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Frontiers Records FR CD 072
Produced by: Various

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Alias

  1. When I'm With You
  2. Haunted Heart
  3. More Than Words Can Say
  4. Waiting For Love
  5. The Power
  6. Into The Fire
  7. Perfect World
  8. Brown Eyed Girl
  9. Dreamer's Road
  10. Senza Te
  11. Just To Be Close
  12. Bare Necessity
  13. Finally
  14. Ti Sposero
  15. Diamonds
  16. Un Amore Tutto Mio

Freddy Curci is a wonderful vocalist and has been at the help of a couple of classic releases in his time. The debut Alias album is still a big favorite amongst AOR fans and his softer solo album Dreamer's Road is also held in high regard.
This new compilation was put together and released by EMI Canada and will soon be released in Europe by Frontiers Records. First the details of the release:
Bare Necessity and Finally are previously unreleased Alias tracks.
The Foreign language tracks are Italian versions of Alias tunes and the rest are tracks taken from the two released albums - Alias' debut and Dreamers Road.
Bare Necessity is a great rocker in the style of the debut Alias album, one that will please all fans of he album and be a most welcome addition to collections.
Finally is a huge power ballad that sees Freddy stretch his vocal chords to the max. Another great track.
The compilation adds a live version of the Sheriff classic When I'm With You, so another plus for the album.
The downside of the album is the second half drags a little in places.
For the record, Senza Te is a new version of Give Me A Reason To Stay, Ti Sposero is More Than Words Can Say and Un Amore Tutto Mio is an alternative version of the new track Finally.
BOTTOM LINE: It's a pure AOR lovers delight. A collection of great FM radio tunes and soft ballads. The album does drag a little towards the end and the track sin Italian are a nice, but unlikely to be played as often as the rest. For a hits package, it covers the obvious with ease, but as there is a complete unreleased Alias album out there, plus two additional Japanese bonus tracks, there could have been even more on offer here.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Freddy Curci fans and some Alias fans not afraid of the softer side.
DISCOGRAPHY:Sheriff; Alias; Solo - Dreamers Road . Then & Now

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