EMI Music
Produced by: David Coverdale

Released: Sept. 20, 25 / Website
Relative: Coverdale/Page, Whitesnake
GENRE: Blues rock

  1. Into The Light / The River Song
  2. She Give Me...
  3. Don't You Cry
  4. Love Is Blind
  5. Slave
  6. Cry For Love
  7. Living On Love
  8. Midnight Blue
  9. Too Many Tears
  10. Don't Lie To Me
  11. Wherever You May Go

A great deal of thought went into this review. The main reason being, this is not your average Coverdale related album. I had to sum up what I wanted from a new record from the great man, what the fans in general wanted and indeed, what David himself wanted to record.
The most important part of that summation was the fact that David has long promoted this album as a solo record and as a more mature blues rock album.
If that was the primary goal, then it's safe to say that has been achieved and this album is a great collection of 70's influenced mid-tempo blues rock songs.
Those like me that were initially hoping for a big time rock album will not find it here.
I was aware of David's intentions and did hope against all hope that he would return to stadium rock, but I am over that now and have settled into enjoy this album.
Coverdale is one of the finest vocalists in rock n roll ever.
I am a huge fan of his Whitesnake work and hope that he one day decides to make something like Coverdale Page again.
But for now, this album follows on from where the last Whitesnake album Restless Heart left off.
There is a few differences. Gone is his long time guitarist Adrian Vandenburg, replaced by Earl Slick (Dirty White Boy, Little Caesar) and Doug Bossi. It appears to be quite and inspired move in the end, as Slick plays all over this record in both Page like hard edged bravado and with soft acoustic touches.
Long time drummer Denny Carmassi is still on board, bringing back memories of Coverdale Page in places and Marco Mendoza plays bass with other contributions from keyboard player Mike Finnigan (who featured on Hendrix's Electric Ladyland) and harp player Jimmy Z.
Track By Track:
The album starts with a slow intro (Into The Light) that builds in intensity and sounds like a big time rock anthem is coming. It reminds me of Coverdale Page. Then it goes all soft and blusey, then The River Song blasts into action. The track is past Coverdale Page, part Restless Heart and part Eddie Van Halen. David sounds a million dollars, his voice is the clearest and strongest I have heard in years and shows no signs of letting up.
The River Song is heavily drenched in blues, organ and raspy vocals and in it's mid tempo way, contains some great guitar parts.
She Give Me... is the coolest track. It has a real swagger to it and again pays tribute to Coverdale's love of the Led Zeppelin blues. The song is the second most uptempo of the album and is generally a good fun blues rocker.
Don't You Cry is a Beatle-ish organ drenched ballad. Heavy in sentiment and musically sparse during the verse, the song comes alive in the chorus.
Love Is Blind is an acoustic driven pop ballad, again sparse in the verse to allow Coverdale's voice to rule the song. The song has a happy tinge to it - being quite upbeat for a ballad. Quite diverse and complex musically, it takes several listens for this to be apparent.
Slave reminds me of the Restless Heart album. More dominated by an electric guitar, after a soft intro the song rock along quite nicely and again herald's back to the Coverdale page sound.
Cry For Love follows on nicely. Once again, a 70's blues sounding number, complete with uptempo beat, blues harp and piano accompaniment. Quite a party number, without being too over the top.
Living On Love heads back into acoustic ballad mode, with more dedications to a 70's sound. The 6 minute track gets progressively heavier and more dominated bu Earl Slick's guitar work.
Midnight Blue is a pretty love dedication, a soft piano, organ and acoustic number. It's sounds is similar to Don't Leave Me That Way from the Coverdale Page album, but much softer and more restrained.
Too Many Tears is a simple remake from the Restless Heart album. Not quite sure why it was done, but musically there are subtle differences. It's more acoustic driven and fits the feel of this album perfectly.
Don't Lie To Me is easily the most uptempo and straight ahead rocker of the album. A good variation of pace at this time.
Wherever You May Go is just perfect. A beautiful way to finish the album, this track is Coverdale at his sentimental and vocal best. A simple acoustic ballad with the great addition of a female vocal accompaniment.
BOTTOM LINE: It depends what you went into the album expecting and wanting as to what you will get out of it in the long run. This isn't a classic rock album that demands being an essential purchase, but for long time Coverdale fans, I can't see too many complaining after they here just how good his vocal performance is.
For fans of mellower blues rock or those looking for an album that isn't all cock-rock, this album offers that alternative. For those that wanted David to rock, they need to be aware this album is fantastic, but for different reasons.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of David Coverdale, Coverdale Page and good blues drenched rock.
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19/10/02: Tahir Bise -
Rating: 92
This is an excellent album with a mixture of rock tracks like River Song, She Give Me,Slave, Don't Lie To Me some power ballads Don't You Cry,Love Is Blind,Too Many Tears,Wherever you May Go and I guess light rock tracks Cry For Love,Living On Love and midnight Blue..Overall great sound and performances of all the artists involved on a cd that showcases elements of Hendrix,Stones with a bluesy feel throughout.In relation to Laurents comment on Manic Eden with Vandenberg's guitar playing not representing the blues etc how far wrong can you be the Manic Eden cd as far as I'm concerned is very good and Vandenberg shines along with contributions from Tommy Aldrige,Rudy Sarzo and Ron Young....I think you better give it another listen I'd rate it a 90..great RAW blues and great rythym

12/06/01: Scott -
Rating: 70
The highlight song is "Slave", then it's all down hill from there.

16/05/01: Vince -
Rating: 95
First off, I am a biased critic. David Coverdale is my favorite singer of all time. This cd was a great addition to my collection. Although much more bluesy than Whitesnake, this cd returns the listener to the start of his career. The sound of "Into The Light" is much like "Northwinds." If you expect screaming like "Still Of The Night," it's not here. This is just a good sitting at home by candlelight disc which just puts you in a good, relaxed mood. Now, since the blues album has been made, it is time for Whitesnake to get back together, including John Sykes.

26/01/01: timmratt -
Rating: 90
All David Coverdale fans rejoice !!! Although admitting a bit commercial sounding all-in-all an excellent effort...would love to see "Don't lie to me" performed live and miss this type of mainstream blues based rock....Dave if you're listening a tour is demanded with a stop in sunny Pnoenix USA...

23/01/01: Rockystar -
Rating: 100
100%??? bueno en realidad este rating es solo y exclusivamente por que soy fan acerrimo de david coverdale el disco esta muy bien, pero lo que se oye decir a los medios de comunicacion que este disco se parece mas a la epoca snakebite, northwind, whitesnake..pues no, mienten, no se parece en nada, las guitarras de david coverdale sobraban el guitarrista nuevo mejor se estaba cortando los dedos, dios mio, es horripilante, donde esta adrian vandemberg?, restless heart si fue un buen disco, into the light deja un poco que desear, un coverdale muy repetitivo y popero, la version de too many tears es muy mala, como la original nada, la producion muy parecida a la de restless heart pero peor,la mezcla de miles de guitarras hace que sea muy barullerapor otra parte el tema don´t lie to me vuelve a llevarnos al mejor rock whitesnake de los 80...comprazlo, solo por oir a coverdale merece la pena

25/12/00: Chris Heaven -
Rating: 98
David Coverdale is ever the God Of Voice. After all the years with Whitesnake, now he's able to do a mature album without guitar virtuosism and earthquake drumming.
Only his voice on everything!
Thanks David!

23/12/00: lance -
Rating: 35
same thing I've been screaming since '89..dave do ya got john sykes phone least we have jorn lande...john if you're reading this call us rockers can have a real album

13/12/00: Laurent -
Rating: 80
I have been a huge David Coverdale fan since 1980. He's been my favourite singer for as long as I can remember. Whitesnake still is my favourite band and Neil Murray my favourite rock bass player.

I do appreciate the change of musical direction towards some quieter shores. The fact that David goes back to his roots is something that pleases me. Still, the album is good and the vocals are great but I feel a lack of passion from his sidemen. No doubt that they all can play ! But I miss Mendoza's fire like when he plays with Sykes or with his fusion trio. I miss the whole chemistry that glued the old WS together. I miss the interaction between Murray's bumbling and emotional playing and Coverdale's amazing voice. I have the feeling that Coverdale doesn't really know where he stands at the moment.... the blues is in his heart but there seems to be an eye on the wallet that says "give 'em a good dose of 1987".

Still, Into The Light is a good album and by far the best stuff Coverdale put out since 1987. He found in Doug Bossi and Earl Slick good hard rock guitarist who can feel the blues (unlike Mr. Vandenberg who could not play the blues to save his life - see the Manic Eden album for instance). The River Song is my favourite song off the album.

Coverdale is one the right way. He's slowly but surely going back to where he belongs. This album is a very positive sign for the future. The inspiration is back and the voice is still the best one around. ITL is a grower. It takes a few times to really get into it.

Despite the above, ITL is very likely to be on Top of my list as one of the best album in 2000 ! Thanks for the music !

12/12/00: angel -
Rating: 100
pure coverdale,absolutly great!!!!

26/11/00: Wilvis Dillon - wilvisdillon @
Rating: 93
I love the sound of this album. The guitar is tasteful and
really captures a maturing style and sound. Considering that David cannot go on pretending to be 25 years old, this opens up a
whole knew path seperate from the Whitesnake label. The songs are good and memorable and I always get a kick out of him covering his own songs, so I didn't mind a new version of TOO MANY TEARS. I certainly hope that there is some public response
to this style so that I can buy his next album as a domestic
release also.

12/11/00: Jason Pudwill -
Rating: 90
Fans of early Snake and Northwinds, run to get this one! David gets back to his roots big time. This album was well worth waiting for!!

01/11/00: Alvaro -
Rating: 100
The best of Hard rock/blues is back!!! Killer voice!!! One of the best singers of the world (togheter with Paul Rodgers, Glenn Hughes and Ronnie James Dio, of course!)... Great!!!!

01/11/00: Luciano -
Rating: 85
I've just listened to great vocal performance by Dave! I didn't expect an hard rock album, so I am pleased to find very good rock-soul music that has always been Dave's favourite. I look forward to Coverdale to meet Glenn Hughes for a new collaboration!

30/10/00: Bruce Alexander -
Rating: 80
An interesting album of eclectic songs. Like his solo album Northwinds (1977) this CD features a mix of blues, soul and rock. Some songs harp back to the sixties and sevenities while others are reminiscent of Coverdale-Page and adult contemporary music. The production is clear and crisp with David's vocals mixed high and upfront. The only downside is that the rockers are lacking some true heft due to the low mix on the drums, guitar and bass. Joe Lynn Turner's latest album Holy Man strikes a better balance for this style of rock-blues songs with a stonge backbeat while maintaining clear vocals. So overall I like the album but some of the rock songs could have sounded better with the old Whitesnake line-up of Moody, Marsden, Murray, and Paice.

26/10/00: Luca -
Rating: 95
Great album, same old great voice and a super rock-blues sound!!

22/10/00: steve -
Rating: 95
What an absolute corker of an album.This is just about the best thing that David has done in a long time.Definitely one of my album`s of the year.Good to see him back to what he does best.

18/10/00: Carlos Ramua Morcos -
Rating: 100
Soy un gran fanático de David Coverdale desde la primera vez que lo escuché cantar solo una estrofa. Este álbum es lo mejor de David en años, su calidad vocal está aún intacta y no deja de asombrarme su forma de cantar. Wherever you may go es la mejor canción que he escuchado en mucho tiempo. Un album imperdible amigos de Argentina (de dónde soy) y del mundo. El maestro es incomparable.

15/10/00: Israel Sousa -
Rating: 100
Only the best singer in the world, can make an album like this!!!!!!!

12/10/00: Noddy -
Rating: 88
I have been a lifelong fan of Mr.Coverdale and I would rate Into the Light well ahead of the pedestrian "plod rock" of Restless Heart. The vocals on the slower numbers rekindle memories of some of his finest moments like Soldier of Fortune and Blindman. Highlights for me are the rousing The River Song and the beautiful Wherever You May Go. Even though Still of the Night remains one of my all time favourite songs, I for one would not be sorry to see DC drop the watered down cock rockers such as Slave. Over all, a welcome return to form.

26/09/00: Mark Smith -
Rating: 95
Without a doubt this is Coverdales most ecelectic and ambitious album since the largely unknown Northwinds in 76. It features a good mix of rock, blues, and soul. Sometimes classic sounding, sometimes contemporary and for once with a very good production. The only downside is that lyrically Coverdale is treading old ground, reusing off repeated phrases and concepts with abandon. Still, the music, vocals and production are the best you will hear on an album of this type this year. BUY IT.

26/09/00: Dave & Kathy Staggs -
Rating: 100
Superb, superb, superb, best thing the old snake has done in years, can't stop playing it, if you ain't bought it yet, what are you waiting for - get out and get it. It is, in our opinion David's best vocal performance in years. Let's just hope that he brings Into the Light live to us in London.

24/09/00: lee hughes - lee
Rating: 95
a cracking album by a cracking artist bring on some more covers !!