Final Frontier
Second Wave
Avalon Japan / Z Records UK
Produced By: Mladen Haze

Running Time: 47.34

Release Date: Out Now

Released: JP UK

Musical Style: 80's AOR

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 85%
Final Frontier are back for their second attack, with scant regard for the fact that it's 2004. The Second Wave is aptly titled, as listening to the album is like the 1980's all over again. Vocalist Rob Moratti and guitarist Mladen Haze (Von Groove) provide the backbone of the album both providing the music and writing all the songs together.
The band's debut was an enjoyable keyboard filled jog through the early 80's AOR sound that made Foreigner and Journey stars.
On The Second Wave, it's more of the same, with tracks on offer sounding like they could have been lifted from any 80's release from Styx or the previously mentioned Journey and Foreigner.
What's even better about the new album is the songwriting. While there has been no attempt to veer from the style of the keyboard friendly early 80's, the songs themselves contain better hooks and even more memorable choruses. There are plenty of moments to catch the listener's attention and reel them in. The beauty of each track is instantly recognizable thanks to well placed melodies and vocal hooks.
The album's direction is evident from track 1, but get into it a little and uncover the singalong gems like Somebody's Gotta Pay The Price, Lydia and the utterly essential Lost Inside A Dream. After The Fall is the band's big radio ballad and would have been guaranteed a spot in heavy rotation if it was 1985!
My main criticism of the debut was the thin production, which remains an issue with this release. But I'm sure that fans of early 80's AOR will be happy to overlook that factor in favor of some infectious singalong rock n roll. And thank God the artwork is better!
The Bottom Line
The star of this album is Rob Moratti and his perfectly suited high-pitch vocals and the set of songs he and Mladedn penned. Quite simply, these are great songs classics even and once given the chance to invade your brain, it will take months to remove them! I woke at 2am this morning with Lost Inside A Dream still running through my brain. Essential for fans of 80's AOR.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
The First Wave
The Second Wave

Line Up
Rob Moratti: Vocals
Mladen Haze: Guitar, Bass and Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Rick Springfield
Track Listing
The Second Wave
Somebody's got To Pay The Price*
After The Fall*
Lost Inside A Dream*
Faithful Heart*
Cinderella In Rags
Can't Stop Falling In Love
Delia (Japan Only)
--*Best Tracks

19/03/05: Graham Fenn -
Rating: 70
A very 80's orientated AOR album. I liked it very much and cannot specifically pick on any bad moments. This being FF's second outting see's them adopting the same 'Journey' flavoured rockers and ballads that made their debut such a winner. I hope they continue in this vein and we can expect more albums like this in the future. If you like 80's Journey or Hugo, The Storm etc then this is for you.

21/09/04: Erik -
Rating: 95
I love this type of music so much. So catchy, stunning chorusses. The voice fits the music like a glove. And which i thought could not happen but the second wave is even more impressive then the first. Lets hope for high water and many more waves to come. PERFECT AOR !

26/07/04: Ian -
Rating: 93
The First Wave is a personal favourite,but this delivers the goods.80s AOR in the style of Journey and Styx in 2004.Good vocals,guitar and key hooks.Overall,solid.

07/07/04: Roy -
Rating: 80
3 tracks here worth mentioning.
1. The second wave
2. Lydia
3. Lost inside a dream

The rest is boring after a while. Nonetheless a quality cd. Great melodies. very polished. Not the best CD in my collection but worth the $$.

25/06/04: Kurt -
Rating: 95
I like about everything on this record. You can find some great melodies here... I love the sound of the whole album. Nice vocals and guitars. For fans of great 80's rock...add it to your collection !

Rating: 99

24/03/04: geoff -
Rating: 99
this cd will be viewed as a classic in years
to come simple as that.brillant.

26/02/04: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 89
Fantastic AOR record, but perfect doesn't exist in this world. It's not as good a say Pride Of Lions or Mecca or Dakota, but it's a superb record anyway ! One you should buy immediately if you like classic AOR ! Go for it ! The best Z Records ever released.

26/02/04: Alliedforces -
Rating: 80
Lost inside a dream is worth the price for this album. Their are a couple of stinkers here but most of the album hits the mark. Finally some new music to listen to that is very good.

19/02/04: koogles -
Rating: 100
Final Frontier is a band who has yet to make its first mistake. The initial listen is quite an overwhelming experience: the songs come pouring out faster than you are able to digest their brilliance. If you liked the debut, this one actually manages to TOP it! On par with Kharma's monster from a few years back, there's really nothing out there right now that can touch this. It's in a class all by itself. 100%. No bull, no biases, just two objective ears hearing one PERFECT CD.

18/02/04: Lowdz -
Rating: 90
This album, for me, is just TOO perfect, and suffers a bit because of it. Every note is perfect, and sounds crystal clear,strong memorable songs but there's a lack of passion maybe.I think I just prefer my music with a bit more dirt under the fingernails. I will say that if you like Journey, Boston etc, this cd will be perfect for you.

05/02/04: Mike -
Rating: 100
This kind of AOR really hits the mark for me. I love great songs, melodies and hooks, and Final Frontier delivers! There is no filler on the album- every song is great. I can't get these songs out of my head. It resembles classic 80's, but is essential for today. Keep it going guys- I'm happy to be along for the ride!

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