Z Records
Produced by: Doug Aldrich

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Lion, BMR
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Super Fly Sumo
  2. Face Down
  3. Millwall BRick
  4. Torq
  5. The Trudge
  6. Trash & Fascination
  7. Appalacian Sister
  8. Her Kingdom
  9. Westcoast
  10. High Centered
  11. Skyblue & Black
  12. Midnight Sun
  13. Flan O Fraz

If there is one guitarist that has a legacy you couldn't falter, it's Doug Aldrich. From the early days of melodic hard rock in Lion, to Hurricane, Bad Moon Rising and through to his current band Burning Rain, Doug has survived where many haven't and continues to blow fans away with his solid rhythm and blues based guitar work.
Doug also recorded and released two solo albums for the Japanese market. This release is a combination of those two releases, designed to bolster Doug's increasing fan base in Europe - especially after Z Records signed on to release the two Burning Rain albums last year.
While we wait for BR album number 3, this solo compilation Alter Ego should keep new and old fans patient.
Alter Ego takes in a few different styles and is mostly instrumental, so it may appeal to a narrower fan base than Burning Rain or Doug's previous bands.
This is primarily a guitar lover's album. Fans of big solo's, guitar tricks and structured riffing will get the most out of it.
For good measure however, there are a number of vocal tracks.
Face Down features Hardline's Johnny Gioeli in a straight up hard rock number that will appeal to fans of his. Former partner in Lion Kal Swan features on two tracks - Millwall Brick and Sky Blue And Black.
Both tracks are in a more alternate modern rock vein. The first a heavy in your face modern rocker and the latter a more laid back reflective ballad.
Little Caesar's Ron Young features on the track Trash & Fascination, which sees another style change - this time a more bluesy rocker, easily familiar to fans of Young.
Saigon Kick's Matt Kramer features on Her Kingdom, another heavily styled alternative rock track. Good for some fans and a great example of Doug's versatility, but these alternative rockers don't hold my interest as much as the other tracks.
BOTTOM LINE: There is plenty of guitar shredding on offer and some superb riffing and soloing, plus some well featured vocalists providing some solid melodic hard rock.
There is also some alternative flavours in there, which is great for fans of that and fans of diverse and varied guitar playing.
But such varied albums can sometimes distract the listener and alienate fans of one particular style, wishing there was more of one style and less of another.
However, if the point of this release is to showcase Doug's many talents and to offer European fans an alternative to Japanese imports, then this release hits the spot.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of smart instrumental guitar albums,, all Doug Aldrich fans and some Lion, BMR & Burning Rain fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Lion; Bad Moon Rising; Hurricane; Burning Rain; Solo - High Centered . Electrovision . Alter Ego

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