Produced by: Pete Woodruff & Def Leppard
  1. Demolition Man
  2. Promises
  3. Back In Your Face
  4. Goodbye
  5. All Night
  6. Paper Sun
  7. It's Only Love
  8. 21st Century Sha La La Girl
  9. To Be Alive
  10. Disintergrate
  11. Guilty
  12. Day After Day
  13. Kings Of Oblivion
  14. I Am Your Child
Well here it is!
There isn't much point writing a big intro into this review. We all know where that band have been, what they have done and whether we like what we have heard over the past few years. What we are all interested in and what you are about to read - is that was this latest seeming endless wait for a new Def Leppard album really worth it?
Have they returned to their overly produced bombastic multi layered ways?
Have they actually let the great Vivian Campbell write more than one tune this time? Well, here folks, are all the answers....
Euphoria is indeed a glorious return to the band's harmony filled glory days.
I won't say it's a return to form, as they never really lost it as I really liked Slang. It was different, but very good. Sure as hell better than the sub par Adrenalize.
Regardless, Euphoria is still better than both. It's nearest rival is Hysteria itself, which is still streaks ahead, but this is damn good.
Euphoria uses the best of everything that made Def Leppard the multi platinum act they are. The harmonies and big choruses are all back in their over blown form that made
Hysteria great and the guitars and back to their melodic multi layered best, with chops and rhythms going everywhere. So much so it will be several weeks before anyone will know the record off by heart. The album takes the 90's feel of Slang, complete with samples, some synthesizers, drum rhythms, but with less of the distorted guitar sounds and mixes it with the uptempo more commercially friendly Adrenalize record.
There are also parts of Hysteria at play. A much stronger production than Adrenalize and tighter songs than that album.
Tracks like Demolition Man and Promises could have easily come from Hysteria.
In simple terms Euphoria takes the modern 90's sound of Slang and adds the typical Leppard feel of Adrenalize and Hysteria. But it would have been even better if they stuck totally to the Hysteria feel, as they did with these opening two traacks.
Demolition Man is the most frenzied intro to a Leppard album to date! A big fast paced hard rocker with plenty of vocals, guitars, harmonies and a real feel good way about it. The Leps are back!
And how about Promises! Damn how good is this? Easily good enough to be a part of Hysteria, this Mutt Lange co-written track has everything. A moody multi-layered verse and a killer anthem chorus not heard since Armageddon It and Animal.
Back In Your Face is another top notch hard rocker. A little more into the Adrenalize feel, something like Personal Property, but another big killer chorus with hooks everywhere.
Goodbye is the first of a few big schmultzy ballads. What can I say? Great big ballad, but it's always going to be pretty hard for the guys to record another original ballad like Hysteria, Love Bites, When Love And Hate Collide.
This time the guys have gone the Bryan Adams/Mutt Lange path of big ballads like Died And Gone To Heaven and Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad.
No complaints though, this is still a great tune. Do I need to add anything about the harmonies and huge backing vocals? None bigger.
The only song I have a real problem with is All Night. I might have guessed that Mutt Lange co-wrote this. This is the type of disposable 'I want to bonk you' song that Mutt and his Mrs. have been churning out for the past 18 months.
C'mon guys, you are better than this! Still we have to pass through it to get to the awesome next track, so hang in for the chorus. That's pretty big!
Paper Sun is that awesome next track. A much darker feel than the rest of the album and several layers deep in heavy guitars. It reminds me a little of what Motley Crue were trying to achieve in some places on Generation Swine. The Leps do it better.
It's Only Love is the second big schmultzy ballad. Another great radio friendly harmony filled track, but a more uptempo number.
21st Century Sha La La Girl is a good fun hard rocker in the vein of Let's Get Rocked or I Want To Touch U off Adrenalize. Commercially friendly for FM rock stations. To Be Alive is ballad number 3. Much of the same. Love these Leppard ballads, but a rocker or moodier track might have been a better idea.
Disintergrate is an instrumental, which I don't think they guys have done on an album since God knows when (ever?). Cool and pretty flat chat.
Guilty is the last of the big ballads, but is one of the best on the album. Hit hit hit!
Day After Day is almost exactly what I called for a track or two back. Big, heavy and moody, but not quite as memorable as some of the bigger hook numbers.
Kings Of Oblivion is a good was to end the album. Great uptempo rocker. A little back to the Pyromania days here, but with a 90's feel. This one will appeal to the older fans I think.
I Am Your Child is the Japanese only bonus track, but it's likely to turn up on a single sooner or later. It's kinda uptempo and moody and has a cool guitar sound and a big hook in the chorus. Another track that brings a little Pyromania into the mix.
Much has been made of Mutt Lange's involvement in this album. Apart from writing maybe the best track of the album, his contribution I think is negligible. The other tracks include an OK big ballad and a forgettable crotch rocker.
Instead all the credit must go to the band for wanting to do this and to Pete Woodruff for getting such a great performance from the guys. And for getting the complexity of the layers into something resembling a Mutt Lange production.
Best album since Hysteria and proves the guys still have it. Rock on...
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Def Leppard fans and all melodic AOR, Hard Rock fans.
DISCOGRAPHY: On Through The Night . High And Dry . Pyromania . Hysteria . Adrenalize . RetroActive . Vault . Slang . Euphoria

02/03/05: Alesha Loosmore -
Rating: 100
Euphoria is great, just like all their other albums. They haven't made a bad album yet and I know they never will. KEEP ROCKIN DEF LEPPARD!

24/02/05: Jono -
Rating: 8
Top album, odd thing is, To Be Alive is IMO the best song on the album, there is a spine tingling nature to it for me & a certain guitar part that really stirs me.

04/09/04: bob g -
Rating: 84
catchy, solid, good cd. Not killer like Pyromania. The sound could be a bit harder, that would help.


Demolition Man
Back In Your Face
Paper Sun

27/11/03: Paul -
Rating: 75
Alright, so we're all big Lep fans, and we waited forever for this, but let's not get carried away. EUPHORIA is a good CD, but not a great one. It's a great half CD. Six of the first seven tracks are amazing Def Lepppard at their best. I agree the one weak link in those first 7 tracks is ALL NIGHT. But after IT'S ONLY LOVE, the rest of the songs are pretty generic, heard-it-all-before stuff. Not bad, just nothing to get excited about. The highlights are definitely PAPER SUN (Belongs in the Def Lep Hall of Fame), PROMISES (solid commercial appeal) and IT'S ONLY LOVE (which is the most polished ballad they've done to date). Overall, despite it's bland second half, EUPHORIA is still an example of what melodic hard rock needs to be, and is well worth the purchase price.

03/10/03: Vami -
Rating: 100
Yeah! It deserves twice max note cause no other album realeased now (maybe new Harem Scarem a bit) can be so great! Long live rock'n'roll!!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE

31/07/03: Boz -
Rating: 92
Does Def Leppard deliver what or what? Euphoria is exactly what the band promised, a return to the classic Leppard sound. Tracks like "Promises", "Guilty", and "To Be Alive" could substitute in on almost any previous Def Leppard album. The Leps deliver their best harmonies ever on this album in the formetioned "Promises", and Pyromania-like "Paper Sun." These harmonies and catchy hooks could be appreciated by today's youth, if given the opportunity and the proper promotion. Like most Def Leppard albums in the last 20 years, this one is a blockbuster track for track. In fact, if this album were released in 1990 it probably would have sold 10 million copies. In today's music scene, it could put up respectable numbers if given airplay. This CD should fit right into the live playlist. Excellent effort.

09/02/03: AussieLeppard -
Rating: 75
I really like Euphoria. Song's i really like are 'Demolition Man', 'Promises', 'Goodbye' and 'Guilty'.

Goodbye is a good ballad, but nowhere near as memorable as the new 'Long Long Way To Go'.

29/10/02: Annie -
Rating: 100
can i just say im in LOVE with steve and miss him ! :(

Rating: 88
A big step back towards their strenth. As a whole, this cd ranks ahead of Adrenilize, even if it fails to reach that record's
heights. "Promises" and "Paper Sun" are two great tracks. Most of the rest of the cd is strong. "Back in your Face" and
"All Night" are the only throwaways. Must for Def Leppord Fans.

08/03/02: fosso - salva&
Rating: 80
hola a todos los fans de los leppard en el mundo en especial a salva de badalona bien este cd esta muy bien por el sonido y la actitud alegre de alguna de sus canciones com o demolition man y back in your face donde los lepps vuelven a rockear pero el defecto que veo es la composicion de baladas de baja categoria en general me gusta mas que slang pero echo de menos la grandeza de hysteria y aquellas giras que sorprendian a todo el mundo ciao friends around the world¡ keep on rockin´

28/02/02: Salva -
Rating: 89
Bien, otro trabajo de unos Leppard mas maduros y un retorno a un sonido entre hysteria y adrenalize. La primera sensacion al escuchar este trabajo es ¡¡¡ por fin son los Leppard de nuevo !!! una tecnologia y una produccion perfecta, pero los temas no llegan a cuajar demasiado, con esto quiero decir que se podrian trabajar mucho mas en la composicion, pero despues de todo es un comienzo para el buen camino despues de un experimento llamado Slang que no esta nada mal pero no son los Leppard por mucho que ellos defendieran este cd.
Euphoria empieza de puta madre con demolition man un tema con ganas de pasarselo bien ( este es mi tema favorito ) promises parece salido del Hysteria luego empiezan a caer temas como Back in your face, 21 st century temas muy muy modernillos, baladas como goodbye marca de la casa perfectas para estar con tu chica en el asiento trasero jejejejeje, disintegrate es un tema instrumental que me encanta con un sonido muy compacto y con aires muy hispanos ( por cierto para cuando una gira por Spain )el resto de los temas parecen un cruze entre Hysteria y Pyromania, esto se nota muchas veces en pequeños solos de guitarra, afinar el oido y podreis oir acordes de Pyromania...
All night me recuerda muchisimo a Prince.
En conclusion un buen trabajo recomendado para todos los fans de Def Leppard y para gente con ganas de pasarselo bien.

08/02/02: Skyboss -
Rating: 95
Still a 95, but from what I hear... "X" is something totally different... Coming soon to a CD store near you (May/June).

13/01/02: TERRY K. -
Rating: 100
There's only one dissappointing thing about EUPHORIA and that is the plain and simple fact that the 'modern' rock industry(radio/promoters,etc.)have absolutely NO CLUE how to bring PHENOMENAL music like this to the masses any more!!And can you LEP fans pleeeeze GET OVER 'HYSTERIA'!!O.K.-it DID have a few great songs on it-but it ALSO had some so-so stuff,too!! EUPHORIA is far and away THEE best release 'start to finish' by this great band!!I was BLOWN AWAY from the very first listen!If you love the early stuff(and hated 'SLANG'-what the hell wazzat?/!!)then you should totally agree that this is AWESOME rock and roll!!ENJOY!!

30/11/01: Jonny B -
Rating: 90
Like Slaughter (who released "Back to Reality" after the total flop "Revolution"), Def Leppard returned
from a lousy effort (Slang) to one of their best releases since Hysteria. (Eurphoria). Listen to the opening
track "Demolition Man" and followed up by "Promises" (which is one of my top 25 favorites) and it will
grab you by the jugular, shake you about, and tear you to sheads with it's awesome hard rock power!
The other tracks were good, (Paper Sun, Goodbye, Guilty, being my other favs) but
where the hell did "All Night" come from? If you have a CD Burner, I suggest deleting "All Night" from the
CD, and after that you will have the greatest Def Leppard release of all time. (hence, why I scored it a
90 and not a 100).

04/05/01: Smurf -
Rating: 2
Having been a Lep fan from the time Pete Willis was in the band and Rick Allen had two arms, I think I am well qualified to say that "Euphoria" is anything but. Even the title screams, "We want it to be 1988 again!" There is not one single song on here that sticks in my head or makes me want to dive for the repeat button on my CD player, with the exception of "Paper Sun," and even that's a "White Lightning"/"Gods of War" retread. Interestingly enough, when I saw Lep this past September they only played ONE song off this album, "Promises." Um ... excuse me, guys, but weren't you supposed to be touring to SUPPORT this album? This is such an obvious intent to recreate a time long past it makes my stomach hurt with embarrassment for the guys. I'd rather they pack it in now than make more pieces of crap like this one, I mean it.

24/01/01: Juan -
Rating: 95
Just great!!!! hope that the next album be better.

19/11/00: BLT -
Rating: 40
I frankly don't understand what all the fuss is about. This CD, just as their latest, suffers from poor song writing. The absence of Mutt Lange and Steamin' Clark are evident. While I welcome the turn away from Slang and back to a Hysteria sound, this effort does not compare to their heyday. Maybe my expectations are too high, but I still remember rushing out to buy High n Dry after hearing Let it go, or watching those Pyromania videos during MTV's first days, or listening to each track unfold during Hysteria. It does not thrill me in a similar fashion. Sorry guys.

09/09/00: PJ "Blade" Allen -
Rating: 100
The minute after I brought this album, I popped it into my Sony Discman(Which I always bring with me when buying new CD's)and from the opening onslaught of "Demolition Man" To The Closing Assulat Of "Kings Of Oblivian",I though to myself, this is the best hard rock album of 1999. And then just a few weeks ago, i got hold of the bonus tracks from the austallian and japanese releases and wondered why the hell these tracks were left of the american release.
IMHO This Is The Best Leppard Album Of all time]
My Favorite Sonngs Are
I Am Your Child
21 Century...
And Demolition Man

10/07/00: Christie -
Rating: 90
When I listen to Euphoria, I hear a combination of several other songs from past albums yet a uniqueness that leaves space for creative thinking and an openness for interpretations. I also loved all the ballads. I do, however, feel a "rocker" album may have been a better choice but that's not my decision. I prefer the songs that motivate me and keep my adrenalin flowing. Demolition Man is one of my favs. I, among the few, like All night" It is differnt for them and I respect the challenge they took on for doing it. I was completely surprised when I heard it for the first time. I give them credit as I feel most other bands would not take such a chance with a song like this. With Hysteria being both my favorite album and song , Promises is obviously the best pick for me. The harmonics , guitars, drums. gee everything brought back some good memories with a smile. Nomore 90's glum for me!! Great job Guys :-)

09/07/00: Jon Paine -
Rating: 75
The best Def Leppard albums were their first two, but "Pyromania", though more mainstream, was still great, while "Hysteria" had its moments. Then came "Adrenelize" and the piece of crap "Slang." What happened? Well, glad to say that "Euphoria" is headed back in the right directing. It has a bunch of wannabe "Pour Some Sugar On Me" clones like "Back in Your Face," "All Night," and "21st Centruy...," which are catchy but not all that hard. but "Demolition Man," "Disintegrate," and especially "Kings of Oblivion" (how does a one-armed drummer play like that?-amazing) rock in the old school fashion. "Promises" sounds like it's from "Hysteria." Over all, a good album, with catchy song writing, and some pretty hard-in places-licks.

23/06/00: Skyboss -
Rating: 95
The sleeper on thsi album is "Guilty" has that "Hysteria" feel to it. Definately a crowd pleaser. Wish they'd put it out.....

05/06/00: Susumu -
Rating: 88
Euphoria is a great rock album of 1999. My impression is they slashed some lunacy--their identity bannar and made the sound much more general to fit wide variety of rock fans. Tracks like Demolition Man, Promises, Goodbye, It's Only Love, To Be Alive, Disintegrate, Guilty are superb. But I would rather listen to Vault or Hysteria to reminisce the 80s.

15/05/00: Chad -
Rating: 98
I agree that this is their best album since "Hysteria." I don't think they could ever top that album, but who cares? "Euphoria" has those great harmonies and choruses that made me get into Def Leppard in the first place. Just because the date on the calendar changes doesn't mean what sounds good to your ears should change. I didn't care for Slang and thought Adrenalize was weak overall outside of a few tracks. But this album is rock album of '99 by far. Rockers like Demolition Man and Paper Sun are great and I like every ballad on there...but probably the one I could have done without is It's Only Love, but even that one is pretty good. "To Be Alive" is one of their best written ballads ever in my opinion. "Guilty" sounds like the song "Hysteria" in a way...which is a good thing. I could do without the moans in "All Night" but I do really like that chorus. My least favorite track is Kings of Oblivion, but again, it's not that bad at all. Promises was a great first single, but it should have been followed by Demolition Man, then 21st Century Girl, and then a ballad (Goodbye, Guilty, or To Be Alive). I wish it got more radio and record company support because it deserved it...but I did hear Promises, Paper Sun, and Day After Day on the radio...which is an improvement over Slang where I heard Work It Out a grand total of 1 time. I can't wait for the next Lep album! Hopefully they'll keep rocking like this.

19/04/00: John M -
Rating: 95
Great album, I wont say better than Slang, just different, back to the Hysteria/Adrenalize sound. Definitely better than Adrenalize.
"Demolition Man" is the best start to a Leppard album ever.
There are 2 songs "All Night" and "To Be Alive" which I think could have been left out and it would have been a better album.
Apart from that all other songs are great.
Excellent ballads, good fun rock tunes, some great riffs especially in "Paper Sun" and "Day After Day" and with "Kings Of Oblivion" a bit of a return to the "High N' Dry" sound.
It is disappointing and quite suprising that the singles were not released here in Australia, I am not sure if they were released in the US, but if they weren't I think the Leps missed out on 2 certain hit singles in "Promises" and "Goodbye", this would have also affected sales of the album, anyway I think the album did OK.

Lets hope they keep the great albums coming.

13/04/00: PJ "Blade" Allen -
Rating: 100
Thiis album is the ultimate Def Leppard.Euphoria kick ass From start to finish with no lame shit. My only complaint is that "Guilty"
or "21st Century sha la la la girl" weren't released as the lead off single.

26/03/00: Chuck Eaton -
Rating: 100
I have absolutely no problems at all with this album. Its typical Def Leppard, from High and Dry to Slang, it covers every base of a good song. No clinkers, no crap, no unnecessary filler material...any song on the disc could be a single, except maybe Disintigrate, which is an instrumental. All of the ballads are as great as the other, but my fav still is "Guilty", with "Promises" knocking right on that back door. "Day After Day" and "Paper Sun" remind you of the best offerings from Slang, while "Demolition Man" and "Kings Of Oblivion" sound like they could have been stolen from Hysteria. "All Night" is just a really cool sex song that is a throw IN, not a throw away. Excellent work from Def Leppard on hurry and get off of this tour and record some more killer songs like these.

24/03/00: peter cingel( radio Rebeca) -
Rating: 97
I was long time waiting for great songs to our rockchart ROCKOVA HITPARADA ( ) and this album is great real thing . "Promises" was 20 weeks in chart and 5 weeks no.1 , Demolition man still rocks in chart . Thanx for this EUPHORIA .

15/03/00: Roy Thompson -
Rating: 90
Perhaps 90 seems a shade low, but when Hysteria is the measuring stick all records are measured against...

31/01/00: Troy -
Rating: 0
The album that should have come between "Vault" and "Slang." This is a great album from begining to end. Hints of "Slang" and "Hysteria", this has some bright spots: "All Night" should be released as single, "Promises" is Def Lep at their greatest; big vocals, harmonies, loud rhythmic guitars that please the ears. If you are looking for an 80's-like album, buy it.

06/01/00: Andy -
Rating: 98
Well I think I am one of the biggest Lep fans i Sweden, but I have to say that I am abit dissapointed...
Might be beacuse I love "Slang" and I hoped that they stayed on that track.
But it really is a great album!
My favourite is "All night" and there are other great tracks like "Paper Sun" AWSOME! and "Kings Of Oblivion" "21st Shala La La La Girl". It was a shame "Promises" was the first single, 'cause I think the album would have done much better if they started with "21st" or "Paper Sun".
"Promises" is to much like "Adrenalize" wich is one of my least favourite albums from Da Leps.
Euphoria is still a great album DEFenately worth buying!
I must say that if you have a chance to see them live, this tour, DO IT!
I was over i London for the Wembley gig and WOW these guys can still rock like crazy!

Slang On!


Rating: 100

03/10/99: Hwang Byung Mun -
Rating: 0
It's Album's Is Very Best!
I Wanna Hear Hidden Track is song name " i Am Your Chil

27/09/99: Kostas -
Rating: 0
Thank God they don't become Scorpions.200 years the same style.What's so excitement about Def Leppard?
Once you hear the beggining of a song you recognize them."Ephoria" is not one of the best CD, for Old time rockers (remember High'N'Dry or Pyromania) but sure it's
Def Leppard.From every song comes the same feeling out, that came long years ago.Don't wan't to say anything more about the CD , but something for Mercury.
Do they know the meening of the word ADVERTISEMENT? As I remember back the years DL must have been sold over 30 mil.album ? Does their money don't count anymore ,
or is mercury pushing the new sissy well sellin bands?
"Disitegrate" All the power that a e-guitar can give.How about a duet Phil Collen / Joe Satan

18/09/99: Andy -
Rating: 90
A very good record, best since Hysteria. I liked all the songs. As opposed to what happens on most records where the ballads are 'filler', they were all great songs here. 'To Be Alive', 'It's Only Love' are memorable, great songs. There is so much crap being put out nowdays that I spend a lot of time just trying to find some songs with decent music, or lyrics... It's rare to find a song, much less a whole album of them where I can sit back and say,'These are just great songs, period. Not only great music, or just great lyrics, but just great songs'. All of the rockers rock. In fact Def Leppard tends to blur the line between 'rockers' and 'ballads' and they do it here too. Kings of Oblivion kicks ass; they always find a greawa

17/09/99: Chris Potthoff -
Rating: 90
Finally a band has said "To hell with what's trendy. Let's do what we do best - Rock Hard." That's what you get with Euphoria, Def Leppard's latest release. Plugging this CD in is like a time warp to the late 80's sound of the band. Paper Sun rocks hard and other songs like Day after Day and Guilty prove that the boys can still get the job done. Euphoria is a welcome addition to this rock fan's library and should be to yrs

07/09/99: Scott - ibin2helenbak@cyberdrive
Rating: 83
Very good but not great album. BUT AT LEAST ITS DEF LEPPARD! Advertising says its between Pyromania and
Hysteria. Id say its more between Hysteria and Adrenalize.
Ill put my biases up front... Pyromania is their best "heavy metal"ish album with Rock of Ages being my favorite
from the album and Hysteria is my favorite of the more melodic end of things with Hysteria being my favorite. High
and Dry is good with Bringin on the Heartbreak and Switch 626 being my favorites from that album.
Slang was a crime worthy of Jail time. I half expected them to do a Def Leppard does Gangsta Rap album the
next go around. Shudders. If they wanna do the 90s rock sound its their choice but theres a reason that less than 10%
of my CDs are from the 90s is because I dont like the 90s sound! The worst had to be 93-96 NOTHING but Nirvana's
random screeching on the radio back then.
Demolition Man (Rating 89) and Promises (Rating 85) both fall between Hysteria and Adrenalize. Back in your face is more
like Adrenalize and a bit of Slang. HEY! HEY! Leps I *KNOW* you can do better. Rating 45. Goodbye could have been on
Hysteria though weaker. Rating 78. All Night. Where to start. YUCK! BAD! AWFUL! Def Leppard doing Backstreet
Boys meet Howard Stern. Rating 2 (of 100 gotta save room (IE rating 1 of 100) for the actual Backstreet Boys or other
copying ilk)
Paper Sun Very Hysteria-like Nice ( VERY 80s) guitar solo around 3:40 and 5:00 into the song. Rating 85. Its Only Love.
Kind of like the weaker songs of Hysteria? - er sorta kinda and kinda not Def Leppard. Rating 35.
21st Century.... Rather Adrenalize-ish OK Rating 67. To Be Alive. Very Hysteria-ish though slower. Solid. Rating 80.
Disintegrate. Starts alarmingly (first 10 seconds) Slangish but gets better fast. Rating 75. Guilty. VERY Hysteria-sh. The
Percussion is VERY close to the song Hysteria. Rating 83. Day after Day Another between Hysteria and Adrenalize.
Rating 78 because of bonus points for good (Read very 80s ish) guitar. This is the only song that Id say is between
Pyromania and Hysteria. Kings of Oblivion. Not very Def Leppard. Not my favorite. Not very good. Rating 45.

20/08/99: Nikki Wiebe -
Rating: 100
This CD is awesome! DEFinately the best to date since Hysteria! Best tracks Promises,Goodbye,Paper Sun,Guilty,Day After Day & To Be Alive. I saw the guys in San Antonio,Texas on June 8th and they looked and sounded great. Energizing performance. Look forward to seeing them again on September 16th in Beaumont.

Rating: 100

07/08/99: Phil Hanf -
Rating: 8
Excellent Music! High energy Rock and Roll is back.

03/08/99: Brad -
Rating: 89
Finally a return to form--kind of. All I heard all spring about this album is that it was the album that the band would have put out if they had put out an album between Pyromania and Hysteria (i.e., circa 1985). While I can't say that it is a throwback to Pyromania (their best album, bar NONE), it would perhaps fit nicely in between Hysteria and Adrenalize (i.e., circa 1990). Thank God it's not Slang-like. Promises is a fine first single--not that the radio stations are playing it enough! But what do you expect--they've got Limp Buscuit!!! (flippant remark) Paper Sun may be the best rocker I've heard in years--hopefully it will at least be an "album rock track" somewhere down the line. All Night is awful, and there are one too many ballads on the album. Other than that, I give it a definite thumbs-up! We can only hope that somehow, someway, this album will help revitalize '80s hard rock. A good eight or nine years since its "death" (i.e., when "grunge" took over), I still miss it. No wonder I still buy albums by Night Ranger, Sammy Hagar, and of course DEF LEPPARD--one of the best bands ever in this arena. Long live REAL rock andol

01/08/99: Jhon -
Rating: 1
This music depressed me. It's such a cliche' to just say "I like the old stuff. . . it's just not as good" but once again, it's exactly the truth. Pyromania was the best album that these gents will ever make, but it is good to see them ripping off themselves instead of trying to be Smashing Pumpkins or something else that's currently "in". . . could be worse, they could have been Great White. . . . Sorry folks, it's ak

15/07/99: Tracy -
Rating: 100
Ok, so maybe I am a bit biased, anything Def Leppard does, I will love!! I have been listening since High 'N' Dry, and I have thoroughly enjoyed going thru all the phases of Def Leppard. I'm not going to bother comparing it to all the other releases because to me it is NEW Def Leppard and should be enjoyed as such!! By the way, "Slang" was a phenominal release. The guys were doing what they wanted to do...and I loved every last bit of it! "Euphoria" is an incredible demonstration of the worlds greatest rock and roll band! True, everyone is entitled to like it or dislike it...but if you really listen, and give it half a chance, I think you will find that there is something here for everyone.
...As I used to say in high school......DEF LEPPARD RULES!!iv

13/07/99: mz -
Rating: 8
Just wish the sound of the late 70's - early 80's had come back
harder into play.
Sure miss Steve!!! HARD Rock will never die in my heart!!

13/07/99: Markus -
Rating: 85
Well, I like this album, but I liked "Slang" better. Saw DL live and "Slang" sounded like the band sounds live. "Euphoria" might have the cool 80s feel everyone loves, but I have to say I don't like the overloaded production. That doesn't mean I don't like the songs, they are great! The best one in my opinion is "Paper sun"... WHAT A GUITAR-SOLO (Collen is still the most under-rated guitar player of all time!). Anyway, I also like "All night", think it's cool even if it's not AOR, great experiment ;-

02/07/99: Benno -
Rating: 90
The Leps have impressed. I've been gagging for this for months, basically since I found out that there was one on the way. First listen was all it took man, I'm hooked. I won't say its as good as Hysteria, Adrenalise or Slang, but I will say that each song could take its place on either one of those albums, and in fact one harks back to Pyromania days. I'm not real up on the song names yet but "Promises" is catchy as hell and hence memorable for it. What has impressed me is their ability to come up with the BIG tracks. "Paper Sun" and "Day After Day" are AWSOME, in fact the whole album is great. Its a pretty sketchy review I'll admitt, but I'm just overwhelmed that a band of this calibre has answered the yearning of my inner rock'n'roller. Kus

30/06/99: Sven -
Rating: 70
So I guess I'm the only one here that thinks this album IS NOT as good as Hysteria, Adrenalize or Slang. I really liked
those three better than this ... sure, there are some great tracks on it (or I wouldn't have given it 70/100) but I feel the Leps
can do a whole lot better... The first four songs I think are great, but then the level goes down quite a bit only to show three
or four bumps for the rest of the record ... "Slang" grew on me and I got to be very fond of it, but I honestly don't know about
this one .

30/06/99: 6/29/99 -
Rating: 90
Barring track 7, this album is brazen, gutsy, driven, polished, and perfected as only Def Leppard can deliver. The ballads were huge and the rock tracks were larger. Def Leppard should pat themselves on the back for this album because they reiterate that they are second-to-none when it comes to arena rock. Now for the lament....
If this generation has any balls about them they will take this album and run. The sound combines the edge of the industrial attitude while assuming the pop-lyrics of most wishy-wash on the radio today. The themes are eternal, but the sound is unique and driven. Def Leppard provides the best of the worlds for love-sick teeny boppers and gripping metal instrumentals for guitar hungry fans. Despite every trendy bone in MTV's mainstream body, an audience CANNOT HELP BUT ADORE THIS SOUND. So will the MTV generation proclaim this album to be a nostalgic throwback to 80s glam or a call to arms for a break in the trend rules. Bow down to DLs power... resistance is futile.<t

26/06/99: Marc -
Rating: 85
Was I the only one who thought Slang was a good album? Although I did like their previous album's experimental vibe with more of a modern feel to it, I have to admit I missed the bombastic big vocals and multi layered guitar parts that put them at the forefront of melodic hard rock in the first place. Euphoria does not disappoint. With rockers like "Demolition Man", "Paper Sun", "Promises" and "Day After Day" and the soon to be classic prom night ballads "Goodbye" and "To Be Alive", the Leps are back in a big way. I just hope that American radio picks up on it.

24/06/99: Andrew -
Rating: 0
I'm not going to blah, blah on and on. This is the most fun album The Leps have ever done.
Just blew me away. Have a listen. You might enjoy it too.

23/06/99: Paul Lefebvre -
Rating: 93
This album could displace Pyromania as my second favorite (after Hysteria) DL album. It takes a few listens and you really have to TURN IT UP to hear all the great production work, but it does rock and makes a great "roll down the windows and crank it" summer album. Here's my album preference: Hysteria (100%), Pyromania (95%), Euphoria (93%), Slang (86%), Adrenalize (85%), High 'N Dry (80%), On Through the Night (25%).

22/06/99: Stormer -
Rating: 6
Well it's about time that Def Leppard woke up!!! I have to give them credit on this one, I almost didn't pick it up at all, after that disaster "Slang". What an awful album. Anyway, this album is MUCH better and goes back to the days of Hysteria. (NOT Pyromania like the advertisment kind of suggests to you). There are a few heavy songs on here, but there seems to be something missing. It's like they are trying TOO hard to sound like the Leppard of old. It's a shame that they took this long to recapture some of their magic. Steve Clark's guitar playing and writing are very much missed by this listener... Nice try anyway guys.

21/06/99: ROBIN -
Rating: 90
yep-the leps are my fav. band-no other band sounds like them. thunderous drums, wailing guitars, and KILLER choruses-these guys sound just great together. while euphoria isn't hysteria, it's a great cd. i love the ballads/mid-tempo rockers-"promises, guilty, goodbye, to be alive' and the pyromanic trk-"paper sun'. i'm not too crazy about the "por some sugarish' trx like 'back in your face, all night', and some others-they sound like forced efforts. 'disintegrate' was ok. bottomline is, the 5 songs i like, i really like-they've been in my head for days now! if there was a big rocker a la 'women' or 'rocket' or 'let's get rocked' i think this cd would have been complete. i just look at it as a great coll. of def lep mid tempo rockers & ballads-but i'm glad my fav band has gone back to that unbeatable, original sound that made me love them so much before. 'euphoria' has made me, after years, rediscover my loveor

20/06/99: Gary -
Rating: 9

19/06/99: cK -
Rating: 100
Worth waiting for! This is Def's return to the top. My favourite tracks are "Guilty" and "Promises".th

19/06/99: nancy hendley -
Rating: 10
this is an awesome album...The more i listen to it the more i like it, maybe even better than the legendary "Hysteria", i was one of the first people to buy it here in Phoenix, I have been listening to it ever since..Even while i sleep...I have never heard anything so full of energy and fun as well as some great emotion..I give it a 10..

19/06/99: Greg Rosati -
Rating: 98
I was really impressed with how original and fresh this sounds. I read a few of the other reviews that wanted it all to be the old polished
def leppard and I disagree. You want something that sounds like them, which this does, but is still a growth for the band which this is.
I liked their effort with slang but this is a much better effort. It took some of the darkness and angst of slang and added some spunk.
It's a shame it only debuted at 11 in the states but it's polograms fault, they didn't release a single. How can you promote an album
without a single. Now for the songs. Okay first stop all your crying about All Night, yes it is a little too over the top but the whole
album can't be hysteria type music. They took a chance, went out on a limb and although I agree if they get rid of the orgasmic screams it
would be better it's still not that bad. Demolition man is one of the best songs I have heard them write in a while, yes promises is good
but you expect them to do a animal type song, this one is something they haven't really done before and it's one of the few tracks that
sounds more like pyromania then hysteria. Back in your face is a really good song. Forget trying to polish it up it's a throw back to the
glam bands and the rough guitar rif is outstanding. Okay now the compliants about the ballots, what did you expect from them. All four
songs, and some of them aren't really ballots but just slow moody songs, Goodbye,Guilty, Its Only Love, and To be alive are all outstanding.
I have to say I am a little partial to Goodbye and Guilty but I like the acoustic change of Its Only Love and the Duran Duran guitar sound
from To Be Alive. Paper Sun is a good dark moody song kind of like Gods of War. I was very surprised and impressed with Disintegrate, which is
an instrumental. Again it's a good change for them and it is as good if not better then Switch 625 on High and Dry. The remaining three songs 21st
Century Girl, Day After Day and Kings of Oblivion are all good and are throw on the album to quite the people who only want to rock. I was
especially impressed with the guitar on 21st Century Girl. All in all a great effort by the boys, better then Adrenalize and Slang and almost as
good as hysteria, I doubt they can ever top that but it was almost perfect. I expect nothing less from this band and they never disappoint me.
I just wish that MTV and their record company could get their heads out of their asses and play the videos and release the singles. The 80's rock
genre is dead and this is the best chance and maybe last chance to bring it back to life. If this album doesn't do it, I don't know what will because
it can't gemu

18/06/99: James Ekart -
Rating: 95
Anyone who got into Pyromania, Hysteria, and/or Adrenalize because they genuinely liked them (as opposed to being
the "in" thing to do at the time), is really going to enjoy Euphoria. The guys themselves said that they went out of their way
to sound like themselves on this album, and while that would probably be an ill-advised move for a lot of bands, Def Leppard
can and most likely will get away with it!

18/06/99: Jason Pawlak -
Rating: 85
Okay, I'll just get right into this. Of course I'm a huge Def Leppard fan as are you or you wouldn't be reading this. It seems the formula for this is to take each song apart one at a time... here's my take.

Demolition Man... Not the greatest way to open an album but it certainly gives you the feel that this won't be a repeat of the out of character "Slang" album. The chord changes throw me a bit and make it hard to find the groove. But once you DO find it you realize how much you've missed these guys.
Promises- Yes, could be a throw away from the Hysteria album. The song that we all heard on the radio and what I hoped most of this album would sound like. *sigh*
Back In Your Face- Not a bad song but I think could have been better if it was fuller. "Leppardized" if you will. The hollow drums and gang bang "Hey!"s with no effects may not sit well with hard core Leppard fans.
Goodbye- At the risk of seeming like a weenie I LIKE Def Leppard ballads. They are my type of slow songs. WAY over produced and full. This is also the first song Sav wrote by himself on ANY album and up until this track I always figured he played a minimal role in the writing. I'll think differently now.
All Night- The fake orgasm noises are the only real bad part of this song "Oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah" Makes me roll my eyes. But other than that it gets pretty rockin.
Paper Sun- Dark song. Big chorus, vintage Def Leppard. Sounds alot like Woman. In my opinion the album should have opened with this track (or back In Your Face would have been appropriate too) One of the few songs on the album that REALLY sounds like the Def Leppard we love.
It's Only Love- 180 spin from the rest of the album. This one sounds like a reject (and it should be) from the Slang record. Too bouncy with no real hook. Press skip on your CD player when you get to this one. I'm surprised Mutt Lange had anything to do with a song this bland.
21st Century blah blah blah blah Girl- Despite the hokey title it's a good song. While listening to it you really don't care what the lyrics say. It's got such a groove who cares what the meaning is? And the dueling lead to backup vocals basically make the verses. (and they do it well)
To Be Alive- I think this one needs to grow on you... I'm still waiting. The hook and production has alot of potential but it's missing the catchy full chorus. But this departure from the standard is alot easier to take.
Disintegrate- An instrumental!!! I was in my car the first time I heard this and was SO happy that they didn't screw this one up with words! THIS is the headbanger on this album.
Guilty- This would be a great song IF... it didn't change key. When it modulates between the verse and the chorus it throws me. I get the feel and I like it... it's got a little bit of the Hysteria vibe but then it changes key on me and I get of track. It's like they had a good chorus written and a good verse and decided to patch them together regardless that they are in different keys. Other than that (and the lyrics are older than the hills) it's not a bad song but it doesn't flow.
Day After Day- This song is so unremarkable that I can't remember anything about it to comment.
Kings Of Oblivion- This is a close second forthe headbanger of the album. And it IS the best closer for this album. Grips ya from start to finish.
I know overall I'm rather critical but I don't mean to be. After waiting SO LONG for a REAL Def Leppard album I guess I was expecting too much. Maybe I was spoiled by how Bryan Adams takes forever to put out an album but when he does it's WELL worth the wait. Hey, at least I got something. Overall it's a good album and definitely something you should pick up if you miss them 80's half as much as I do. After all, they could have put out a real junker just trying to stay with the times (Jon Bon Jovi, Scorpians, etc...) At least there is some REAL music on here.
Tracks to avoid... 3, 7, 11, and 12.
Tracks you MUST listeno

17/06/99: Dave Kellems -
Rating: 95
Excellent CD! Very much in the vein of Hysteria and Adrenalize, so if you loved those two CD's, you WILL love this one as well. I recommend the Japanese version as the track I am Your Child is worth having, and seems like a glaring omission to listen to the CD without it. Promises is the best song they have done since the Hysteria CD and would have been HUGE 10 years ago before MTV became Rap, Hip-Hop, Grunge, and now Boy Band (YUCK!) crazy. Other top notch tracks are; Goodbye, It's Only Love, Paper Sun, and Kings of Oblivion. Least favorite track would be All Night. The only songs that really bring Slang to mind for me are Back in Your Face and Paper Sun. I really don't hear too much Pyromania on this CD save for the opener Demolition Man. Disintegrate is a nice instrumental track and is the first one they have done since High n Dry's Switch 625. All in all, you can't go wrong with this CD. BUY IT S.