a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Elefante
  1. If You Believe
  2. The Stream
  3. The Truth, The Life
  4. Defying Gravity
  5. Pass The Flame
  6. Exit 39
  7. Give It All Away
  8. Don't Leave The Band
  9. Home With A View
I expected a good album, but was surprised at how good, as this is a very smooth piece of AOR. Fans will no doubt be aware of John Elefante's belief's, but the obvious religious overtones are not overbearing at all. The lyrics are obviously message filled, so if that isn't your style, beware - but the music which caries these tunes well worth checking out.
Elefnate has an impressive track record, with solo ventures, Kansas and of course his partnership with brother Dino. Having not heard all his releases I would venture to say this would have to be amongst his best - due to the high quality of production, lyric writing and the highly orchestrated (literally) music.
Both the opening 2 tracks are filled with harmonies and great melodies and are supplemented with orchestral arrangements. It's a really great sound.
Tracks 3 and 4 sound like Go On era Mr. Mister, as do some other parts of the album.
The style is ver much Intelligent, high tech AOR, mixed with some more orchestrated moments a la Kansas and is basically pure AOR at it's best.
I don't always get to cover many Christian releases, but have managed a couple of good ones recently with this and the Faith Nation release.
John Elefante's release must be considered the best Christian release of the year and even of the last few years.
BOTTOM LINE: Christian lyrics aside, a fine example of pomp & high tech AOR.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All John Elefante fans, some Kanasa & Petra fans & lovers of Christian rock and high tech AOR.
DISCOGRAPHY:Kansas; Petra; Solo - Windows of Heaven . Corridors . Defying Gravity

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