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Pony Canyon PCCY-01433
Produced by: Firehouse

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Warrant, Steelheart
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Intro
  2. Overnight Sensation
  3. All She Wrote
  4. Lover's Lane
  5. Hold Your Fire
  6. Dream
  7. When I Look Into Your Eyes
  8. Acid Rain
  9. Bringin' Me Down
  10. Don't Walk Away
  11. Love Of A Lifetime
  12. Reach For The Sky

A good release for Firehouse fans, (which will no doubt be a substantial number of units for the band and label), but this release is not going to go any further than those.
If there is any fans out there that are yet to purchase this, then I can recommend it to you as it's as good a coverage of their greatest hits that you will find.
The band run through 15 of their best known songs, some hits, some album tracks and don't leave anything out.
The recording is of high standard and is loud and clear.
The only downside is there is a small drag in the middle of the disc where the band try their own version of Night Ranger's famous acoustic set mid concert.
These tracks aren't stripped down as much as being pure acoustic, but it the ballad portion of the show and it does drag a little.
But that's maybe only to the casual Firehouse fan i.e. Me!
Personally I like the studio albums much better. They pack a little more punch.
To the regular or die hard fan it will no doubt go down better.
And that sums up the whole release.
BOTTOM LINE: A live album such as this is always going to be a fans only affair. Those fans shouldn't be disappointed with what's on offer, but any others that are looking to get into the band should probably start with one of their studio albums.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most established Firehouse fans
DISCOGRAPHY:Firehouse . Hold Your Fire . 3 . Good Acoustics . Category 5 . Bring Them Out...Live

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