Z Records
Produced by: Vaughn

Released: OUT
Relatives: Tyketto, John Mellencamp

  1. Fearless
  2. Haunted
  3. Fly Away
  4. A Million Miles Of Road
  5. Was There A Moment
  6. When You Walk Away
  7. Dolcimer St.
  8. Just Like That
  9. Carry Me Home

Vaughn are back with album number two. In their previous incarnation, the band (Tyketto) were one of the most popular bands of this genre.
They guys were very wise and put in in plenty of time with offshore touring, covering the UK and Japan as well as the traditional US circuit.
Very wise, as it seems the bands that did this are the ones still kicking today.
Vaughn's first album saw the band heading in a more contemporary, yet familiar sound, with a more earthy, stripped back Midwestern sound.
The album was quite diverse and some tracks were found to be more popular than others.
On this new album, the band continue to be true to themselves and do what they do best - write bloody catchy pop rock songs. They have continued on the path set by their debut - more earthy/rootsy, Midwestern tones over a harder edge guitar sound. They have also brought in some of the more traditional melodic rock tones of Tyketto's Strength In Numbers release.
The blend of both style makes this a hell of a good - and catchy album.
But this is not about the past - this is about ythe future, and Vaughn continue to nut out their own sound, which in Fearless is as mature as it has ever been.
Fearless opens the album with a big tough, hard rocking anthem, in a mid-tempo fashion. The sound is similar to the tougher moments of the first Vaughn album, with further added big crunchy guitar riffs and a catchy little sing a long finish to the song.
Haunted is pure Tyketto! This track could have been lifted from the band's Strength In Numbers album. A good uptempo pop rocker with typically catchy chorus and melodic verse in the band's finest traditions.
Fly Away is another excellent electric/acoustic driven pop rocker with a particularly strong verse and bridge to the chorus. Another track that mixes the style of Vaughn and Tyketto.
A Million Miles Of Road is a moody mid tempo rock track, with a strong electric guitar lead over a strong lead vocal.
Was There A Moment is a hard edged uptempo rock track that sees the band heading further than ever into Midwestern rock, with a strong guitar sound reminiscent of John Mellencamp at his rocking best.
When You Walk Away is ballad number one for the album. This track is a heartleft soft haunting piano ballad featuring an awesome dark Danny Vaughn vocal.
Dolcimer St. keeps the tempo laid back, but with a twist we have come to expect from the band. They aren't afraid to try something different. This wholly acoustic track has a little folksy sound in there, plus a great catchy chorus.
Just Like That is another good uptempo pop rocker in the vein of the last Vaughn album and with just a touch of Mellencamp. Carry Me Home rounds out this slightly short album in a soft rock style, but again with the unmistakable acoustic/electric style of the band's sound. The song gathers pace and energy towards it's conclusion.
Very nice!
BOTTOM LINE: This album moves on again from the last album and recaptures some of the sounds of the second and final Tyketto album.
No matter what these guys do, the class of vocalist Danny Vaughn and the song writing team of this band shine through. The style is not typical American hard rock, or stright ahead AOR - rather it is a sign of band growing together and maturing. At 9 tracks it comes up a little short on running time, but not on song quality - understandably - there's not a filler amongst them.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Vaughn's debut and 99% of Tyketto fans out there!
DISCOGRAPHY:Tyketto - Tyketto . Strength In Numbers . Vaughn - Vaughn . Fearless

29/07/07: Emma -
Rating: 100
I met danny in may this year and he was such a lovely guy i have never ever ever met anyone like him...hes a great guy!!! The fearless album is suberb and i play it most of the time with strength in numbers,dont come easy and the new Traveller which is also AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

18/01/04: jamie bumgarner -
Rating: 100
This album is awsome and there is not one touch of grunge too it. Where did anyone come up with that? Great vocals, and great songs!Got to have more!

18/07/02: M. Solovey -
Rating: 98
How ANYONE can call this album grungy is beyond me. Do you even know what grunge is? Not everything can sound like its still 1989. The problem with a lot of the 80s bands today is they overcompensate and try to sound too much like they did back then. (For example, Motley Crue's Generation Swine was a really good album, and then they followed it up with that awful New Tattoo disc.... Def Leppard had an amazing "Slang" album, only to follow it up with an overproduced, been there done that, "Euphoria")
That said, Vaughn's second album, while honestly not as good as Soldiers and Sailors... is a very solid, well-written, enjoyable album.
Songs like "Fearless," "Haunted," and "Is there a Moment" could have been huge radio hits here in the states if someone would just see the talent this man has.
Danny Vaughn never got the break he deserves. If he keep producing albums like this one, he WILL one day.

26/01/02: Fedrico T. (Italy) -
Rating: 90
A very good album,It's always a pleasure when Danny sings. This "Fearless" start just where Soldier and sailors left. I don't catch Nirvana? connection here. Only the love of Dan and his guys for Melodic rock and blues. My favorites are Haunted,Fly away and more than all A million miles of road(introspective and funny song),French people may not like this track but It's great.

13/01/02: TERRY K. -
Rating: 40
If you like stuff like the UNBELIEVABLY OVERRATED band NIRVANA then you'll probably think that this is a pop 'masterpiece'!!Sorry,Danny-but if you're going to keep this 'grungy' approach( I liked 'Soldiers..)and direction-then you've lost me!!The man is STILL a great singer and TYKETTO was HIGHLY under-rated,but this c.d. ,I'm afraid,is pretty forgettable.

14/11/01: G.J. Junior -
Rating: 98
Really different to what I expected, more grungy than any of Danny Vaughn's previous offerings, but still a great album. No songs could match 'Forever Young', but hey, it's pretty damn good!!!

27/10/01: Chris -
Rating: 99
Ive worn my copy of the album out and am on my way to buy a new one! Lookin forward to the live album, in my view, best track is "Was There A Moment".

25/10/01: Wayne -
Rating: 99
Takes afew plays to get to you,Then you won't be able to stop playing it, Nearly as good as the debut sasor, Danny's in fine form, best tracks are Fearless,Haunted and Dylcemer st.
Cant wait for the live stuff !!!

14/10/01: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 99
My vote for album of the year! Well so far anyway. Just BRILLIANT!

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