Escape Music ESM 061
Produced by: Steve Morris

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Foreigner

  1. Rev On The Red Line
  2. Cold As Ice
  3. Waiting For A Girl Like You
  4. Double Vision
  5. Feels Like The First Time
  6. Urgent
  7. Hot Blooded
  8. Head Games
  9. That Was Yesterday
  10. I Don't Want To Live Without You
  11. Prisoner Of Love
  12. Dirty White Boy

Tribute albums are hit or miss. It's as easy as that. last year saw an equal number of both and this year gets off to an early start with this album from the studio's of Escape Music.
Featuring the enter roster of bands at Escape, this could easily have fallen into a category that would appeal only to those that have really formed an alliance with the label and the bands it has released.
But I am happy to report this album succeeds on two fronts. One is that it is an excellent quality tribute to the legendary songs Foreigner have provided us with and second is that it should appeal to any general rock fan - especially those enamored with the mighty US band lead by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones.
The musicians are a core band from Heartland, Change Of Heart and Departure, with a few guests for good measure. The vocalists come from Escape's bands. Please see the special showcase for full details.
Loverboy bass player Scott Smith guests on Double Vision, which tragically could have been his last performance.
The sound of the album is in touch with the original sound of the songs in the era they were recorded.
So for many of the tracks, a cool 70's feel persists.
Most of these tribute albums concentrate on either the band's sole hits or try and be a little trendy by picking album tracks. This one sticks to the hits, but also includes a couple of the band's more recent hits, which often get left out of the equation.
There isn't any bad tracks on the album, but a couple deserve special mention. Chris Ousey does a fine Cold As Ice, the unusual voice of Troy Reid of Stranded adapts nicely for Double Vision and Alan Clark of Change Of Heart gets my vote for sounding closest to Lou Gramm on Urgent.
John Pratt, who I have previously had a little problem with vocally does a fine job on Hot Blooded and Darcy Deutsch of Pokerface does a nice job on one of my favorite Foreigner tunes That Was Yesterday.
The two best tracks are the duet of Chris Ousey and Troy Reid on the killer AOR song Prisoner Of Love and the smooth as a baby's bum Waiting For A Girl Like You, which features the always awesome Robert Berry of Alliance on lead vocals. A great version from a great singer.
BOTTOM LINE: Foreigner fans are always going to get the most out of this album, it covers the band's catalogue of songs well, including a couple of cool numbers often ignored and also pays them tribute by reproducing that authentic 70's and then 80's sound.
There is also enough here for any general AOR fan, with some good vocal performances and a slick production.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Foreigner fans and fans of the Escape Music artists taking part in the album.

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