Eden's Curse The Second Coming AFM Records / Metal Mayhem
· Produced By: Dennis Ward

· Running Time: 66.32 (US Version)

· Release Date: October 22 / 24

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal

· Links: Eden's Curse
Songs: 92%
Sound: 99%
One of the most talked about bands in the last 18 months hasn't let the accolades of a well received debut deviate them from their attempts at world domination.
The debut record was one of the very best records of 2007 and one of my personal favourite hard rock / melodic metal albums of the last few years.
So the guys had a lot to live up to as far as delivering a sequel and in my mind they have delivered with The Second Coming.
I have had the good fortune of living with this new album as long as I did the debut before reviewing, so I feel that the playing field is level as far as comparing the two releases against each other. And I don't want to unnecessarily reference back and forth as this is a fine album in its own right. What I will say is that the debut had the advantage of taking us all by surprise and there was certain spark to that record that captured the imagination of many – me included.
I think this album is actually better produced – it truly sounds amazing. There are more guitars, more backing vocals and more just about everything else, not to mention an even bigger bombastic approach, but there is still something about the magic of any band's debut album.
There are a couple of times within the first half of this album that I am not as glued to the speakers as I was the debut.
The intro is a short instrumental piece I could live without and I find myself being annoyed by the vocals of Pamela Moore on the track Angels & Demons, despite its pounding verse and catchy chorus.
Just Like Judas has a damn catchy chorus too and that pounding rhythm section is simply phenomenal as are the harmony vocals, but again…I think the chorus overstays its welcome a little.
Those are just a couple of small issues. The rest of the album I have nothing but praise for. The bombastic opening Masquerade Ball is classic melodic metal; Sail On is a wonderful tempo changing melodic rocker with a really lush arrangement and a blazing guitar solo towards the end – a definite highlight and one of the band's best song to date; Lost In Wonderland is a killer harmony filled aggressive rocker with more over the top guitar work and a cool Mike Eden vocal. I love the short bridge into the chorus…keeps bringing me back for more.
West Wind Blows is slightly less intense, but keeps the momentum going and really sees the album reach the levels anticipated.
Signs Of Your Life is simply a lush harmony filled melodic hard rocker and is part of a mid-album run of absolute hard rock perfection.
Man Against The World is an intense acoustic driven ballad that impresses and beats any of the slower tracks off the debut. The addition of piano and almost an orchestral feel adds to the atmosphere.
Raven's Revenge signals that it is time to rock again, which a hard edge riff right off the bat, followed by a thumping furious drum beat. And the guitars – simply everywhere!!!
Lost Soul is an almost epic that builds from the start and less instant, but rather intense vocal and chorus hook. It still pumps energy through the speakers and the layers of vocals are almost unrivalled.
Games People Play is a little darker and again features a sonically ear shattering arrangement. Good solid chorus that gets better each listen and more of those fabulous harmonies.
Ride The Storm relies more individually on the vocal charm of Eden (who sings great throughout), surrounded by a swirl of guitars, and works great thanks to a well crafted chorus hook. A great way to close out the European album on a high. The closing minute is brilliant.
The US bonus track Prisoner Of The Past is another aggressive uptempo rocker with another really strong chorus and hooks everywhere. Well worth having!
The Bottom Line
Eden's Curse has proved themselves to be a true force to be reckoned with and have also proved the debut was no fluke. The quality of this record and the immense production is something to be proud of and the performances within are among the best of the year. The second half of the record is melodic metal perfection and one great song after another. A couple of tunes less favored in the first half is only a minor point that some may disagree with – it's all down to personal taste.
The end result is the same – as catchy as hell and impossible to get out of your head. Another winning album. Metal power - AOR hooks.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Eden's Curse
· The Second Coming

Line Up:
· Michael Eden: Vocals
· Thorsten Koehne: Guitars
· Pete Newdeck: Drums
· Paul Logue: Bass
· Ferdy Doernberg: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Eden's Curse
· Axel Rudi Pell
· Steelheart
Track Listing
· Reign Of Terror (Intro)
· Masquerade Ball *
· Angels & Demons
· Just Like Judas
· Sail On *
· Lost In Wonderland *
· West Wind Blows
· Signs Of Your Life *
· Man Against The World *
· Raven's Revenge
· Lost Soul
· Games People Play *
· Ride The Storm *
· Prisoner Of The Past (USA)

--*Best Tracks

25/04/09: Hanuk \"Ray\" Park -
Rating: 98
A lot better than its debut which was already a killer cd. This time songs are more consistent, and are easier to listen to as the songs' structure is not as complex, on 1st album there were like 2 bridges heading into the choruses in almost every song and they kinda wore me down but now there's only 1 bridge on most songs and it really helps a lot. And I like the vocals a lot, he brings overall heavier edge to the table and he doesn't have accents.

13/03/09: yaspaa -
Rating: 97
Like one of the earlier reviews mentions,you need to listen to the album at least 5 times just to get through the layers. I've listened to it about a dozen times and there is still new stuff jumping out at me that I didn't notice before. I find Eden's voice wonderful,completely different from what I've heard previously and instantly recognisable. The songs are packed with so much stuff you need a seering vocal just to break through,I also like the way he actually pronounces words,very distinct and unusual.
I love this album as much as I loved the first,these will be my favourites for a long time no doubt.

05/02/09: grwhitefan -
Rating: 90
I've had this cd for a few weeks now.....overall I would say it's not quite as good as the debut....but pretty damn good. Takes about 5-6 listens to sink in. I think the vocals are just fine....I don't have a problem with Michael's voice, I can think of alot of popular singers who's voices are worse. Backup vocals are top-notch......guitar-playing is top-notch.....rhythm section is top-notch.

I'm appreciative of what this band stands for, the hard work they put into the music for their fans.

15/01/09: lezzo - -
Rating: 60
one more cd from that screeching guy-how can anyone listen to this is beyond me. Sure the guitarist is hot, but the songrwiting is average at best and that just can't stand. the debut was slightly better but sorry this band is way overrated. In a year with whitesnake journey motley crue yngwie helloween hugo/ramos etc. churning out fantastic stuff thse guys just don't belong to anyone's top 50.

08/01/09: Jan van Loenhout -
Rating: 70
It is not bad but for me Dokken, Uriah Heep and House of Lords - In my opinion - are much much better.
I certainly do not agree with the - must buy - classification!

23/12/08: Peter -
Rating: 65
Bad luck to have reached my cd-player about the same time as the new Mötley Crüe and some weeks before that Journey, Edens Curse simply got crushed between them.

I can´t play this disc from A to Z at one time, it´s to much of the same. It all starts out with a typical Helloween intro and from there it has all the Dennis Ward trade marks, slick predictable production all the way, big guitars and heavy drums sized down to a level that suits a Disney film.

Not my definition for a good hardrock/metal album.

07/12/08: Denis -
Rating: 70
I don't agree with the review on this site. This album is not as good as the debut. The choruses are not melodic and catchy as they were on their first album. There's a lack of inspiration in the songwriting, it's clear. It's not bad, but it's not very good.

06/12/08: Shawn -
Rating: 97
I wasn't a big fan of Michael's voice on the first record, though I loved the songs. He still takes a few listens for me, but if this may well be the disc of the year. Holy guitars, Batman! Outstanding production. Up until now, Endeverafter's Kiss or Kill had my vote for Album of the Year, but this is closing fast.

28/11/08: timmyd -
Rating: 79
I like the concept and the overall sound here but was left a bit disinterested after a couple listens, I felt like a formula was followed in the songwriting and a repetition of a limited bag of tricks were followed to the point of overuse, I.E. the ominus synth swells for intros, once an album, maybe twice, but not every 2 or 3, Eden's voice is good but he should explore some vocal stylings that would keep him more interesting,work on a lower range then kick into his higher voice, things of that nature

27/11/08: the rocker -
Rating: 95
fantastic follow up to the debut. melodic hard rock done very well. love it!

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