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· Produced By: Europe

· Running Time: 46.59

· Release Date: Out Now

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· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 96%
In my reviews for the two Europe albums released since the band reunited, I have really found a few sensational songs on each record that I would rate amongst my favourite from the band, but also some true filler.
Both albums rated ok due to those songs and the fact that I found the band's move into a contemporary sound quite credible, vs. some other acts that have tried and failed.
Some fans have not liked the new direction and I can definitely appreciate that – those probably won't like this album any more than the last two.
The band keeps it close to the formula of the last two albums here, maintaining that contemporary down-tuned style and some ultra heavy riffs compared to what they used to deliver.
But at the same time, they change this up just enough to make it stand on its own. Last Look At Eden features a more 70s driven retro sound, heavy on orchestration and big rootsy, blues grooves.
While I still prefer several of the standout tracks on the last two albums; I do think this album is the best of the three and certainly the most consistent.
I think the fillers here are minimal and the highlights plentiful.
The only thing I would ask for is more emphasis on some big melodies and a few more instant hooks. There are a couple of instances where the song stops for a more melodic interlude (Gonna Get Ready the most obvious), where the melody itself seems almost at odds with the rest of the song and the slide in and out of the interlude doesn't seem natural. More attention here would make a perfect Europe album closer to reality.
As far as this album goes – intense is the best description. It's so heavy in places and the guitar riffs rule this record. Simply a monster guitar sound! The Beast being a prime example of just how powerful!
The title track Last Look At Eden is probably my favourite track here – a melodic chorus used to great effect.
Gonna Get Ready rocks hard; Catch That Plane, Only Young Twice and Mojito Girl are all pure heavy groove; and the ballad New Love In Town is a really cool example of a contemporary rock ballad.
I love the orchestration and intensity of No Stone Unturned (should be a single) and In My Time is a 70s Zep style ballad.
U Devil U and Run With The Angels are perhaps the weakest point of the album for me.
The Bottom Line
A couple of fillers and a couple of tracks you wish had a slightly bigger chorus, but generally speaking, this is a very consistent and big sounding record. The best overall set of songs from the last three albums, although the naysayer's will likely stay unconvinced. Big big groove and big big attitude…and seriously heavy!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Europe
· Wings Of Tomorrow
· Final Countdown
· Out Of This World
· Prisoners In Paradise
· Start From The Dark
· Secret Society
· Last Look At Eden

Line Up:
· Joey Tempest: Vocals
· John Norum: Guitar
· Ian Haugland: Drums
· John Leven: Bass
· Mic Michaeli: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Europe
· Modern Heavy Rock
Track Listing
· Prelude
· Last Look At Eden *
· Gonna Get Ready *
· Catch That Plane *
· New Love In Town *
· The Beast
· Mojito Girl
· No Stone Unturned *
· Only Young Twice
· U Devil U
· Run With The Angels
· In My Time

--*Best Tracks

08/01/10: The Brain -
Rating: 90
For me its there best album since Wings of Tomorrow-which Im a huge fan of .
I feel they captured the raw power of the first two albums and almost touching The final Countdown - I prefer the previous
This album probably suffers lyricly-great music good vocals song writing is a bit loose -love the Rainbow likeness of No Stone unturned
The Beast Barks
Its a grower though with each listen it gets more menacing

22/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 64
As has already been stated by numerous reviewers here, this is not Europe of the "Final Countdown"-era 80's anymore. But that's okay. As I've said before, an artist has the right and obligation to follow their creative instincts. So evaluate the music at hand, not what you'd like it to be. This has a very bluesy 70's feel to it. It starts off better than average with the title track, then rolls out a couple of average cuts, followed by "New Love In Town" and "The Beast", which are both highlights for this album. After that, however, this cd goes downhill in a hurry with filler and some tracks that are just not good at all. Overall, I'll score this as "Average".

10/12/09: Chris -
Rating: 0
Will make it short, here`s a fan of the 80`s and beginning 90`s Europe, this new Album is in fact well produced and features good songwriting and Joey sounds good and its heavy - those are the good facts.

I really dont need anything to sound like 80s Hardrock ( I listen to that kinda style rarely nowadays ) but when the name Europe is on the Front of an Album I ( for myself )expect great Chorusses, some Ballads and big hooks together with that feeling that its running down my neck hot and cold when I listen to the songs ( like when I heard Johnny Gioeli of Hardline singing Hands of Time or Love leads the way for the first time ) - to sum it up, sadly all of this is missing here.

I know Europe released another two Albums since they reunited, those ones are very strange to me too :( Sry.

I appreciate that the guys are going on and makin the music they believe in, and they for sure put all their heartblood in the songs but the music simply dont touches me in any way.

Strange score one might think from me, uhh ? Yeah, the 0% is for the feeling of the songs and that I couldnt connect an a feeling level to even just one song, the 90% is for the heavy sound & production and that Joey still sounds good, it`s just not Europe to me anymore.

Sorry, just my thoughts about it.

10/12/09: joerg -
Rating: 5
This is Europe? Sorry, they gotta be kidding me. I loved "Out of this world" and I always liked Kee Marcello most as guitat player in Europe and he made it clear in a recent interview he does not want to get involved in Europe anymore. I know why. What a bad album ist this? I would not listen to it even if I had no other album available. Sorry, b ut this is not my style. Where are my old Europe albums....

06/12/09: Wardy -
Rating: 90
As expected the new Europe is attracting a lot of criticism, the band choosing to yet again continue the same approach they have done for the last two albums since re-uniting, but hell this is to my ears another slice of brilliance!

I was won over with their last two releases not needing the return of 80's Europe but this one seems to be pushing forward and back! Europe haven't released anything as close to old school Europe as they have here with the title track Last Look At Eden, with its flamboyance and full of good time Europe, Last Look is just tremendous.

The remainder of the album continues where the last one left off but manages to throw in a ton of 70's influences to boot, many of the songs having that 70's swagger about them and it's a great thing to hear. The Beast rocks heavy like they haven't done since Seventh Sign, Catch That Plane is hugely addictive, New Love in Town is everything you claim to not want to hear but is everything you secretly want a ballad to be, Mojito Girl swings along brilliantly (recalling those Audioslave comparisons from the Noticeboards a while back - well it wasn't like Audioslave were original either so...), and No Stone Unturned is possibly the classiest song the guys have recorded since checking in again post Millennium!

These guys have done no wrong in my books (aside from a couple terrible cover arts in a row but gotta admit I love the digipack for the new one), while I was a fan of their early stuff I gotta admit I'm pretty much a die-hard now, I love where they've headed and hope they continue for many more!

04/12/09: Dr Nick -
Rating: 75
I've found the last 2 Europe CD's patchy, and this is another one. There are some really good songs here (the title track, Beast, No Stone Unturned), but on the whole the album lacks punch and energy - most songs are pretty slow beats.
The performances are all very good, and John Norum in particular has some great moments (Beast, In My Time), but too often he's in second gear and doesn't really let rip like he can.
Personally I think if you get the best from Start From the Dark, Secret Society (my favourite of the new ones) and this one, you'll have one great album.
But there's just too much pedestrianism for my taste.
Perhaps they should learn from Winger.

26/11/09: Todd -
Rating: 100
Best album I've bought in the last few years. The Beast is my favorite track on the album, it gets my blood pumping everytime I hear it!

Rating: 99
Kings Of European melodic rock are back with the best album of this year!!! john Norum is my fav. guitar hero and the band rocks!!!!! in my time!!!!

04/11/09: Nando -
Rating: 50
You joking me right? A guy said somewhere up there he has been a fan since 1986 and rated this album as best europe´s cd ever??? hey dude what kind of beer do you usually drink???LOL

Not sure how people have the guts to say such a thing!!! really....this record has nothing to do to what EUROPE has done ever!!! This is completely different, and in parts I agree with Andrew....a more 70s driven retro sound, heavy on orchestration and big rootsy, blues grooves, BUT nothing close to what EUROPE has done!! sorry buddy you were probably a fan of some 70´s band but not EUROPE!!!
Just would like to say that "Last look at Eden" is an incredible track and in my opinion the best one.

28/10/09: William -
Rating: 90
I loved the album, but liked "Secret Society" better; this album lacked songs like "Forever Traveling" and "Devil sings the blues". I think this album was a more metal album.

Best song on the record has an excellent orchestrated element that adds depth to a very good song. "NO STONE UNTURNED" is the best track on the album, but not the song with the best hook. "Last look at Eden" was the right song for a 1st single, yet "no stone unturned" should be a definite 2nd single for promoting the new album. (No Stone Unturned) has vocals similar to classic Iron Maiden, while actually adding guitar sounds that reminded me of a couple of 90's rush guitar licks. And the solo has a nice change adding keyboards that strike a memory of songs like "The final countdown".

This album has artistic value, an example is "We're gone to get ready". I didn't really like this song at first. The more I played the record, I started noticing that I was skipping back to this track more often, I really love the build after the main chorus theme.

The beast is very punchy, loud like metallica; but still staying true to the new Europe sound. That song has grown on me as well this past month.

The ballads are good, but not the bands best ballads within their career. The ladder ballad actually approaches Led Zeppelin era a bit. I think they put on about 3 filler tracks; but even those songs have some sweet moments.

I also noticed that almost every song on the album has this moment of quiet melodic calmness that I found interesting in the hard rock songs. I think Europe can claim to be very artistic when you look at the songs as individual music progressions. One song takes you many places and most songs out there have a specific pattern that keeps the typical rules for composing a rock song or ballad.

-10 for lacking another "Forever Traveling". But an excellent album that deserves praise on every other level.

I hope they make a few more albums;

23/10/09: Fernanda -
Rating: 95
This is the best Europe album in years!!! No for nostalgic ones who still want the band playing like in the 80´s.... Finest Hard Rock with a modern production....

21/10/09: Rian -
Rating: 39
I didn't hear anything that sounded good on this album....sounds not thought out, and the songs have no strength.

15/10/09: leo -
Rating: 79
Joey sounds great, band sounds great. Afew stupid lyrics here and there. Best cd they've done in years. Keep em coming!

14/10/09: Mark -
Rating: 95
An extraordinary piece of work that sits nicely with the last two albums as there are elements of both here. Each song has its own special moments and I just hope Europe get the rewards they so richly deserve.

14/10/09: Scott -
Rating: 100
All killer and no filler!

Excellent album. I've been a fan since 1986, have all the albums, and I believe this is EUROPE's best work. This wasn't apparent right away, and anyone giving this less than 90% should listen to it a couple more times.

After listening to the mostly uptempo "Secret Society" the past 3 years, my first impression of "Last look at Eden" was somewhat of a letdown. This album is a collection of mostly mid-tempo tracks with a stronger focus on melody than the first 2 comeback albums. Doesn't rock quite AS hard, but the songs are better. It almost seems like it should be the album that comes before Secret Society, not after. Nevertheless, it's a MASTERPIECE.

Heavy. Melodic. Groovy. Catchy. Interesting. Probably the strongest lyrics of any EUROPE album. The focus on melody should appeal to more of the old-school fans than "Start from the dark" and "Secret society". This is the album that should unite fans of all ages. It's amazing that these guys have been making music more than 25 years and they're just now hitting their peak! All without the use of any outside songwriters. I never knew the band had THIS MUCH potential, to make such a colossal album. Every song is a standout, so I won't even try to rate them. If I didn't know better, I would think this was a greatest hits album. It's that great.

13/10/09: Gary -
Rating: 95
Great song writing, great music. John Norum's stamp is all over this. One of the most underated guitarist I.M.O. I was a passive fan in the 80's but am a bigger fan now. Anyone into classic rock along the lines of Thin Lizzy should waste no time in picking up any of the last three albums.

13/10/09: Mika W -
Rating: 100
This album is superb, very good lyrics mixed up with bluesy, heavy sound and a feeling on the tracks that I have been missing since the 80's. There is some "Out of this world" feeling in some tracks with downtempo sections in the middle on the songs, and there is heavy parts that would made ac/dc jealous, all this with a base on bluesy guitar riffs and very good tracks. Need to buy new speakers to car soon, this album rocks hard!

13/10/09: Mark -
Rating: 75
Something very odd about this set of recordings,.........Oh yea, they tried very hard to sound like Kings X . Though there are a couple of songs in here that somewhat resemble Europe the Band.

12/10/09: Tom Lindström -
Rating: 100
Europes best album since Wings of tomorrow !!
Hard rocking as they should be, remembering them in the early 80s as the premier swedish hard rock band, and i´m very pleased to se them rise to the top again. Your only young twice..

12/10/09: GD -
Rating: 65
As with the previous album, this again falls short of the mark, and is nowhere near as good as SFTD. This album is in a similar style to the previous release - SS, and is similar in that there are only about 2 very good tracks - which on this album are the title track and New Love In Town. Also - the album cover is horrendous! If you haven't got Start From The Dark, buy it now - Europes best album by far in my opinion.

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