Final Frontier High Tension Wire Frontiers Records
Produced By: Mladen

Running Time: 47.05

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU JP

Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 90%
High Tension Wire is now released outside Japan through Frontiers Records. There is one track difference - Half Way Home is a bonus track for Japan, which is replaced by a bonus track for Europe - Let Me Be The One.
Let Me Be The One is a feel good piano ballad that gathers momentum as the song goes. Just as catchy as the rest of the band's material and a solid addition to the album.
The original review of the Japanese release does not need changing and reads as follows:
For the uneducated, Final Frontier features vocalist and frontman Rob Moratti and Von Groove's Mladen, who contributes guitar, bass and keyboard parts.
Sonic X's Lawrence Falcomer adds valuable texture with his lead guitar work.
This is the band's third album and best yet. The guys have improved with each release and High Tension Wire features not only their best selection of songs to date, but also an improved production quality, in particular adding a little bottom end to the sound.
Final Frontier play nothing but pure AOR the sort of fluffy, feel good music Journey are loved for and the type Styx and Foreigner peddled to the masses year after year. But the guys don't merely serve up the best of what we might already have.
The smooth, high pitch vocals of Moratti, coupled with some extremely catchy hooks and layers and layers of vocal harmonies are Final Frontier's trademark and High Tension Wire delivers 11 original tracks that stand on their own, yet draw comparisons with the favourites from the genre.
Track By Track:
High Tension Wire opens with a tougher mood than seen on the first two albums. The more direct guitar sound and the beefier bottom end provide the bass for a rocking song that turns to bliss with a high pitch chorus hook.
Two Different Worlds is classic AOR, with a clean mix of electric and acoustic guitars and subtle keyboards, with Moratti's Steve Perry inspired vocals gliding over the top. The verse is pure Perry, while the hook filled chorus is pure 80's glory.
Angel Of The Lake, with it's distinct 70's vibe, builds beautifully through the verse, to a chorus inspired by Dennis DeYoung Styx.
Beauty And The Beast is one of those songs that is just instant, thanks to a hook that stands out like dogs balls. The song itself has a mellow vibe, but the chorus is pure anthem joy and pays homage to classic Journey.
Hearts On Fire is a little tougher and one of the tracks that makes a better impact on the second and third listens. More Steve Perry mannerisms can be heard, which suits the song.
Hollywood Drama is a keyboard friendly tune in a style that Final Frontier have done a few times before, but it remains just as welcomed and enjoyed here.
The moody rock ballad Sunset At Dawn starts as an acoustic driven tune with a more in your face lead vocal and builds in tempo, with some ear pleasing soloing towards the end of the song. Also present is an impressive orchestral accompaniment which adds impressive depth.
Something More To This is everything Final Frontier are loved for big bombastic vocals, smooth guitars and a memorable chorus layered in vocals.
Who's Gonna Love You Now is a tune with a real swagger and reminds me of 70's Journey and in particular the vibe of their classic Lights. Vocally speaking, Rob does his best Perry, not to mention his best full stop.
Listen To Your Heart is a pure 80's, mid-tempo AOR number with a great hook and memorable chorus. A true feel good pop rocker that would have found a place on a movie soundtrack had it been 1988.

The Bottom Line
There is still a demand for strong, hook filled classic AOR that comes straight from the 80's and Final Frontier deliver that and more with a passion. What's most pleasing is the fact the guys learn and develop with each release, guaranteeing fans something to look forward to.
This won't win over anyone that has moved on from the early AOR sound, but for those of us that live with one foot planted in the past this is an album for you!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
The First Wave
The Second Wave
High Tension Wire

Line Up
Rob Moratti: Vocals
Mladen: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Lawrence Falcomer: Lead Guitars

Essential for fans of:
Classic 80's AOR
Track Listing
High Tension Wire*
Two Different Worlds*
Angel Of The Lake
Beauty And The Beast*
Hearts On Fire
Hollywood Drama
Sunset At Dawn
Something More Than This
Who's Gonna Love You Now
Listen To Your Heart*
Let Me Be The One
--*Best Tracks

25/01/06: JT - N/A
Rating: 95
If you`ve read all of the reviews of this album then theres not much i can add. This is a must buy, One of the best albums of 2005 beyond any shadow of a doudt. Great songs with great hooks that`ll have you walking away singing them long after you`ve finished playing `em. I can`t recommend this album highly enough go buy !!!

19/08/05: Mike Beery -
Rating: 100
I LOVE THIS BAND. They have been favorites since 'First Wave'. They keep getting better and better. Rob and Mladen have a rare chemistry that turns out one great song after another. I listen to all 3 albums (shows my age) all the time. My 2 year old sings along, too. Keep up the great work. If radio knew what good music was, Final Frontier would be played everywhere. I think it's the best out there.

19/05/05: Gil -
Rating: 99
Very clean AOR...Doesn't get better than this
not even close!
The VOICE is so MAGICAL and sometimes overwhelming!!
Top notch performances and songs...just unbelievable.
I'm completely blown away!!! AWESOME!!!!

19/05/05: Eduardo Rocha -
Rating: 90
Great CD! Essential for Journey fans. Rob Moratti does an incredible vocal job. Catchy songs, very enjoyable. Dont miss their first two CDs (as good as this one).

18/05/05: Nigel James -
Rating: 85
A very solid AOR album but the vocals do get abit boring after a while. Some good songs but not that many are truly memorable.

28/04/05: ShredMonster -
Rating: 90
This CD starts out very strong and pretty much stays consistently strong. The first track is great, well thought out and the guitar playing is very classy indeed. The vocals grow on you and I can see this guy singing Journey or Survivor covers. Many of the songs remind me of Survivor, which is a good thing. The band seems to know what it likes and doing what you like well is always better than trying to do someone elses thing. I wish more bands would just produce the kinds of music they like rather trying to capture radio play, which is not going to happen for competent rock bands any time soon.

27/04/05: JK -
Rating: 91
An album that quickly grows on you. I've been playing it for 3 straight weeks with no end in sight.
Go and get this album now.
A consistent and solid album from beginning to end.
I found that at any given time of the day, the melodies and choruses would pop into my head.
You know that's always a good sign.
The choruses/background harmony vocals on some of these songs are shear euphoric. (Especially towards the end of "High tension wire" and "Hearts on fire")
You can definitely feel/hear the Styx/Journey/Survivor connection.
High Tension Wires rips things off in a hurry with a great hook/ riff that powers the title track.
Falcomer and Mladen really gel well together with the guitar interplay throughout.
"Angel of the Lake" sounds like Styx with Tommy Shaw on vocals.
While we were listening to this track my brother commented, "This is Styx right?" Nope!
"Beauty and the beast" is another great track that you'll get stuck in your head.
"Hearts on Fire" is classic Journey with an awesome Neal Schonish solo at the end.
These guys keep progressing with each release.
Thanks again Andrew for turning me onto another talented group of guys!

24/04/05: Guy Nett -
Rating: 93
No matter how much you try to get into a new AOR band
it's never the same as the old stuff BUT for the first time in
years there is finally a band with quality production and awesome
songs. Rob Moratti's voice is the best I've heard in a very long time, it's obviously not a competition but if it were
he'd be far ahead of the race. (Untouchable)

They have a very classic influence, from Journey and Survivor,
Boston and Styx with lots of Mickey Thomas.
The great thing with Final Frontier is I know it's them when I
hear it.
At the end of the day, these guys come out on top for sounding
like The New Classic band.
Trust me! If you're truly an AOR fan,
it doesn't get any better than this.

21/04/05: Pete -
Rating: 70
Ok songs,not very good production,and you can hear that they are using autotune on Rob`s voice, i would like to hear him sing whitout this voiceassistant.

19/04/05: Russ -
Rating: 99
Virtually faultless. An absolute masterpiece from the breezy summertime feel of the opening track, through the incredible harmonies of Two Different Worlds, the wonderfully Kansas-esque Angel Of The Lake, the irresistibly catchy Something More To This....Rob Moratti just sings his arse off and the musicianship and production are incredible. Yes its highly reminiscent of Journey but Moratti's voice also nods in the direction of Starship's Mickey Thomas as well. The album of the year so far that will take some beating. And as for the track Beauty And The Beast, that is just sensational and definitely the best track of 2005. I'm pretty sure as well that this album already betters anything put out in 2004. Well done chaps!

11/04/05: gino -
Rating: 99
Excellent album....this takes me back to the eighties !!
journey all over again...this album makes me feel good on a rainy day...listen to the song beauty and the beast...grrrrrrrrreat with a cappital G !!!!
excellent vocals by rob !!!
a must for all AOR lovers !!!!!

07/04/05: Kurt -
Rating: 90
These are the kind of albums that make me feel happy all day !! Great and well crafted AOR !! For me Final Frontier is one of the very best AOR acts today. If you loved the music Journey made in the 80s then you will like this cd as much as I do. My favorite tracks are Two different worlds, Listen to your heart and Angel of the lake that has a chorus i keep singing all day when i play the track in the morning. Excellent stuff !!!

01/04/05: John K -
Rating: 79
Starts off nicely with the title track. Unfortunately I felt the CD didn't live up to Andrew's rating/review.
I was slightly disappointed.
Rob Moratti's vocals can sometimes rub me the wrong way.
This is decent AOR but a little too hokey in spots for my tastes.
The tunes just don't carry any deep emotional weight to them or possibly Moratti doesn't convey them as well as he could have.
I agree in some spots it sounds like Orion: The hunter, mixed in with cheesy 80's AOR.
Some of the songs show promise but seem to veer into "bland territory".
For me, the album seems to encompass all the negative stereotypes about 80's AOR.

30/03/05: Erik -
Rating: 91
What a quality band ! I have to say there r very few bands that can bring out 3 top notch releases like these. And they seem to improve with every cd. I have to agree tho that its lacking some power on the production. Could have been been somewhat "fuller".
Anyways this band for me is already an all time favorite. This is the type of AOR i live and breath for. Musically just an extremely talented band and i know we have not even seen(heard) the best of em yet. And also its the type of "radio friendly" music thats becoming more and more popular again. So mark my words this band will/can hit the (commercial) charts at some point. Excellent effort again guys and do keep the albums coming ! 91/100 PS Love the album cover(design).

23/03/05: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 92

Great cd ,good old 80s aor ala Boston,orion.
This is their most consistent cd ,and much better produced than their first 2 cds.Only weak point is that the real standout track is missing and Rob,s voice can get a little hard to listen to for 11 songs in a row as he sings very high. .I still think Restless heart from first wave is thir best song ever.If you love the 80s get this cd.

22/03/05: Mark Ellis -
Rating: 100
When I first heard the first CD I was blown away and didn't even bother buying there 2nd CD last year because I thought for sure
it would not have been possible to be better, I was pleased with
The First Wave.
I decided to buy last years "The Second Wave" and now "High Tension Wire" at the same time and I'm totally overdosing!!
Overwhelmed by how incredible this band really is and they only
get better and better.
Let's start with songs - 100% catchy and no weak spots, REALLY!
Rob's voice - 100% Just when you think he's singing high with lot's of passion, he goes even higher and then higher again!
I think alot of the old classic singers would be proud of him,
great job Rob.
Mladen - 100% On production work that really paid off on this record and songwriting collaboration with Rob is also 100%!!
Everything sounds clean and large, good work.
Lawrence Falcomer - Alot of Neil Schon in his performance only
Lawrence is even faster, REALLY! All I can say is, very tasteful!
Between the three guys you really can't go wrong.
You MUST check out "High Tension Wire"!

21/03/05: TIM (2) -
Rating: 90
Definitely their most complete disc so far. Production is far advanced of the previous 2 albums, as is the quality of the songs. For my money this edges out the new OUTLAND album, but the Jap bonus track is a lot better than the Euro track so try and track down that copy. Fave tracks are "Two Different Worlds", "Hollywood Drama" and "Listen to your Heart", but there really isn't a filler. Prime 80's AOR, that's as good as anything in the genre in about the last 15 years.

19/03/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 75
Well, alwyas been a big fan of this great AOR act, but this one does disappoint me !
No real great songs, and above all, a rather bad productions, which spoils the pleasure to listen to this !
No, this band is good and they can much better than this. Still, it's better than some other praisen releases !

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