribillo y coros; "You Ruined Everything" por aunar en cuatro minutos lo mejor de HS y Rubber; "See Saw" por ser paradigmática del estilo de Lesperance, demostrando, además, la personalidad de éste como guitarrista; y "Voice Inside", por poner un broche de oro al increíble nivel general del disco.
LA BALADA: "This Ain't Over" no pasará a los anales del grupo, porque carece de la originalidad de las composiciones de Hess & Lesperance (que son capaces bien de hacer una balada instrumental como "Just Like I Planed" o bien mostrar una sentida inspiración en "In My State Of Mind"). Aún así, merece tenerse en cuenta por la oportunidad de oir a Harry Hess en un tono más melancólico y por la incorporación del piano a los instrumentos (un instrumento que aparecía en muchas de las canciones de su primer disco).
EL MOMENTO: cualquiera de las introducciones de todas las canciones cañeras.
LA PREGUNTA: ¿por qué una obra maestra como este disco va a ser ignorada por el gran público?

26/04/02: fosso -
Rating: 99
un gran album lleno del clasico sonido de mood swings pero a la vez aportando mucha frescura en las composiciones,me encantan muchas canciones ,me han sorprendido y eso es dificil en el hard rock y el aor pero demuestra que los harem son muy grandes pese que alguna cancion me recuerda a def leppard ¡no te lo pierdas¡

22/04/02: Susumu -
Rating: 96
I am one of Mood Swings addicts. Weight Of The World is no MS but
they created new standard of melodic rock. Still a bit of modern rock touch as seen in their recent releases but that doesn't lessen the magnitude of this album. All I Want and This Ain't Over are the highlights and internude that follows is awesome instrumental. One of the best of 2002 for sure.

20/04/02: David Collins -
Rating: 98
This is one helluva an album. Andrew is right on target in his review and there's not much more a person can add other than "ditto".

This album is contemporary Harem Scarem. It brings out the best elements of the old Harem Scarem (awesome guitar sound, killer guitar solos, and layers and layers of background vocals) and combines it with the more modern, higher energy style of Rubber. The result is an album that should have cross appeal between Nu-breed music and classic "power pop" rock. The result is a classic album "power pop" album that doesn't sound dated.

Overall, I think the final product is considerably different but still equivalent in quality to both the Harem Scarem self-titled debut album and the infamous Mood Swings album, both of which I like equally well.

Regardless of whether it's better than Moodswings or not is really irrelevant. I don't think that there will be too many people that will argue the point that is a great CD and is the best thing the band has done since then.

I just wish that all of the bands from the 80's and early 90's that have been slowly fading over the last ten years, yet have not disappeared, were capable of making a fresh, energetic comeback like Harem Scarem has done here.


17/04/02: Fer -
Rating: 0
aun no lo escuché alguien me puede decir si se parece algo a la mierda de Rubber.Gracias

16/04/02: Mario -
Rating: 80
Buen disco, pero estoy de acuerdo con Eric, que no tiene la magia del "Mood swings", pero siguen siendo unos músicos maravillosos.

16/04/02: Rene Verhaeg -
Rating: 96
Very nice stuff from these Canadian rockers,but the best cd they made is still "MOOD SWINGS" !!!!

09/04/02: Marc Vanway -
Rating: 98
It's not a classic, but man... that was near!! Great album, an absolutely buy or die!

08/04/02: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 98
Having read Andrew's 100% review, I was a little sceptical. Can any CD be 100% perfect? Well, in my opinion, no, but this one comes VERY close. I must admit that I had only previously bought Harem Scarem's debut CD and Mood Swings. The others had never made it to the top of my wants lists, largely due to the reviews suggesting that the band were moving too far away from their roots. Also, despite loving most nu-breed stuff, I haven't bought either of the Rubber CDs. Consequently, I have little to compare this CD to. However, I can unreservedly say that it's one of the best I've ever heard in over 15 years of buying melodic rock music. To my ears, it's great mixture of classic AOR/melodic rock and nu-breed pop/rock. You get the nu-breed melodies and structures with classic AOR/melodic rock riffs and solos. That's why it sounds so fresh and exciting. The band sound as though they're having a ball, the energy level is so high. It all comes down to this: If any of these songs, (especially 'Killing Me,' 'All I Want' and 'If You') do not light your candle, then you are seriously in need of medical attention! Absolutely essential to any AOR/melodic rock/hard rock/nu-breed fan. Album of the year, without question!

07/04/02: Coco -
Rating: 99
This is quite simply how melodic rock should be done, from start to finish it's just damn near perfect, thank god it's not Mood Swings Pt2, it goes way beyond that, it's the perfect mix of the old and new style Harem sound, Mood Swings has always been regarded as the pinacle of Harem Scarem's career and i never really understood why, sure, it's a fantastic cd, but so were Voice Of Reason & Big Bang Theory, i fail to see why anyone could rate WOTW less than 90, it's exactly what we melodic rock fans have been screaming out for for years now.

As i write this review i'm trying to think of my fav songs from it, and you know what, it's damn near impossible to do so, i was gonna say "If You" & "Charmed Life" but then i thought, hold on! what about "You Ruined Everything" & "Killing Me", there are just so many good songs on here that it's impossible to pick a couple of standout tracks.
How Mr Hess & Lesperance have managed to make such huge sounding album on what i would imagine was a limited budget is totally beyond me, this cd sounds AWESOME, their best produced cd yet by far.

The only downside is that the Uk/European version is devoid of the stunning Jap bonus track "End Of Time", this track is Harem Scarem at their best and should never have been redused to being just a bonus track, personally i think that "It Aint Over" should have been the bonus track, it's a good track, just not to the usual Harem Scarem ballad standard.
Someone above mentioned that this cd doesnt have the magic of Mood Swings, how wrong he is, it has all the magic of Mood Swings and much much more, lets hope that the best kept secret in the music industry finally get some mainstream respect.
This is what we have waited years for, lets enjoy it.


28/03/02: rickard ferm -
Rating: 75
well maybe the mood will start to swing again..... all tracks weight of the world to this ain't over are great. but from you ruined everything and forwards no it sounds like foo fighters and that's a shame. I still think harry hess is one of the best singers in the world and if they are continuniog in the same style as the first tracks the next album may be a killer. things can get better but they definitely can get worse. it's wonderful they start sounding like aor again. keep the melodic flame burning!

27/03/02: Andrew Davies -
Rating: 95
How many times do you hear an album that REALLY lives up to the hype? I've read countless reviews over the years and despite many 'promises' it's very rare to find a true classic from start to finish.
I've always been a fan of the band, more Harem Scarem than Rubber if truth be told but this latest release to me takes the best from the various styles the guys have experimented with in the past. No justice in the (music) world as we know this record will not sell in the millions it deserves to but then how many of the great bands that subscribers to this site follow gain true recognition for their talent? No matter, so long as we continue to support bands & albums as great as this - I make it everyone elses loss! BUY IT and don't bother with pointless comparisons about what the guys were doing a decade ago. It's called progress. Keep the faith all.

22/03/02: Mark Warburton -
Rating: 100


16/03/02: Mick Powell -
Rating: 99
YES! First off, this is not only the clear choice for record of the year; this could be the best album in the last 5 years! HAREM SCAREM is BACK! Back to the BIG sound, great vocals, clever lyrics, and Pete playing his ARSS off! This is NOT Mood Swings 2, this is simply a better record! They show a real maturity in the writing and arrangements, the production is top notch, and the sound has NEVER been better! The drum sound is much different from previous efforts, the kick and snare are crisp and have great presence (check out “Outside Your Window”!), there are overall more keyboards, and Pete’s playing is more edgy than in albums past. I will say however, this is like TWO completely different albums in one. 1-6 PERFECT, 7-12, mixed bag. However overall I love it! Ok…song by song…
Weigh of the world. After the intro of acoustic, a haunting vocal pad gives way to a CLASSIC HS up-tempo rocker with a GREAT chorus with chunky guitars! The break in the middle prior to and including the solo is just plain sweet! What a way to open up the album!
Killing Me. One of my favorites! Anyone who has never heard a Harem Scarem record, this chorus is typical…killer and catchy as hell! Pete’s playing on the solo is some of his best! But the strength of this tune is the vocals and vocal follows on the final chorus!
Outside Your Window. In my opinion, probably my all-time HS song! Brilliant arranging, massive chorus, outstanding solo, and that key change on the final chorus that absolutely seals the deal! If this song were ever in rotation here in the States it would clean up!
All I Want. Another song that shows the progress in the sound! Although this album would have been right at home on any of their previous albums, it just seems to have a more modern edge to it. Love the intro…..and…well is the pre-chorus is SMOKING!
This Ain’t Over. Where do I begin? Yes, it has that “Queen” feel, but this is classic Harry Hess! GREAT production, and one of Harry’s best-ever vocal performances! The blend of piano and acoustic guitar is perfect, and the chorus just gives me chills! If you can listen to this once and NOT sing along with this chorus you are deaf! MORE LIKE THIS!
Internude. A short acoustic instrumental, but not at all what you would expect. It’s kind of funny, but to me, this song ushers in a TOTALLY different second half to the record! The first 5 tunes are classic HS with the updated feel and production, and the next 5 or 6 songs are more like “Rubber” on steroids. Not the direction I would have chosen, but…..
You Ruined Everything. Ok, so much for a perfect record! It’s not a bad tune, the solo alone is worth the spin, but it is just too much CHEAP TRICK for my taste! Oh well!
Charmed Life. Starts of with the distorted bass and drum thang with the eerie keys in that back, a cool feel. One listen to the chorus brings you back to Big Bang Theory. This tune grows on you!
If You. My guess is this was a hold over from the Rubber Ultra Feel album. Just too Squeeze like and poppy for my taste. The production saves it somewhat, but I will say 15 Hail Mary’s tonight hoping they don’t go back in the direction……ever…………..EVER!
See Saw. Perhaps my favorite HS instrumental. Would have made a great song WITH vocals too. The groove under the “verses” is awesome! Nice!
Voice Inside. This is a hard song to describe. The verse is modern sounding, a tad different from anything they have done, but the chorus sounds like something straight off Mood Swings to me. The vocals at the end are STUNNING!!
End Of Time. This song is kinda like the safe FM radio song. The standard verse, with the “chunk chunk” guitar and a nice synth pad underneath. Then the chorus hits…great melody…..sounds SO MUCH like Lou Gramm from Foreigner…I LOVE IT! And Pete’s solo is NICE as hell!

Overall, this is my favorite HS album…well….ok….maybe after Voice of Reason. The first half of the record is the flawless in everyway. Despite the fact that You Ruined Everything and If You are Rubbery, they are not enough to bring this effort down. This could be the one to break it for them IF they get some play in the states. In any case, I am hoping they continue in this direction, because this is a classic!

15/03/02: Jim -
Rating: 97
I have been listening to these guys for several years now, and I have to say that they are probably one of the best "unknown" bands. Here in the states most people have never heard of HS or Rubber and that is a shame. This CD is outstanding and I would have to say one of their best. It is rare that a band continually puts out quality product but HS never fails.

13/03/02: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 100
I have never given an album a perfect score before, EVER! So this is going to be quite a lengthy review. But before I start, take note:
Those of you who ONLY want another MOOD SWINGS - Get A Life! It'll never happen. They are too good for that.
As you are well aware, Hess & Lesperance have this rare ability to write catchy melodic rock tunes with killer choruses. They also have an even rarer ability to change their style with each release. Only a handfull of bands have been able to do this successfully (QUEENSRYCHE is another one.) However, on their latest release things are a little different. Yes, it is new and modern sounding but to me it pays hommage to everything they have done in the past. Weight Of The World combines the best elements of all their previous releases to create their catchiest and most enjoyable album to date! The production is fantastic, crisp and clear, which enhances the music even more!
To the songs then:

1. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD - This is a very dark and moody opener in the vein of VOICE OF REASON with guitar riffs reminicent of BELIEVE. The chorus itself reminds me of 'Saviors Never Cry' from MOOD SWINGS. Brilliant!!!!

2. KILLING ME - "Say you don't, then you do. Say you love me although you're killing me." Sorry about that, but I just can't get this chorus out of my head! Simple, yet awesome. Most bands would kill to have one song like this in their portfolio. Harem Scarem's is full of them! A straight ahead modern rocker with classic MOOD SWING licks all over it.

3. OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW - If I was forced to pick a favourite from the album then this would be it. This is a rather new sound for them, but then again it's not(does that make sense?) It's probably because Pete trades electric & acoustic guitars throughout and it raises the song to an entirely new level. Harry just has a simple job: Singing his arse off!
Hey Andrew - Surely this will be sitting atop your favourite songs list for 2002? If not all of them!

4. ALL I WANT - This song will be familiar to every HS fan as it contains their trademark classic sound. The chorus can be described as Def Leppard at their best. The guitar solo has MOOD SWINGS written all over it!

5. THIS AIN'T OVER - The only time the album slows down. It is a ballad but not like you'd expect. I can see Andrew's relation to Queen but only during the first thirty seconds. When the rest of the band kicks in, especially during the chorus, it reminds me of Night Ranger. A Kelly Keagy special backed up by a classic Jeff Watson guitar solo. Does anybody else see the similarities? The end of the song goes into ELO territory. I even considered looking in the liner notes to see if it was Jeff Lynne singing background vocals on this one. Strange indeed! Never the less the song is a beautifully structed sweeping ballad (Phew!)

6. INTERNUDE - Not a song but a 55 second acoustic instrumental showcasing Pete's virtuoso talents! I really dig this.

7. YOU RUINED EVERYTHING - This is a modern rocker in the vein of RUBBER, but classic fans fear not. The chorus is in you face and the guitar solo is a corker! The song is fast and furious and never outstays its welocme.

8. CHARMED LIFE - This shows another side of the band. From the start you think it's going to be heavy and moody (checkout the killer bass riffs!) It then does a complete 180 degree turn heading into BIG BANG territory and does it in style. The low key chorus is one of my favourites on the album.

9. IF YOU - This will probably be the song most 'classic' HS fans will dislike as it has RUBBER written all over it. Well I am one of those 'classic' fans but I absolutely dig this tune. In your face, uptempo and very,very addictive.

10. SEE SAW - Another instrumental, this time with the whole band involved. You could cosider it a sister piece to BELIEVE'S Baby With A Nail Gun. However, I like this one better. Ultra COOL!

11. VOICE INSIDE - A pure party song! Like Andrew said, it is very similar to Had Enough from MOOD SWINGS. A perfect song to end the album.

But wait...... Those of you like myself, lucky enough to own the Japanese version get the bonus song.

12. END OF TIME - This is a cool power ballad worth the hole in my wallet. The chorus is sheer brilliance! It is in a similar vein to the two bonus track on the BALLADS collection 'Why' and 'Remember'.
(I hope you enjoyed it Andrew? ...Who am I kidding. Of course you did!)

Well that's it. All wraped up in a little over 42 minutes. Don't be scared when I say the second half of the album is simmilar to the latter albums in Harem Scarem's catalogue. The choruses and production are HUGE, something that BIG BANG THEORY lacked (although I think it was a very underrated album!) RUBBER was on the poppy end of the spectrum where as this album is definitely pure Melodic Rock!

Why are you still reading? You should be out there purchasing this album right now! ...But then again maybe you're lucky enough to already own it???


13/03/02: echo -
Rating: 95
this album is what melodic rock is all about

11/03/02: The Phantom -
Rating: 95
Right off the start... I loved this album! I just got it yesterday, and I can't take it out of the cd player. This has to be considered their most complete album of all time. There isn't one song on this album that I don't like... There's one I don't LOVE, but I like every song. Thank you, thank you, thank you for going back to the big Vocals!!! I can't say that enough! It's the big vocals that hooked me in with the debut... the lack of big vocals that made me dislike VOR and the Rubber stage.

Ok, lets start the review. Damn I love this cd! The title track is awsome... quite possibly the best chorus they've ever done in any of their songs. "Killing Me" provides possibly the 2nd best chorus they've ever done! Man this album kicks. "All I want" rounds out my favourite 3 tracks on the album. If that's all this album had, it would still be worth it. But, the other tracks, from "Charmed Life" to "Voice Inside" to "Outside your Window" to "You Ruined Everything" and even the Japanese bonus track "End of Time" all kick! Great Ballad in "This Ain't Over". If you can't hear the Queen influence (Around 1 minute 33 seconds in especially - background vocals man!) then you weren't a Queen fan. Great song.. (One ballad is enough IMHO)

The only song I did't LOVE was "If You". However, the lyrics are so catchy and clever that I find myself singing it when I'm in the car.. "If you never go away how can I, can I miss you..." Next to 'Sunshine', this is the best "Rubber" song they have ever done. I just hope I never have to miss Harem Scarem again... cause I never want them to go away!

Btw: Look for the Canadian release of "Weight of the World" on April 2nd according to

10/03/02: Windows XP -
Rating: 99
Finally Harem Scarem , Finally Melodic Rock , FINALLY!!!

as much as i love Rubber ,it get u tired after some listening
cause u feel the songs are samey, however i got every single
album Harem Scarem did ,even the best of etc...

now ,let me start by forgetting the instrumentals ,they suck :)

as for the songs are all fantastic start to finish, my personal
favorite is IF YOU , what a song for christ sake , i was jumping
like if i was possessed, emotional yet incredibly addictive
"all in all is a miracle that you're here"!!

i can't find the relation with QUEEN in This Ain't Over song,
but i find it to be the best ballad they ever made since Honestly from the debut, and personally for me the best album
they ever made was the Debut album, WITH A LITTLE LOVE is hard
to forget, long live Harem Scarem and i welcome their comeback.

YOU MUST GET THIS ALBUM ,CD ,tape or Mp3 ,but GET IT!!!!

08/03/02: Figge -
Rating: 88
This is NOT "Mood Swings II", and thank god for that. Why try to repeat that success again. This is a little more modern and the sound is fresh. I like it a lot.....but I think it could have been better. For most parts the verse is better than the chorus.....ok, that's just my opinion!
This album has gotten great reviews all over the internet and in magazines, but I don't think it reaches the heights of Jorn and Humanimal.

07/03/02: Nightwarrior -
Rating: 97
I´ve been a Harem Scarem fan from the very beginning and also love their “Rubber”-period, although I prefer listening to their “old” stuff. And call me a crazy, but in my opinion the BEST HS-Album never was the Debut or “Mood Swings”, neither “Karma Cleansing” nor “Big Bang Theorie”, it is “Voice of Reason”.
With that record they managed it to combine their breathtaking melodies with a harder-edged, dark guitar sound.
Yes, this album was as well heavy as moody and had a very dark appeal music and lyrics wise.
Just listen to the title track, “Warming a frozen rose”, “Blue” or “Breathing sand” and you´ll realize that they never composed such immortal songs again (though I really love all their follow-up albums too!).
OK, now on to their new CD. One can devide it into two parts: the first 5 songs are seeing HS returning to their old direction again, whilst from “You ruined everything” on ( a cool Cheap Trick meets Rubber song), they are sailing in Rubber-waters just with much more punchier guitars.
The title track is a wild ride and a mixture of “Voice of reason” and “Karma cleansing” (the songs!), “Killing me” and “Outside your window” simply KILLER TRACKS and in the veins of “Warming a frozen rose” or “Hail, Hail” whilst “It aint over” is a homage to Queen. Just close your eyes, listen to the grand piano and when Harry starts singing you will think Freddy Mercury has resurrected. Breathtaking stuff! “All I want” is a cool in-your-face-rocker that has all HS-trademarks one could wish.
“Charmed life” is a good example of merging “Rubber” and HS-trademarks, but it isn´t as good as Andrew praised it. Especially the chorus lacks a bit. Maybe because we were treated with great, huge sounding backing vocals which can´t be found here. Nevertheless a very good song, but no outstanding track. “If you” follows the HS-meets-Rubber-meets-Cheap Trick combination and is as catchy as it can be. “Voice inside” closes the album with a track returning back to their roots (Sorry for not mentioning the two instrumentals “Internude” and “See saw).

I would have loved to get more tracks in the veins of the first five ones. The second part, as said earlier is a concession to their “Rubber” days maybe with the purpose to address these songs to a “different” audience as
especially the “Ultra Feel” CD has never seen the light of day here in Europe. Who knows.
But what I know is that this CD cannot be topped in 2002. It has all trademarks, a melodic rock fan is craving for: huge lead and backing vocals, wild guitars, great rhythm section and perfectly produced.
Buy or die!

07/03/02: Noddy -
Rating: 90
I am still undecided by this, my first foray into Harem Scarem territory. I ahve to admit to being swayed by the rave reviews the album has received in msot quarters, not least the rating of 100 dished out here by Andrew.
The best way I can sum up what this album means to me is the following two remarks:
1: This is what Emerald Rain wish they sounded like, so badly.
2: If this CD could get some general radio airplay, Harem Scarem would be huge. Their music is the perfect balance between the old and the new, with enough, punch, rhythm and melody to give the likes of Linkin park a run for their money. If Harem Scarem cannot make it big, there isn't much hope for the melodic rock world.

07/03/02: Richard Hall -
Rating: 100
Wow ! What an amazing c.d. I've always heard about this band but never actually got to hear their music before.When I first got to listen to this disc, I couldn't believe how fresh such melodic rock could sound in this day and age.It's a nod to the past as well as the present(and hopefully the future).I can't understand how a band like this is not all over the charts internationally.It would be a great injustice for such a fine piece of work to be ignored by the music industry.I'm about to purchase everything that these guys have ever committed to disc.Yes ,this c.d. is that good.......All Killer No Filler.........BUY IT NOW!

07/03/02: Eric -
Rating: 85
Cool CD, but does not have the magic of mood swings.

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