Escape Music ESM-053
Produced by: Chris Ousey

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Heartland, Survivor

  1. Call To Prayer (Intro)
  2. Blinded
  3. Don't Wanna Be Lonely
  4. Love Got In The Way
  5. You Can't Hide
  6. Call Of The Wild
  7. Take Me For A Ride
  8. Hand On My Heart
  9. Say U Want Me
  10. Love On The Line
  11. Run From Storm
  12. Mysteries

I have had plenty of good hard rock and melodic Euro metal to review lately, so it's great to be able to review some very cool AOR.
This is Escape's first 'big gun' release of y2k and the second album from Change Of Heart. Their debut was greeted with an excellent response, although there were a few 'Heartland clone' remarks also.
On Contiuum the band take the bull by the horns using Heartland's Chris Ousey to once again produce. And once again there are Heartland similarities, but let me assure you - this is no clone.
Change Of Heart and it's line up of 5 guys have written and recorded one of the best pure AOR albums of the past 12 months.
Alan Clark (Vocals, Songwriter) has written a selection of songs with both variety and familiarity and sings as if his life depends on it.
The sound it reminiscent of the debut, but with a little harder edge and the consistency and flow of the album are both improved. Kenny Kaos was also a guest player on the album.
Basically the songs are just even better then the cool debut.
After a smooth intro Blinded is as big a rocker as the band have recorded. Good guitar driven AOR.
Don't Wanna Be Lonely is a huge melodic anthem. Big hooks and very in your face without being that heavy. A cool lead track.
Love Got In The Way is a very classy Heartland style moody ballad.
You Can't Hide is one of my picks for song of the album. A ballad of sorts, but uptempo and very emotional with a killer vocal and extra vocal hooks to add that extra power to the song.
Call Of The Wild is a more keyboard friendly mid tempo track with a couple of lead guitar breaks and a slightly rockier chorus.
Take Me For A Ride is a very 80's AOR track, typical British style AOR with another catchy chorus.
Hand On My Heart starts laid back with a nice acoustic guitar/piano feel, but the chorus take the song to another level. Subtle, but very catchy and very cool.
Say U Want Me is basically more of the same!
Love On The Line & Run From Storm are a moody 80's AOR tracks in the vein of fellow Escape artist Intruder.
And one of the best songs is left to finish the album. Mysteries is a mid paced happy rocker with equal guitar and keyboard parts. There is just something about this track that reminds me of mid 80's Survivor. Good stuff.
BOTTOM LINE: Change Of Heart don't pretend to be anything they are not. This is prime mid 80's style commercial AOR with an equal mix of keyboards and guitars.
True there are other bands out there doing this very same thing, but these guys have however recorded some more memorable and catchy songs.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Heartland & Change Of Heart fans, fans of pure 80s AOR.
DISCOGRAPHY:Change Of Heart . Continuum