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Running Time: 46.21

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 65%
Sound: 80%
Dio's new album fell off my priority list for titles due to be reviewed, which in itself probably isn't a good sign. By now most folks have cast their verdict, so I'll include this abbreviated review as my opinion for the record.
I think my thoughts pretty much fall in line with the majority in expressing some disappointment in the album as a whole. Mind you, if it continued on as it opened, with One More For The Road, I'd be in heaven I love Dio when he signs it straight and hard.
But following that, the album falls into my most hated pattern the old slow to mid-tempo plod. It's not until track 7, Living The Lie, that things get pumping again and even here, the chorus is a little weak.
So aside from 2 tracks, the rest falls into the same tempo, more or less the same groove and the same guitar riff throughout.
The Bottom Line
Not really Ronnie Dio at his best. I have heard plenty worse, but as far as legends go, we expect a lot more especially after the last couple of albums have been fan favourites.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Killing The Dragon
Master Of The Moon

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Essential for fans of:
Track Listing
One More For The Road*
Master Of The Moon
The End Of The World
The Man Who Would Be King
The Eyes
Living The Lie*
I Am
Dream By Love
In Dreams
--*Best Tracks

18/08/08: Dirk Hackenberg -
Rating: 90
I do not understand the somehow "bad" ratings for this album. Dio himself is in great shape on this CD and the songs are also quite strong. I share the opinion that this effort does not reach his highly acclaimed Holy Diver and The last in line albums but - being honest - who made such high quality albums with each and every new one, I do not know anyone / any group that reaches this goal. To my mind the only "critics" are that Craig Goldy does not seem to play very inspired solos on this record; he does not reach his own settings from Dream Evil many years ago and even if the playing is strong and good the drumming of Simon Wright is not as good as the one and only drummer for Dio, Vinny Appice, provided.

Im taking my hat off for RJD that he is still able to deliver such classy stuff in the Rainbow, Sabbath veins for his loyal fans and his voice is still one of the best and strongest in the biz now for more than 30 years. Just compare him to David Coverdale nowadays and you know what I am talking about ;-)

14/12/05: Big Pimp -
Rating: 60
Dio has some of the best pipes in teh business, yet his writing on teh past few albums has just sucked. Dio hasnt been the same since Viv left the band, the raw edge is gone. I think Doug Aldrich is one of the greatest axe slingers to ever grace a disc but Dio held the guy back and he will admit to that. Hope something new comes out soon with some balls to it

03/03/05: Longtime Boston Fan -
Rating: 92
I can go no longer without throwing a (well deserved) rating toward this album.
A 75 is a cheap rating.
This is the best effort by Dio in many years and I can honestly say that if I was a Springfield fan that it would be hard to rate any type of metal album with pure honesty.
The songs are powerful and the production is top notch on Dio's latest release.
Sound 80%???? Are you sure the CD wasn't in a Soundesign player?
Songs 65%???? Take another listen.
The guitar work is great and the vibe is rich with just a hint of some Black Sabbath here & there.
I hope Dio continues on the same path for his next release.

14/02/05: John Elway -
Rating: 84
First of all, I thought "Killing the Dragon" was awesome, so I was hoping for a release that would match up. Although this is a solid record, it falls short of my expectations. Yes there are some strong tunes ("One More For the Road" comes to mind.), and I'm really impressed with the melodic solos. However, as mentioned by others, there are too many songs that are too slow and dirgy to make this a classic. I like the record, but am just a bit let down.

11/01/05: ken ahl -
Rating: 80
Ronnie James Dio his voice never ceases to amaze me. And this from a 60 year old guy. I agree that the songs arent up to his usual standards,but as you said any Dio is better than no Dio.I think Ronnie needs a new guitar player though never was a big fan of Goldie.

26/11/04: RL -
Rating: 50
Ronnie is one fo the finest singers in hard rock history... however, the bulk of his material (aside from the brilliant Rainbow era & first 2 albums he did with Sabbath) leaves me cold.
The themes get old and the material has become boring and heavy handed with no hooks. It's rare that he is able to come up with a really great song during his solo career (few great tracks include: SUNSET SUPERMAN, ALL THE FOOLS SAILED AWAY, THE LAST IN LINE, & the timeless DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS). Most of the material just plods and Ronnie ends up not truly utilizing his outstanding voice. I wish he would co-write with someone and rethink/simplify his approach to his solo albums. I hate to see/hear such a waste of a god given talent. He's capable of something so much more and something a bit more classy...(ala Purple, etc...)

26/11/04: CUTTER -
Rating: 50
Simply put, a huge dissapointment. He could do much better i think, not wasting my money on it.

25/11/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 82
Don't know what's happening with the metal/hardrock public and certainly not with most of the reviewers.
All things released by Dio are class, and head and shoulders above most new modern acts !
No, it's not one of his best efforts, but I still prefer this class act above modern crap like Fluid Sol or Plunge, to name a few !
We all know Dio is a class singer and we also know he can better than this, but I'm really happy everytime the little man releases a new record !
Much better than most reviewers will let you believe !!!

25/11/04: Jayson Wyatt -
Rating: 86
I really like this album. That being said, I'm a pretty big Dio fan and have his whole catalog so that needs to be factored in. I was a little disappointed on first listen, but it really grew on me after a few spins. While I don't think it's quite as good as his last album, Killing The Dragon, it is a pretty cool effort. Any new Dio is better than no new Dio!

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