BMG 7432179479-2
Produced by: Von Rohr & Leo Leoni

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Bon Jovi, Paul Laine
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Wun Ga-Li
  2. Everything Can Change
  3. Take It Easy
  4. Light In Your Eyes
  5. Heaven
  6. Lonely People
  7. Eagle
  8. End Of Time
  9. Say Goodbye
  10. Reason To Live
  11. Come Along
  12. Homerun

Gotthard have matured over the last few years and seem to have cleverly lined themselves up as the European equivalent of Bon Jovi.
They have gone from the harder rocking roots of their first two albums to this, their 6th album, a more mature, refined and laid back dose of good melodic rock.
In many ways, this is their own version of Bon Jovi's These Days or even Crush.
In other words, a step up to appeal to a broader and aging audience. Whether it works is down to personal taste. As with Bon Jovi there are those that love everything they do, and others who long for the glory days of their early harder rocking albums.
The fact is, this is a very good, but very smooth rock record. There are anthem moments, but they are interspaced with mid tempo numbers and half a dozen mellower moments.
The style in places reminds me of the softer moments of Paul Laine's solo work, especially with the rasp in Steve lee's vocals.
The opening number Everything Can Change is the big rock anthem of the album and a great track at that. It's followed by another rocker - a cover of Andy Taylor's hit anthem Take It Easy. It's a good cover, but the accent and translation of the song doesn't quite make it as cool as the original. But at least someone recognizes what a melodic rock God Andy Taylor is!!
The Bon Jovi comparisons are clear with Light In Your Eyes featuring some Richie Sambora / Slippery When Wet inspired vocal/guitar effect and continue on End Of Time taking up a Keep The Faith type rhythm.
Elsewhere, big ballads like Heaven and the following acoustic ballad Lonely People are of high songwriting and production quality.
They are followed by some moody mid tempo rockers and another good ballad Reason To Live. The album ends with the cool mid tempo anthem Homerun. A little cheesy in the lyric, but a cool track.
BOTTOM LINE: A more mature sound to compliment their matured approach and the more laid back nature of the album. The production quality is superb and a pleasure to listen to. The guys do their best American FM rock sound, yet their is still thoroughly European. A good rock album that maybe could have been better with a few punchier numbers, but for fans of the smoother side, this is highly recommended.
The album features some of the better production work I have heard in recent times.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Established fans of the band and fans of the softer more mature side of Bon Jovi & Paul Laine
DISCOGRAPHY:Gotthard . Dial Hard . G . Defrosted . Open . Homerun

07/06/04: Terry K. - terrygk2@
Rating: 99
The only reason I won't give this a full %100 is that I love 'Open' & 'G' by these guys just a tad more. Surely Gotthard deserves to be a worldwide smash-their music is just the perfect blend of melodic rock with just enough 'edge' to keep most rockers happy and LOTS to keep lovers of great pop/rock interested!! Bon Jovi relates? Hmmm..maybe-but in a very GOOD way!Personally I like these guys WAY better than Bon Jovi (espescially since Gotthard are still releasing VERY strong albums-like their latest,called 'Human Zoo'). IMHO, Mr. Bon Jovi & co.'s best days are long gone. Do yourself a huge favor and invest in this disc. You'll discover one fantastic band that Andrew really needs to be a tad more convincing about. They are TOP-NOTCH,along with D2(w/Paul Laine),Thunder,PC69,& Harem Scarem.

18/03/03: willy -
Rating: 100
this the perfect album for me !! i like every songs in this album.especially the ballad "Heaven","Reason to Live"..and cool rock song "Everything Can Change"....Homerun is the first album from Gotthard i bought.since i bought and heard this album,i became Gotthard fans,and i love Gotthard till now.if u like this album,you should buy their new album "Human Zoo"..100% for Homerun!!

10/07/02: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 95
This was the first Gotthard album I bought before purchasing all the rest so as you can imagine I was pretty impressed.
This album is a little more slower than Gotthards previous stuff,more Journey sounding rather than AC/DC/Whitesnake.This album is very melodic and has some very catchy tunes such as 'Everything Can Change' and 'Light In Your Eyes' .Most of the songs here are quite slow and ballady but the musical content is fantastic and if you like Journey then you should love this,Well i like it anyway!.

16/04/02: Mario -
Rating: 90
Yo no conocía a este grupo y la verdad que quede impresionado al oir un "sample" de este "Homerun". Me sorprendio sus potentes guitarras y su ritmo contundente. Un 10 para "Everything can change" y sobre todo para la inmensa "Come Along". Fantásticos!!!

14/02/02: Mark Warburton -
Rating: 75
A great melodic rock release, excellent harmonies and a quality production.Although compared to previous releases such as Open ( in my view once of the best melodic rock releases of the 90s ) - it does not even come close. A worth while puchase though.

06/06/01: Rocky -
Rating: 95
I just have to say: This is melodic-rock at the highest peak!!!

26/04/01: koogles -
Rating: 88
If marketed properly in North America, this could be the most important CD of the year. "Heaven" has everything it takes to become a MONSTER radio smash in the U.S. Once a band like Gotthard gets through the door, it could open the flood-gates for other well-kept secrets like Ten, Jaded Heart, etc. and a melodic rock revival on American shores! Having said that, Gotthard's CD is not terribly original... but it is extremely well-produced and well-written.

25/04/01: Tavas -
Rating: 92
Great album, maybe not at first listen, but is sure grows on you.
What really strikes me is the absolutely fantastic production of the album. Also live they were very good (Gotthard have played in Belgium quite a few times, and the always deliver the goods !!!) This IS Gotthard in 2001 !!! If I want to hear "G", I listen to's that simple...
It's this type of music that brings people in the MHR-environment.

23/04/01: wiljan -
Rating: 88
your right Irma the songs are very good!!
(??? are you going to bob catley in belgie, vosselaar?? ff tussendoor)

22/04/01: Scott -
Rating: 30
Being a late 80's early 90's melodic rock fan, I'd say stick with the G cd (a shockingly great cd in 1996, rock relief in a sea of radio crap at the time). The Homerun cd is to Gotthard as Rubber is to Harem Scarem. Is is politically incorrect to just rock or what? All I can say is..."what happened?"

20/04/01: Irma -
Rating: 85
Hey Wiljan, what are you talking about? Check your ears man. Okay, the album has a more commercial sound, but there can be an advantage to that: now maybe some national radio station will finally get them the airplay they deserve (no more Vengaboys please, mister DJ) so they can have a hit and then hopefully they will be invited to come and play in Holland! I'm waiting for that for a long time. I am a Gotthard fan from the start and G and D frosted are still my favourite albums, but this album is nevertheless great. I am convinced that they didn't make the change for nothing (see what it did for Bon Jovi when they started to record more commercial songs). Rock or hardrock, who cares as long as it sounds good? And it does!!
( See you at the Bob Catley concert Wiljan)

16/04/01: wiljan - tripleup&
Rating: 88
great record, much better than that laid back album bon jovi did.
really cool lyrics( maybe sometimes to soft)and nice production.
find myself in a state of confusion, when i'm hearing gotthard or is it bon jovi.

11/04/01: Frank -
Rating: 80
This album is an only partially an improvement. There is obviously a much better sound as we´ve heard on "Open". But the songmaterial itself is partially disappointing, "Take it easy" and the cliche-ish "Heaven". Only "Everything" can change and the great "Come along" are really a step forward. With regard to the last album, you can realize slightly more guitar sounds but in fact, this is not an hardrock album. but it´s a good rock album. the songmaterial on "open" was better. I was able to see them live in mannheim/germany and nevertheless, it was great! anyhow, I´m a great gotthard-fan but I loved the gig of germany´s best hardrock-act: Jaded Heart.

09/04/01: Danny -
Rating: 80
BIG record, but meanwhile a real disappointment on stage !!!

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