Perris Records PER 00972
Produced by: EMN

Released: OUT NOW / Website
GENRE: Modern Rock

  1. Done To Me
  2. Until I Break
  3. Deeper Shade of Grey
  4. See Through U
  5. Carbon
  6. Takes Your Breath Away
  7. Hello Darkness
  8. Fly Away
  9. Paradise
  10. Solid Ground
  11. Bathe Me
  12. Blind To See

I bet there are a lot of people that didn't believe Every Mothers Nightmare would still be kicking around today.
Credit to them for being here and now, but after the release of their last album, there would have been some of those fans aware of the band's releases that would have been quite happy to bid the band farewell.
They guys turned on their cock-rock style to go modern rock and the album was below average at best.
Now they're back again and what do they have in mind this time?
Well, a little good news folks....while the band haven't returned to their anthemic sleaze rock roots, they have at least taken one step back towards a more melodic song base.
Remaining is the band's tougher, more aggressive modern approach, complete with vocal effects and a dark moody song style.
But there are more guitar solos and some more accessible vocals. Better songs really.
Still, they are still a far cry from where they started, so if the band lost you half way, this isn't likely to beckon you back.
Anti-alternative fans might want to skip track 2, but the band sound great on tracks like See Thru You, where they almost take on a darker Goo Goo Dolls style of song.
Elsewhere the guys sound like a modern rock LA Guns or less a alternative Creed.
BOTTOM LINE: This album, recorded again for Perris Records features stronger production and a better overall sound. It still won't convince some old fans, me included really...but it does feature some strong alternative flavoured songs and is primarily a modern rock record - so keep that in mind.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of the band and their current hard and heavy direction. Fans of modern rock.

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