AOR Heaven / Point Music
Produced by: Eva

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Tim Feehan

  1. Angel
  2. Give Up
  3. Blue Sky
  4. Inside Out
  5. The One
  6. New Day
  7. Call The Heart
  8. In Your Arms
  9. Holdin' On
  10. Too Late

Eva are another great discovery from AOR Heaven and Point Music. These guys are another example of pure AOR - played and written at it's heart.
That means lots of soft mid-tempo ballads, plenty of keyboards and lots of heartfelt, soaring harmony vocals.
Naturally, you can add a couple of big power ballads to the mix and a couple of smoother almost Westcoast numbers to round out this release.
At times this reminds me of Tim Feehan, another great name in the AOR game - who has since moved into other areas of interest, over a solo career.
The production is solid throughout, and the style is heavily influenced by the late 80's and early 90's AOR movement. I am not trying to short change this album, but there's not much more I need to add to describe it.
AOR fans will find that a few listens in will have them roped in.
Give Up is a catchy AOR anthem and a dead ringer for Tim Feehan and the sound of his debut album.
Blue Sky is a good Midwestern AOR power ballad that sounds quite similar to classic mid-80's Michael Bolton.
Call The Heart meanwhile, is a jazzy little pop number with a sprinkling of pure 80's AOR keyboards and a happy go lucky feel.
BOTTOM LINE: One of the better and stronger examples of smooth Westcoast AOR this year. There are several albums on the market in a similar vein, so if you have to choose, this one is recommended, especially is you have previously been hooked by the golden tonsils of Mr Tim Feehan (even though he's not on the album in nay way!)
Smooth with a capital S.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of smooth Westcoast pop rock, some fans of Tim Feehan.

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