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Escape Music ESM-052
Produced by: John Pratt

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Trixter, Bulletboys

  1. Shadow Of A Doubt
  2. Stuck In The Middle
  3. Mary Gets Wise
  4. Blue Flame
  5. The Garden
  6. After The Fire
  7. Find A Way
  8. You're The One
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. How Do You Feel
  11. Fight
  12. Say Goodnight

After The Fire is also the second album from Firefly - brainchild of singer and chief songwriter John Pratt. The band are rounded out with Bob Gilles guitars, John Thomas Guitars & Solos, Bob Gilles Guitars, Michael Alemania Keyboards, Ricky Phillips Bass & Ron Wikso Drums.
Most of the band had a hand in writing songs with Pratt.
Maybe it's a good thing, maybe not, but I have a hard time pigeon holing Firelfy or at least trying to describe their sound in relation to another well know band.
True they do have their own feel and sound while drawing influences from other acts.
To me, they sound like they have elements of the sleaze hard rock scene (Motley Crue, Poison), more straight up rock (Bon Jovi, Trixter) and equal AOR influences (Journey).
There is also a little Led Zeppelin feel in the progressive nature of the songs, all with synth like keyboard undertones. It actually adds quite a bit of depth to the songs.
There is one problem though. And one that band can't really avoid. The vocalist.
As was the case with the band's debut, I just can't get my head around the tone & pitch of John Pratt's vocals. On the tunes where he is signing in a lower register I can quite enjoy him, I think the songs have a lot going for them.
But on other numbers like The Garden for example, the pitch is just too whiney for me to listen to at any great length. In fact I can't listen to that chorus at all. And that unfortunately takes away from the good work done on the songs.
Just listen to the lower vocal tones of After The Fire, the title track of the album. Now that is much better suited to his voice and has a much greater impact.
The whole album for the most part is consistent and there is a lot going on through the album. The production is better than the debut album, but overall I just can't get into it as much as the original. At least the guys have made a good effort in forming a contemporary sound.
With Escape putting out so many good releases last year and with Change Of Heart just being release, it makes it hard for Firefly to make as high a grade.
BOTTOM LINE: Fans of the debut will find more good music here, but they will have to be a fan of the vocals of John Pratt. Plus, the music is well worth a listen for the increase debut and improved production.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Established Firelfy fans, fans of Escape Music releases.
DISCOGRAPHY:Firefly . After The Fire

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