a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Duff McKagen & Noel Golden
  1. Seattle Head
  2. Who's To Blame
  3. Superman
  4. Song For Beverly
  5. Put You Back
  6. Shinin' Down
  7. Missing You
  8. Hope
  9. Holiday
  10. Then And Now
  11. Rain
  12. Beautiful Disease
  13. Mezz
Pretty much as you would expect, Duff turns everything up to 11 and rocks out big time.
Punk rock is the order of the day over the album's 13 tracks, starting with the hard hitting Seattle Head, Who's To Blame and Superman.
If you are familiar with Guns N Roses' Spagetti Incident and Duff's debut solo album Believe In Me you will already know what to expect. You will nit be dissapointed!
The sound is great, the production is A grade, all be it raw and loose and as for the songs - well they are OK.
Pretty standard, but catchy in their own way and true to Duff's influences.
It is going to rely on person taste of you get into this album. Mine is diverse enough to like a little of The Damned and some of this attitude charged pseudo punk/rock.
The only downfall is the album is a few tracks too long, as most of them sounds familiar and on tracks like Song For Beverly, where Duff slows it down and tries to get intense, it doesn't work as well.
Better of sticking to the angst ridden tracks like Missing You.
Pretty good, but mainly for Duff fans and the Gunner's Spagetti Incident album fans.
Not an album I will play constantly - rather I will enjoy it once in a while.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Punk rock and Duff fans and some Guns N Roses fans.

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