Columbia USA
Produced by: Kevin Shirley

Released: OUT / Website
Relative: Trial By Fire, Raised On Radio

  1. Higher Place
  2. All The Way
  3. Signs Of Life
  4. All The Things
  5. Loved By You
  6. Livin' To Do
  7. World Gone Wild
  8. I Got A Reason
  9. With Your Love
  10. Lifetime Of Dreams
  11. Live And Breathe
  12. Nothing Comes Close
  13. To Be Alive Again
  14. Kiss Me Softly
  15. We Will Meet Again

The leaking of advance tapes to some media such as myself and then the subsequent uploading of the album to Napster users caused quite an uproar.
The effect of those moves was a good part of the reason for a six month delay between that Japanese release and it now being released in the rest of the world.
The album was set to contain several ballads again and this was not totally accepted by the fans.
The feedback received by the band via message boards, e-mails to the albums producer and their website caused a rethink and gave guitarist Neal Schon the ammunition he was looking for to make the album a little harder edged.
The fans certainly didn't like the thought of another album of ballads, even though the quality was remarkable.
Neal and the rest of the gang went back into the studio and cut two new rock tunes for the worldwide release of the album. Concert favorite and one-time Bad English demo track World Gone Wild and new track Nothing Comes Close were recorded with producer Kevin Shirley late last year.
The release of the album in Japan was a major success and the almost unanimous verdict from imports that made it through to consumers was that the album was a welcome return and new vocalist Steve Augeri was hailed as a sensational replacement from Steve Perry.
Now US audiences get to judge the album, in it's new form. The two new tracks have been added, the soft pop ballad I'm Not That Way has been omitted and the coolest thing is the song earmarked to be the Japanese bonus track, the big rocking, uptempo To Be Alive Again has also been included.
I'm Not That Way now reverts to be the bonus track on all future pressings of the Japanese edition.
This has changed the dynamic of the album considerably. My previous review called for fewer ballads and a couple more rockers. That call has been filled to a tee and the result leaves Arrival standing head and shoulders above it's original release.
Given that the original release rated a 93% mark with me, means that this version is just about perfect. Just about...
Steve Augeri (of Tall Stories and Tyketto's second line up) was the man to fill the rather large shoes of Mr. Steve Perry and he has proven himself as more than a capable replacement.
Now he has just finished recording his first ever Journey record. I can safely say that the guys could not have picked a more brilliant nor a more suitable vocalist for the job.
Steve Augeri has more than made up for the loss of Perry and in some ways has added new life to the band with his awesome vocals.
In places you could swear that it was Perry himself singing, the comparison is that close.
But Augeri is no clone. He is his own man and on other tracks he places his own vocal stamp on proceedings, sounding like a seriously world class veteran of many Journey records. Quite honestly, there is no way you can tell this is his first record with the band. The months of touring prior to the album being recorded have gelled these guys, with new drummer Deen Castronovo (Bad English, Ozzy Osbourne), into a formidable line up.
So to the record. This is a far better record than Trial By Fire. The production is so much cleaner, with the every man on the record given room to breathe. Every instrument and chord change is audible and at no stage does the record become over produced like it's predecessor. Full credit to Kevin Shirley for producing and mixing a wonderfully arranged record that is seemingly stripped back without sounding like there is anything missing.
I think it is the best produced Journey record ever. It is also a lot cleaner and sharper than the debut Steve Augeri track Remember Me, featured on the Armageddon soundtrack.
I regard this as one of my favourite Journey record's ever - right alongside Raised On Radio, Escape and Frontiers.
Stylistically, the album sits most comfortably alongside the very smooth pure AOR release Raised On Radio, except this now rocks harder than that.
My initial review made this statement: "The second half of the album is still too weighed down with ballads and down tempo tracks. As good as these songs are, they balance of the album could have been improved with the simple addition of a couple of extra rockers and the removal of maybe one ballad."
Funnily enough, that is exactly what has happened.
I also added that missing To Be Alive Again track of the worldwide release would be criminal! That has also been fixed after fans hit the band's message boards after hearing the track off Napster.
So, to the tracks:
Higher Place (Written by Neal Schon, Jack Blades)
An instant classic rock anthem. If you were trying to introduce a friend to AOR by playing a song that summed everything you loved about this music to them, then this would be the track I played.
That tight production highlights a pumping bass line introducing the song to a brooding vocal in the verse, soaring to an explosion of guitar, piano and harmony vocals. A delight to listen to and simply put, I will be listening to this song in ten years time without tiring if it a bit.
I love the bridge after the second chorus that leads to the guitar solo. Awesome vocals Mr. Augeri and some fabulous shredding in the last minute of the song from Schon.
All The Way (Taylor Rhodes, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve Augeri)
A classic Journey ballad. Much in the vein of the first single off Trial By Fire, this track follows all the necessary rules of the lighter-in-the-air power ballad. A predictable first single as it has universal appeal. One of my favorite Journey ballads nevertheless.
Signs Of Life (Jonathan Cain, Elizabeth Cain, Neal Schon)
A killer track that takes us back to the feel of Raised On Radio. This is a pure FM radio summer hit. Jon Cain's piano gets particular attention in this track that compares to I'll Be Alright Without You, Be Good To Yourself or Suzanne, in the tempo and smooth multi-layered harmonies of the uplifting chorus. Yet another classic taste of pure AOR and a highlight of the album. Neal Schon's solo matches some of his most memorable melodic work. Can you spot the riff from an old classic?
All The Things (Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Andre Pessis)
This track is Neal Schon's time to shine. This is only a mid tempo track, but is one of the heaviest, dirtiest and moodiest Journey tracks ever. The guitar is mixed down in the verse, but comes alive in the verse but is grungy throughout. Augeri does his best gritty vocal and the rhythm section pounds away. This reminds me of Neal's work in Hardline and is the heaviest I have heard him play since that album.
Loved By You (Jonathan Cain, Kim Tribble, Tammy Hyler)
Is the second ballad of the album. This one is more a middle of the road piano ballad, rather than the big power type. A very Perry-ish and soulful vocal from Augeri sets the tone and Jon's piano is accompanied by some acoustic guitar and orchestral moments. Neal adds some Late Nite style soft electric also. Not a bad track, but not one of the highlights.
Livin' To Do (Neal Schon, Matt Schon, Jonathan Cain, Kim Tribble)
Another ballad here, but a 6 minute plus pure blues ballad, adding to the variety on offer. The album could have done with a return to a more uptempo track at this point, but this track remains a killer.
Any Journey fans that have bought any Of Neal Schon's solo work will recognize this guitar sound. You would have heard it on his Late Nite album, and his work with Australia's Jimmy Barnes. An awesome power filled blues ballad with plenty of guitar work.
The first of the new US Edition tracks is added to the album at this point. The classic AOR anthem World Gone Wild, that was tested on the road last year, is here in studio form and adds vitality to the album at a vital point. The album needed a couple of rockers in a row and we get it.
World Gone Wild has a slightly more intense feel to it. It is what you would call an urgent track, seemingly in a hurry to get to where it's going.
There is a heavy keyboard presence to the song with Neal's guitar happily providing support. The chorus is a beacon of light in this otherwise dark swirling melodic rocker.
It's cool to see an uptempo track that isn't as upbeat as I Got A Reason and To Be Alive Again.
The last minute of the 6 minute rocker features some standout guitar soloing from Neal Schon and a fine extended instrumental.
I Got A Reason (Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Jack Blades)
This track keeps the sound and feel of the record in arena rock mode. This is a pretty straight-ahead uptempo rocker that will please everyone. A feel good summer rocker.
With Your Love (Jonathan Cain, Elizabeth Cain, Neal Schon)
Back to another ballad, this one is a real sentimental song, with beautiful lyrics and back towards the ballad style of the Trial By Fire album, like When I Think Of You.
Lifetime Of Dreams (Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Kim Tribble)
Is a perfect ballad. This is another big sentimental ballad but with a little extra kick. Running it back to back with the last ballad slows the tempo of the album down again, but I don't want to take anything away from this ballad. The chorus is a pure AOR anthem and will be a popular live track I am sure. The last minute of it features some great Neal Schon soloing and Jon Cain piano work.
Live And Breathe (Steve Augeri, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain)
Is a soft track again, but a little different. It's not a ballad as such, but a soft moody pop rocker.
Ross Valory's bass is all over the track, it has a very cool feel to it. The chorus sees a more prominent guitar lick which really is quite heavy, just toned down to match the song. Check out the additional lead break after the chorus to give the song extra punch.
Nothing Comes Close is the other addition to the album. It also comes at a time when a rock track was needed. This is another great tempo number that lifts the spirits of the album and answers the fans calls. The song is a tougher sounding blues rocker with a distinctive 80's FM rock feel to it. A standout but simple chorus of harmony vocals does the job perfectly.
To Be Alive Again
Is the Japanese bonus track and just rocks! What a sensational song. This is another classic Journey AOR pop rock anthem, filled with a positive and happy sentiment and equal mix guitar and piano. The last 90 seconds features a wonderful piano guitar dueling solos
Just brilliant.
Kiss Me Softly (Neal Schon, Jack Blades, Steve Augeri)
This is one of the most original and different Journey tracks of all time. Despite it being another slowish track, this will be acclaimed I am sure. A moody piano intro, a soft raspy Augeri vocal and a chorus that suits the track so much. The thing I love and find extraordinary is the complex but seemingly spacious instrumental break after the chorus. There's a mix of Schon's guitar, Cain's piano/keyboards and a rhythm section that adds so much ambience. A product of the guys releasing records for Higher Octave I'm sure.
We Will Meet Again (Neal Schon, Steve Augeri, Kim Tribble)
This is another killer farewell track and ends the album beautifully. Augeri holds a real vocal power and he uses his voice well here.
The Deen Castronovo drum track gives the song real power and Neal's guitar is again rough and heavy, just mixed right into the background. In fact, besides the vocals, the drums are the next most prominent instrument in the mix. Makes for a good sound. Neal's acoustic work latter in the track is also cool.
BOTTOM LINE: Another classic AOR record that is just short of a masterpiece.
Another classy Journey record. As stated before, their most fresh and alive sounding record in years and musically some of their best work ever. Add to that, the best production ever.
The only thing I could add is that it might have been better to close off the album with the 2 uptempo numbers before We Will Meet Again, moving Kiss Me Softly up the order a little. A minor point. In the long run, this is so much better than the Japanese release and it proves that the band will listen to their fans. Bravo.
The band has made an almost perfect record, but please - don't let it be another 4 years between album's next time...
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Journey fans and classic AOR lovers.
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Please make Ratings from 1-100%

20/07/06: Paul -
Rating: 80
I don't think this album is anywhere near being in the ball park of Escape or Frontiers, though it's not bad. It's obvious that the band's sound is going to be different with a new singer, but the new guy sounds good (just different than SP). What I really notice though is the difference between Deen and Steve Smith. While Deen is a fantastic drummer, I just don't prefer his sound to Steve's. Can't put my finger on it, but I really liked Steve's style and influence more. And on another note, the mix of the album for some reason doesn't seem to have the same dynamic range as some of the others. It sounds flat or compressed in places, especially missing the essence of the cymbal work. This is of course my opinion, but those are the types of things that stand out to me....

Neil Schon, Ross Valory, and Jonathan Cain are always going to be fantastic. One thing I'd love to see is a guest appearance or something like that of Gregg Rolie. I loved the two singer aspect with he and Steve Perry. What a nice offset to each other. Like "Just the Same Way" and "Feelin that Way"....

30/04/06: Glenda -
Rating: 0
This is not Journey, never will be Journey. A year from now this band will be a has been! I can only imagine the age group of those who are posting how great this new Journey is, they were not even born back when the origional Journey came out. Steve Perry WAS/IS and WILL ALWAYS BE Journey. Neil Schon is nobody. He is selfish in not wanting to wait for Steve Perry to recuperate from surgery. I haven't listened to the new album because I am in protest of it. I will NEVER listen to the new Journey, I will NEVER purchase any new Journey paraphenelia. Anyone can mimic another performer if they listen to the performers voice long enough,as a matter of fact I can mimic Steve Perry quite well myself, so I am told; and I am a female. SA is not a self made man. He and the band are profitting off of what has already been done by Steve Perry. Those of us who were young back when Journey origionally rose to stardum know the difference between SA and Steve Perry. Steve Perry has a vocal range unlike any other male vocalist I have ever heard, SA doesn't come close to Steve Perry. All I have got to say is Neil Schon you better keep a four leaf clover with you for luck cause when you and destiny collide
your gonna need it.

11/02/06: Lauren -
Rating: 99
Steve Augeri is the man!! Who could ask for a better replacement than this guy? Hey i give Augeri a lot of credit!! Think about it!.. he came into this band knowing the disadvantages and advantages.. Perry is a major part of Journey and Augeri really had some big shoes to fill.. Augeri stood up to the plate and he came into the band with a positive attitude!! He gave it all hes got and Arrival is just awsome!! It is unique in a way and even thoguh it may not sound Perryish, it is still great!! You can so tell that Augeri feels the music and he has such great passion for what he does, I can tell by the way he exaggerates on certain words to the songs, he makes it his own!! Not to mention he is an amazing performer!! He always gives 200% even though he may feel like crap, he goes out there and does his thing. I've never seen a lead singer dance so much in my life and just let kinda hang and have a great time!! He's a down to earth kinda guy. I feel like he connects with the crowd and makes you feel apart of the music.. he makes you feel alive!! He treats his fans like gold and is always thinking of them. Therefore if it wasnt for them he would not be where he is today and is very appreciative and it definatley shows!! He respects every fans opinion. They could probably tell him that he sucks and still he would respect their opinion!! Augeri is a very understanding, generous guy and he goes out of his way to make others feel happy and comfortable. AUGERI ROCKS!! May the Journey continue!! "Dont Stop Believin!!"

02/05/05: Nivek -
Rating: 100
Classic Journey, pure and simple... Augeri carries it off perfectly... and the band sound on top form... I am glad they found such a suitable replacement and are able to still write such classic Melodic Rock anthems such as Higher Place, All The Way, Signs Of Life et al... looking forward now to the follow-up...

29/08/04: JS -
Rating: 98
This album has the best of both worlds, great rocking songs and wonderful ballads. Sure it could of had 1 or 2 fewer slow songs or an additional rocker but the end result remains this is a great album. " Nothing Comes Close" is truely a kick ass rock song that cant be compared to anything thats being recorded by others today."To Be Alive Again" is so infectious, it is probably one of the best songs I've ever listened to. And "Signs of Life" what a great throw it back in your face, I'm gonna do just fine without you song! the musicianship of these guys is second to none, if you've ever seen Journey live you know what i'm talking about. Steve Perry who? Steve Augeri is "the" lead singer for Journey. Long live Journey

13/04/04: thomas -
Rating: 99
i too agree with melodirocks review to me the best power ballad from journey will always be open arms though this album is great it could have used a little more edgy stuff and a lot more air time.throughout the u.s. i still love steve perry i will miss him and i thank him for all the wonderfull songs he sang with journey maybe one day all will be forgiven and all the bad blood will be no longer spilled and forgiveness will be there. to sum it up both steve's do journey just a faithfull fan forever keep up the good work guys.

16/12/03: Dave Phillips -
Rating: 6
There's no denying that all of the songs are very good. Several of the songs might be hits had this CD been released in the 80s, but I hear only one great song, "I Got A Reason".
For my money, the new singer is a carbon copy of Perry. How unlucky could Steve Perry be! If a small asteroid is ever detected headed toward Earth, I'm gonna get as far away from Steve Perry as I can. LOL! Bottom line for me: It's 3 years down the road since this CD was released and I practically never listen to it, except to hear "I Got A Reason". There are simply too many ballads. My suggestion to the band is: If you're not going to sell any CDs with the ballad-barrage technique, why not try the hard-rock barrage? Give us 12 kick-ass / bust-you-in-the-mouth, guitar rock songs! That's my opinion.

29/11/03: Paul -
Rating: 90
Definitely not the old Journey, and I'm not just talking about the absence of Steve Perry. The whole feel of most of the album is different. But even if you can't get past Escape and/or Frontiers, you'll still find some tracks to your liking. ALL THE WAY is a track that has kind of the same feel as WHO'S CRYING NOW from Escape, it's a ballad that doesn't feel like one. And if you loved OPEN ARMS, well get a load of WITH YOUR LOVE. This is by far one of the 2 best ballads in Journey's catalog (dare I say it might even be better than OPEN ARMS?). TO BE ALIVE AGAIN brings back memories of KEEP ON RUNNIN', BE GOOD TO YOURSELF, & SEPARATE WAYS(WORLDS APART), in terms of the frantic pace. These are three tracks on ARRIVAL that all Journey fans should love. For those open to a new experience, you'll discover great new songs with HIGHER PLACE, SIGNS OF LIFE, NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO YOUR KISS, WORLD GONE WILD, I'VE GOT A REASON, LIFETIME OF DREAMS, & TO BE LOVED BY YOU. That's ten, count 'em ten outstanding tracks. Then there are two good bluesy numbers LIVIN' TO DO & LIVE AND BREATHE that harken back to the pre-Captured days. So we're talking 12 solid tracks now. That in itself is rare, and really they should've stopped there, or at the very least left off those last two tracks. They belong on one of Neal's solo efforts. Still all in all a great album, in fact second only to ESCAPE in terms of it's commercial appeal. Too bad it's being released 15 years or so too late.

06/04/03: Bob Carver -
Rating: 95
Liked this album the first time I heard it and it seems to get better with time.First, these boys can play!Don't know how folks can ignore the simple fact that they are better musicians than almost all of the present day acts.JOURNEY has never really received the credit they deserve for their overall contributions to music and their ability to translate their solid studio productions into super live performances.When you stop to look at what's going on in the music "industry" today there is more than just a touch of irony in the "Corperate Rock" label they were tagged with.Do people really believe that The Dave Matthews Band or other modern bands PLAY as well as Journey? Go to see each live and you'll get the idea. "Arrival" is a solid album with a number of highlights. "Higher Place","Signs Of Life"and "Living to Do" are three of the cuts I listen too most often but with 15 to pick from there are lots of possibilities.

25/11/02: Lisa -
Rating: 100
This CD ROCKS!! IT IS THE BEST JOURNEY CD OUT THERE! Steve Augeri is fabulous, enough said!! That man can sing!! I LOVE HIM!! Jon, Neal, Ross, and Deen are superb as well and you put these 5 guys together and what else could you expect but 100%!!! I have always loved Journey with Perry and after I saw Journey with Augeri in Kansas in September '02 I was totally convinced that this "new" Journey would be even better yet. And to think I almost didn't go to the concert because I didn't think the band would be the same without Perry. BOY WAS I EVER WRONG!! I immediatly rushed out after the concert and bought the "Arrival" CD and it's ALL I listen to. These guys are MUSICIANS in every sense of the word, the talent just drips off them!! Bravo guys!!!

07/09/02: George -
Rating: 100
A few days ago I've finally bought the Arrival cd. I've never thought that a Journey record would be good without the mighty Steve Perry, but this album is incredible! Steve Augeri was great choice for Perry's replacement, he's got a unique voice and vocal style, and NOT a Perry clone at all!
This is a perfect album, a truly masterpiece, and one of the best Journey album ever. All the members play excellent of course, especially Neal Schon, whose fretwork is awesome, as well as Kevin Shirley's production.

13/08/02: holland -
Rating: 100
I just get bored over and over again by so called fans that Steve Perry was better than Steve Augery.
Let's not forget that it's the same Steve Perry that caused the break up in the first place.
Neil Schon was and is Journey and I know he has chosen the right replacement for Steve Perry.
When I heard the Tall Stories album, at this time Journey was already over for a couple of years, I said to my friends that Journey should take him.
No one believed me that Journey would survive without Perry.
Journey has had a lot of patience with Perry but I think Neil was right 10 years is enough and he just wanted to play for the fans and kick ass.
Let's face it, Perry's solo album isn,t bad but the ballads are awfull mellow crap.
Don't get me wrong I love the albums with Perry and I'm a fan from the beginning but let's be honest, I rather have a Journey with Steve Augery than no Journey waiting for Steve Perry.
I'm getting older and so are the boys from Journey, so I'm glad they move ahead and delivered us already the brilliant CD Arrival and the awesome DVD Journey 2002.

03/07/02: Mike -
Rating: 95
This was indeed a great CD and one of JOURNEY's best!!! I thought the band would be terrible without Perry but Augeri proved me wronge. Give this CD a listen, you won't regret it

03/07/02: Paul Beaudry -
Rating: 100
I can't believe some of the postings here. Journey is the best band that I know of and one that I listen to like all the time. Music really has gone south recently folks and your denying that it is. Journey is fantastic, seen them 3 times so far working on my fourth. Those who don't like Journey...well....that's ashame but I guess that's life. For me Journey has connected with my life and I don't think I plan on getting off the ship unless something really bad happens or if their music doesn't connect with my life anymore (which by the way I don't see that happening anytime soon. So...i guess i will conclude that Journey is the best band and I wish the band great success for this years tour!!! :)

03/07/02: Richard Meyers -
Rating: 100
In my opinion, this album ranks right up there with "Escape" and "Infinity" as the best Journey has ever put out. There's not a song on the album that isn't top quality and I can think of at least 5 or 6 that would have been instant Classics had they been released in either the 80's or 90's.

02/07/02: Debbie -
Rating: 100
I have all of Journey's albums, and Arrival is one of my favorites. There is something for everyone on Arrival, as it is with most of Journey's albums. Arrival is definately an album for everyone!

19/06/02: Andy Braban -
Rating: 100
Journey, are in no doubt the best,most awesome band in the whole entire planet, i loved perry but augeri is without doubt the perfect replacement,Arrival is the perfect AOR album, a masterpiece i loved it so much i had the european and japanese release, alot have said that Arrival is too ballad oriantated,but that suits me fine,with songs this good,who could ultimate piece of music that will live on forever.

13/06/02: Mange S - -
Rating: 100
I love this album, it is GREAT! Neal plays wonderful as usual and Steve Augeri is brilliant!!!

11/04/02: Valerie -
Rating: 100
I love, love, love this album!!!! Steve Augeri rocks!!!! He is totally awesome and the perfect lead singer to take over such a difficult task!!! And he does so with such honor and grace!!!!! And you can tell he was a true Journey fan growing up!!! He has such grace and style!!!!!! I am honored to be a fan of THIS Journey!!!! Best Journey CD I own, and I own them all!!!!

28/03/02: PEDRO ANTUNES -
Rating: 100

19/02/02: Brian Burgess -
Rating: 65
I have tried to like this CD but after repeated listens am not impressed. Steve Augeri(His Tall Stories CD was good)is an excellent vocalist but the song writing and flow of the album is not up to par. I don't know what to make of Journey they still have a place in the melodic rock market or are they finished????????????Ditto for John Waite...

14/02/02: Mark Warburton -
Rating: 100

07/10/01: Gina -
Rating: 70
Although I do like two or three songs on Arrival, I can't help thinking of the reformed band as an extension of Bad English, sort of a "Bad Journey". How could they ever expect to continue calling themselves Journey without "the Voice of Journey"? The Perry/Schon/Cain songwriting team had the magic to touch millions of fans, but Perry's voice alone had more than just had unbelievable heart and emotion in his delivery of those songs. Unfortunately, Mr. Augeri and Arrival don't have the magic needed to continue the Journey.

11/09/01: DAVE -
Rating: 99
This a follow up to my review in April. After 5 months of listening to this CD, I just can't get enough of it!!! Perry lovers beware, this Augeri guy is 100% great, and oh what you miss if you don't give this CD a listen. It took a while for a couple songs to grow on me, but now i can honestly say that unlike TRIAL BY FIRE there is ABSOLUTELY NO FILLER on this CD!!!
the only thing that would have made my 99 rating a 100 is to change the song sequence. So, that's what i did! I bought a 74 min. cassette and made my own running order. Not too extreme but the songs "flow" better this way. Try it and see........
Higher Place World Gone Wild
All The Things Nothing Comes Close
All The Way With Your Love
Signs Of Life Live And Breathe
Livin' To Do To Be Alive Again
I Got A Reason Lifetime Of Dreams
Loved By You We Will Meet Again
Kiss Me Softly

31/08/01: Michael Leigh -
Rating: 95
When a classic AOR group, replaces an "unreplacable voice", for the band it's usually a death sentence for the band. Arrival is one exception. This CD is flat out JOURNEY. It's everything that we have come to know & love from this band, & then some.

Steve Augeri's performance is both inspiring & stellar.With the ever present shadow of the legendary Steve Perry, forever looming over him, his recording debut with Journey is truly magnificent. Augeri sings with Perry's soulfulness & emotion, but also makes these songs his own & rightfully so.
Neal Schon's guitar playing is the most inspiring, that I have heard from him in more than a decade.
Ross Valory & new drummer Deen Castronovo hold down a rock solid rhythm, while Jonathan Cain's keyboard playing is succinct & tasteful.

There is quite a difference in playing style with the addition of Deen. Gone are the jazz flavored chops of Steve Smith, but Deen's playing is rock solid, & done with flair & finesse.

If there were any criticism of this cd, it's the omission, of Jonathan Cain's trademark textured keyboard layer's,relying mainly on classic grand piano musings.

It makes one wonder why the "corporate heads" at Sony, are not promoting this FULL TILT, around the world. This CD is CLASSIC JOURNEY, & the comeback of the year!!

Here is a Quick Track listing:
1. Higher Place: "Classic Rock Journey", with Stellar fretwork from Mr Schon!!
2. All The Way: AOR ballad, a sure hit with AC radio. Close your eyes & it's Perry.
3. Signs of Life: Excellent mid tempo Journey, very reminiscent of Frontiers or Departure.
4. All the Things: Excellent Rocker, featuring the most amazing Neal Schon solo I have ever heard on record! Vai & Satriani, look out!!
5. Loved By You: A sure fire smash hit.One of the best ever ballads ever written by this band. OUTSTANDING vocal performance by Steve Augeri. A must for Perry die hards!!
6. Livin' to Do: Slow bluesy track, with the amazing Neal Schon in the drivers seat. "Infinity-ish" for sure!!
7. World Gone Wild: Recorded specifically for the US release, Mid tempo rocker, in the Frontiers vein.
8. I Got A Reason: Great mid-tempo rocker. An AOR classic.
9. With Your Love: Classic ballad; A future wedding song in the making.
10. Lifetime of Dreams: One of the best ballads from Journey. this song should be an international hit, but would be better suited after another rocker in the running order.
11. Live and Breathe: Very interesting "slinky" song with some Deep Grooves from Ross Valory.
12. Nothin' Comes Close: Great Rocker. We would not have gotten this song had Perry been in the lineup on this CD. Sounds like it could've come from a Bad English CD.
13. To Be Alive Again: Classic Journey, through & through. Pure Summertime!! If you like Stone In Love, you will LOVE this Journey masterpiece. "Escape-ish" bar none!!
14. Kiss Me Softly: One of the most interesting songs this group has done, since Eyes of A Woman from ROR!! Sounds like a song from one of Jonathan Cain's "Higher Octave" releases with vocals.
15. We Will Meet Again: Awesome mid tempo rocker to round out the album. Different, but exciting & powerful!!

28/06/01: Matute Devit -
Rating: 95
I'm Matute Devit, from Argentina.
Finally Arrival was released a few weeks ago here in Argentina.
It became inmediately one of my favourite Journey albums. I can't wait to see them here
if they plan to tour South America. We can't wait anymore!!
Although i liked very much "Trial by fire", this is far better. I agree with Andrew that the production is incredible, but it would have been great if they 'd put here "Remember me". Steve Augeri is a great replacement. Although nothing compares to our dear Steve Perry, now Journey sounds more fresh and young! This is what i feel about "Arrival" song by song:

"Higher place"
This is an instant classic. If it was possible to sound more Journey than Journey, they did it here! If you want to know how AOR should be at the third millenium, take a listen to this one. It's a Jack Blades co-written one (like "Remember me").
"All the way"
A co-written one with Taylor Rhodes (i remember him from some Aerosmith, Jennifer Rush, and Y&T songs). It's a great ballad. It deserves to hit the Adult Contemporary charts. I can feel a nice Bryan Adams flavour over there.
"Signs of Life"
A pure AOR/Arena/FM anthem! I think this is the kind of songs that made Journey what they are. You can hear the "Who's cryin' now" reminiscense on the Schon's solo.
"All the things"
This is more in a Van Haggar vein (it has the "Poundcake" sound). It's co-written with Andre Pessis (the one of the Mr Big ballads). The Journey touch is on the chorus. I really like the loop before the pre-bridge solo (and the killer drum fill from Deen Castronovo at the end of the guitar solo).
"Loved by you"
It's a beautiful ballad. It has a Westcoast touch.
"Livin' to do"
This is a commercial blues ballad (like the Gary Moore blues hits). I must say that this is the only kind of blues i like. The orchestra arrangement takes it to highest levels.
"World gone wild"
Maybe the vocal intro is too similar to "Separate ways (worlds apart)",
but we can forgive Journey for this little thing. I read there that was originally thought to be a Bad English one. Check out the finish.
"I got a reason"
Another arena anthem! It goes straight to my car stereo!
"With your love"
This is my favourite ballad of the album. It could easily be a Mariah Carey one (like "Hero"). The piano line has the unique Jonathan Cain touch. Another potential radio classic.
"Lifetime of dreams"
Here is when the album reminds "Trial by fire" (one ballad after another). Even though, this is a nice one. The backing vocals are pure Journey!
"Live and breath"
Starts like another ballad (another!), but it turns into a mid-tempo one. It grows after several listens.
"Nothin' comes close"
This is like the rocker side of Bad English that Neal Schon fitted in (i talk about "Rockin horse", "Lay down", "Ready when you are", "Standing at the edge of the world",etc). I must say that those are not my favourite Bad English songs, but i really like "Nothin' comes close". It's better rounded and more imaginative that those i mentioned.
"To be alive again"
This a great one! The chorus is one of the happiest ones they ever made.
"Kiss me softly"
Sounds more reflexive and climatic. The rythm is a little Toto. Maybe a radio one.
"We will meet again"
A little more atypical, goes more into the climatic thing. Nice one.

Well,Journey did it again. I only hope they don't make us wait for so long next time.
So you know guys,we are waiting for you down here in Argentina!!

15/06/01: Paul T -
Rating: 80
I won't be long-winded here since I have nothing new
to add that hasn't already been said. With that,
I would like to highlight some of the points others
have made.

overall: well produced CD. good album.

BUT, some caveats:

1. on this album at least, augeri's voice lacks the
palpable passion of steve perry's voice. this album
lacks because of this.

2. there are zero tracks that made me
say "wow" that's an amazingly written song.
they are all, more or less, straight forward, nothing
really creative or different that would represent
a leap forward for the band.

3. i was disappointed immensely by the keyboards.
i thought they were mushy and didn't add much like
they used to in "separate ways" (rocker) or "open
arms" (ballad). i am a huge jonathan cain fan,
but was very disappointed here.

just my 2 cents.

05/06/01: andy watt -
Rating: 75
lets just start by saying that ive been a massive journey fan since infinity and feel that this is their best overall album since frontiers but surely not their best or on par with departure,escape or frontiers.the age of the cd has encouraged bands to load albums with up to in a lot of cases 16 tracks and personally i dont think this is a good thing.i find you can drop off in the middle of an album especially if a lot of the tracks are of similar feel or tempo.this i feel is the problem with arrival,its got some brilliant tracks but they get submerged with a welter of slow/ballad numbers that merge into each sorry but only half a dozen tracks have lodged in my memory after repeated solution,burn a cd of this album with your favourite 10/11 tracks and see if it doesnt sound better as an album.i am getting old i suppose and was brought up in an age of vinyl and maybe the attention span wasnt what it was but i seriously think bands should go down the line of less is more when it comes to the length of albums.
one good thing this album may bring is journey leaving sony as its not really doing the business in the states is it?lets get them on an independant and let neal schon make the album he obviously wants to make,read between the lines in the interview and this album was made by committee.
finally,steve augeri,what a star,brilliant performance,sir!

01/06/01: jes -
Rating: 99
One of the best Journey albums they've made yet. Augeri does a great job. I guess the guys on here don't like the ballads......but us girls do! Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

01/06/01: Jimmy -
Rating: 85
Good album, it's Journey alright! Good sound, good song writing, and good production. It's traditional and it's a great album for anytime. I didn't know Perry sang on the album (just kidding), but it's coo and it's classic.

28/05/01: Kerry Wheeler - K1469@AOL.COM
Rating: 90
First things first, NEIL SCHON IS JOURNEY! The new album is great and Steve A. does an awesome job replacing an awesome singer. The only reason the album doesn't get a 100 from me is that I agree with most that it needed 1 more rocker and one less ballad. "I GOT A REASON" to me is the best song on the album and I hope it gets airplay. Journey is back! I can't wait to see them in concert next month! BUY THIS ALBUM!

19/05/01: Jeff Hansen - grinch@t-online
Rating: 99
this is my second review of this cd. i also rerviewed the japanese edition. all i have to say is kudos to steve, neal, jon, ross, and deen for listening to what the fans wanted and making the cd even more classic than the japanese version! however i liked the artwork better for the japanese! world gone wild is my fav song of the moment from the cd.....that by the way has not come out of my cd since nov of last year! i do have a gripe about a review on this site is a review by a shmuck named dave who dissed the way steve looked! what an ass! if all you care about is how a bloke looks then you need to become a fan of trendy boy bands and get your jollies! that is so inconsiderate of you to make fun of how someone looks on a media that ove a million people hacve access to! get a life and grow up! as for journey keep rockin and growin i love the cd. keep it up!!! a fan for life jeff

15/05/01: JAY GILBERT -
Rating: 60

15/05/01: J.C.Camacho -
Rating: 80
I was glad that my all time favorite band was back, and I finally got the chance to see them live for the first time last year.
The live experience was simply that Steve A. did a job on bringing Journey back. It was Journey. Not a band singing Journey songs. But that review was based on old songs and live performance.
Since the CD is based on new songs, my review on the CD is different than live performance, especially for one thing. I am sure I may get a lot of backtalk for this comment, but there was something missing from the album.
First, I agree, best produced enegineered Journey album ever. Also, it definitely sounded like Journey.
What I was dissapointed about the album, was the fact that Journey did not bring something new from the songwriting, arrangements and originality standpoint.
What was always amazing about Journey was that they were unpredictable. They were constantly creating things that you could not
relate to other bands, including Journey themselves. That was the story with Wheel in the sky, Lovin' touchin'..., Don't stop believin', Open Arms
Any way you want it. Separate Ways, Send her my love, After the fall, Edge of the blade, Girl can't help it, Only the young, even the song Trial by fire was something completely different.
Those were songs that would make you think, what were this guys thinking when they did these songs. You couldn't tell what influenced them.
But these new songs you could tell where they're coming from. Some of the sound like second part of Journey songs. Some of them just remind me of
other classic AOR bands, which was not the thing that made Journey special. Some of the rock intros like World gone wild and Higher Place sounds very
similar to arrangement done by groups like Kansas and Triumph, during the 80's. Other songs like Kiss me softly just make me remember
the feeling of the Steve Perry second solo album, For the love of ....( ali Sign of times reminds me more of Survivor than Journey.
Lifetime of dreams, which I anyway agree is a great ballad, reminds me a lot of Show me the way by the Storm. I got a reason was like hearing Europe.
You see? That kind of comparison was something I couldn't do with the previous albums, which for me are now the old Journey.
Although the new Journey has kept the spirit alive, if falls short of the old Journey (remember, Perry was not only a voice, he was a songwriting and producing input as well.
Still, the album captures that heartmelting Journey feeling, and I like to hear to it a lot. Honestly!
But in general, I think they could have come up with something more original creatively, aside from that, the album is great..
This CD would have been a huge hit in the 80's, but now is a different story. I think that is where they failed.
And I am not talking about the thrash 90's and 2000 artist like Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit are doing, I am talking about taking the original
essence of the band and bringing it to a new, "higher place". Not just redoing themselves with better production techniques.
Arrival, unfortunately is destined to be the worst selling Journey record. (well maybe better selling than the three first records, but not better than that)

09/05/01: Andy -
Rating: 95
This is excellent. Harder than ROR and TBF, but not as hard as Escape and Frontiers. The album is split three ways between hard rock, mid-tempo songs and slower songs. All are very good and several are classics.

Steve Augeri has almost as much talent as Perry, and sings with emotion; he does an excellent job. It sounds like there are not as many effects for Neal Schon's guitar as on past albums. I'm used to the effects, but we can hear Neal's playing better, which is a plus. I'm very impressed with what Jonathan Cain has done on this album. The keyboards are not overbearing; they are in the background as they should be. But there is lots of piano, which is great and is done very well. And some of the keyboard work is awesome -- check out "World Gone Wild" and the end of "Livin' to Do". Ross Valory's base is very noticeable, and done very well. This is some of his best work ever; there are some classic base lines here. Deen Castronovo is not Steve Smith, but does a good job providing a straight-ahead rock beat; he is a good fit for the band now. Between him, Valory, and Kevin Shirley's production, you will find it very easy to rattle the windows on your car!

Track list:
1. Higher Place: a classic rocker. When I heard Neal's first riff I knew Journey was back!
2. All The Way: a very good ballad.
3. Signs of Life: a very good mid-tempo song. Neal's solo makes this one.
4. All the Things: a classic mid-tempo song. The lyrics are awesome. This song has captivated me.
5. Loved By You: a very good ballad.
6. Livin' to Do: a very good mid-tempo song.
7. World Gone Wild: a very good rocker; incredible guitar solo at the end.
8. I Got A Reason: a very good mid-tempo song; the lyrics here are great.
9. With Your Love: a classic ballad; lyrics are right on.
10. Lifetime of Dreams: Journey's best ballad ever except for 'Open Arms' and best song on the album. The music is outstanding; great lyrics. I disagree with those who say it is diminished by following 'With Your Love'.
11. Live and Breathe: a great song. I'm afraid to categorize this one; there is something about this song that is irresistable; you could make a great concept video for it. Check out Valory's base riff during the bridge.
12. Nothin' Comes Close: a very good rocker.
13. To Be Alive Again: a classic rocker, irresistable.
14. Kiss Me Softly: a very good slow song; it sounds very refreshing after two rockers. The musical performance here is outstanding.
15. We Will Meet Again: a classic mid-tempo song. This one has grown on me. Very sentimental and powerful at the same time; here it's a winning combination.

I became a Journey fan with Frontiers, probably the standard for me. That album was hard, powerful, and musically over the top; it is a classic; nothing could have been improved on it. Raised On Radio was also a classic for different reasons: the incredible vocal performance, great songs and awesome production. Arrival does not reach 'classic' status, but in many ways it sets its own standard.

09/05/01: Billy -
Rating: 9
Despite what the Pro Perry people say about Augeri not sounding as good as Perry it is clearly evident that Perry's voice is NOT like it used to be.Augeri sounds incredible on this album. The one song i wished would make the US release was "i'm not that way" it was only put out on the Japanese version. If you're not sure about buying this album well as nike would say....JUST DO IT!!!!! you WON'T regret it!!!!!!

08/05/01: giorgos-greece -
Rating: 80
first of all 4 QUESTIONS: 1)is Augeri Perry's son or perry has some background vocals on arrival???????????
2) are they gonna continue with this line-up or perry will rejoin we he's ok?
3) who are these songwriters involved(trible,bazillian??????!!!!!!)?
Well seriously the new cd is very good and perfectly produced.well done kevin shirley!
The sound is quite fresh and not so dinosauric as "trial by fire"
As for the "many ballads" issue we all prefer more rockers indeed ,but arrival has the best ballads i have ever listened.Imagine if perry had sung "with your love"....
track listing:
higher place: the track we have waited for ,since "remember me".Absolutely perfect!!
all the way : with a video-clip addition it hits the bilboard #1.Really beautifull
signs of life: typical AOR masterpiece.yes!!!
all the things: Schon's time ,cool solo bro.....
livi' to do : awesome but far too long.nice keyboard solo ending...
world gone wild: that's what AOR is all about.Kick it!!!!!
I got a reason: a litle boring song,saved by the guitar solo
with your love: classic journey.DAMN, PERRY SHOULD HAVE SUNG IT!!!!
lifetime of dreams:very sentimental ,melodic,perfect!
live and breath : my #2 favourite after higher place.Great perfomance Steve Augeri!
Nothing comes close :it will kick ass on the road!
To be alive again : great arena rock everybody learn to sing the lyrics...
Kiss me softly : great feeling-perfomance once again from Augeri.You're great chief!
We will meet again :very nice hopefull,mid-tempo song with bombastic drumming.Also learn the lyrics.....

JOURNEY is very much alive 'n' kickin' with an album like this one ,even though without STEVE PERRY the title "a tribute to journey" fits better....

05/05/01: Joe Kool -
Rating: 90
Wow. An album worth of Journey and Steve Perry without Steve Perry. It has some classic sounding tracks. Some that would be hits if they played it on popular radio. If your a Journey fan this is a must. It's a good "makin' luv" CD (as Chef on South Park would say). All the Best to Steve Perry hope to here from you too soon.

05/05/01: Eric Stanaland -
Rating: 60
I was eagerly awaiting this release even though Steve Perry is one of my biggest influences and while Augeri does have some of the range (in the old days) and inflection of Perry he just does not come close in his delivery and vocal melody contribution. I quickly realised that this is just a "Bad English" album and evidence that Schon definitely needs a leash (that Perry held) when it comes to composition. "Higher Place" is the best piece but the rest of the album is just boring. The production could have been much better - not to say that "Trial" was significantly better with it's occasional over-produced moments but "Trial" at least, seemed to more carefully crafted.
To be fair, I will continue to give it listens but I just don't see this effort winning me over. Maybe with better vocal production Augeri's voice could have conveyed some passion, but that is why Steve Perry is Steve Perry (even today). A true legend just can't be expected to be imitated, let alone matched. In addition, the absense of Smith is apparent far more than I suspected. Castronovo, while a "fine" drummer hasn't lent any of that great creativity and musicallity that Smith posseses.
I expect their tour will do well, perfoming the old stuff, but I don't see this CD generating any excitement and anyone expecting an "Escape" or "Frontiers" vibe will probably be visiting the CD exchange. Maybe, unfairly, this one band that the world will just not allow to re-invent itself.

05/05/01: DHill -
Rating: 70
Steve Augeri, Steve Perry? For my money give me Steve Perry anytime, anyplace, anywhere. With that said, I do think Augeri does a solid job on this album and there are 3 or 4 excellent songs, but it fails in comparison to anything that Journey was before. I am surprised that there are Journey fans out there who think that this album holds up to anything ever done with Perry. Listen to a couple of the new ones and then put on, any with Perry. End of story. This album has a missing ingredient. Granted Journey should have rocked more at times with Perry, but when they did it was in a class all by it self and the ballads were huge, soulful and powerful now both are just remnants of what used to be. Bring on the New Perry Album!

04/05/01: Paul -
Rating: 95
This record would be 100 if:
- one ballad less (every song here is great, but... I love Journey rockers more than ballads like Kiss Me Softly) and one rocker more in the style of World Gone Wild (this was a Bad English song? wow!!! excellent song!!!)
- it had Steve Perry. Don't misunderstand me. I loved Perry, but I don't understand why people cannot listen to this record flat out and stop complaining about "No Perry here!". Too many people looking at the names and not listening to the songs.
- better promotion. I didn't even see this record in the shop the day I bought it. It was under the main desk.
- an European tour.

Long live Journey! Augeri is an excellent singer. Perry couldn't sing some songs off this record, but I saw no one noting this (he doesn't have the higher notes no more.)

02/05/01: Cadillac Jack -
Rating: 0
Steve Augeri is a great fit, this CD is flawless so I can't pick a fav but Higher Place, Signs Of Life should or will be hits. In many ways I prefer Augeri over Perry.

02/05/01: Rich G. -
Rating: 95
Finally, a new Journey album with a good blend of Journey past, present & future. Steve Augeri is the perfect replacment for Steve Perry, and his voice seems more dynamic on many of the songs than Perry's has in recent years. Steve Perry is gone! All you fair weather journey fans should accept this fact and give Steve Augeri a fair shake. The new singer helps breathe new life into this band that was sounding more like the "The Steve Perry Project w/ Journey". This album is new & fresh, yet still has that Journey Sound. This album is destined to be a classic. My only fault with this album, is that despite the addition of a couple more up tempo songs, the album still seems a little too "slow" in the middle. Higher Place, All The Way, Signs Of Life, Livin' To Do,& I Got A Reason are all straight-on Journey tunes that show they haven't lost sight of the Journey Sound, and the band sounds great! I can't wait for the tour to come to my area!

01/05/01: Trevor -
Rating: 99
OK. Regarding the US release. I don't see how the new lead man, steve Augeri could follow the best voice in music any better. A phenominal job by all five members. I cannot give it a 100, because nothing perfect, but I would lose one ballad; you don't even have to add a rocker, because there are 15 songs on here! I would have liked to see Remember Me put in here...just a thought. I am/was a HUGE Steve Perry admirer, and truly miss his circular voice aggression on the lyrics, and his ability to give a song it's own personality..However, I do not know if there is another person in music who can sing as good as Augeri does. He will probably season, and improve his overall strength, but as of right now, He is not Perry. To the record.
Higher Place- Awesome. Kind of like Seperate Ways, or Be Good to Yourself. Fluid, melodies, and glistening piano, all the while being driven by an awesome guitar run. All the Way(pop ballad). Signs of Life. Instant single. Try to catch Neal Schon going back to his Who's Cryin Now days..He performs a bit of the same riff in the solo! I love I Got a reason, World Gone Wild, and Livin to Do...But absolutely LOVE "To Be Alive Again." Should be a great uptempo Summer Rocker, and they had better play it live this Summer while on Tour.
To all the naysayers out there. I had my reservations too. Without Perry? No way! However this band live, is perhaps the finest sounding, high production, energetic band I've ever seen..and that includes Springsteen, AC/DC, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Van Halen and Aerosmith. And I am not a total Journey Fan! I'm just being truthful. It's worth the money to see them on tour, and definitrly the pennies for a CD!

30/04/01: Tony - ~~~~~
Rating: 80
Well congratulations people!! I was wavering whether I should buy this cd or not and all the good reviews here pushed me to purchase it. Great cd too, I love it. Neal's playing is just spectacular on this album and I think the songs are just leaps above "Trial By Fire" which, (sorry here die-hard Journey fans), I though was just horrible!! If I had to gripe about anything their ballads are just getting way too by the numbers. I know if it ain't broke don't fix it but at least spice that formula up a bit. That's just nitpicking though and this is a great summer time album.

30/04/01: glen odin -
Rating: 100
Totally f@%#kin awesome. It's that simple - If you don't like this then you don't like AOR/Melodic Rock.

Rating: 99
WHEN THEY WILL TOUR EUROPE?????????????????????????????????

28/04/01: DAVE -
Rating: 98
Being a die-hard Journey fan i was obviously doubtful about Journeys survival without Steve Perry. After all, the bands initial success was due to "the voice", and i still believe NO ONE can sing "Open Arms" like Perry. However upon hearing of the new "Steve" i tried to keep an open mind about it all, and this CD makes me glad that i did!
Augeri is great for Journey. With ARRIVAL, Journey has created a "fresh" new sound without losing the heart of what makes it sound like Journey. A great CD from start to finish and i'm glad they added some more upbeat tunes for the U.S. release.
One last note: The guys in Journey did a lot of "waiting" and things were put on "hold" too many times because of Perry.
It seems that Neal, Jon and Ross finally have the reigns and i think we will see new Journey music every 2 years or so now.
I don't know about anyone else but that makes me happy.
WELCOME BACK GUYS....Hope you're back to stay & can't wait for the next CD!!! (open to comments from other fans via e-mail, love to hear from other fans.... JOURNEY ON.)

27/04/01: zack albright - ALBRIGHTZJ@AOL.COM
Rating: 0

26/04/01: Harry B -
Rating: 98
Arrival-The follow up to Escape and Frontiers.. Let’s not even compare Steve Augeri to Steve Perry. What’s done is done, and Steve Augeri sounds great! Neal’s playing is awesome as always. This guy has to be one of the best ever. The classic Cain piano holds everything down as does Ross’s ever-present bass and the solid drumming from Deen.

Higher Place- The first single off the album. Reminds me of “Separate Ways”, especially the chorus. A great summer rocker that should please all fans of good music. With a video, this song would have been in the top 5.

“All the Way”-Sure it’s bubble gum rock, but you’ll find yourself humming it. Classic Journey ballad.

The piano in “Sign’s of life” brings me right back to “Don’t stop believin”. Again, in typical journey fashion, a great chorus. I love the way the piano riff “moves” behind the song. Should be another single.

“All the things I love about you” a bit more of a rocker. A good time. And a heavier song. Lends a nice balance to the album.

“Loved by you”. A piano song to be sure. Not one of my faves, but a good song al in all.

“Livin to do”-GO NEAL GO! Listen to the lyrics. Probably some of the most profound I’ve heard from a Journey album. This song is akin to “Mother Father” from the Escape album. Great opening acoustic guitar. This one’s a long one, so it’ll never see airplay or precious concert time. Too bad.

“World gone wild” Sounds like it was written during the Frontiers sessions. I’d compare it to “Edge of the blade” or “Trouble child” but BETTER. Another single is waiting to happen.

“I got a reason”-One of my favorite Neal solos on the album. Good rock and roll song.

“With your love”-Could be the next “open arms”. Great song just DYING to be played on radios across the world. The ultimate wedding song.

“Lifetime of Dreams” another ballad which suffers from going after “With your love”. Sure it’s good, but never follow something better!

“Nothing comes close”-Godo to see another rocker added to the Us release. Not one of my personal favorites off the album, but a good song.

“To be alive again” You’re telling me they were going to leave this one off the US release? Come on, it’s the best song on the album! Great summer rock anthem. Listen to it loud and long. The end of the song where Neal and Jon play together is just great. This is THE hit off the album!

“Kiss me softly” Great vocals, great lyrics, great song.

“We will meet again” reminds me of something off of Infinity. Has a nice old Journey feel to it. Great way to end the CD. Drums are way up front and then Neal’s guitar hits. Another great vocal performance.

If you like journey, AOR or just GOOD MUSIC, you must get this album. Hope they make 10 more like it!

25/04/01: wil engemann -
Rating: 50
Before I start, I really appreciate all the opinions of those that like this album. I have checked into the ratings and found that fans really dig this thing. I bought the cd on the strength of those reviews. Now I have to admit that I am not "getting it". Maybe its because I hate Raised on Radio and that's that album that this gets most compaired to. I'm a Frontiers - Escape fan and I love 5 songs off from Trial by Fire.
So what I'm going to do is admit that I like and equal number of songs of from this that I do from Trial, get my cd burner and create a Steve vs. steve "Arrival by Fire" or "Trial by Arrival" All kidding aside, that will make one damn fine car cd.

24/04/01: Max -
Rating: 100
What a great album. Ever since I purchased the debut 'Stranded' album about a year ago, I hadn't bought anything like this: An AOR masterpiece. Some songs hit you as huge standouts right from the start, while some others grown on you on the second listen and I'm pretty sure they will keep growing on me when I listen for the third time soon. I just don't want it to burn on my CD player, although that would be pretty difficult considering the amazing songwriting and musicianship coming from the speakers.

'Higher place' has an unforgettable AOR riff, while 'All the way' is a mid tempo rock and ballad tune at the same time being not heavy, but not slow either. Then comes the first 'official' ballad of the album in the from of a heartfelt and bautiful 'Signs of life'. Very nice songs to give a chance to catch up from the opening tune before the second rock AOR piece ('All the things') put you to AOR-headbang again. then, the slow and very nice ballad 'Loved by you' put you to remember aweomse times. And like that it keeps rolling in the form of a huge blues ballad ('Livin' to do'), some AOR hard rockers like 'World gone wild' and 'I got a reason', some beautiful ballads like 'Lifetime of dreams' (My favorite song on the album) and awesome-instrumental moody songs like the amazing 'Live and breath'. I'm gonna stop here now so you can just buy it and hear the rest of the stuff I didn't mention and make your own judgements about it. Also, I have to go now, but, like Journey says in the form of their last huge-rocking, but moody song 'We will meet again'.

24/04/01: RHiNO -
Rating: 98
What can I say about this CD's nothing short of OUTSTANDING! The only thing I would have done diffrently is add more ROCKERS! I have been a JOURNEY Fan ever since I heard "Anyway You Want It" from the Movie "Caddyshack" back in 80! This new CD Captures the sound & Attitude that I have grown up on. Since Steve Perry had to depart, Steve Augeri makes the perfect man to step up into the Job. I must say even though he doesn't have to vocal range Perry has/had, he has taken all Songs, and made them his his own right. At some points in many of the Songs from Arrival, I would have to think twice about it not being Perry. I am very very pleased by this new CD...Let the JOURNEY Continue....!!!! See you at the San Diego Show :D

24/04/01: ddregs -
Rating: 95
Excellent record.
Higher Place is the Journey standard we were expecting since their return with Steve Perry, and I am happy he's gone hearing Steve Augeri's fresh voice. Steve Perry is my fav singer, but Augeri's voice is best suited even to the ballads.
Listen to Once More from TBF and tell me how SP sounds strained trying to hit those high notes.
Compositions are very good, something is excellent (All the Way sounds a bit like When You Love a Woman, but Lifetime of Dreams is excellent and Signs of Life and World Gone WIld are outstanding).
This is their best effort since Frontiers/ROR. Much much better than TBF, and they sound like classic Journey.
Too bad there will always be people around who still haven't heard the record and are crying because Steve Perry is here no more. Keep cryin' babies.
Journey are back, charts will never take them into account because time have changed and even Aerosmith (who have lots of pushing from the medias) will not make it this time.
Rock on Journey!

24/04/01: Kevin - K-man Leafan
Rating: 9
This alblum sounds like true Journey. All I want to do now is find out when they are touring here. This C.D. is a must buy for Journey fans!

24/04/01: David -
Rating: 50
I have had the Japanese version of this album since October 2000. It had way too many ballads and only a few songs that rocked on it. I've managed to Napster the two new songs and they do help. That's why I'm bumping up my rating to 50% (it had previously been 40%).

I recently saw the Journey at Las Vegas special that is currently being shown on Direct TV as well as seeing them live a couple of years ago. While new singer Steve Augeri seems like a good replacement when you are listening to the CD, he is so visual displeasing that they need to axe him immediately. In simple but direct language, Augeri looks like he has had the living daylights beaten out of him with an ugly stick! By comparison, Steve Augeri makes Ronnie James Dio look like Mel Gibson. While I don't normally let a singer's appearance influence my perception of the band (especially a male singer), Augeri looks like he could play "The Joker" (in the Batman series) without ever having to put on any makeup. The bottom line: I find his looks to be very distracting especially since his vocals sound so much like Steve Perry's while his appearance in no way resembles Perry, but closer to the singer of Quiet Riot (Steve Plunkett).

If you a nut over Journey ballads, you may like the new Journey album. However, do not go see this band play live unless you are blind!

This new form of Journey should change their name to "Four Old Farts and One Ugly Dude"! Now that would fit!


17/04/01: John K -
Rating: 95
I simply cannot get myself to take this album out of the cd player. It is that good. This album does the Journey legacy proud. They have delivered the goods on this release. I ask any Journey fans out their that refuse to accept a Journey without Steve Perry at the vocal helm to just give this album a chance. You don't know what your missing out on! You will not be disappointed. What can i say? This release has it all, Schon's customary intense melodic playing, Cain's atmospheric keys, and one vocalist named Steve Augeri. Steve Perry who? Just wait till you see this guy live! You cannot go wrong buying this album. Go out and get this album now. You owe it to yourself to be treated to such an amazing disc. So what are you waiting for?

17/04/01: Mando -
Rating: 9
Just want to say I would've gave this album a 10 but it needed a litte less ballads I thought. I really enjoy this album though and every Journey fan will not be disappointed in this effort unless you're in love with the former singer. I swear you cant really tell the difference in this Steve compared to old STeve. He sounds great and the band also sounds great on this album, it sounds like they got an injection of new blood because of the way they are playing and Neal hasnt sounded any better, his guitar work is really really good and his solos on this album are a real spark on this album. I cant wait to see them on tour this year. The drummer also really holds his own and what can I say about Ross and Jonathan, solid as ever. Its just great to have them back with a new album and tour. This Steve sure does a great job and I cant wait for the next album they release, just dont make the wait too long fellows for the next one . Later

17/04/01: Jonathan - jp5184
Rating: 90
This is a much better album than '96's Trial by Fire, but it still lacks a consistent hard edge of classics like Escape and Frontiers. Though there are more rockers than Trial by Fire and Raised on Radio, there are still a plethora of mellow sludge that slows the album down. Still, there are some great songs such as Higher Place, Signs of Life, All the Things, World Gone Wild, I Got a Reason, Nothing Comes Close, To Be Alive Again, and We Will Meet Again. All of these are rock or hard rock, but none of them rock quite as hard as Dead or Alive, Back Talk, Lay it Down, Chain Reaction, Line of Fire, Can Do, etc. Even some of the mellow songs are pretty good, like, All the Way, Live and Breathe (like that one reviewer said, it's a ballad traped in a rocker's body), Lifetime of Dreams, and Livin' to Do. This album is good, but still too much mellow stuff for my taste.

15/04/01: Brad -
Rating: 99
I cannot believe how good the U.S. release of this album is! When I first read the Japanese version review here, I was a little worried. Although I liked "Trial By Fire" I feel the second half was mostly way too slow, and I did not want to see a repeat of that on this album. Well...this is for sure anything but a disappointment. I am so blown away by this album after the first couple of listens that I am calling the best new album I have heard in 11 years--when the first Damn Yankees album came out. This album has everything--from the classic Journey sounds we know and love like the hard-rocking anthem "Higher Place" and the beautiful ballad "All The Way" to some quite different groundbreaking Journey sounds like "All The Things" , "Livin' To Do", and "Kiss Me Softly". The mix and order of the songs with their various tempos is about perfect. I have all the Journey albums dating back to the beginning of their "popular heyday" with "Infinity"; and this is surely the best thing they have put out since 1983's "Frontiers". I am dead serious in saying that I could not have hoped for a better release. An absolute gem!! Neal Schon's guitar playing has never been better, and Steve Augeri is a masterful replacement for the legend that is Steve Perry. Here's to hoping that more efforts of this sort are to follow--and without a 4- or 5-year wait. Keep rocking guys!

14/04/01: Jon -
Rating: 90
While better than 99.9% of all the music out there, I just can't give this album a better rating. Here's why: Escape.
Escape is the perfect Journey Album, a 100, the climax of the band's catalogue and the standard for all Journey albums before and after. Escape had 5 balls to the wall hard rockers ("Stone," "Runnin'," "Escape," "Lay," and "Dead"), 2 killer middle of the road rockers ("Believin'"-my fave., and "Mother"-slow but fairly hard), and 3 soft rockers ("Crying," "Ride"-with great Schon licks, and "Arms"-the ultimat Journey ballad). Compare that to Arrival: 3 balls to the wall rockers ("Higher," "World," and "Alive Again"), 5 middle of the road rockers ("Signs," "Things," "Reason," "Nothin'"-this could go either way, and "Meet Again"), and, count em', 7 ballads ("Way," "Loved," "Livin'," "With," "LIfetime," "Breathe," and "Kiss"). Half of the songs on Escape were Hard Rockers, while almost half on Arrival are ballads.
It would have been simple to make this album an Escape for the new millenium like we were promised, and here's how: Get rid of "Loved," "With," "Lifetime," and "Kiss." It's ok to keep "All" because it's Arrival's "Open Arms;" "Livin'" because it's totally original, especially with its jazz organ-sounding keyboard at the end; and "Breathe" because it has some killer guitar distortion and really cool bass (a rocker traped in a ballad's body). Get rid of the keyboards on one of the hard rockers, ala "Runnin'" from Escape, or "Can't Tame the Lion" from Trial by Fire, or just add another rocker as long as it has no keyboards. And that's all it would take to have the perfect album. It would be streamlined to 11 songs, but half of the songs wouldn't be wussy ballads.
I drive a shuttle taking students to and from the parking lots and the campus at Utah Valley State College, and I was playing Arrival while on the job. One of the passengers asked, while "Kiss Me Softly" was playing, who I was listening to. I told her it was Journey, and she said, ( I swear this is true) "Oh, I thought it was Ricky Martin or something." I almost went postal on her for the blaspheme, but then realized that it wasn't such a stretch. Journey was always a rockin' band with some quaint little ballads such as "Good Morning Girl," and power ballads such as "Opened the Door" (instead of the overlong, anticlimatic, non-power ballads of today) thrown in the mix, but with Raised on Radio they became a ballad band with hard and middle of the road rockers thrown in, and Arrival, while not nearly as bad as Radio and Trial, continues that sucky trend. Get rid of those four ballads, and make one of the rockers a little heavier by getting rid of the keyboards, and you have an Escape for the new Millenium. Till then, it's in the middle of the Journey catalogue, better than Trial, Radio, the pre-Perry stuff, and the harder Fronties (it's hard and has 2 or 3 total classics, but most of the songs are throw aways); but not as good as Infinity and Evolution (they're not as hard, but that's because there are more middle of the road rockers, not because of an overabundance of ballads), or Departure and Escape. Still, it's better than 99.9% of the music out there, and will be listened to every day for at least a month. To the boys in the band: Less ballads!!!!!

13/04/01: Paul Rose -
Rating: 75
From England my review; Higher Place Signs of life Nothin comes close and To be alive again are classic Journey tracks whether the VOICE Mr Perry is with the band or not ! Steve A has a great voice and the production of the album is great guitar keyboards etc is to drawer After listening to ARRIVAL 3 times though I listened to DEPARTURE and realised that whilst 21 years old now HOW it still rocks in places and just what a VOICE PERRY had !! To any JOURNEY DIE HARDS ( perry ) GO OUT and BUY ARRIVAL times have moved on and REMEMBER COME TO the UK PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/04/01: Daniel West,Jr. -
Rating: 100
So I hope journey will live "Forever" 'cause they rock. I been loving journey since I was in my early teens, and I have all I mean all of their albums. Steve Augeri sounds jus'like Steve Perry but at the sametime he can hold his own and he can surely "Rock" with force....Good job to journey 'cause they hired the right person to fill in for Steve Perry.
This new journey CD sound like journey but at the sametimes different, and I have been playing this "Arrival" album in my car and at home - it's ashame but I have been playing it like nothing. I love all of the songs and the romantic songs like "Kiss me softly" and "Loved by you" 'cause that's journey.
This album "Arrival" Neal Schon....He really shows his playing power that I didn't even know he had untill this "Arrival" came out. He surely can rock with an edge smooth cut. My hat is off to him. The songs "livin'to do" and "World gone wild" shows his power playing.
Journey to me is one of the best bands out there, and can't wait to see them in concert.

04/04/01: PJ \"Blade\" Allen - pjblade@juno,com
Rating: 100
This is by far one of Journey's geatest gbums I had got the import when it came out in October of 2000, and was loved it, but thought that something was missing. Then i went out today & brought the US release and found what was missing in the form of
"World Gone Wild" & "Nothin'Comes Close". It's great to see that after all these years Journey can still "evolve" without being trendy

26/03/01: Kevin -
Rating: 0
Other than saying that this is probably the best Journey cd since Frontiers, I'll save my full review until the US version comes out next week, but at any rate, a couple of points....

1. don't forget the new songs that are to be added to the US version----World Gone Wild (yea, the one from the '99 tour), Nothing Comes Close, To Be Alive Again and dropping I'm Not That Way. You end up with a much more rocking version than the Japan cd.

2. without getting into the SP vs. SA arguement, I will say that judging from Perry's rather flaky vocal performance on the FTLOSM tour of '94/95 (very good one night, not-so-hot to rather bad the next--and that's not even counting the sickness problems later in the tour), Perry's 2001 voice is NOT what it used to be on the Escape tour and at the moment, SA is the better singer for Journey as his voice is more consistent.

19/03/01: Mad Mike Productions -
Rating: 0
Something to think about. Pull out Infinity (if your Journey collection goes back that far). What songs rock on that CD? Feeling That Way/Anytime (kind of, but...). LA DO DA (definitely). Wheel in the Sky (of course). Can Do (yes, but who remembers that?). That's about it. Journey really didn't start the rockin' with Perry until their second effort with him-Evolution. Let's see, what rocks there? Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (kind of, in a blues way). city of the Angels. When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy). Lovin' You is Easy. Just the Same Way. Do You Recall. Lady Luck. WOW! All of them rock. I think we owe it to the guys to settle in and let the shock of a new singer sink in with people. Maybe on the next disc we will hear more tunes like Remember Me. After all they have given us over the years, don't we owe them that much?

15/03/01: Mad Mike Productions -
Rating: 70
For starters, a response to Noelle's comment (although not talking about me since this is my first review), I have been a Journey fan since the beginning. And no, I don't mean Escape. I mean Journey 1 (1975). I was a fan of Santana as a kid and made the transition easy to Journey. When Steve Perry joined the band, I had a similar comment as those with Steve Augeri-"Who's this guy? This isn't Journey." But, I really liked what I heard. So much that I became a bigger fan. When I became old enough to attend concerts, I finally saw Journey on their Departure tour and their vocals and performance blew me away. Until then, I only remember seeing them on PBS's Soundstage in 1978 and was very impressed. But, nothing like seeing them in person. Now with Augeri in the band (which, by the way I was a fan of Tall Stories) it's kind of the same thing. They still have that Journey sound, but different. I like it. I am glad that Steve was singing more in his natural voice than trying to sound like Perry. I only rate this CD a 70 because I think it should have rocked a little more. They do such a kick ass job live (if you haven't seen them yet and are worried about they way Augeri sounds. Don't be-he's awesome!). When they teased people with some new material on last years tour, the music rocked. But, the two songs they played didn't even end up on the CD. Plus, they said that this is a return to their old style. The only song that is "Old-style" is Higher Place. The songs are great on the whole CD, it just doesn't really rock other than a few songs. So to summarize: Big Journey fan. Before Steve Perry. With Steve Perry and after Steve Perry. If you are a Journey fan, you are a Journey fan. Times they must change! And for those who want to live in the past-at least you have your CDs.

06/03/01: Noelle -
Rating: 0
This is not Journey. Never will be Journey. I don't know how old these people are that are saying what a great replacement SA is but they must not have been old enough to even see the Escape tour. Probably still in diapers. SA is no clone of Steve Perry even though he has tried and has the same first name. That's an insult to Steve Perry. This band should not be called Journey. IF they couldn't wait for Steve they should have called it something else.

05/03/01: Joshua P. Christie -
Rating: 90
I will avoid going into my thoughts on the Steve Perry issue for one simple fact-- at the time of 'Remember Me' being put out on the 'Armageddon' soundtrack, I was unaware until after hearing that song that Mr. Perry was no longer with the band. 2 1/2 years ago I moved to Phoenix, AZ and have seen the "new" Journey in concert for the last 3 years in a row. That said, Steve Augeri is nothing short of a flawless replacement for the band as is Deen Castronovo. Seeing this formation of the band live just one time will put to rest anyone's fears as to what the new album will entail without Perry in the line-up. That said, onto the album.

There is not one track that is not listenable and every song in its' own creative way has merit to be included on this record. However, as everybody else seems quick to point out, the lack of some strong rockers really brings the album down. Without question Journey are the pioneers of the power ballad and pull them off better than just about anybody. However even with 'Trial By Fire' being somewhat overloaded with ballads, tracks like 'Message Of Love, One More, Castles Burning, along with the more upbeat but tamer tracks like 'If He Should Break Your Heart' and 'Forever In Blue' kept the album well paced and evened out so that you never felt as if you were being overwhelmed with one type of style over another. You could almost program half of the album to rock to and the other half to either fall asleep or have a candlelit dinner to.

We are not afforded that above mentioned luxury with 'Arrival' which is what keeps it from being perfect. 'Higher Place', 'Signs Of Life', & 'To Be Alive Again' are as good as anything the group has ever put out as far as good old-fahioned, crank it up and let the adrenaline flow rockers. On the other side of that token, 'Loved By You', 'Livin' To Do', 'Live &
Breathe' and 'Kiss Me Softly' will, for years to come, be considered among the most powerful & artistic ballads the band has ever pulled off. I give an exceptional nod to the middle of those 2 which in some ways are not even ballads at all. 'Livin' To Do' especially is a refreshing step back to the progressive nature of the band's first three outings pre-Steve Perry. I also want it duelly noted (since so many people have taken it upon themselves to single out the song as one which should be removed from the American release of the record) that 'Loved By You' is hands down the song of the album--- so beautiful and emotional in both its' message and musicianship that one would be hard pressed to find a more original, captivating ballad anywhere in the world; attribute that to the song's two man show of Jonathan Cain's brilliant piano playing and Steve Augeri's demonstration as to why he does excel over Steve Perry in certain areas of the group's music and that couldn't be showcased any better than it is here in this song.

Outside of those 7 tracks, the final track 'We Will Meet Again' is an outstanding way to end the record and offers an opportunity within its' 5+ minute running time to allow all the band members to get a piece of the action individually and by the songs' end come together collectively to leave the "new" Journey sound resonating with all. All of the tracks in the middle of point A and point B are not bad in any way, shape or form but simply never allow the album to rise above a certain energy level. Individually listened to one can get more out of them than hearing them flow together as they do on this album which if I had any true complaint would be that the layout of the tracks has a little to be desired--- i.e. no way 'To Be Alive Again' should have been a mere bonus track when it has exactly the kind of energy level that the oversaturation of the mid-tempo ballads caused the body of the album not to have. Two or three more songs like this and 'Remember Me' tying together these loose ends would have made 'Arrival' one for the ages.

Fortunately, it has been confirmed that the U.S. release of 'Arrival' will in fact have a couple more rockers included, in addition to 'To Be Alive Again' also being added as well-- accordingly to the new track listing I have seen I think my dilema of the album not flowing as well as it currently does without these moderations will easily be taken care of. In all actuality, when 'Arrival' hits U.S. shelves in another month it very well could be that my 90 rating could turn into a 100+. Bottom line- for any Journey or non-Journey fan alike, 'Arrival' is without question one to add to your music library which I assure you will pay for itself for many, many years to come.

11/02/01: Susumu -
Rating: 83
It is solid and great rockin'CD. But not as great as Escape or Neal Schon related Double Eclipse. Steve Augeri is fine vocal and doing great in rockers such as Higher Place, I Got A Reason.
But ballads are a bit of let down. With Your Love and Lifetime Of Dreams start good but becoming mediocre at the end. It shows clearly well that Steve Augeri may be better suited for Hardline vocalist than Journey. Hard rickin' CD is nice approach but should have left ballads exclusive for Perry. As a Top 40 fans maybe All The Way and I Got A Reason are the picks for airplay.

23/01/01: alliedforces -
Rating: 25
Not more ballads !!!!!! This album was gonna rock ????what happened??? Caine thats what!!Remember me was a very good start but they slipped back to the ballads again.Ever since caine joined the band the music has gone from rock to pop and everyone knows that neil can rock with the best of them,remember hardline!!!Sorry to say this album is bad.NapsterIT!!!

21/01/01: Jeff Hansen -
Rating: 98
I really don't know where to this is really two reviews in one for me. Both Journey and Steve Augeri have rocked my world in the past. Both Tall Stories and Tyketto's Shine are in my top 20 cd's of all just seems that this guy keeps getting better with every cd he sings on. I can't wait for a journey follow-up. But before I start to ramble on, let's talk about Arrival the follow-up to 1996's Trial By Fire....While I yern for Neal Schon to let loose and rock a little more (Stone in Love, Escape), this cd really hits the spot for me. I love melodic rock and have ever since i can remember, on top of that, being from San Fransisco Journey was a staple of my youth. On Arrival, Journey does not stray much from what has worked for them in the past. Songs like Higer Place, Live and Breathe, Signs of Life, and All The Way could have easily made the classic Escape and Frontiers discs. However there are some influences here from both Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain's solo efforts which really casts a mood over certain songs. I love listen to a song that can take to a certain place or make you feel a certain a musician that is what we all try to achive. For those who think of these songs as too slow, then they should clear thier minds and listen to the mood of the song...sometimes the songs you thought were slow really hit you hard....and this is what Journey does on this cd. This cd will go into classic status as far as i am concerened. I think it is miles ahead of both of it's predicessors (Trial By Fire and Raised On Radio). This cd is for both Journey fans and fans of melodic rock alike. To Journey: Well done

20/01/01: Davey Harkness -
Rating: 85

07/01/01: Craig -
Rating: 84
There is way too many slow songs on this album. This band knows how to rock, so why don't they??? It starts of with a bang and after Signs of Life things start to become a mess. If this had a few more rockers to up the tempo instead of getting bogged down with formula ballads it might have scored 100! Come on guys. You know how to rock and you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. So why not give us the album WE know you can deliver? I know I'm going to be crucified for this but Steve Augeri actually sounds better on Arrival than anything Perry sung on Trial By Fire!

27/12/00: Brian W. -
Rating: 85
While I will say that I do like the CD a whole lot, I do have some constructive criticisms that hopefully someone may find useful. I'm sure as they progress with Augeri, these things I mention will improve.

Arrival has some really classic Journey songwriting. However, I felt that Steve Augeri's vocals were way underproduced (at times even hard to hear). Steve A's vocals are in a slightly lower range than Steve Perry (perhaps due to the songs) and his vocal timbre is also slightly different. So, it may be a matter of him getting his feet in front of the mic or in getting the right sound engineer (more likely). I think it's just simply that the vocal mix needs to be upped a tad to stand out. Sometimes his vocals just get lost in the music.

None-the-less, I felt Augeri's vocal expressions on the CD were far different than the way Perry would have done it (as it should be). As such, I also felt that Augeri may have been staggering to find his way on parts of the CD. Meaning, the vocals don't sound as polished as Perry (especially in the ad-libs and wo-hos). The music performance is definitely there, but the vocals were definitely rough in spots. There were songs where Steve A. sounds very similar to Steve P. On the other hand, there were songs where Steve A. sounds like John Waite (making the band sound like Bad English) and sometimes even like Jon Anderson (Yes). Definitely great to have this diversity, but this isn't Bad English or Yes.

Higher Place is probably the best high energy song on the CD bar none. The drums, on the other hand, borrow heavily from the sound of Van Halen (not sure if it's on purpose). There's also 'Signs of Life' and 'I Got A Reason' which have this drum style sound.

Overall, the writing and music is definitely all Journey, the vocals are definitely Steve Augeri with a touch of Perry-esque style thrown here and there. It's just going to take a few CDs for them to get into the groove.

26/12/00: Henry Auxier -
Rating: 95
Great album!!!Great Album great singer kudos to Steve Augeri for stepping into a difficult position as Journey's new singer. He does sound like Perry at times I hope to see great things in the the future from Mr. Augeri. The only gripe that I have with Arrival is the use of outside writers. They were never used before. I hope that the next album is better if possible

25/12/00: cruz ramos -
Rating: 90
Well I got to say that even that I miss "THE VOICE" Steve A.does a great job.This cd is very good,as many other fans I think is a little mellow,they should have added a couple of more rockers and it would have been great.I still think that Kevin Chalfant has the most beatiful voice after Steve Perry,but Steve A. did really good,his voice is great too.I have to say that I have the Tall Stories and the Tiketto cd's and even Steve A's voice is good, does not have the vibe and soul it has in ARRIVAL.So if you think that you can measure Steve A. with those cds,don't be wrong like I was,Steve A. can sing and I hope to see them if they come to Orlando in the next tour.I hope that we don't have to wait another four years for anothe Journey cd.

24/12/00: Max -
Rating: 98
I've been a huge Jrny fan since almost 20 years ago, when I first heard the leads of 'Stone in Love' and 'Who's cryin now'. The Schon/Cain/Perry songwriting machine (later on just Schon/Cain) has been the biggest influence on me in my (amateur) music 'carrer'.
That being said, I was eagerly anticipating this release, especially after seeing Jrny on tour last year with Steve Augeri.
After I read about the (as Journey says on their website) 'Napster Fiasco' I had to of course check out the tunes too.
Once again - Wow!
First time I heard 'Higher Place', it gave me goosebumps. That track is just amazing. My other favorites are 'We will meet again' and 'All the things..'.
'We will meet again' reminds me of the more musically bold Journey - tracks like 'Troubled Child' or 'Frontiers' - awsome!
'All the things..' could have been released on the Hardline CD, great rocker. It could have been mixed a little more aggressive, though.
Can't wait to get the US release with the additional tracks (hopefully this is not a rumour).

Hey - anyone know where to reserve front row seats for the upcoming tour??

If you like Journey - you will love this one!!

23/12/00: lance thompson -
Rating: 0
That's 85 on the journey scale...This album is not as good as raised on radio...augeri is a good singer, but far from perry. I don't understand all the lame ballads. Or the lack of high notes on the lame ballads..same as trial. we need more higher place and signs of life on this disk!!! If you want to hear great journey checkout Jorn Lande's edge of the blade...your jaw will hit the floor...this should have been the new singer.

19/12/00: AR -
Rating: 98
Well, Journey's been out of it for awhile...but wow! This album totally rocks. I'm only 15 and have been a big Journey fan since my dad used to listen to Raised on Radio when I was 4. I have 7 (well, now 8) Journey CDs. All my friends are like, Journey who? But they don't know what good music's about! Steve Perry, I must say, is "The Voice," and probably the greatest singer of all time, but Augeri's voice is very, very pleasing. They've influenced my songwriting very much in the past. Okay, now for the song by song introspection:
1) Higher Place - the first single; the absolute best song on the album. A lot of thought went into writing this, I'm sure. The guitar is incredible, there's key changes everywhere, and Augeri's vocals shine.
2) All The Way - this is right up there with number 1. From an artist's standpoint, I hate how reviewers down Journey on Trial By Fire and Arrival for not being up-tempo enough, because I write rockers and ballads, an equal amount of each. Ballads, to me, are more touching and hit deeper. So this ranks equal with Higher Place, because I think the message is so universal.
3) Signs of Life - Wow, 3 killer tunes in a row. By this song, the listener is really starting to get drawn into the album. Great piano work, and I really love the solo (great "Who's Crying Now" revival, Neal!)
4) All The Things - this is probably my least favorite on the album. The guitar work is very moody and harsh, but to me, this song sounds a little out of place on Arrival. But, this shows Journey's evolution and variety of new material. So, even though I don't like this song as much, way to go Journey!
5) Loved By You - great ballad. The lyrics are what caught my attention, and I like the little unison guitar/piano parts.
6) Livin' to Do - I love this song. It's almost got a Dream Theater kind of sound, especially with the chord changes. Great unconventional bluse song.
7) I Got A Reason - another rocker, yet could have been left off. I know I said "All The Things" didn't fit the album, but the feel of this isn't really Journey, even if they have evolved. Nice chorus work though, Steve.
8) With Your Love - this has got to be a radio hit. I was totally blow away by this song (and the whole album, actually, I didn't expect anything this amazing). What a sentiment!
9) Lifetime of Dreams - another awesome ballad. Power ballads are awesome, and Journey always does 'em the way they should be done. This is no exception.
10) Live and Breathe - what an interesting song. Very moody and melodic. Great bass, Ross! I don't think Journey's ever done a song like this before, but hey, keep up the good work!
11) Kiss Me Softly - one of my personal favorites. A very sensual soft song. I really like the acoustic solo as well. Great soundtrack material. I really like the deepness of Steve's voice in the beginning. I'm a baritone, so it's the only Journey thing I can actually sing without changing the key (hehe).
12) I'm Not That Way - another touching ballad, with great lyrics.
13) We Will Meet Again - a classic Journey ending to a new classic album. We will meet again, Journey, and hopefully we won't wait another 4 years! :)
14) To Be Alive Again - I was a little disappointed in this song, after its reviews. This should stay the Japanese bonus track, and the US tracklist is fine with me. Journey knew what they were doing. The album is like a mood pattern that goes up and down with each song.
So there you have it. Journey's first album in over 20 years without Steve Perry. But Augeri seems to be taking us to a "higher place"...

15/12/00: Brad Truelove -
Rating: 100
This album has something for everyone. It's difficult to beleive the negative replys from the track "Loved by You". This track is certainly new ground for Journey. But to me it demonstrates the many talents of some of the greatest music makers the world has ever scene. I simply love this track. You don't have to like it, but, you have to appreciate it. It's lyrics and soulful tone are very heartfelt and tells a story of most all of our lives... This is a most deserving track that I'm very thankful is on this album.

10/12/00: Peter Giambalvo -
Rating: 90
OK I hate to say it but I believe "Arrival" is a stronger overall effort from my favorite band in the world (besides my own)than "Trial by Fire". I hate to say it because Steve Perry is my favorite vocalist and really influences what I do tremendously. First of all, as much as I love "Message of Love" I did find it a bit dubious that JRNY chose to lead off their first album in 10 years with a blatant knock-off of a song they'd written at least 13 years earlier, "Separate Ways". I actually enjoy the former song more but in terms of originality or evolution for the band it did not bode well (thank God for the title track by the end of the record). At least that showed some "signs of [creative] life". Now we have JRNY's first record in 4 years and it starts off with a wholly original song which I cannot seem to get enough of. This bade well upon first listen, very well. Are these guys in my head? Sometimes it feels that way. The lyrics and music of "Higher Place" just feel so "me" at this point in my life. Anyway, I can't say enough about the opening track. Tremendous. It put me in a good mood for a week.
"All the Way" - Beautiful song. Incredible chorus. If this isn't a hit for Journey I could definitely hear it on some country station where I know it would be a huge smash. Garth Brooks, are you listening?... It is also uncanny how Augeri's phrasing at times is so similar to Perry's, like immediately after Neal's lovely solo. If that isn't a "Perry-ism" I don't know what is. It makes me wonder if stuff like that is dictated by the band or Kevin Shirley or if it's just Steve A.'s natural instinct. It is uncanny though.
"Signs of Life" - Excellent track. It just flows. It's what we actors would call very "organic." Classic Journey ending as well.
"All of the Things" - Not quite as "organic" as the previous track but definitely has a groove. Cool guitar stuff. I don't know so much about Jon's keyboard on this one. At times, it comes off a little cold to me. I guess I'm still warming up to that ingredient of the song but here's the question: If a part really works in a song, should I really have to "warm up" to it?... All things cosidered, I dig it.
"Loved by You" - You know what stands out to me every time I listen to this song? (and here's what makes it a keeper) The answer is that little musical tug in the chorus right after "...before I wake" mmmm. Very sensual. Gets me every time.
"Livin' to Do" - OK, right away you hear that "Higher Octave" thing creeping into Journey's music which I think is very cool. The Journey sound is evolving folks and that is a very good thing. (Isn't it always?) The pre-chorus/chorus has the perfect amount of tension/release in it. This is an epic stand out track in a very classic rock vein. Now here's a track where Jon's contribution is very much appreciated. Could this cool "late nite" sound be a result of recording in New York? It's the most east coast sounding thing I've heard the boys do since Gregg Rolie's work on "When the Love Has Gone" from Dream, after Dream. Similar keyboard sound. Very gritty. I see yellow cabs on New York streets on a rainy night. Could be just me but I always appreciate this particular mellow vibe.
"I Got a Reason" - I think this song would be more fitting on a Bad English record. I appreciate the guitar solo very much though. I don't think Augeri comes off very well on this cut. Neither does Jonathan towards the end with what is frankly a rather lame, uninspired, repetitive piano thing. The song's a little wanting, for lack of a better word. I think those "No!s" are a little ugly sounding as well. Damn, it hurts to write this shit but I gotta be honest. This song is "middle of the road." Did I mention it would be more fitting on a Bad English record?
"With Your Love" - But all is well. The boys immediately redeem themselves on this gorgeous track. The key change choice at the end, which can at times sound a little desperate, is perfectly employed here. The song calls for it and it's perfect. Augeri's vocal sounds especially vulnerable here. It's probably one of my favorites of his on the album. I especially like his phrasing on the line "I've searched for something more..." and the way he closes it. This song really highlights the singer and man, he delivers. (I might have to make this MY wedding song).
"Lifetime of Dreams" - Whoa. They've hit some sorta stride here. It's one powerful ballad after another. I especially like the Beatles guitar and vocal sound here, especially the mellotron at the end of the first chorus which nestles its way into your left ear at its peak. (Thanks Kevin). Now of course by the end all Beatles references are thrown overboard, (at least the obvious ones) but that's okay because by now the song is flying and has a life of its own. The back and forth thing between Augeri and Neal at the end is much appreciated. There is a clarity to Augeri's vocal at the end which is a pleasure to listen to. Those "forever"s are pristeen and once again, thanks for the key change.
"Live and Breathe" - I'm listening to each track as I write this review. For some reaon, Augeri reminds me so much of David Coverdale here. Damn, I wanna hear the Whitesnake frontman sing this now. (Maybe I'd like it more). No, I'm just messin' around here. It'a good track. It's a bit of a mixed bag though. I like the nod to the past with the "Wheel in the Sky" reference but those "yeahs" at the end do nothing for the song and their kinda ugly and noisy sounding. (I hate when I don't like their choices!) Hey, even the Gods had to take a crap, right? By the way, this should be the extra Japanese track.
"Kiss Me Softly" - Once again, here's that Higher Octave sound finding its way into Journeymusic again. Not that there's anything wrong with that! I like this song, mostly for Augeri's vocal. Probably his most sensual on the record. Is this song supposed to make me wanna fuck? Cause if it is, I think I got it!
"I'm Not That Way" - I really like this song. The lyrics are very good. I don't know if Journey's ever written a song with this sentiment before. I just caught a major "Perry-ism" in "I'll always be he-ah..." It feels kinda unfair to compare Augeri to Perry like that but I gotta tell ya, when stuff like that pops up, it's hard not to. But once again, the delivery is beautiful. This guy is definitely in touch with his feminine side. This song would be right at home on a soundtrack to a romantic movie. For some reason it reminds me of one of those Stephen Bishop songs from "Tootsie" which is a good thing. I love Stephen Bishop. It's nice to hear him get the Journey treatment, if that's what's happening here. It could be just me. But if that were the case that would mean I'm kinda clueless and HEY, I'm not that way.
"We Will Meet Again" - Oooh baby. That's a spicy meatball! So much for "Faithfully" being the closer in concert. From now on, it's this one. Mark my words. (It'd better be. The moment immediately afterward is gonna be euphoric).
"To Be Alive Again" - Excellent song. I especially like the lyric. My favorite line is "Younger now than you were then." I find that to be an intriguing idea; that with age can come youth. And lemme tell ya, that lyric came at just the right time for me and I must say that although I always enjoyed the positive messages in a lot of Journey songs, I don't think I can truly say I was ever "intrigued" by something they said before. And this my friends, bodes well. Very well.

07/12/00: Rod Ward -
Rating: 95
Like many other hardcore Journey fans, I also ordered the Japanese release of Arrival. A one word review of this cd is appropriate....AWESOME!!! However, I was happy to hear that Journey has gone back into the studio and recorded two additional up-tempo songs to add to the worldwide release. If they must drop a song from this album, I think it should be "I'm Not That Way." It's a cool song, but it did not stand out. With the addition of the two rockers and some "tweeking" of the song order, ARRIVAL will definately stand out as Journey's BEST (yes I said best) album of all time. Way to go guys!!!

03/12/00: Brian Mc -
Rating: 90
Well, its finally here. ARRIVAL arrives a year and a half after it was promised and.....IT IS AWESOME. I must say, I was concerned about a new album without THE VOICE, but the fears have been silenced with what I consider to be a total slam-dunk, homerun release by those beloved JOURNEY-men. I had seen Journey live with Augeri singing, but was still unsure about a new studio album with him. I have the Japanese release and it is easily one of my all time favorite Journey albums. Below ESCAPE and FRONTIERS, but WAY ahead of RAISED ON RADIO!! As a 20-year fan of Journey, I have to say this album should rank in the top 4 of any Journey fans list. And I think I am very objective about my Journey reviews- see my review of GREATEST HITS LIVE- what a stinker!! I do agree that this album has too many slowies, but they are good. The recent news about the US version adding two "rockers" signal a release that could conceivably be the best JOURNEY release since ESCAPE, and Im not on drugs!!! JOURNEY fans rejoice, this album is an absolute GRAND SLAM. JOURNEY is alive and well!! Rock on!!

27/11/00: Adam - JWinkler@JCN.Net
Rating: 0
Here's my take on the new CD. It is soooo close to being a 99 out of a possible 100. All it needs is a little tweaking. Get rid of the obvious drawbacks: The disc is too long with not enough solid tunes. The good songs get lost in there. Way too many adult contemporary slow songs. If I wanted to hear a Michael Bolton CD I would have bought one. This is even more evident when you hear the unbelievable rock guitar work done by the always incredible Neil Schon. Finally the running order of the songs doesn't flow real well after track 3. The listener gets bored and distracted with this current order of songs. What needs to be done is simple my fellow Journey fans. Here is the way Arrival should be:
Track 1. Higher Place
Track 2. All The Way
Track 3. Signs Of Life
Track 4. With Your Love
Track 5. Live And Breathe
Track 6. Remember Me (This song really needs to be included.)
Track 7. To Be Alive Again (This song also has to make it to the rest of the world's releases of Arrival)
Track 8. Lifetime Of Dreams
Track 9. Livin' To Do
Track 10. Kiss Me Softly
Track 11. (Right here we need another arena size, sing along with the chorus, rocker. Schon and Blades need to write one more for this spot on the CD.)
Track 12. We Will Meet Again
It's just that simple. I encourage all of you to burn a copy make a tape, whatever you can do, of Arrival in the order in which I placed the tracks and you too will see that this release flows and rocks much better this way!
Now with all that said I do have to add that the tracks I kept on my version of Arrival are stellar. These songs can and will stand the test of time along with all the other great tunes in the Journey catalog. Having said that they definitely need to drop track 4. All The Things, track 5. Loved By You, track 7. I Got A Reason, and track 12. I'm Not That Way. These songs just don't make the grade and really pull down the other great tunes on Arrival.
With these few adjustments we have on our hands another amazing piece of music from one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. These songs like all Journey tunes bring back great memories of summer nights, get togethers with buddies, and most importantly of loves old and new. Hopefully someone in the Journey camp will realize they need to take in as much feedback from the fans as possible. We just want them to keep on rocking and do it as well as they ever have.
My recommendation, spend the money get the new CD enjoy it as much as I do. The new Steve is a fantastic singer, the lyrics and music are wonderful, and Neil is an animal on guitar!
Just in case you are wondering why my high score would still be a 99 and not a perfect 100 if they did all the things they need to do to this CD. Well, I still miss Steve Perry not being there.

24/11/00: Nicolas -
Rating: 0
Fantastic !! I'm a french musician, I'm 24 years old and in the past i was not a true Fan of Journey but i'm addicted of this incredible Album !! So much emotion, the songs are so cool, the production is so good !!. What can I say, Steve Augeri is the voice !!! A magic album, "Arrival" is a classic album..A new fan of Journey !!

22/11/00: Marco -
Rating: 90
Excuse me for my English.I,m a 30 years old boy from Italy and journey is one of my favourite band since i've heard Escape in 1987. Many times is passed and i've been trhough many changes in my life but my loved for journey is still so strong. I got to say that i din't like at all "TRIAL BY FIRE" so i wait with some fear for "ARRIVAL".
I bought the japanese cd and the album is GREAT!!!!!
First thing: Steve Augeri is a heartful singer. When I hear him sings on "loved by you" ,i always catch my breath. Wonderful.
Then the songs: Higher place and Signs of life are incredible.
I can't stop my body to move and my mouth to sing loud every time i hear them. The ballads are very nice. In a time when the
99% of the ballads that you listen on the radio are pure plastic, is a true joy discover slow songs full of true feelings.
I think that i will listen this album for so many years that my sons will listen with me when they grows.

21/11/00: Hector Lakisz -
Rating: 96
Sorry my english. I bought the japanese edition the 17/10/2000 and today (20/11/2000) don´t stop hear this favolous album.
My favorite songs (in order):
1) Loved by you (don´t drop, the american´s should listen this excellent song).
2) I´m not the way
3) Signs of life
4) To be alive again
5) Higher place
I don´t like much I got a reason
I live in Argentina and need to know if the band could play in my country. Thanks.

15/11/00: Jack Turner -
Rating: 99
This album is incredible. Steve Agueri somehow cloned Perry's voice. If your a die-hard Journey fan, this is a must. Thanks to my good friend Geoff Gause, he has shown me the light and given my the old passion I once had for the band. I'm there on the 30th as well, and looking forward to a great show.

13/11/00: Geoff Gause -
Rating: 80

13/11/00: Geoff Gause -
Rating: 8
No long critique here of each track. Though my Favorites: Higher Place, Lifetime of Dreams (Faithfully 2001)
My choice for song to be recorded by the eagles: I'm not that way.
There is no song that I dislike and hope that SP fans can get past the 'no Perry' thing. I saw two concerts from the last tour and although his stage presence is different than SP, S. Augeri and the group still keep everyone standing throughout the concert. S. Augeri has said it himself taht he has big shoes to fill. How intimidating it must have been to go on stage those first couple of times at the new beginning of all this.

Fans should leap at the chance to own this CD. I already have my floor tickets to the 12/30 show and can't wait to see how they'll blend the new music with the classics.

They surely are having as much fun as we are (as fans). You can see it during the concerts. Go buy a ticket, go see this band.

Thanks Journey for your new music. I would like to see the next CD have more tracks like "Higher Place, Got a Reaon, To be Alive Again"

Simply though a great effort by this group of amazing musical athletes !!! Congratulations guys, see you on the 30th.

11/11/00: nemoyoung -
Rating: 95
Although skeptical at first (we love Perry), we decided to purchase the Japanese version and we are extremely happy. I won't go thru each song, but let's just say that this album is one of Journey's best. We prefer ballads over heavy rockers, so we were glad to find a good mix on this album. Steve A. is not Perry; he doesn't have quite the tone quality, but he still is a very worthy replacement and he seems very comfortable in his role. Live And Breathe, Kiss Me Softly, and Livin' To Do are our favorites. Livin' To Do would be a great Bond song! The guitar and bass on Live and Breathe are incredible, and let's just say that Kiss Me Softly works great to set the mood! Even though we will always miss Perry, we are glad that Journey is continuing and are extremely pleased we purchased this Japanese release (we love the extra song as well).

11/11/00: eric vinger -
Rating: 95
Wonderful album,needed 2-3 more rockers on it,way to soft.Songs 1 and 14(to be alive again) could have been from escape and frontires, tracks,other highlights "liv'in to do" very reminiscent of the song "Departure" and "I'm Crying",a hint of Don Henley sounding vocal in there.Augeri is better now that he is capable of singing higher songs that i don't believe perry is capable anymore.

11/11/00: Hendricus Lulofs -
Rating: 95
In general I agree with the review of our WEB master...with one exception. The song Loved By You to me is one of the most romantic, soulful songs I have EVER listened to. To say that this could have been one of the tracks left off, in my opinion, is a complete miss statement!. Does it if you listen to the lyrics and the way the instruments are is a great song!!!

I must agree with Andrew's assesment of Livin' To Do! What a great song!!

This CD is definately worth the price!


10/11/00: TESMAN - RTES2000@AOL.COM
Rating: 95

10/11/00: Nick Almond -
Rating: 96
Just got my copy...japanese....journey at its best. Very tight production and you can tell that they are a mature band....yes,,,Journey has matured along with its fans!!! I'm 43 and I saw them every time they where in Houston and Dallas in my college years! A little mellower but, so am I ! The rockers still rock and I can't wait to hear "I Got A Reason" almost sounds live on the cd. A Great New Journey Has Begun!!!

10/11/00: Joe Aiello -
Rating: 98
I must say being a Journey fan for 20 years that this is a great CD. I did enjoy Steve Perry, but people need to get over the fact he was starting to slow the band down. Steve Augeri is a great asset to a great band. Good luck on the up coming tour and Mr. Augeri, I will see you soon my friend.......Keep Rockin'

09/11/00: Rick Sitgreaves -
Rating: 8
Arrival is growing on me. I did not care for it too much at first. That may be due to the fact that I am a Journey fan for life and which includes STEVE PERRY, But another one of my favorite CD's is TALL STORIES. You could not find anybody more suitable to fit Perry's Shoes. Only time will tell as it has with other Lead Singer issues and depends or not Steve has the staying power for die hard Journey fans. I am speaking for myself and Steve is a great part of Journey history. But as we all know! It is really not the Journey we all grew up and loved.
Arrival is a great disk for 2000, A breath of fresh air. I hope that it get the credit it deserves, But I really don't think it will take. Journey is Steve Perrys voice and this is very hard to overcome. Just look at the success of the first 3 lp's?

05/11/00: Dan Viens -
Rating: 95
The only reason this doesn't get a 100 from me is for the oft-mentioned-already dearth of rockers. By the way, wasn't one of the main reasons the rift started between Schon and Perry that Perry's production decisions on "Radio" and "TBF" didn't allow the band to ROCK enough? Funny that now, without Perry, the band (strongly influenced by Schon, I'm sure) chooses to release a disc almost entirely comprised of ballads? OK, I got that off my chest (but it makes me wonder what Perry's reaction to this disc is or will be).

Now then.....the thing that makes this a great CD is that the SONGS are so consistently strong! (Slow as they are) This is some of the best songwriting I have heard in years, and it once again reinforces what us die-hard Journey fans have known for 2 years, that Augeri is the PERFECT replacement for Perry. Could they have made a better choice? Well, yes, they could have waited for Perry's recovery. However, in light of the fact he has once again chosen to withdraw from us all and hide again in his cave and not record or tour, WE may have all still been waiting for Journey if they HAD kept SP in the fold. So, it's worked out for the best. NOW...I can't wait to hear these songs live. I think the hard part will be deciding which ones to include in the set list, and which to leave out. It will be a tough task for them to keep all the classics in AND feature this new record. So unless they go 2.5 hours on the next tour, we will probably all be disappointed with a decision or two about which songs to play.

I'm not going to break this out song-by-song. I'll just do it this way. When I see them in 2001, I want to hear Higher Place, I Got A Reason, and Kiss Me Softly at LEAST! I'm sure they will play 6 or so from Arrival. They can't go wrong with any of them.

LOVE THIS RECORD! Now let's get on with the tour!

Oh...and THANK YOU NAPSTER!!!!!!!!!

04/11/00: Jadir -
Rating: 10
Muito bom, apesar da falta do Steve Perry.

02/11/00: Robert -
Rating: 92
Journey is probably one of the greatest conventional rock bands in history. They have been known to release 'safe' records (not much experimentation), while maintaining a huge and loyal fanbase. Like it or not, their last album, Trial By Fire was a true testament to the band's talents (both songwriting and musicianship). It also had one thing that the new album does not: Steve Perry.

That being said, I think that Arrival is as good an album as we can expect from Journey at this point. I agree with the person who said that without Perry this album is as much Bad English as it is Journey. Steve Augeri does a fine job on vocals and he has great power and range. However, I feel that he lacks a bit of passion and precision (something Perry never lacked). The rest of the band performs near-perfect on this disc. They sound tight and in their prime. Dean's drumming is probably the most underrated in the biz.

The songs are great. Some reminiscent of Journey's glory days and some new, more modern sounding tracks. Stand out tracks include the already acclaimed 'Higher Place' (a bit of Be Good To Yourself), 'Signs of Life' (with its ode to Who's Crying Now solo), "With Your Love' (Faithfully for 2000), and 'To Be Alive Again' (a good way to end the album).

With the good comes the bad: 'Loved By You' and 'I'm Not That Way' could have been left off the album to make this a nice 12-track tight record. These two mediocre ballads really do nothing for an album already criticized for being "too slow". 'We Will Meet Again' also is sub-par, but it is different and that's a good thing for these guys.

I can't really complain about the production or the songwriting. This is a great AOR record that will fit nicely in my Journey collection. Although, I wouldn't quite rule out a love-hate reunion with Perry in the future (especially if this album tanks).

29/10/00: Eric -
Rating: 90
Overall, the album is a blast of fresh air. The negative 90's grunge crap is hopefully behind us. Any Journey fan should appreciate this album, even those who are more Perry fans than Journey fans. AOR fans should like, and general music fans may become addicted! The rock songs are tremendous, and the ballads are excellent and beautiful in their own right. There MIGHT be too many slower tempo songs in comparison to upper temp songs in the second half, but a little tweaking could help that for the US release. Ballads are a strength for Journey though, and they are what sells. (Thank you CDJapan)

1. Higher Place: It will be criminal if this is not a HIT. At the very least it will be a concert staple. It is driving, full of energy and FUN! Has great Bass. It has a bit of a progressive edge, yet is unmistakenably Journey. Most like "ESCAPE" - 95

2. All the way: probably will be a radio hit, but sounds too much like When you Love a Woman, and could be a bad first impression to casual listeners. This is a weak link in one respect, but will sell. - 60

3. Signs of Life: Rumored to be an older tune, this is Bad Englishesque. It has great keys, and is also fun. This may be a hit, but more likely to be a fan favorite. You can hear "Whose Cryin now riff in it". Has a "Don't Stop Believin feel to it". It continues to grow on me - 85

4. All the Things: Almost a full-fledged rocker - and a good one. Again, unique and fun. With luck could be a rock radio hit. Can get a bit repetitive to some. - 90 (Most like "Can do")

5. Loved by You: Gorgeous, but not Journeyesque. - 85

6. Livin to Do: WOW, arguably the best work Journey has ever done. Neal wrote with his Father who has now passed. It's moving and an epic for sure, and I'd like to see a big deal made of this song somehow. It may be slow tempo - but it AINT no friggin balld - 99

7. I got a reason: Heard a lot of negative about this song from fans, but it rocks and again its..FUN. Damn Yankees meets Journey. Could be fun live I think - 90

8. With Your Love: WEDDING HIT. My Wife thinks this song is the greatest. Could be a hit. Is pretty. - 85

9. Lifetime of Dreams: A power ballad in the realm of Faithfully. It is immediately nice to hear, but doesn't grow on me. Could be a hit - 85

10. Live a Breathe - the opening to Wheel in the Sky. Augeri's song. This is awesome. Music fans from any band will like this song - (IF THEY HEAR IT) - 95

11. Kiss me Softly - the lovemaking song - and Augeri's finest work on the album. This could be a hit, but more likely will be a fan favorite. A new sound for the band for the future? - 90

12. I'm not that way - My least favorite song on the album - and I wish they would drop it for the US release. It is not Journey. Unfortunately, it could be a crossover Country hit - 50

13. We will meet again - At first I didn't like, but now I do. It could also be a new sound for the band in the future. - 80

14. To be Alive Again - Has to get on the US version! FULL OF ENERGY. IS Keep on Runnin 2000. Again - its fun, and it takes you back. - 95

Hey, buy this one gang! Support Journey, and it could help out all of Melodic Rock in the future.

27/10/00: Heath Sanderson -
Rating: 10
ohhh yeah baby journey's back baby.
with the huge sound which made them the fucken house hold name of 80's rock ,huge riffs massive melodys how can
this band still be underground?
are we so involved in new rap metal, pop shit, over induldgent new age bands to remember where rocks roots actually originate.

27/10/00: darren -
Rating: 6
As a fairly rabid fan of Jrny for 20 years, heres my review of the newie. Now lets be honest, without Perry, this is as much a Bad English album as a Jrny one. New guy Augeri sings efficiently enough but offers little sparkle and on occasion goes full out to copy Steve Perry which is a mistake.
But some good points - Neil Schon is as always exemplary and adds plenty of magic even if he does revisit a few of his old classic solos. And yes, the whole thing has more life to it than "Trial by Fire" and also these guys a getting on a bit so fairs fair.
Opener, Higher Ground is an excellent start with a great chorus and verses reminiscent of "Frontiers" era stuff.
All the Way sounds more Bryan Adams than Jrny until Augeri starts ripping off Steve Perry before the solo.
All the Things is a good midtempo rocker.
Signs of Life is a typical aor rocker though it does drag a bit and Jon Cain sounds like he's playing half asleep !
Loved By You is a fine sophisticated ballad which shows the band off well.
Livin To Do is interesting and the most authentic Jyry track on offer as its almost pre "Escape" era and has a real classic quality to it.
I Got A Reason is a catchy rocker which would make a good single.
With Your Love is a "Trial By Fire" style ballad and a grower.
Lifetime of Dreams is a solid midtempo big ballad where Neil really shreds in the solo and outros.
Now things slide...
Live & Breathe is dull, dull, dull !! It can't decide if it wants to rock or not.
Kiss Me Softly is also flat with the most uninspired Jrny chorus ever !
I'm Not That Way starts off well and builds but is let down by a
lazy chorus yet again.
We'll Meet Again is better and a bit "Rubicon" and good way to finish.
Extra trk, To Be Alive Again rocks very well but should have been placed earlier to break up the ballads.

My main thought on all this is that its a fairly solid aor album which does grow on you but its not really Journey. I can't help but feel that the songwriting is bit lazy and without Perry, the plots gone a bit.
I wonder how it'll do...

26/10/00: Djcride -
Rating: 94
Replacing the lead vocalist means death to many bands, especially to established bands with dedicated fans. When the vocalist
in a band like Journey has brought a special sound to the world of music, the replacement could not be easy. Many of us
know the reactions Boston-fans had when Brad Delp was replaced with Fran Cosmo on the Walk On album (thank god Delp is
Journey could not have found a better subsitute. Augeri is phenomenal. I don't want to repeat it all, it's all said in the reviews
Nobody has mentioned any superlatives about "Live And Breathe", which in my opinion is one of the best songs Journey ever has
done! It's energy makes you shiver.
Otherwise, the missing 6 % is because I also think there should have been more rock anthems on this album, with "To Be
Alive Again" as a prime example. Don't get me wrong, the ballads are classic. But Journey's rock songs (the blend of piano,
guitar cruch, high pitch vocals; you know what I mean) are totally unique. Nevertheless, Arrival is excellent!

24/10/00: Brian -
Rating: 9
I really love this cd but in my opinion it does lack the passion of Steve Perry's voice! The music is well crafted and is delivered in a astounding way,but lacks the soulful voice of Perry! Augeri shines on the music but i prefer Perry! This is my opinion so respect it please? I will buy this cd even though i have it already thru napster. It is likeable even if you are not a Journey fan.I still think TBF is a better cd!

24/10/00: Marc B -
Rating: 95

Oh how amazing is the new Journey record!!!!! I had a crummy ass Napster Bootleg taken from some fool who recorded it from a cassette onto CD. But I got the tracks here first and I was totally blown away. "Higher Place", like you said, is the song of the year. Man, what a verse 'So I think I've got it all in place, no distractions, under control'. Augeri Smokes. Like he did in the mournfully neglected Tall Stories. The album does have too many ballads, but they are so good , that you can forgive the guys. But my only disagreement with you is "Loved By You" is probably one of the best ballads in recent years. Reminds me of Don Henley's "New York Minute". Definitly a keeper in my book. I am dying to hear the extra tracks that I didn't get on my crummy ass bootleg. Is the release for Japan still going to be on the 25th of October?????? I am ready with money in hand for this one. By the way, your site is killer, thanks for all the updates and great reviews. Keep it going mate. Peace

M to the B
from good old Massachusetts, USA

24/10/00: Kevin C. -
Rating: 85
I'll admit I haven't heard this disc but judging by the basic premise that Journey(again) writes too many ballads and hits you with too many in concert. They have the potential to really rock but they too often play soft-rock ballads. They ARE good at this stuff but it gets tiresome after awhile. Matthew, have you heard Lou Gramm lately? He has improved greatly since the Journey/Foreigner tour(a fiasco for Foreigner fans when Journey's soundtech was handling both bands early on in the tour...just horrible). Please don't judge Lou's performance by that tour...he's 80-90% back to his original vocal form after his near-fatal brain tumor surgery in 97". I DO plan on buying this Journey disc because they ARE an entertaining band, although they're a little too polished for my taste.

23/10/00: Scarab -
Rating: 90
Pretty much agree with Andrew's review, with the exception that "Live and Breathe" is a "soft track." It's one of the heaviest on the album. While I agree there are a few too many ballads, there's only one I would want to get rid of, and that's "All the Way"...and the reason is it just sounds like "When you love a woman" part 2, only not as strong. This song feels like familiar territory, while the other ballads do not sound like ground already covered by the band. Sure, they are power ballads, but they take us to someplace that's still fresh.

I'll probably plug in "To be alive again" in it's place on my "cutomized" version, as it seems to be the only song on the album I tend to skip.

Beware of "I'm not that way". While I wasn't initially crazy about it, it DOES sneak up on you. Neal's infectious licks pierce through in places like a laser beam, simple but memorable.

Miss Perry's heartwrenching (and to some degree almost tortured) delivery, but the JOURNEY "passion" is clearly evidant on this album. You won't have to search for it. Definitely a must buy if you've ever liked anything by the band. It's a solid offering.


23/10/00: Marcelo Cordoba -
Rating: 95
Pretty damn close to being a 100! A few too many ballads, but, this CD is awesome.

Augeri proves to be the perfect replacement for Perry with his close, but yet different vocal style. He needed this CD though to prove to the masses that he truly does belong, and truthfully, that Steve Perry will not be missed.

Even more so however, is Deen's replacement on drums for Steve Smith. Deen proves throughout that even though his friendship with Neal and Jon brought him to Journey, he truly belongs.

Ross kicks some serious ass on bass and Neal and Jon, well, what else can be said for these two?

The two Vaction's Over tours have shown to be very successful for these guys and I can't wait to see them in Reno, NV on Noveember 11th!

I agree with everyone else that To Be Alive Again should be on the North American release. That song just kicks ass and takes names!

Welcome back boys! See ya in Reno.

23/10/00: Jim -
Rating: 98
Have to agree mostly with Andrew, with the exception being "Loved By You", which I think is one of the greatest ballads Journey, or any other band has every produced!

23/10/00: Matthew Carty -
Rating: 89
I can't help but be biased about Journey's latest album, Arrival. It's hard for me to be objective about my favorite band - one that I've been listening to for some 22 years. There have been so many disappointments up until now. Waiting nine years for them to come back with Trial By Fire was hard enough, but watching it fade from sight when Perry went MIA was even more discouraging. No tour and no news meant even more frustration, as Cain and Schon waited for Perry to decide his future (and the band's).

Like everyone, I was leery of the band with a new singer - any new singer. For every Sammy Hagar there's ten Gary Cherones. The replacements are talented, but just not what the fans are looking for. There's a reason Foreigner is touring with a well-past-his-prime Lou Gramm - the fans wouldn't accept anything but.

That being said, I'd like to applaud Journey for taking the risk of replacing one of the best-loved singers in rock music. They have found a true gem. Steve Augeri's vocals shine throughout the new record. He is able to bring that same quality that Perry had to the songs - the otherworldly tone and style that just makes Journey's music glimmer.

Also of note is the band's replacement of their excellent drummer, Steve Smith. In comes Deen Castronovo, who Cain and Schon played with in Bad English. Castronovo not only brings a mastery of the skins that he has obviously honed since his days with that band, but he also has a knockout voice that's used to maximum effect in some standout backup vocals on Arrival.

When I first listened to the album, I was struck by how "Journey" the music still sounded, despite the replacements. I think this can be attributed to the extensive touring they have done over the past two years with the new lineup. Even the casual listener who hears the new music will say to themselves, "Hey, that sounds like Journey." Certain people who don't know about the saga that has led up to the new record will be shocked when they hear that it is not Perry singing.

Many fans are faulting the song selection on Arrival, but I am ok with it. There may be more ballads than rockers, but most of the ballads are quality tracks that deserved to be on the album. In fact, I only fault the inclusion of one track, the insipid "With Your Love." Sure, the girls will probably love it, but there is nary an original lyric in the entire song. This track has the dubious distinction of overtaking "When I Think Of You" as my least=favorite Journey song. Ever.

I am quite pleased to hear the band experimenting with different textures and styles on Arrival. "All the Things I Love About You" has an eastern, Zepplin-like feel to it, which just makes it a standout track. "Kiss Me Softly" pulls its theme directly from Cain and Schon's new age albums for Higher Octave, making for a dynamic song that is both delicate and powerful in different places. Lyrically, the band is somewhat hit and miss. "Lifetime of Dreams" and "I'm Not That Way" convey emotion sincerely, which is what has made Journey successful in the past. I think my favorite track is "We Will Meet Again," which does the same thing, over a brilliantly-crafted drum part and a nice, simple piano melody. Most of the tracks are only average lyrically, with good spots and bad. Typical of this is "I Got a Reason," which has a great hook, but also suffers by its use of cliches.

Arrival grabs the listener with "Higher Place," a rocker that fluidly combines Journey's Escape-era sound with their edgier, Bad English tone. "All the Way" is the likely first single, and is trademark Journey in every way. Truthfully, there is a lot to like on this album. I especially like how they hearken back to the Infinity era on "Livin to Do."

The band has created an album that not only showcases the future of Journey, but also its heritage. In my opinion, the lyrics are an occasional detriment to the music, so that is where the album loses its points. And, I'm deducting big for "With Your Love," the best example of these lyrical shortcomings. If I have one piece of advice to anyone with doubts about the new lineup, it would be listen to this album. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

For more of my reviews, visit and search for "wtadpole."

23/10/00: Dean -
Rating: 96

22/10/00: MetalLord -
Rating: 90
OK folks, I have to confess: I "napstered" the complete CD, however I´m going to buy it once it has been released!

As for the record: great stuff, great production, Augeri shines, BUT too many ballads for my taste! The first half is totaly world-class (good rocking), second half unfortunately too mellow!!! They really should have dropped 2-3 of the slower tunes replacing them with more mid-tempo or real rockers!
And the Japan bonus track "To be alive again" MUST be world-wide-released, as it´s absolutely a killer track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best songs: Higher places, Signs of life, All the way, All the things, Kiss me softly, To be alive again

22/10/00: koogles -
Rating: 98
If you buy one AOR album this year, make it the new Journey CD. (Perhaps I should re-phrase that for our Napster-adjusted society, and replace the word "buy" with "download".) My point is: get this CD any way you can, because you will not be disappointed. When Steve Augeri was chosen as the new singer, I was a little worried that maybe they should have gone with Hugo or Kevin Chalfant. Augeri would not have been my first round draft pick, but after listening to "Arrival", I can't imagine any other heir-apparent to the Perry throne doing a better job. The weakest song on "Arrival" is still better than the strongest material from Augeri's early resume, which included Tyketto's "Shine" and the Tall Stories record. The ratio of ballads to rockers is 9:5 (64%). That's a bit high, considering classic releases like "Frontiers" had a 20% mush factor. Then again, having basically invented the power ballad with "Open Arms" back in 1981, I suppose there's no sense in letting their patent go to waste. Speaking of which, there is no waste on this CD- every song is memorable, well-produced and stylistically faithful to the Journey name/legacy. "Arrival" is my pick for melodic rock Album of the Year.

22/10/00: Luc Begas -
Rating: 9
I only have a preliminary version of the album with not all the songs on the Jap version (which I hope to have in my possesion very soon) but I must say that I am really impressed from what I've heared so far.
I feel that most of the comments that Andrew made in his review are very solid. It's true that the amount of ballads is maybe a little overboard, but when they are as good as they are on this record there isn't much to complain about. I think most of the ballads have that classic Journey touch which make them sound very individual. A spark of originality that some of the rockier tracks lack a little bit. A big reward most go out to Steve Augeri who has done a tremendous job on the album. I was always very fond of the album he did with Tall Stories and also on this record he presents himself as a world class singer who has nothing to fear of the comparisons with the illustre Steve Perry. I for one was always hoping that Steve Perry would reconsider his decision to part from Journey (or however that came about) but the band had to move forward and they made the perfect choice with Augeri. (I hope Steve Perry will surprise us with a new solo album anytime soon, he still is a true genius)
Highlights for me on this album are Livin To Do, Lifetimes of Dreams and also the song Loved By You which contrary to Andrew I consider a true gem. Also Higher Place gets very high marks from me but I really can't find a truly bad song on this album. Although the initial reactions on the internet made me a bit concerned about the outcome of Arrival, I can already state that it ranks for me as one of the best albums the band have done so far. Escape it isn't but the band still prove to be a force to be reckoned with and in essence have surpassed my expecations after all the struggles of the past few years. Their music still touches my soul as few bands can do and for that I applaud them.
Now get you asses over to Europe to finally witness a Journey concert again.

22/10/00: Whynot_Canada -
Rating: 9
I have reviewed Andrew's comments and agree completely. The CD is great but it is a little mellow. It is an absolute must that the bonus Japanese track "To Be Alive Again" be added to the North American (and all other) releases. Since I got ahold of that track, I have listened to it litterally hundreds of times. IT IS AWESOME. The harmonies and the passion of the song can't help make the listener feel good. It is a great song to put you in a great mood.

Andrew is absolutely correct. Add the bonus and throw in one or two more rockers and this would be a perfect 10 right up there with, IMO, Escape, Evolution and Infinity. I can't wait to see them live.

21/10/00: shawn pelata -
Rating: 95

Ok, here’s my review of the new album by AOR legends Journey. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of an advance CD sent out to a local CD shop. I say fortunate because I truly consider myself so in obtaining a copy of this highly anticipated album. After 10 – 15 spins in the last 3 days, I can start by saying this album is fantastic! A superbly crafted AOR record full of the melody, emotion and quality songwriting Journey has been known for since their inception. First, a little history…

The departure of vocalist Steve Perry left almost all Journey fans in a combined state of shock and sadness. I, too, was taken back a bit by this news almost 3 years ago. Especially since I heard a rumor after “Raised On Radio” that their first choice to replace him in 1987 was Michael Bolton. It made me apprehensive as to who they would choose to succeed Perry, and what type of direction the band would take musically. My fears were put to rest in the summer of 1998 when I heard the sadly unnoticed track “Remember Me” from the soundtrack to the film “Armageddon”. As I sat and listened, my fears were rather quickly put to rest. The music was trademark Journey, and the vocals of newcomer Steve Augeri were flawless…absolutely flawless. Yeah, he sounded like Perry, but in delivery more so than tone. He had the same type of smooth, higher register voice that made Perry a household name in the late 70’s and early 80’s, yet forged his own identity by the end of a couple of listens.

This led to me buying tickets to the “Vacation’s Over” tour the band launched in the fall of 1998. It was in a 2000 seat theatre here locally. I knew Perry was no longer with the group and was in high anticipation of the “new guy” and how he would interpret the older material. There was a large sign above the T-shirts saying Perry was no longer in the band. “Who didn’t know that?” , I thought. I walked around the merchandise area and listened to the people. Some were talking anxiously about hearing this “new guy”, but most were complaining…some rather loudly. I heard things like “Well, this is going to suck!” and “I should get my money back!”. As many copies as that rather bad soundtrack had sold, surely SOME of these people had heard that new song! “oh well…”, I thought. “I’m glad I’m here!”

The show started, with “Separate Ways”…the crowd immediately went to their feet. By the time the guitar solo came around, every critic was silenced. The crowd was eagerly eating from Mr. Augeri’s hand…and LOVING every word that flowed from his lips. This exact same scenario repeated itself in the summer of 1999 when I saw the band again.

Anyway, on with the review. Every song on this release , ballad and rocker alike, is perfect in style and execution. They all were obviously and lovingly toiled over until each one was flawless. Here are a few highlights…

Higher Place – This opening cut is a melodic rocker...upbeat, catchy, and driving. A haunting verse with good synth and clean guitar layers, and a punchy, melodic chorus recalling “Escape”. The chorus is instantly memorable. Augeri’s vocals are great! After this opening song, how could anyone still doubt this band?!

Signs Of Life – A trademark Journey “radio rocker” ala “Don’t Stop Believin’”. Huge chorus, impeccable vocal melody, and trademark Schon guitar work…smooth and flowing. An excellent candidate for first single. (hint, hint)

All The Things – A good, grooving rocker. This song actually reminds me of Schon and Castronovo’s post-Bad English band “HARDLINE”. Great, edgy groove with another standout chorus. Schon really saws the strings on this one!

Live And Breathe – Smooth, flowing bass groove with powerful, emotional vocal delivery. If anyone saw the last tour they did, they’ll remember a little melodic groove “intro” they played before jumping into “Wheel In The Sky”. Well, this is it. Augeri delivers “…there in the sky spins a wheel…” while the band lay down this dark, velvet groove under him. Excellent song.

Kiss Me Softly – One of 5 ballads on this album. My favorite one, to be exact. Ambient, jazz-like piano accompanied by passionate vocals. Could have been on “Trial By Fire”.

Livin’ To Do – Very bluesy, slow burning rock song. Reminiscent of “Cryin’” from the 1980 album “Departure”. Incredible blues riffing from Schon, and a perfect, almost desperate vocal delivery from Augeri.

We Will Meet Again – Polyrhythmic drumming and airy piano begin this song. Sweeping the listener into an aura of musical bliss. Smooth, omnipresent melody and soaring vocals. Excellent way to close the album.

The other ballads, Loved By You, All The Way, With Your Love and Lifetime Of Dreams are all incredible. But then, has Journey EVER written a BAD ballad? Great melodies, powerful guitar solos, and tear jerking vocals. Also, surprisingly light on the sap.

Kevin Shirley’s production is smooth, and easy on the ears. Each member, Steve Augeri, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory, and Deen Castronovo, turns in a solid, impressive performance. All in all, a record all Journey fans can be proud of. I know I am.

21/10/00: Noddy -
Rating: 95
When I first got my hands on Arrival, to be honest, I did not give it a fair hearing, so convinced was I that it would be a poor immitation of the Journey we all love and that the only man who could have hoped to replace Perry was Kevin Chalfant. I was wrong on both counts - very wrong. Put simply, this album will be most people's Number 1 of Y2K. I agree with melodicrock's comment that we could have done with one more rocker and one or two fewer ballads, but that critiscism pales quickly when you are drawn in by the stunning opener "Higher Place", a classic slice of rousing AOR in anyone's era (hard to believe it's not Perry). Other highlights are "Signs of life" ( I won't give away the old classic which Shcon echoes on this track, but it's pretty obvious.) "Live and breathe" is perfection and the track which is playing on my deck at the moment, "Kiss me softly" is one of the greatest power ballads I have ever heard with vocals, musicianship and production all on another level to what other mere mortals are capable of.
To sum up, the Schon and Cain legend lives on and the Augeri legend is born. Classic stuff!