MTM MUSIC: 199670
Produced by: Harry Hess
  1. Fool Yourself
  2. Good For Nothing
  3. Everyday
  4. The Only Way We'll Know
  5. Destiny
  6. I Will Wait
  7. Keep Me Satisfied
  8. The Ladder
  9. Come & Gone
  10. All I Feel
Fiore quickly became a favourite amongst AOR fans, especially those holding out for Harem Scarem to return to their pure AOR roots.
With the help of ex-Preview vocalist Jon Fiore, they did. The debut was a collection of smooth power AOR and slick ballads that won Harem Scarem universal praise with their debut album. The songs were solely from the pen of Harry Hess and he produced the album.
One year later the guys are back. This time with Jon Fiore co-writing many of the tracks. Harry Hess is till producer and Pete Lesperance is loud and clear on guitar.
And just like Harem Scarem progressed from their debut to the classic Mood Swings, so to has Fiore progressed likewise on Body Electric.
Like Mood Swings, this album is tougher, has a more harder edge, is better produced and has some just brilliant vocals. And again like that album is considered the all time classic Harem Scarem album, so too will this be considered a classic. No doubt at all.
This album was freshly written and recorded by Harry Hess, Jon Fiore and Pete Lesperance, with the other guys of Fiore during the year. The result will make many Christmas stockings that much richer.
Fool Yourself opens with a familiar sound, yet one that sounds a little crisper and clearer and it is certainly that. Jon's vocals are stronger than ever and most welcome.
The chorus is big and all one could want from a stadium anthem. The style is heading towards the Mood Swings era Harem Scarem. It has, as does the whole album, that big guitar sound.
Good For Nothing is a surprise track. I love this song. It's dirtier and heavier than anything else on this or the previous record and is a little closer to the Voice Of Reason Harem Scarem, except that the chorus is more anthemic. (I keep using that word, but is it real?)
The last minute of the songs is really heavy and Jon really get's into it vocally. Great melodies also. Play this song at someone you don't like. They will get the message!
Everyday is back into more melodic territory. The intro and foundation of the song is built on a funky hammond organ, a la flared pants sort of stuff. But the chorus is pure AOR and big harmonies as usual.
Already you can see that the album has different flavours throughout, while retaining all the best parts of the debut.
The Only Way We'll Know is an uptempo ballad rocker. This is more the classic Harem Scarem feel, but in advance of the debut album.
Destiny is a slower track, a ballad proper. Nice feel and cool slow guitar work.
I Will Wait has a mid paced intro and hints at going heavier as it does. But it's a little different, again another feel to the rest of the tracks. A mid paced rocker.
Keep Me Satisfied has a moody keyboard intro and launches into quite a driven and direct song, who's chorus comes from nowhere and blows your eyes away. A moody verse leads to a pleading chorus with sky high harmonies. Killer track.
The Ladder is a moodier slower ballad with some great raw vocals and a laid back chorus.
Come & Gone is like Keep Me Satisfied, in that is is moody and the chorus is more extravagant than expected. Big vocals!
All I Feel is the taster some of you have already heard and is a more conservative example of the album. The song is more laid back than about 7 of the other tracks. Great melodic chorus and heartfelt vocals.
So that is the second Fiore album. Easily better than the debut and better even than the last couple of Harem Scarem albums. This will be getting played well into next years best of lists.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All pure AOR, Harem Scarem and Fiore fans.