a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Don Cromwell
  1. Roller Coaster
  2. Now That It's Over
  3. Make Tonite For Me
  4. Will You Believe In Me
  5. What Our Love Can Be
  6. Take A Chance
  7. Someday
  8. I Won't Be Alone
  9. If You Don't Love Me
  10. One Kiss Goodbye
  11. Glowing Wind
  12. When I Pray
  13. Walkin' Man (Japan Only)
Quite a turn around this album, considering that Don Cromwell is the bass and keyboard player and co-song writer with vocalist Sean Westman.
A turn around in that instead of the pop radio friendly tunes of Don's last project Ransom, these guys are full on hard rock.
There is however a couple of problems with this album. One is getting your head around the singer's voice.
A higher pitch than your average AOR singer, it's more into Geoff Tate territory.
Roller Coaster is strong enough a rock song, the chorus is pretty good.
The song titles would leave you to believe that this is a ballady album. Beware of that! The lyrics might sing of love and losses, but the songs are still pretty rocking.
And that is the second problem. I feel no connection to any of the songs. There is nothing wrong with the lyrics, there is just something lacking. Like there is no spark to the tunes.
Make Tonight For Me also sounds pretty solid but I just can't get into the voice.
Will You Believe In Me is the first ballad of the album and is much better. More restrained and harmonized vocals.
Other highlights include Someday, If You Don't Need Me and When I Pray.
Sean Westman is not in the same class as them, but I think he is a singer that would be more at home with Yngwie Malmsteen, but not with this mix of AOR and hard rock.
Maybe it's the tunes also - because after finishing this album I don't have any urge at all to play it again, nor do I feel any great vibe from it.
Not bad, but not great.
ESSENTIAL FOR: MTM fans, some fans of higher pitch vocals.

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