Def Leppard Yeah! Universal
· Produced By: Def Leppard

· Running Time: 48.13

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Classic Rock

· Links: Def Leppard
Songs: 50%
Sound: 88%
Ok, so you see the score. Now just why is it so?
I think this is the strangest scenario for writing a review that I have encountered in my 10 years running this site.
It all began when I gave what was perceived as an unfavorable preview of the album from a leaked unmastered copy some 18 months back.
The comments themselves were not that bad. Sure, a few tracks descriptions were, but overall the sentiment I expressed was that of disappointment in the whole covers album concept and to this day don't believe it does Def Leppard any favors.
My comments were taken personally by none other than band frontman Joe Elliott who unloaded on me publicly and has continued to do so on several occasions since then. The latest swipe came only this week…this from a band that actually holds position #1 on my all time favourite albums list. Yes, Hysteria is my favourite record of some 5000 CDs on my shelves.
So, here is a band that I love; using a concept for an album that I generally loathe; with a frontman who is openly attacking me whenever prompted; and with fans and readers taking sides, ready to pounce to add their 2c worth once this review is posted.
Joe says I am not a real journalist. I'll take his comments on the chin, but the reality is that I was actually one of the very few outlets that supported the X album and gave it a rave review. I went against the grain with that and to this day believe it was a criminally under-promoted record and could have done much bigger business had it been given the chance.
Had I given more positive comments in my 2005 preview of this album, the whole debate that ensued would be moot. But I didn't and since then this saga has taken on a life of its own, fuelled by Joe's taunts and my amusement in passing on those comments to readers.
And here we are at last…
Lets be blunt - I am expected to hate this album. I am expected to react to Joe's silly taunts and dig the knife in now it is turn for me to have my say with this "official review".
But you know what, I don't hate this album and I still love the band. Maybe not the singer so much, but the band, sure.
I don't hate the album, but still hate the concept. I stand by all of my original comments that I think this is a waste of the band's time and merely a stop gap measure between studio albums.
If this album was churned out in quick time 12 months after the last album X, then I would be far more understanding.
I was slated by Joe for reviewing a half finished album. Not true. The retail version in fans hands today is no different than what I first heard, although now the album has been properly mastered, giving it a much brighter and engaging sound, but I never criticized that aspect of the recording.
The final released product doesn't disguise some very laid back performances and a distinct lack of Leppard-isms within the recording itself.
When it comes down to how the band wanted to do this, the guys are placed in a 'damned if they do, damned if they don't' situation. Stay true to the originals and you are just copying, but venture too far away and you are being disrespectful. It's a hard call, so I say why not avoid those issues in the first place and concentrate on new material?
This album is a very 'true to the original' type of tribute release. The songs are faithful reproductions of how the original tunes sounded.
And I must say, being familiar with most of the songs covered here, the band has captured the spirit of these original songs rather well.
How much any given fan is going to enjoy the actual songs is another matter. I expect many long time fans will enjoy it as something different from the band – but how many will still be playing it 3 months down the track?
I have purchased my copy of the album, but once this review is finally completed, I don't expect to play it again. Ever! Having said that, I'm still playing X after 4 years and I'm still playing Hysteria after 19 years!
Track By Track:
Opening the album is 20th Century Boy (T-Rex). Uptempo yes, but still fairly restrained. I think a reasonable choice to open the album. It sets up the pace and the feel of the overall album.
Rock On (David Essex) has been chosen as the new lead track, most probably as it is one of the most recognizable songs to American fans. And let's be honest here – America is where the band sees its fortune these days. The better chart result there first week in and the great response to the band's upcoming tour there shows where the money is to be made.
The track itself is an updated, but faithful rendition which suits Elliott's softer vocal approach used on this album. Unfortunately I think it is one of the more forgettable tracks of the album having heard it covered plenty enough before already. I do like the lead guitar break mid-track though.
Hanging On The Telephone (Blondie) is one of my favourite tracks of the album and one of the few instances where I think the band have improved upon the original. This version is more polished and the chorus harmonies suit that of the band. Same goes for the lead guitar. A catchy song made even more enjoyable.
I have already praised Waterloo Sunset as a great track to cover, how could anyone go wrong with The Kinks? The tone and the delivery is near perfect and I think this is probably my favourite track on the album and perhaps the only one I would pick out to include on a self-constructed Def Leppard compilation. The most 'Leppard' of all the tracks covered.
Hell Raiser (Sweet) is a good change in tempo. The album needed a rocker at this point and that's what you get. I'm not a big fan of this glammy track though. It's just a little…well, I can't take it seriously and the added vocals from The Darkness' Justin Hawkins just compounds that problem.
10538 Overture (ELO) is a track that I don't think goes anywhere. Def Leppard are famous for their hooks and this track just doesn't have one. Curious song to include and not one I enjoyed then or now.
Street Life (Roxy Music) is more in keeping with the band's sound and this track rattles along at a fair pace. Still no major chorus hook and another track I'm not sold on.
Drive-in Saturday (David Bowie) sees the album in a bit of a hook-free run. The song returns to the laid back vibe. I like Joe Elliott's lead vocal here. I'm not a fan of the original track or this version still, but I do like the tone of Joe's vocal and his performance here. You can tell that he believes in the song. Some nice instrumentation, but the song just doesn't have that flair expected from Def Leppard songs.
Little Bit Of Love (Free) is a good choice for the album and a chance for the band to include a good commercial rock track that most will be familiar with.
No album paying tribute to the best of British classic rock would be complete without a track by Mott The Hoople. The Golden Age Of Rock`n` Roll is Leppard's choice here and I can't argue with that. It is a bit of a throw-away rocker, but it's all in good fun.
I'll stick with my original comments about No Matter What (Badfinger) - a pleasant mid-tempo pop song and similar in vibe to Waterloo Sunset. Ok, but not essential.
And my feelings are identical regarding He`s Gonna Step On You Again (John Kongos). This is a tired old rocker that I could live without. I believe I called it dreadful back when I first heard it and my feelings haven't changed. Doesn't suit the band at all and I could easily go on without ever hearing the song (in any form) again.
Don't Believe A Word (Thin Lizzy), is far better. Better suited for the band, better suited for the album and a classic song that couldn't be done badly. It also suits Joe and the band and is another of my favourites from the album. Still love the Andy Taylor version the best though.
Stay With Me (The Faces) is a great fun rocker and Phil adds his deftly tuned best Rod Stewart vocal impersonation here. A good fun track and a good way to close the album, but I have another issue with this track. It has appeared elsewhere before and I believe most die-hards fans would already have it. With several other tracks available for inclusion, why not relegate this to bonus track status?
I won't comment on the various bonus tracks available in various formats here as quite frankly, they are not part of the album for the vast majority of those purchasing this.
The Bottom Line
All in all – this is an average album. Not great, certainly not awful….just very average and I think Def Leppard is a much better band than that.
Without being flippant, I think the album is fairly enjoyable in the now, but largely forgettable in the long term. And the most disappointing aspect is that it will probably be another 2 years until we finally get that proper new studio album we all long for.

I reviewed this album without any prior reference to my original comments some 18 months back. I found those again after I finished this review and re-read them. What I found really surprising is that most of the comments – both good and bad mirror those I typed out originally.
I still love the same tracks as then and I still really dislike some of the others. Joe may have lambasted me for reviewing a 'half finished album', but my views then are almost identical to the retail version available now.
Proof that this album was a flawed concept from the start. I am just not a fan of covers albums – not when new material would be much preferred. Case in point - two of my favourite artists ever - Rick Springfield and Toto. I didn't rate their covers albums highly either. For long time Leppard fans there is already the numerous covers used as B-Sides and Joe's own Cybernauts release (which I reviewed here).

The upside of all this? The band is now free from their US record contract and can plot a new course from here.
Despite the ongoing rhetoric I believe I have put my opinions forward in a respectful and fair manner. I expect many might disagree with what I have said, but let's just see...
And that's it for this Tasmanian review...
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· On Through The Night
· High And Dry
· Pyromania
· Hysteria
· Adrenalize
· RetroActive
· Vault
· Slang
· Euphoria
· X
· Best Of / Rock Of Ages
· Yeah!

Line Up:
· Joe Elliott: Vocals
· Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell: Guitars
· Rick Allen: Drums
· Rick Savage: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· The Leps
Track Listing
· 20th Century Boy
· Rock On
· Hanging On The Telephone *
· Waterloo Sunset *
· Hell Raiser
· 10538 Overture
· Street Life
· Drive-in Saturday
· Little Bit Of Love *
· The Golden Age Of Rock `n` Roll
· No Matter What
· He`s Gonna Step On You Again
· Don`t Believe A Word *
· Stay With Me

--*Best Tracks

18/04/07: Alesha Loosmore -
Rating: 100
Def Leppard can do no wrong is what it all boils down too. they haven't released a song i don't like. first of all, everyone needs to stop being so critical of this are acting like Def Leppard wrote it themselves. they are cover songs from bands THEY like and grew up to. They even said once (i believe so) that they really were doing this album for themselves and they just hoped others like it too. it's obvious by the song choices that they weren't out to strictly please everyone, if they were they would have done a bunch of covers of songs that we've all heard a million times. But i think it's cool that they picked songs that a lot of us have never even heard..not only are they going out on a limb and taking a risk, but they're also opening up a new genre of music that a lot of Lep fans haven't heard before. I never heard most of the songs until def lep covered them..basically, this is another "having fun" album and it's something that they've always wanted to do. if you're a def lep fan you already know they enjoy doing covers (the countless bowie songs :) haha) I think that this album is fun and really damn good. "10538 overture" is one of my faves..the music is amazing. the whole album is great and i'm glad they did it. they are now saying they will be releasing a new album this year! YAY!

06/11/06: Michelle -
Rating: 98
OK...I too have read the back and forth about the reviews for this album. Bottom line...this album has sparked the biggest and best Lep tour since Hysteria. I have been to at least one show in all the tours since Pyro and usually several more than one show per tour. The crowds are WILD for this tour and bottom line is the album started it off.

As for the album itself...FANTASTIC! These may be covers, but many of the songs take on a very Def Leppard edge to them (i.e. ROCK ON). People are grousing about the guys putting out a cover album and their choice of songs...were you people around when the Leps were growing up? Did you live in the UK? NO?! Well, that may explain your disappointment. I was alive and growing up during this time myself, and although I didn't live in the UK, I remember these songs and loved every single one of the originals. There was/is a definite difference in the music industry between the US and the UK, and THESE were the songs that influenced the guys. Also, did any of you nay-sayers bother to read the liner notes about why they chose each song. They are very insightful and actually added a bit of affection for the each of the songs for me.

People grow up. For a group to record an album like Pyro is a once-in-a-lifetime shot and the Leps did it. For them to follow it up with a true classic like Hysteria is virtually unheard of -- 99.9% of groups never record a true "classic" album. There will most likely never be another Hysteria...heck, I myself do not want another Hysteria but want the guys to continue to expand their musical creativity. Oh, and by the way, I LOVED Slang...get over it. the whold point of this album was for the guys to HAVE enjoy recording the songs that influenced their careers. I don't hear anyone complaining about these influences when it comes to Pyro and Hysteria. And believe me, after just seeing my fifth show in the Yeah tour last night in Atlanta, GA, the guys AND the fans are having a blast! I even remarked to my fiance, who went to the show with me, that when I saw the guys in 2003 and 2004 I wasn't sure they were having fun anymore and I was worried they might not put anything else out or tour anymore. I not worried now. All of the guys were smiling, laughing and having a good time on the stage.

So, my bottom line is give the whole "we want another album like Hysteria" thing a rest! Listen to this album for what it is and realize that these songs went in to influencing the beloved Hysteria (read the liner notes). And finally...don't go too far...the guys will be back with another original album soon! ROCK ON!

12/08/06: chris - chrisbarber@blueyonder
Rating: 85
firstly i am classic rock and a rock/metal fan for over 36 years...i have seen all the slagging going on over this particular release...no1..if you are a die hard leppard fan this album should not be taken seriously{they will bring an official one out}then is the time to start throwing throwing your views ..no2 ..all these songs on the album were from the 70's..the same time as def leppard were finding there musical what is the problem with them covering some of there favourite songs from there youth...i don't see the problem...and finally..i think they have showed great respect to the songs they have covered and not slaughtered the songs....there next release is the making or breaking of them..........but remember they have made some of the best and consistent albums of the last 25 years

24/07/06: Tom -
Rating: 90
It's a cover album guys, c'mon... Cut it some slack, will ya!

No it's not meant to be artsy. It's not all new material. No, they're never gonna make another Hysteria.

I read the bad comments here and wondered if I'd even give it a listen. Well, I did and I like it. A lot.

What you get is seventies style hardrocking guitars, great vocals and for the most part familiar songs from yesteryear.

Just take it for what it is, pop it into your car stereo, turn up the volume and enjoy.

Well done Leps!

21/07/06: Rene -
Rating: 70
first i didnt like it but after listening to it two times i realy started to like it, and i always have been more a fan of their first 3 albums (HYSTERIA is overated in my opinion, dont kill me for this). Anyway, good tribute album to their roots. My roots are more in the 80s but i still like this album.

18/07/06: Madmeavy -
Rating: 60
A very short review for that: the sound of the recording is awesome, but the used songs are mostly very bad ideas. There are 2 or 3 songs that I really like and the other ones are just the wrong choice!

08/07/06: kristen -
Rating: 70
I enjoyed this album , i have loved the Leps since hysteria , i heard them when i was about 9 and ive loved them ever since . For me , the day Steve Clark was gone was the day that the essence of the band went too, he was so great a guitarist and he had a sound and sloppy playing style which they have never replaced.
If im to be honest i think they should have followed the direction which they were going in with Slang , constantly reinventing themselves and challenging themselves and their fans . Alas , they took the easy route and went back to what was comfortable with euphoria and x, and they have become a bit stale .
This record is good , you cant say its crap , cuz its not is it , the instruments are well played the songs are performed on occasion , differently from the originals , but covers albums are seen as an easy way out , and with good reason .
Lets see something different please guys , quit using guys who have written for the backstreet boys and britney , and give us a dirty , catchy , well recorded and original hard rock album which looks towards the future as opposed to your , or in this case , somebody elses past

02/07/06: Chad -
Rating: 50
I have been a longtime fan of Def Leppard and have always loved every release. This release however cannot be place into the same catagory as the rest of the Def Leppard library. Its a album of "covers" not original material which makes it tuff to digest. I think this particular release is the worst ever. I like about four tracks and some of them are the bonus tracks. Buy this one with caution ... dont say you were not warned! However, I am sure the next album of original material will give what Def Leppard fans are waiting for!!

29/06/06: Andrew Davies -
Rating: 0
What a pointless exercise! I have followed the band since I saw them supporting Magnum in the UK in 1980. They were young, hungry and played with passion. They went to make some of the best rock music ever. They have suffered great loss and bounced back. I think X is a fantastic record, criminally under-promoted and should have been massive. I love these guys! So why this piece of worthless over-indulgence. Be honest, will ANYONE play this CD again in 6 weeks never mind 6 years or 26 years (I still play On Through The Night and it rocks!). Give us more great music guys - don't insult us with this nonsense. Get back to what you do best.

22/06/06: esynce -
Rating: 0
How can John Inman say Love and Affection is a bad song? IMHO its nearly the best song on Hysteria?!?!? Anyway Im a really big DL fan (or should I say was...), I buy multiple versions of every cd and have tracked down allot of rarer stuff (and paid allot of money as well) but Ive been against this album since its inception. As most people have said if this was released in 04 as a stop gap, then I could have tolertated it, but what really peeves me is that they took 4 years to release this and then have the nerve to not only tour for it but also play a few songs from YEAH on tour. They barely even play anything from X, Euphoria or Slang on tour yet they come out with an album of covers and feel comfy to go out there and play all these 'new' songs!?!?!?!? Ive really had enough, they are becoming nothing than a money grabbing machine (mostly I think because of Joe), all they care about is the US (more evident now than ever, the US gets 4 different YEAH releases - Best Buy, Wallmart, Target and iTunes), the rest of the world gets the standard 14 track and Japan dont even get an exclusive track. Now out if those 14 tracks, 3 of them have already been released in the last few years anyway. So that gives us 11 'new' songs. Why on earth did this take so long to record? They didnt have to write anything? Did Phil and Viv need to learn how to play guitar again? Im sorry to all those who like Euphoria and X (I like them as albums but dont consider them classic Leppard material) but the last quality record they did was Slang. At least it was honest. YEAH is bullsh!t. I imported the Target and Bestbuy versions from the US and also got the Wallmart bonus disc, Ive listened to it once, and honestly dont think Ill ever listen to it again. Some tracks are OK, Rock On I do quite like, Waterloo Sunset has a classic DL vibe (although weve had it before) as with No Matter What, I think Little Bit of Love is alright and I really dig Dont Believe a Word but the rest is tripe. To my ears anyway its quite a boring record, not much energy and its hard to see what the guys saw in some of these tracks to begin with anyway, maybe they were trying to be 'cool' by choosing obscure songs. I never really liked the other version of Stay with Me and even if this has been revised, then not much was done. So in the end 5 decent tracks out of 14 (thats just the regular version) isnt a good ratio. In all as a DL fan Im really disapointed with this, its take far to long, and the fact its being promoted as a new release is a joke. Since its not new material Im not rating it, and quite frankly, if your still considering buying it, listen to the samples, hell even download them before you give them more of your hard earned cash.
On a side note, if the live tracks on that are on the Target and Best Buy versions are any indication then Im not really looking forward to any future live releases from the band (if they ever get around to this) as they arent sounding that great these days. Looks like this boat may have sailed.
The only good thing that may come out of this that if they ever get around to writing some new material, there may be some guitars in it!!!
Deeply Disapointed in a band that I loved so much :(

20/06/06: Jeff -
Rating: 45
I am a Def Leppard fans of sort. I own all of their records but I don't live and breathe Def Leppard. I bought the Best Buy version (whatever that is) of Yeah. I listened to it one time on the way home (I live quite a distance from the store). I believe Yeah should have been named "Eh". I thought it was boring. My wife thought the same way. She only liked Waterloo Sunset and 20th Century Boy. I'm not against cover albums. But I think if a band is doing an entire record of cover songs, shouldn't it consist of songs the general public has heard before? Other than maybe 4 or 5 songs, I have never heard any of them before. So what's the point? If you are going to cover a Thin Lizzy song, how about doing a song the general music fan has heard before?

Def Leppard seems to have gone crazy. You have Joe Elliott freaking out over reviews which is silly, and you have Vivian Campbell saying he hates playing heavy metal and Def Leppard is poofter music. Is he crazy? They all need to have their heads examined. And what's with Phil Collen's make-up and need to show the world his bony body? Cover up already, you're 48 years old.

19/06/06: Billy Sastard -
Rating: 9
9 out of 100 for one good track: "Golden Age...". Difference between this and the demo is like either standard 'D90' cassette to 'Metal90' or a 96kps recording to 320kps recording. Same shite, better sounding.
How the mighty have fallen... BIGTIME!
Don't buy; don't even download. Just move onto another band. These guys are sadly finished.
Awaiting Joe's poisoned pen responce via their own website for a good laugh.

16/06/06: Chuck Park -
Rating: 0
This one sucks so bad and I can't believe that Joe & co are actually proud of themselves for releasing this trash! The songs are extremely boring and have absolutely no life, the production totally blows as well and it seems like I'm listening to some LP that was released 20 years back. If they fail to rebound from this horrible piece of crap next time around, I wouldn't hesitate a bit in saying they're done.

15/06/06: Berta -
Rating: 79
Eagerly awaiting this release I was kind of hoping it would of had a making of & interview dvd as well to make it more of a worthwhile purchase.
Most of the songs work although a couple left me scratching my head. I would of liked to hear some more of the obvious 70's covers
instead of the deliberate avoidance. A better Bowie cover than Drive in Saturday & dropping Street life & He's gonna step...
All the young dudes would of been great to hear.
I expect i'll listen to this for a while then it will be on the shelf collecting dust while I listen to Slang instead.

15/06/06: restless one - n/a
Rating: 90
YEAH! I don't mind this cd of cover versions. Great to listen to in the car, just stick it into the disc player and away you go. Just take "YEAH " for what it is ( a fun cd ).

15/06/06: Danimal -
Rating: 73
I think this is good album. I picked up the bonus CD at Walmart...that's good too. I like it better than X. But Euphoria and Retro-Active are classic albums.

13/06/06: Marshall - n/a
Rating: 75
There are a few songs on here that I really like, but most I just skip over. 20th Century Boy, Waterloo Sunset and Rock On are probably my favorites. Overall this CD is exactly as I expected.

12/06/06: Rob - n/a
Rating: 2
Such a sad state of affairs for this once great band. What happened to these guys? A rate this a number 2 because that's exactly what it is.

Somewhere along the line this band ceased to be DEF Leppard and became DEFICATE Leppard. So sad..

11/06/06: Brian J. Glendinning - don\'
Rating: 1
Make's me wish I was DEF.

09/06/06: Legumo -
Rating: 1
i dont visit this website often but trust me when i tell you this:

1 - Def Leppard vocalist sucks, i just hate his voice, once you
listen to monsters like Harry Hess and Newman you know what i mean, let alone PAUL SABU god bless him.

2 - Hysteria is the true and best album def leppard made
and i love that one. the rest sucks

3 - This album is gobshite to put it frankly

4 - Def Leppard singer needs an Anger Management treatment
for being disrespectful of others opinions.


repeat last 5 steps 20000000x times.

Thanks & bye.

09/06/06: scott -
Rating: 0
Can´t give this a rating cause I havn´t heard it yet! AND Í´m not sure I will either !
Have really enjoyed Def Leppard since Hysteria but wasn´t that keen on "X" and a covers album doesn´t really seem the right way to go IMO.
Have read almost all of the above views and it certainly doesn´t look good!
Have ALL of their albums BUT i don´t think i´m going to bother buying this !VERY STRANGE CAREER MOVE!
Anyway there is a much better artist called "JORN" to listen to these days anyway :)

09/06/06: Benno -
Rating: 70
Tough to be objective at this point. Def Leppard: a band without direction, ashamed of their past and no idea where their future lies, and not one kahuna between them to stand up against the might of Tasmania. LOL! That said...

Yeah!, I find covers albums hit and miss but what works for me here is I'm not familiar with any of the originals, so this may as well be a new Def Leppard album. Ok "Rock On" I've heard before, but even then the version I'm familiar with is probably a cover itself. Not surprising that its my favourite track off this album, love the rocked up outro they've come up with. This review is based on a copy handed to me by a mate who bought it, I wanted to listen to it before I went out and spent the money so I have no idea who the originals were by or who does what. Anyway:

- "Hanging on the Telephone" comes in a close second, its got a nice urgency about it, some great guitar work and the drums are sounding very organic, I like it.
- "Waterloo Sunset" sounds like "Hysteria", has that familiar rhythm, how close is this to the original?
- "Hellraiser", Joe's vocals feel strained here, love the input from Justin Hawkins though, gives it that glammy vibe that the song sounds like it needs. Ok track.
- "10538 Overture", I've always liked ELO though I'm not familiar with this one. Its obvious they're trying very hard to sound like ELO here but it fails in the vocal department.
- "Street Life", this is a boring song, I don't get it.
- "Drive-in Saturday", what's with the Grease soundtrack? Boring.
- "Little Bit Of Love", is this a Bryan Adams cover? Its ok, run-of-the-mill pop I guess.
- "The Golden Age Of Rock'n'Roll", good guitar solo, boring otherwsie though.
- "No Matter What", more by-thenumbers bubblegum pop, should these be left to the boy bands? Mind you, each member of Def Leppard is male, and they are technically a band, so...
- "He's Gonna Step On You Again", ok wait I do know this track, and putting it up against the version that was released by a bunch of Aussie dudes back in the late 80s. This version stinks compared to that, the vocals are too low in the mix, this needs a big strong vocal not this whisper crap, they've gone about it the wrong way.
- "Don't Believe A Word", hey this sounds pretty good, sounds like something Boz Scaggs would do, I like Boz. Good track!
- "Stay With Me", this sounds very big band 70s stuff ala Mott The Hoople. I love the vocals in this and its not Joe singing thats for sure. It works, I like it.

I'm struggling to find a number, I feel Andrew's 68 is a bit low, but to be fair I only like four or five tracks out of 14. All in all its an ok release but there's way too much filler. What really lets it down is that every instrument in the band is trying very hard to emulate the songs they're covering, accept the vocals. And whether Joe is trying to or not, when he sings, it sounds like Def Leppard, he's just too limited to take it outside the box. For that reason they lose points for not building the cover version around Joe's voice rather than ignore the fact he sounds the way he sounds and have two different vibes permeate every track. "Rock On" works because from what I can tell they've put a unique signature on the track, unique to Def Leppard.

I concur with what someone else has said here, this should've been a bonus disc to an album of original material. Def Leppard in '06 make zero statement with a covers album, especially covering tracks that fans even as young as myself just aren't familiar with. Praps its just the mushroom I'm living under. But as my Mum always said to me, if you can't say anything nice, spread it via the internet.

An average release from an out of form band.

08/06/06: Brent White -
Rating: 40
Funny, Andrew, the copy you heard 18 months ago probably sounded better than the current one, since the trend in mastering now is to crank the levels up way too loud and leave no range at all. There are some good articles by some pro engineers on the net about this. I'm sure you've read a few.

07/06/06: Dimitri -
Rating: 10
Here's the positive thing: it can only get better with any future release :-)

06/06/06: John Inman -
Rating: 97
I've been following Leppard since '83. I personally LOVE 'YEAH'. Is it "perfect" to my taste? no (closer than their last 2 original CDs honestly). But then....even the mighty 'Hysteria' has at least ONE track I can't stand ('Love and affection'). I agree with another reviewer on here...I'll gladly take this over a less than rocking disc of originals. I love then tones. I think this disc ROCKS overall. As I said...a few tunes I could live without....but I;m sure those will be SOMEBODY'S favorite what do I know? I DIDN'T expect this disc to be what I wanted to hear. I almost PROTESTED the very idea actually. I got it anyway...and it ROCKED me! I guess we're all listening for something different...but I certainly got more of wanted than I anticipated was even possible. I hope this ends up being a good "therapy" disc for them in that I hope they keep the SOUNDS and maybe even try and use some influence in songwriting for their next disc. I don't think they EVER needed N'SYNC producers and such to sound more current. I think a disc like THIS would have and could be the ticket...if they use the influence more in future writing/production. Just my opinions =)

06/06/06: Steve Bento -
Rating: 65
If this CD was put out a year after X as a warmup to the next CD of theirs, I would have given it an 80-85 mark. But seeing as they have made into their next big album, I just don't get it and I'm very disappointed. First off if they're going to do covers at least make them your own and put all the Def Lep signatures to it - Thick multilayered vocals, great guitars and leads. Instead they made straight covers with little or no personality to them. Second - choose good songs. Most of these are 70's songs which don't sound good even if they're redone. Most of the choruses are extremely drab - and that's even if there is one. Third - stop throwing bonus tracks all over the place. It comes across as a blatant attempt at conning fans. Come up with a definitive version and then maybe a release like what Walmart had with all the rest of the tracks. Stop playing around with us, it's extremely annoying.

06/06/06: Charlie Smith -
Rating: 25
I watched the VH1 special this last weekend where they honored DL and a few other bands and watched the attending fans reaction when they played the T-Rex song from the "Yeah!" disc the people were standing there hands down at their sides with a blank look on their faces. They did NOT want to hear the song, this should be a huge wake up call to the band. Running from your past and calling yourselves a more glam than metal band isn't going to get you back on top of the charts it's just going to send the remainder of your fans running. True you guys always sounded more Bon Jovi thank Ozzy/Sabbath but that's what we fans loved about you, you played music we wanted to hear no filler all killer. With the release of Y"eah!" you have given the fans all filler no killer. We can only hope that you guys will go back into the studio ASAP and give the fans the disc we have been waiting for since "X". We don't need style changes from the band we just want the style and class they showed with each new release from the first disc all the way up to "Slang" and then each disc after "Slang" except Yeah! come on guys you are originals you don't need to cover artists that most people have never heard of or care about. People should be covering you not the other way around, so hurry up get this disc out of your system and get back in the studio and give the fans another classic we can brag about.

05/06/06: Laurent -
Rating: 0
OK I admit that I have never been a huge Def Leppard fan and I think that Joe Elliott is the worse rock singer ever. Still, Def Leppard has its own sound and I always checked out their albums and ended buying quite a few of them "on their own merit". I am a sucker for cover. When nicely done, bands can add their own touch and sort of "reinvent" classics. In this case, it is just plain horrible. Joe Elliott's extremely limited range just kills all songs (in a negative way). He's so bad that it is embarassing. This thing is uninspired at best. Having seen the band on Jay Leno confirmed my impressions... bad, bad, bad... I think it's time to retire...

05/06/06: John Elway -
Rating: 80
First of all, I think this release has been given way too much importance by the band as well as the fearless curator of this fine site. This is a cover album. Nothing more, nothing less. The band itself seems to think this is a truely important release because it proves once and for all who their true influences are and that they're not a "metal" band but a "pop" band (Honeslty, has anyone ever thought these guys were metal?). Others seem to think this is a horrible idea and that they should release another original studio album. As far as I'm concerned, if the next all new release was to follow in the footsteps of "X" (Were these guys rocking too much Michael Bolton when they recorded this steaming pile?), I'm greatly relieved they went with another project.
This isn't a classic release by any means, but it's a lot of fun and a solid cd. Songs like "20th Century Boy", "Hanging on the Telephone", "Hellraiser", "Don't Believe a Word", "Stay With Me" among others are fun rocking tunes. Yeah, there are some weaker tunes mixed in ("Waterloo Sunset", "Drive-In Saturday" and "No Matter What" are just boring.), but overall this a strong record. Yes, I've heard these songs before, but it's good enough. If this experience has made these guys realize they are a rock band with pop tendencies instead of the other way around, then this release will be a smashing success.

05/06/06: Ouest -
Rating: 85
Fan of the Aor Hot Spot Andrew and also Def Leppard. I gave this album 85 because I prefer a good cover album with the def leppard's touch than an average personal record... so I must admit i'm waiting for Hysteria II... ;-)

05/06/06: Matt -
Rating: 75
As a big fan of DL (DL is one of my top 3 favorite bands), I would have to rate this album as a 70. However, if I had to rate this album as a cover album (over other cover albums that I've heard), I would rate it an 80. In my opinion, this is a very professional and well sounding covers album. Def Leppard definitely put it's professional touch on it and I think they deserve credit for that. The album is doing well on the Billboard charts which means a lot of people are enjoying this album here in the states. We'll see how long that lasts however. Sales are most likely due to the excitement of the release. Only time will tell.

With that said, I (like many other people on this site) am not a fan of covers albums. Covers albums piss me off about as much as greatest hits albums. I was just not happy with the song selections. There has got to be better songs to cover than those!

While I've listened to the album a couple times already, you definitely won't find me blasting this album in my car any time soon. This album is not going to stop me being a fan of DL however. I'm looking forward to supporting them this summer on their tour with Journey and I'm interested in hearing some of the new songs live.

04/06/06: Scott Watson -
Rating: 80
Yeah, not bad. I think first off if you aren't old enough to remember the songs Def Leppard is covering then you probably will hate this record. I think all the song they have covered on Yeah have a Def Leppard sound to them. My personal favorites are Hanging On the Telephone, Street Life, Hellraiser,and Little Bit Of Love. I don't think this cd will have a long shelf life, but it is a worthy addition to my Def Leppard collection.

04/06/06: Hard Rock Pete -
Rating: 0
Did Led Zepplin ever do a covers, Deep,,,,Enuff said!
Def Lepard dont deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the afore mentioned " Greats of Rock n roll". This cd shows an absolute lack of talent and ideas from this once great band.
Give up Joe!

04/06/06: Laura -
Rating: 50
I'm a big Lep fan (hi, Ken, I know you're reading this) (seen them about 13 times) and I am "on the fence" with this CD - I could take it or leave it, but mostly leave it. I can't really say anything new that hasn't already been said, but I can say that I agree with the gentleman from Colorado...I, too, have tickets for the Red Rocks show in August, and I am giving this band ONE LAST SHOT at singing something other than Hysteria, Let's Get Rocked, Foolin' and more. I am SO TIRED of hearing these "hits," I can't even stand it. But each time I go, I hope for that nugget of greatness...the rockin', off-the-beaten-path deep cuts that we true Leppard fans go to see. Guys, you've already done the greatest hits tour...stop it already. We're tired of these songs and want to hear some of the stuff that makes you great... Paper Sun, Stagefright, Too Late For Love (my favorite!), Truth?, Rock Brigade, etc. Please get back to your rock roots and leave the 70's british hits for your own personal listening pleasure.

04/06/06: Dave Stone -
Rating: 40
I have been a DL fan since High and Dry and have found something to enjoy on all of their releases including X and Slang. This so called "new" cd is very uninspired. There's a couple of songs that are pretty good but for the most part, this is a horrible career move. Name me one rock band besides Metallica that has had ANY success with a covers album?
Maybe this was a get out of our contract album, if so then the band owes the fans BIG TIME when they find a new label (good luck).
All true DL fans would love a cd of new material that actually rocks, but that will never happen since Steve Clark took the rock side of Def Leppard with him. The band would never be smart enough to get rid of Vivian (overrated hack) and bring back Pete Willis. It's time to face the facts, these guys are too old create real rock music anymore...really sad.

04/06/06: Justin -
Rating: 89
I was excited when I heard they finally chose a release date! I had already heard "Waterloo Sunset", "Rock On", and "No Matter What" and I enjoyed all 3 of those and still do. "Rock On" sounded fantastic in concert last summer. So I went out and bought the cd and I have been playing it ever since. It really is that good! I don't mind this being an all covers cd as much as some people do. I feel they look into it too much and won't allow themselves to just enjoy these cool songs. Lots of these cover songs are not well known so they sound like Def Leppard songs. It is a good fun ride to play this cd all the way through it. I was a little pissed when I heard that Best Buy and Target each had 2 different bonus songs on the version they sold. Oh well. I am happy with mine and I say to others on the fence to just enjoy some classic rock songs done by a great band in great style! There is also going to be brand new songs in the future on a new cd for the die hard Lep fans.

03/06/06: Andy H -
Rating: 40
I love Def Leppard. I have every album however I was extremely dissappointed in Joe's reaction to Andrew's initial review. Is he seriously that insecure after selling millions of albums that he has to come up with a story about how the review was based on unfinished material? Come on! If I want to listen to a bunch of covers I'll watch American Idol. An album of originals with a few covers mixed in wouldn't be half bad. That would at least make ME say YEAH!

03/06/06: Tom -
Rating: 0
As a long time Lep fan with "Hysteria" being my all-time-favourite, I do not understand what´s up with the guys. Bashing on Andrew after all he has done for the them, clearly shows a loss of reality. Sadly, "Yeah!" undermines the going down of a band which had one revolutionized music and production. Taking "Yeah!" out of the Lep context does make it and acceptable album - nothing less, nothing more. Without the still popular name "Def Leppard", this album would most likely be drownding in irrelevance. Joe should grown up, hire Mutt Lange, listen to "Hysteria" and "Pyromania" on heavy rotation and then write some great songs again. As for the tracks:
* Hanging on the telephone - sounds quite okay
* Rock On - is amongst the worst Lep songs I´ve ever heard, sounds like Elliot going Erasure
* Hellraiser - what is this? please Lep, listen to Sweet and learn. For the rest, I just wouldn´t buy it, sorry folks. Hopefully better luck next time.

03/06/06: Nasturtium -
Rating: 0
Not listening. Not buying. It's obvious this is just a ploy to gouge lepp fans out of their money by having them buy multiple discs at multiple retailers. So of course the sales figure will be high. No thankyou. I've long grown out of my 'Def Leppard are gods' phase a long time ago. And now see them as a once great group that has run out of ideas. Okay put out the covers cd, but why waste all this time promoting it?? And with a tour to boot?! Maybe instead of touring for this they should get in the studio and make an actual new album instead of wasting all this time promoting a covers album. So once thankyou. I'll wait for an actual new Lepp album.

03/06/06: John -
Rating: 30
It wouldn't surprise me if Joe Elliot is writing in and giving positive reviews for his own record. He seems that vain and self-absorbed. Another example of this is their refusing to share opening duties with Journey this Summer. Who has sold more albums? Vivian and Phil are gonna be puking their guts out every night having to follow Schon.
Anyway, this is crap. It's not that it isn't recorded well or performed fairly well, it's just that I don't care. I don't freaking care to hear a covers album! Once again, though, you will hear the band say, "we did it for ourselves". Right. Then why the publicity machine? Worse yet they have been working on this album for how long? To what end, posterity? How about self-indulgence. Hey Joe, just record the covers and play them in your own stereo if it's for your own trip down memory lane. If you want the fans to spend their money on your "art", make something worth buying. BTW, Go over to their site and hear a clip of "American Girl", unbelievably bad. I'll see them this Summer and I hope to hear ORIGINALS, but you can guess who I am really going to see.

03/06/06: Greg B -
Rating: 45
I was so excited when I purchased this cd last week. Dreadfully disappointed after listening to it a couple of times. Have concert tickets to their show here in Denver (Red Rocks) on August 22nd. A couple of these songs would be fun in concert (as they were the last time they were here) but I hope they don't put too much emphasis on these tracks. Found it dreadfully boring in the long run. Leppard is still my favorite band but I seek more from a group that still has a lot to offer.

To Joe Elliott and the band,
Suggestions to the upcoming set list:
Instead of "Let's Get Rocked", play "White Lightning".
Instead of "Rock of Ages", play "Scar" and/or "Paper Sun".
Play the 1st five songs, in order, off of the High and Dry album. Don't play "Animal", instead play "Run Riot" and/or "No,No,No".

In other words, mix it up a bit. Real fans would love to hear the more obscure, deeper cuts. Play Photograph though, I still love "Photograph" even if you guys hate playing it.

03/06/06: Gary Truehart -
Rating: 50
Def Leppard have been on the bandwagon since the beginning of their career. First they jump on the NWOBHM bandwagon. When that starts to die out in the mid-eighties they start (over)using all of the latest advancements in recording to produce Hysteria (sounds more like a computer than a band of live musicians). Fast forward a few years and they jump on the grunge bandwagon (Slang). When grunge starts to die out, it's off that wagon and onto the retro sounding Euphoria. Now we come to the latest trend of bands doing covers albums and guess who's right there to take a seat on THAT wagon-yep, Def Leppard.

Can't wait to see what's next. One good thing, though, at least they missed the rap-rock wagon. Oh wait, there was that one song on Adrenalize.

03/06/06: DP -
Rating: 50
I wish they spent their time on new material. I'm ok with a covers album but not as something they're pushing as a new release. If they want to tour then tour but this album now creates a problem for all Leppard faithfuls. They're going to play some of these songs live which we could care less about. Ozzy did a covers album and you don't see him play them live because someone has a brain in his camp. Covers played live give us fans one possitive we get a much needed bathroom break. If they want to keep their fans in the seats don't play these songs live. I like knowing their music intrests but as bonus/B-side songs like Action. This type of disk should have been released in conjunction with a live album or dvd or just after a original music album while on tour. Insted it's from a band in limbo.

03/06/06: Jayson -
Rating: 82
I like this album. Only time will tell how much I'll listen to it in the future, but it's good. I knew it was a covers album when I bought it, so whining about not liking covers albums would be pointless. Actually, I had only ever heard 5 out of 14 of these songs before getting Yeah!, so most of it is completely new to me. I'm an ELO fan and I think Lep's version of 10538 Overture is brilliant. They've done a fabulous job with the arrangement and vocals on it. In the past, I never much cared for Rock On, but the version on this album is the best I've heard and I was surprised how much they made it rock. No Matter What, Hanging On The Telephone & Waterloo Sunset all stand out as excellent tracks as well. I've only listened to this a couple of times, but it's easy to see that they've worked hard on it. I think they've done a great job and I appreciate the fact that they wanted to pay homage to some of their musical influences. It's a great way to be exposed to some old songs you wouldn't normally hear, which I think was the intention and I applaud them for that.

03/06/06: Ken -
Rating: 88
It’s a shame that the “leaked CD” controversy turned out the way it did, because I think it may have subconsciously lowered Andrew’s rating of Yeah! – a pretty darn good Def Leppard album and one that I believe is much better than the 68 he gave it. Would fans rather have a new studio album? Of course, but singles from Slang, Euphoria and X received little radio airplay (except “Promises”) and sales were mediocre at best. I agree with Andrew’s strong rankings of X and Euphoria, but the industry has changed so much since 1983. MTV doesn’t play videos and rock radio doesn’t play Def Lep songs every 60 minutes like they did 23 years ago, so expectations for multi-platinum record sales are a bit unrealistic. Andrew could rate Yeah! a 122, but the band won’t sell more records unless they get major mainstream media exposure. And that’s what they are doing (with the help of their new management). They performed live for The Tonight Show and VH1. They did interviews with Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine. And they booked a very successful summer tour with Journey and went on Rockline to promote it. I’d love to see Def Lep back on the top of the charts for months at a time, but those days are in the past.

In the last few years, you’ve seen albums really take off for Michael McDonald, Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow. How did they do it? With COVERS! When David Lee Roth released an album of covers a few years ago, he was asked why. He replied that “Classic Rock radio is a closed playlist. If I can give them a song that’s already in their rotation, then I have a better chance of getting airplay.” So don’t blame Leppard for agreeing with Diamond Dave’s philosophy.

Yeah! sounds great and finds Def Lep sounding loose and energized. “20TH Century Boy” is full of hooks and has a great groove. “Rock On” has killer guitar work swirling all around the track. “Hangin’ On The Telephone” is an excellent choice with a crisp guitar solo. Joe’s vocals on “Waterloo Sunset” are rich and warm. “Drive-In Saturday”, “10538 Overture” and “Street Life” change the pace nicely and showcase Leppard in styles you might not expect. “Little Bit Of Love” and “The Golden Age of Rock ‘N Roll” are given the full-on Def Lep production treatment to great effect. And “No Matter What” is included for those fans that didn’t want to buy Rock of Ages for one new song. Yes, “Stay With Me” is an old b-side, but it rocks! Overall, it’s another Leppard album of excellent performances and good songs. Bonus points for putting some nice effort into the photos and liner notes with great back story from Joe and Phil about why they chose the songs they did. Points taken away because they should have released only two versions – a regular 14 track version and a dual disc special edition with ALL the bonus tracks and videos.

FYI - I downloaded these tracks a year ago, but didn’t listen to it much only because it sounded like a fuzzy radio station that wasn’t quite in stereo. The finished product is (obviously) a properly mixed and mastered CD and has already found its way into my CD player 8-9 times.

03/06/06: zac -
Rating: 0
take this for what it is- it is supposed to be a fun album that pays homage to THEIR heroes. if we were rock stars at one point in our careers we would want to honor OUR heroes- the LEPS. this also helps them get out of their crappy record deal. everyone that is dogging VIV should back off- the boys have not even let the guy loose yet. have you seen him live? the guy shreds. LOVE BITES and what he and Phil do to ROCKET are proof that the guy can PLAY. let VIV loose, get back to a more RAW and ROCKING sound and we can all get what we as LEP fans want- TO ROCK. quit whinning that they stopped making hysteria or pyro. those days were great but you look foolish when standing in line for the shows with your hair done up like you were in high school all over again. to quote Garth from Waynes World-- " LIVE IN TO NOW! ". grow up everyone- the Leps have.... and now you must too!

02/06/06: Alanna Evans -
Rating: 0
I think most people are missing the point with this release... they did it to fulfill their record contract so they can move on to the next stage. Plus, the band have stated for years that they wanted to record a cover album with their personal favorite tunes. After so many years of giving us great original music, I think we can give them that much self indulgence. As for them playing the "Indian Casinos", well why the heck not? They have some of the best stadiums around for this sort of thing. Id much rather sit in an air conditioned building enjoying the music than on some lawn somewhere in the heat. Plus, they usually pack these places because alot of people feel the same way. As for a new Lep cd, of NEW material... I would guess another three years plus before they crank anything out. The Leps have always been notoriously slow.

And for those commenting on the actual cd and then adding "well I refuse to listen to it" - that is absolutely childish and you should be ashamed for thinking on a kindergarten level. Atleast give the disc a chance. There are a handful of songs that are listenable, and yes the majority does not fit the Lep style, but their tastes are far and away from the music they actually record. We've also known this for as long as they have been around! It's just a covers album and is not to be taken too seriously. I agree with Andrew's score 100%. It is fun, but average. That's all.

02/06/06: Dan -`
Rating: 80
First of all, Rock On is great. They have been putting songs like this on every album since Adrenalize (one per album). This is no different, other than they did it with a cover.

Second, the lead single 20th century boy is terrible.

Third, Overture is hands down the best track. They also put a track like this on every album, since their very first album. So it's not an abnormality in any way. It's one of the most fitting songs after Waterloo Sunset (which is awesome BTW).

Perhaps coming from not knowing any of these songs before I'm less biased.

Otherwise, it's a very fun album. Sure, I would rather have a new album of new material, but I figured that's a rarity with bands I like now.

02/06/06: Greg -
Rating: 20
Waste of time. Even being the biggest Leppard fan in the world, it was not hard for me to pass on this. This album was given to me, but even it wasn't, I still would not have paid for it. I don't mind cover songs so much; but not an enitre album's worth. It's been 4 long years since X. Lep is once again overdue for new material. Not just any material either....but the most rockin' numbers since the High 'n Dry album. The sooner the better....before even more fans are lost.

02/06/06: Matt -
Rating: 8
I loved "Waterloo Sunset", but beyond that, I will never listen to it again! For me, I think it was mostly the song choices... I don't like any of them other than WS. I am still a huge DL fan, but after 2 hugely disappointing products (I have never grown to like "X"), I am still waiting for another true DL product. Hopefully there will be another one!

02/06/06: Daniel -
Rating: 8
Let's imagine this situation: A classic rock band oved by millions in the 80s releases their new album and achieves their tenth consecutive Billboard Top 20, sells almost 50,000 copies (as much as a hyped TV star ex boyband member) and appears on Jay Leno, VH1 and The Late Late Show. Their summer tour with another classic rock band is (again) selling out like hot cakes. While their peers play tiny theatres, they still play arenas. Hoorah!!! Rock is back. We must hail the conquest! Outstanding achievement! Well, no. Hold on, this is Def Leppard and they haven't released a reheated High n Dry which is what we (the diehards, keepers of the faith, managers in disguise, long-distance A&Rs) demanded. So let's kill it. Covers albums, yes, are usually pointless. But this one shows how great a stripped-down, unpolished Leppard are. Also compare this to ANY covers album from Duran Duran's Thank You to Toto's Through The Looking Glass to Styx's Big Bang Theory and you get: a) a sincere tribute to the band's long time influences (never disguised, never said to be other) and b) a really fun, energetic, stripped-down album. Twenty five years after their first album some of us still want them to be Metal (I am a Metal fan myself). But they have never been and they don't want to (or need to). And I have not heard the band seem to have so much fan on a record in a long time. X was great but sounded a forced attempt at Top40 (first six tunes) and Euphoria sounded unconvinced (not even the band wanted an unashamed return to 80s sound). Yeah! is pure fun. The versions are great, faithful but personal, and it rocks. And the fact that Def Leppard still sells the amount of records and tickets they do is something to cherish and honour.

02/06/06: daryl -
Rating: 30
its a cover album who cares they didnt write it but what does piss me off is they want me to buy THREE COPYS TO MAYBE MEET THEM............. after buying one i wished i hadn't icant think of anyone ..well maybe zeppelin that i would buy three copys of the same cd ( for a couple of songs) to maybe meet i think they are pushing the comeback a little hard i have seen them 4 times and i agree with alot of you guys
1. covers suck dont care who does it
2. def lost there "riffmaster " when steve died
3. viv still sucks
so they are out on there wheelchair tour. put good music out and i will go see. i dont care to hear the same shit you did in 1986.

02/06/06: Gus Gomez -
Rating: 95
l Love this cd, not every song but most "Dont Believe a Word"
is a stand out,,, opinions are like ASSHOLES anyway!! weve all got one. The Fact that they are doing as they please is awesome i would if i was in a hugely successful band, As for the war of words between Joe and Andrew BUH HUMBUG !!! Sit back and turn on the music LOUD !!!!waterloo sunset is also a stand out
Cheers Gus thanks for letting me vent my 2cents

02/06/06: Harry - [no, thanks]
Rating: 10
Just don't get why a band that can still put out an album like "X", whether it sells well or not, would do this cover album. And what's worse, I just don't hear the Lep sound here or a good Lep tweaking of the songs. Granted, these guys play great, but I can go to many a local club and hear good musicians doing cover songs. Perhaps if they had taken some more obscure songs, or should I say less "mainstream" and covered them? For instance, I never heard "Hard to handle" until the Black Crowes put it out and look what that did for them. How many people think that's a Crowes original? Does the Lep machine think the crowd will be young enough to think that of these songs? Are they out of juice for new songs? Is this a way to release an album and complete a deal? Is it label management? Will this bring in new fans? Someone explain this move to me, because I am at a loss.

For me, this CD is just a big skip. I will be seeing them twice on tour though as they are a great band. No one should confuse this review with what Lep is capable of. Maybe that's what makes this so much more dissapointing.

02/06/06: Scott -
Rating: 70
As a longtime Leppard fan, I'd probably buy just about anything that they put out. Years ago, I even ordered imports of their cd singles that cost $15 just for a b-side. So the thought of getting 14 covers for $10 is quite a bargain. On the first listen I have to say I was underwhelmed. Though the more I've played it I have found some bright spots. "Hellraiser" is probably my fav. track. followed by "The Golden Age of R & R". But these highlights are nothing compared to my all-time favorite Leppard songs. Hysteria, Scar, Paper Sun, White Lightning, Switch 625. I also bought the Walmart release and the bonus disc. I was kind of put off by the extra tracks from other retailers. Seems like the band don't feel bad encouraging their true die hard fans to buy multiple copies for an extra song to increase sales!
The biggest insult from the band was during their promotion of Slang, I heard Joe and Phil talking about how rediculous their previous records sounded with all the (as Phil stated "guitar gymnastics") I was very offended that they would discredit the quality music that I loved while promoting Slang (which I've grown to appreciate over the years) My brother put it best when he said "then give back the money, you dogs" Anyway, I've moved on and my wife and I have tickets and a 5 hour ride to see them in Indianapolis. More original stuff guys

02/06/06: Milos -
Rating: 80
Overall, I really like the album except for that cheese-fest “Rock-On”. Every time I hear that song I’m reminded of the embarrassing pop version performed by soap star Michael Damian in 1989. Why Def Leppard wants to follow in those footsteps is beyond me.

I’ve been spinning this for about a week now and I’ve about worn it out from playing it so much. I disagree with Andrew that “Street Life” isn’t a very good song because it doesn’t have a killer hook. I happen to love this song. It has a certain vibe that I really connect to on an emotional level. BTW, I was playing this disc in the car while driving with my girlfriend. She had no idea who the band was, but I noticed she was really tapping her feet to a lot of these tunes.

“20th Century Boy” is awesome—catchy and fun. “Hanging On The Telephone” will be kick-ass when they play it live. It’s full of energy. But, by far my favorite song on the album is “Don’t Believe A Word”. This song is killer. This song is infectious and everybody I’ve played this for loves it.

I would still prefer new Def Leppard material, but I’ll still take this over the last Bon Jovi record any day. At least Def Leppard isn’t selling out to the point of being played on country radio. At least they can still rock.

02/06/06: Joe -
Rating: 75
Well, unlike most of you, I've got no problem with "covers albums". When done right, they can be quite enjoyable, and in my book this one is. That's not to say I think it's "fantstic", "wonderfull" or "the best thing the band have done in a long time". It's not. However, I do accept it for what it is, and I'm sure I will still be listening to it some months down the road.

The good songs here - which in my book are "Don't Believe A Word", "Hellraiser", "Waterloo Sunset", "20th Century Boy", "Hanging On the Telephone", "The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll" and "Stay With Me" - are all done splendidly. The rest, I can take or leave - but mostly take. Interestingly, the one song I don't really care for is thier cover of "No Matter What". I love the song, but it's already been covered to death, and much better than the Lep's do it here, I might add. Too bad they couldn't have choosen a different Badfinger song.
Bottom line for me is you're either going to like this record, or not. To me it was worth the $8 I paid for it, so I've got no other complaints.

02/06/06: Jay Lloyd -
Rating: 1
Hey Joe...take a look at the overall reviews. This sucks. Love "don't believe a word". That's all. It was best said by someone else.... "This is not worth having". Period. Waste of money, waste of time. It will soon be forgotten because Rock On has been redone so many times radio will drop it. Very Sad!!!!

02/06/06: Neil -
Rating: 80
Well a gutsy move to put out this album only it should have been relaesed about 1.5 years ago!! Alot of people are missing the point. The band are covering songs they loved while growing up. That's the point to the album. Having said that their rendition of Waterloo Sunset is memorable and totally different than the has indeed been Leppardized and Joe's voice has never sounded better.

The band could have covered the more popular songs by some of these artists, but they chose not to, which is a gutst move in itself, but I think they pulled it off. Most of the tracks are rocky. Heavy metal?? C,mon people Def Lepp has never been metal. Pyromania and High and Dry were hard rock, but never metal. Viv stated he doesn't like metal anymore...gee I can understand that!! But he does like rock and roll....Thin Lizzy are one of his favourite bands and guess what they were... one of the best at mixing rock, pop and blues.

As far as the banter between Andrew and Joe I hope we have heard the last of it...admitted Joe has been childish...but I don't think it should diminish Lepp's music. Let's move has become rather tiresome!

02/06/06: Don -
Rating: 10
What you think of the songs or how good a job Leppard did with them here is almost irrelevent. The real question is : IS THIS THE ALBUM THAT DEF LEPPARD FANS WANT TO HEAR AT THIS POINT IN TIME ?
The answer is "HELL NO!" This would have been a PERFECT album to use as a gap filler between two hugely successful albums, but it's been four years since we heard any new music and that last CD, X, was a commercial failure ! (even though it was a great record - right on, Andrew !) But right now what Leppard needs is a monster comeback album of new original material - THIS IS QUITE SIMPLY THE WRONG TIME FOR THIS RECORD !
This was obviously done for purely self-indulgent purposes - it's something Joe and the band admit they always wanted to do and it doesn't matter to any of them that the fans don't want this. It's been way too long since we heard anything new from these guys ...let's get on with it !

02/06/06: Davin -
Rating: 75
First off...Andrew I disagree with your % but exactly know why. You hate these types of cd's. Not a problem. Respect the hell out of your site and your reviews! I think this should have come out last year like you, no sense in waiting to release this, but it does resolve them of their US portion of their contract. The thing I like about the cd: You can hear the instruments! By the way who is playing the drums on some of these tracks? And for God's sake let go of the casio beats aka Rock On. I love The Thin Lizzy cover, the Free cover...Rock on is good, so is No Matter what, Hate Saturday Night...Average effort, because of the songs, not because of the musicianship nor the effort put forth IMO I compare this attempt to Aerosmith's Honking On Bobo, it's their party let them do it, but let's not put this out in place of a studio effort. X I think is great music and a great record, but not at all a Def Leppard cd. I could do without their name being attached to that one. Can we finally get a nice rocking record with up to date souninding instrumentation on it? No more LOVE cd's like X.. "I got something to say" ? Really, c'mon guys atleast one more shot of pure rock/hard rock/ pop metal This cd proves they have the chops still..but to quote American Idol selection....Somewhere between a 75% and 80% Probably what we call in America a C+ effort ( 75-79%)

02/06/06: scott - [no, don\'t want spam]
Rating: 80
Good covers album. Well performed. Not essential, but worth having.

Lighten up, folks. The band has done a lot of great original music in their career. ONE covers album in 25+ years doesn't mean the band has run out of new ideas -- maybe they just don't want MERCURY RECORDS to have the rights to any more of them.

Put yourself in the band's shoes for a moment. After the commercial failure of the tremendous "X" album (due to the promotional negligence of their record label) I'm sure the band said to themselves "we'll never write another song for this company again!", and understandably so. They put their heart and soul into that album and the lack of proper promotion was criminal. However, they had to do another album to fulfill their contract. A covers CD was the perfect solution.

"Yeah!" might not be my most cherished Def Leppard CD in the long term, but it's still a worthwhile addition to the collection. Have fun with it. Don't take it too seriously.

02/06/06: Grant -
Rating: 0
Joe, You really owe Andrew an apology for being so nonprofessional. Hopefully you will be man enough to do it because you were wrong in what you did and continue to do. I used to like and respect you, but you have shown your true colors. I will never be purchasing another Def Leppard album. I can spend my money on things that more deserve my hard earned dollars. Vivian Campbel says that he "hates heavy metal"? did these guys overdose on "Idiot" pills. What is going on? I used to love them but this has got to out of hand for me.

02/06/06: Alligator Jackson -
Rating: 50
Bad song selection! The Wal-Mart cd was better, I give that one a 70. At least they recorded a Tom Petty song. If I was gonna listen to Def Leppard sing Blondie, I'd rather it be Rapture, at leat that'd be funny on purpose! But then Def Leppard is the one laughing, "Hey let's pick the worst songs we can think of and see if anyone will buy them.

02/06/06: James -
Rating: 100
I am very impressed w/ this release as yet Def Leppard being my favorite artist. I did however go to the store at Wal-Mart, May 23rd exactly!, went out, got the cd, and the bonus cd, took em home.....and was just blown away!! it was P.U.R.E Def Leppard giving them old songs an adrenalized kick!! the originals just sucked but Def Leppard know how to please. I bet i enjoyed all 14 tracks, loved them all, did not skip any! Great Release guys if you read this!! songs like 20 Century Boy, Rock On, Overture, and etc. their all good! i give thier YEAH! cd a 100/100!! yea, it may not be their OWN written material but it is interesting to hear a covers cd and it was really good as far as what i heard, its just over the top!!

02/06/06: Tom -
Rating: 80
I would have preferred a New Disc. But did they record one? No! but it is half written. This is what they released. and as far as a covers album,I hate them but if there is one band that could do it and pull it off its Leppard, They deserve the right to release a product, any product they choose...I'm sure they know it's not going to sell millions, They did something they always wanted to do and have the Luxury to do it. Half or most of the songs sound better then the originals.

02/06/06: Frank -
Rating: 50
This cd should have been called DOH! I started with the Leps in 1983 and still crank up the Pyro and the big disappointment here is the obviously lack of killer tunes and the Leppard chorus and wall of guitars. I could see them doing something from bands like Boston or ZZ Top or Queen,something that really rocks but most of these picks here were pretty lame in the first place.My fave band is ELO and I was interested to hear a different take on 10538 Overture but it doesn't rock anymore than the original that came out in 1972 and that was just an experimental time for ELO anyway. I knew of eight of these songs and they stayed faithful to the originals but there is nothing that sets them apart as new or innovative for modern times. Sorry Andy but I think the Blondie song sucked shank. I have the Wal-mart extras and the Tom Petty song is dead on and the same goes with David Bowie and once again there's nothing killer here that says they outdid the originals by a mile. The same happened when Slang came out and no one knew what to expect and this follows the same path. Right now I'm not sure what I think of the other six songs so I guess it stays around for a little longer. I think a better choice would have been a cd of new material and a bonus cd of covers.That way everyone got what they wanted.

02/06/06: Venus -
Rating: 0
Joe Elliott is such a frickin hypocrite. He's done interviews in the past where he knocks bands that puts out covers, saying they must have run out of ideas. That's exactly what happened to Def Leppard. No more Steve Clark to write killer riffs, no more Mutt Lange to do most of the work for them. May as well do someone else's songs.

02/06/06: Chris -
Rating: 50
I don't know, I normally like a good covers album, but wow, this is just not good. There's no real vibe to the record, no consistency, just seems like a ragtag bunch of tunes they had lying around that they slaped together to make an album, you'd think after all this time they would have taken the time and done it right, but everything from the song selection to the way they didn't "Leppardize" any of the tracks, there was no originality to this. And anyone who includes that horrible song "Rock On" on their covers album deserves to automatically have a 50% reduction in points for that!

02/06/06: J Mourinho -
Rating: 10
Total crap. Total fraud. Heard better covers down the ale house.

02/06/06: Shane -
Rating: 30
This is a very important stage in the career of the once mighty Leppard. I am now afraid their carrer is over. X is a great album it just needed a bit of more grunt and this band was on their way to the top again. Well I still have the memories and the classic albums to tell my son about when he gets older, and when he asks me, what ever happened to Def Leppard I'll just say "Yeah Yeah Yeah" what could have been.

02/06/06: Michael -
Rating: 25
Apart from a couple of tracks like "Don't Believe A Word" and "Hanging On The Telephone" this album blows. I won't dare to buy this one - it would be the biggest waste of money this year.

02/06/06: CFC 2006 Champions -
Rating: 0
I fail to understand why bands think I want to hear an album full of covers. Aerosmith did it and bored the arse of me and now Leppard. Covers are a sign of weakness, unable to write new material, new material not up to scratch. At least it saves me money by not having to buy this rubbish.
Bet this crap does not shift many units and if it does, they make great DOILIES.
If you want to hear these songs then buy the originals. They are the better definetive versions.

02/06/06: Alex -
Rating: 75
Metallica put out Garage Inc bc they could get away with it and it sold a few million. Def Leppard needed X to be hugely successful to warrant a full cds of covers...Im worried they are nailing their own commerical coffin.

02/06/06: pacopuma -
Rating: 25
Most of Def Leppard's fans don't want a cd like this. Everybody prefer a new songs. That's not the correct way. I don't going to buy this cd and Joe Elliot is wrong.
Def Leppard is one of the favorite band so I'll listen Hysteria and X albums.

02/06/06: Chris -
Rating: 95
Wow! A shining star in today's cooky cut world of music. Simple, Adventurist, and--most importantly-- kind! My son (17 years old) and I have always appreciated Leppard. With this one they took the music to another level--glam rock Leppard style! No other style has the adventurist optimism of the 70s.
Joe, Rick, Vivi, Phil, if you ever read these lines, you made an excellent move to bring this album to your listeners. Van you take it to another level? How about a whole album dedicated to Sweet -- the rock years? You are the only band to be able to add a unoque touch to that kind of music. For God's sake, save the music. You guys are few who are able to save the music from driving everyone to depression.Even your saddest songs have a glimpse of hope in them. Way to go, boys!

02/06/06: René -
Rating: 60
Well I think it is about time Mr Elliot put a sock in it. This SUCKS. Andrew U are right on the money. My favorite band of all time did the same thing as leps. Recorded a cover album which was the most embarrising moment in my Toto life. Leps has really produced great albums and i have been with them on and off since on through the night but this is by far the worst release from them.
Joe some advise from a long time fan. learn to take the sweet and sour drapes like a man. Andrew are one of the most hard working guys with our brand of music. Steve Lukather just praised the way Andrew conducts his site and reviews even though Andrew slaughtered their covers album.
Let that be a lesson in how to act. Lets face it the Yeah album did not look that much different 18 months ago and a experienced listener like Andrew know what to expect from a rough tape to a finished recording.
Joe stop weeping and blame everything on a man working so hard for our music.

Andrew right on the money this time

best regards

02/06/06: Paul -
Rating: 0
Have to agree with Joey, I don't care what songs the band listened to, I (used to) like to listen to this band. If I want to listen to The Sweet I'll pull their CD out and play it. Biggest pile of self indulgent cr@p since Oxxy's cover album...

Covers are fine as an odd extre track here and there but not a whole CD.

02/06/06: Lisa Gilbert -
Rating: 70
Def Leppard is probably my most favorite group ever starting when they released their first single in the US "Bring'in on a Heartbreak". Unfortunately they definately went against their mantra with this album and if you did not know ahead of time it was Def Leppard, you would pass by the songs from the album if they were played on the radio. I am truly having a hard time saying this because I never thought they would ever disappoint me. I agree with a lot of the song reviews on the Melodic Rock website but 2 come to mind that are off: Rock On is horrible!!!! I do not have one kind word to say about it...
10538 Overture actually is a great single and I am afraid to say its not ever going to be heard unless you own the CD. I am an ELO fan and it gave the song a new spin.
I wish my boys ( I call them my Boys because I have every album/cd starting with Hello America on) would go back and do what they do best- write and play their version of melodic rock.

Americans (including myself) will Listen!

Come on Joe- put out another single like "Paper Sun"!!!!!

02/06/06: John English -
Rating: 75
First off, I really wish Joe would stop with all the BS. The whole thing's silly. Especially now that the album's out. If Joe had any clue the support and positive press Andrew has given the band over the years he'd realize the mistake he's made.

As for Yeah, I'll disagree with Andrew on 10538 Overture...I think it's great. The album's really a mixed bag with no continuity, which is going to be the nature of the beast with a covers album, but I thought it really jumped around too much. A few very good songs, a few middling, and one appallingly bad (Rock On...not Lep's fault, the song is abysmal). Certainly won't have the shelf life of a true studio album, and I'm worried about the fate of the band's next release now that their record contract is up.

Overall, Yeah isn't THAT bad, but it's not great either.

02/06/06: Erik Nolan -
Rating: 85
While it would have been better to have another studio album instead of a covers album, this is about as good as a covers album can be. All of the song choices are not great: David Bowie's lame "Drive-In Saturday Night" is still lame here. But other tracks are terrific: "20th Century Boy" has plenty of thump and songs completely like Def Leppard. "Hangin' On The Telephone" blows the Blondie version out of the water. Fast and fun. "Golden Age Of Rock N' Roll" and "Don't Believe A Word" are awesome. "Stay With Me" sounds just like the original with more guitar punch. "10538 Overture" might not have a hook, but does every song have to have a good hook? There are plenty of classic songs without a good hook. This is one of the best tracks on the CD. The battle between Joe Elliot and Andrew is now beyond famous. I have to side with Joe on this one. Andrew should not have reviewed a "non" released CD. Its just not professional. Considering that he hasn't even bothered to go back and review all of Def Leppard's other brilliant CDs, then why did he post a review of "YEAH!" before it was mixed and completed? The reason: To be the first to get something out about it. As a fan, I read the review immediately... but it really should not have been done at that time. This in turn, set up Andrew's current negative review. He said in his new review that he was supposed to hate this album and with a lousy 68% (only 50% on song quality), he pretty much did exactly what was expected. Sorry to say that he should not have reviewed the CD before it was finished. And he is wrong now... this is a terrific album. Not as good as Leppard's regular studio stuff, but great nontheless. Pick it up and enjoy it! I noticed most of the people ripping the CD, just hate cover albums. If you don't like the idea of covers albums then you are not going to give this a chance. And that is a shame... its a solid album.

02/06/06: CUTTER -
Rating: 0
Total Crap, save your money. If it didn't day Def Leppard on the album you would never know it was them. They have finally completed their journey in denying their past. Good for them and good for their original fan base. "Death" has finally come to the Leppards.

02/06/06: Mitch Stevenson -
Rating: 45
I must admiot to being a wee bit disappointed in this release. I generally don't like full Cover Albums, the only exception being the "Feedback" album from RUSH. The difference betwen these 2 albums is that Leppard are trying too hard to sound like the artists the are covering, whereas RUSH added their own sound/interpretation to classic rock songs.

Leppard certainly do rock live, but with their CD releases, keep the cover versions to one per album - and make that one song unforgettable. These covers are just not that special to make me remember then!

02/06/06: Rich Smegma -
Rating: 3
Good Lord, WHAT NEXT??? Is the Lep off to play the oldies circuit and do a Summer of dates at Indian Casinos???? What the HELL are they thinking??? While it'd be nice to occassionally hear a cover track of some classic song, listening to an entire album of covers nearly made me puke. I'm sorry if it's just me, this is in poor poor taste and an insult to fans. I've read this was the final album for their contract with their label but geez, dont take it out on US the fans! It just didn't work for me.
P.S.- Joe, you gained the respect of all us fans for 25 years. IN a matter of months you're insisiting on ruining that respect by acting like bratty, whiny child to a reviewer who didn't give your cover album a positive review. Sir, as a fan from the FRONT row on the High and Dry Tour, you are OUT OF LINE. Get back to doing what you do best, writing and recording ORIGINAL material and smiling at reveiwers whom dont kiss your ass.

Regards, R.S.

02/06/06: McMack -
Rating: 85
See the below review from Matt as it almost equals my sentiments exactly, point for point. No need for me to elaborate much more from what he said, however, I will just a bit.

First of all, I will state that I am a huge fan of the band. Have been for 23 years. I was completely underwhelmed by the idea of a cover album. Thought it would make a nice bonus disc of some sort, but was not looking forward to this as a major release at all!!! I expected to give it a few spins and file it away under mediocre.

But after 9-10 days, I can't stop playing it. As Matt stated, most of these songs are new to me because of when and where I grew up. There are some real gems here, I think. "Waterloo" is brilliant. There isn't a single track that I don't like. Although I could've done without "Rock On" because Michael Damian simply ruined that song for me, Leppard's version goes a long way toward making it a respectable song again.

02/06/06: Schwede -
Rating: 0
Keep Rocking, Andrew. I am SO over Def Leppard. A covers album ? Please. Grow up, Joe Elliott, and take care of your own house. Rating = none because I won't listen to it.

02/06/06: C.J. -
Rating: 70
First off, I would like to commend Andrew for handling all this Joe Elliott crap like an intelligent and reasonable human being. Joe, too bad you took the opposite approach to dealing with this situation. You have no idea Joe, how people like Andrew are helping keep Def Leppard a blip on the radar.

Okay, as for the album, you can add me to the list of no-fans of covers albums. However, the ONE thing that I have always praised Leppard for was working hard on each album to make it the best it could be. You might not like the style of music but Def Lep has always made QUALITY albums. I am one of the few people that actually likes "Slang" because, to me, the songs are really well done. Same with "X". It's a great "pop" album.
As for "Yeah", once again I think the Lep boys have worked hard to do the original songs justice. The problem is that I never cared for many of the originals to begin with. There are some good tunes here but overall this album lacks anything that has repeat play-ability. I have been listening to this cd since it was released but I can't see any reason to leave it in my cd changer for much longer. Not a bad album but easily the worst that Leppard has ever released.

Probably the most distressing thing about this release is that it has taken 4 YEARS to come up with this! Between the big releases in their heyday, it took no more than 4&1/2 years and they had MAJOR tragedies to deal with!

In conclusion, this is a fair album that should have been relegated to bonus disc status or been released within one year of the last album. Def Leppard fans are used to waiting 4 years for a new album but the results have always been worth the wait. Not this time. The question is, are people still willing to wait? Or do they even care anymore?

02/06/06: Ron -
Rating: 10
Waste of time by everyone involved. Who wants to hear cover tunes. Do something original or different, but not covertunes. Either the band is lazy or has reached the end of creativity, and then to try to increase sales by different tracks from different retailers is bullshit. It's great to see one of my favorite bands of all time has sold out. This sites "official" review is more than generous Mr. Elliot. You should be thankful i didn't do the official review.

02/06/06: Glen Ravine -
Rating: 55
Andrew - you did a magnificent review. A wee bit generous, but a fantastic review. Like yourself I am a hugh fan of the band and dislike all covers as a release - but what makes it even worse is that we have to wait even longer for a new disc. Good job mate.

02/06/06: jeff -
Rating: 40
Joe and boys should not waste my time and MONEY. I purchased this CD thinking it might not be too bad, well not even close. If I wanted to hear these songs I'll play the original. I loved 'X', hell they should have just re released 'X' like they do with their BEST OF cd's. If Def was pushing out new material every 2 years or so this would not be such a big deal. Maybe the back account is a little soft. What have they done since 'X', two different Best Of and now covers CD. Out of ideas and money maybe?

02/06/06: Tony -
Rating: 90
I am a big Leppard Fan have been since High and Dry. Having said that I have been extremely disappointed with the last two releases of original music, way to poppy (I do think Scar is a great song).

I am extremely happy with this collection of songs! The production of the songs is stripped which gives the Leps a sound that I think they should stick with….as far as the songs, most of them are new to me! I have been going back to hear how the original songs sounded and all I can say is these renditions have truly been Leppardized!

Highlights of YEAH!!!

20th Century Boy
Rock On
Waterloo Sunset
Hell Raiser
10538 Overture
The Golden Age of Rock 'N' Roll
He's Gonna Step on You Again

What is cool about these songs on the album is they all reflect the body of work Leppard has put out over the years.

It great to hear the band reflect on these song choices and as a fan you can see how much his music has influenced the band and its sound.

As far the rift between the band and the site…who cares? It is all about the music. I don’t agree with the review. It is his opinion…and this is mine. If you are a fan of the band do not pass on this disc...if you are not you are probably missing the point of this collection of songs.

It is my hope that they go back to these influences with the next release of original music.

02/06/06: Pierre Baugnee -
Rating: 25
This is absolutly awful. It sounds like a Joe Elliott solo record. Where is the band? The kind of CD you listen once and then... The song's choice is more a question of taste so I don't discuss it. But I think it will more appeal to English fans. Are they still able to record one last great CD with original tracks? I don't think so...

02/06/06: Tyk -
Rating: 90
Andy, you're way off here. You say you didn't allow Joe's comments about your faux pas get in the way, but you so obviously did. You say the album is the same, it's not. I heard the leaked version too and thought it was awful. The final version is a whole different experience and much better.

This is a fun album. Those who don't see the purpose of this album have no concept of what Def Leppard is and where it came from. This band has often covered songs from their influences, so Yeah! isn't far out there.

The song selection is outstanding. These are classic rock songs from classic groups, and I for one appreciate that the group is paying homage to their idols.

Everyone wants a new album, and then everytime Leppard doesn't record Hysteria yet again you do nothing but whine. At some point, you people need to realize that Hysteria was recorded 20 YEARS AGO. 20! This is not the same band. They've matured and grown. Yeah! makes sense. They're at a point in their career, in their lives, where they're looking back at what made them who they are. And what do you all do? Whine yet again.

The band will have a new album out next year. And yes, Vivian Campbell said the album will build off the sound of Yeah!, meaning they're going to make a 70's rock album in 2007. I, for one, can't wait to hear it, but no doubt, all you whiners will complain it's not "the real Def Leppard" since it's not Pyromania.

To deride Yeah! so much because it's not the album YOU think Def Leppard should make is ridiculous. I didn't think the band should have made Euphoria (especially after making such an amazing album as Slang), but you know what, they did. And I enjoy it for what it is, because that's what the band decided to make.

02/06/06: Mark Sloan -
Rating: 85
I am the kind of person that enjoys hearing a good cover from time to time. I MUCH PREFER having a "new" cd from Def Leppard but I understand why they wanted to do this. I am also a musician and its fun to redo some of your favorite songs. I was familiar with many of the tunes on here and some I wasn't. Overall, I think it's really good. Waterloo Sunset gives me chills all over and I think this version would become a hit all over again if given airplay. Other standouts for me include No Matter What and Stay With Me. My 11 year old daughter loves Def Leppard from hearing them through me and to her this is practically a "new" release and she loves it....the great thing for me is seeing her latch on to some of these great tunes thus keeping them alive for yet another I say good job Def Lep!!!

02/06/06: Josue -
Rating: 85
I completely disagree with the review, i think this is a good album and deserves a better rating. Not as good as X, but it's good to hear Leps rocking again.

02/06/06: Big Norm -
Rating: 50
I completely agree with Andrew's review, a total waste of the bands and the fans time. Don't get me wrong the musicianship and production are spot on but if you're going to do a covers album give the fans something they've never heard before!

Nothing that a decent pub band couldn't pull off equally as good and you wouldn't spend £10 of your hard earned on a CD from a covers pub band would you?

02/06/06: Steve Beck -
Rating: 75
I agree with alot of you guys. Cover Albums Suck !! If wanted to hear covers , I could go to any bar in America and hear bands butcher cover songs. Give Me New Tunes. I am a big Def Leppard fan and they did a good job on a few songs like Hanging On The Telephone. Their version of "No Matter What" doesn't sound that much different than the one Lillian Axe did in the ealry 90's.

02/06/06: Christian -
Rating: 30
Not much to add. One thing that really sucks is, that on the website they invite you to buy all three different versions of the album in order to have better chances to get meet&greet-tickets...that is not just insane, it is offending!
See the band, that is my all of the time No.1 band of which I nearly possess every fart that has been recorded, next week in Oberhausen. They have 75 minutes of playing time. If they dare to waste time on more than one or two of those boring cover songs, I think they will lose even more fans in Germany...

02/06/06: Mike -
Rating: 50
I played it, and before I knew it it was over. Absolutely nothing stood out as memorable or promising but yet nothing terrible enough to turn off. Decent for background noise though.

02/06/06: Al -
Rating: 60
Hey there!
I think, Andrew is right. I'm a fan of the Leps since 1983 and whenever they put out a new album, I couldn't wait to hear the first tunes. To say it clear: I never was really disappointed -O.k. Slang was a bit out of the way but creative in it's own right. This one now: I bought it, couldn't wait to start it in my car-CD-player. Then switched the first song in the middle, switch the second one and the third as well. So I went thru the whole album in less then 10 min. And you know what: I tried it just one more time and never turned back...O.k. - maybe the songs are not my kind of game but I hoped, the leppardstile would change them into something new I could love. But no way...Nonetheless I think this is the band that put out Pyromania and Hysteria, two of my favourites of all time. That's the reason I believe, the next studio output would be again on the level, we all know.

02/06/06: Terry K. -
Rating: 0
Perhaps the band doesn't know exactly WHAT direction they want to go in next,explaining why no new studio cd right now.To their credit,it must be very difficult to write new 'FRESH' sounding songs-even if they echo somewhat they've done in past glories. 'Euphoria' was the 'return to form' album-but promo sucked for it! So they tried 'X',a more poppy,if modern,sounding release that arguably should have rocked more. I like it,but don't play it much. That being said-the 'covers'cd probably won't find it's way to my collection. I'm a BIG Styx fan,and their 'Big Bang Theory' got played a couple times,for curiosity's sake,and will probably collect dust in my collection. The point is,Covers only cd's DO seem to be a rip off of a band's fans money. They get their cash revenue sold from fans (because we like them),and then after a couple spins-we,the fans,feel cheated-totally understandable. In my opinion,guys-you can write cd's similar to High & Dry,Pyromania,and/or Euphoria for the rest of time,and I'd be willing to bet you'd retain MOST of your huge fan base worldwide! (Go ask a band like Gotthard how to write 'consistant' back-to-back great albums without nary compromising their 'style'!) ...Just my two cents.

02/06/06: Marty -
Rating: 0
This band is finished a long time ago! Just have a look at Joe and Campbell's stupid remarks!!
Just covers?? Huh, it shows how finished they are.
Just my two cents.

02/06/06: Herb -
Rating: 60
This CD isn't horrible, but its not what true Def Leppard fans wanted...or at least not what I wanted. The band that did Rock of Ages playing "Rock On??" WTF?

Unfortunately, the true Def Leppard band died with Steve Clark. They lost their Leppard sound when Mr. Clark passed away. I still cannot believe that Vivian Campbell is a guitarist in Def Leppard and has been now for almost 15 years. Def Leppard changed when they added Campbell...for the worst, I'm afraid. X sucked, period. This covers CD is respectable, but I think its fairly obvious that Leppard fans want ROCKING albums and not poppy CRAP.

02/06/06: Denis -
Rating: 80
I really like this album, they still sound good and it's honest. However, there could have been more real hardrock stuff.
I guess it's a matter of taste, their taste. Hope there's a new studio album coming as good as Euphoria was.

02/06/06: Johnny Adkins -
Rating: 85
I like this cd. I agree with others that I would have preferred a new studio album, but this isn't that bad. I will respectfully disagree with Andrew on his review though. I think the album deserved better than a 68%, but that's his opinion and I'm fine with that. It just seems that over the past few years, Def Leppard have been in a dammed if you do, dammed if you don't situation. I'm starting to believe that in the end, it won't really matter what Def Leppard releases because the public won't be there to support them. That's all I've got to say about that.

02/06/06: Marc -
Rating: 90
I completely disagree with this review. I haven't been a fan of a lot of stuff Def Leppard has put out recently (since Slang). Euphoria was ok, X was WAY too "poppy" in my opinion. This CD is absolutely great! These 70's glam rock tunes are really good tunes. And this is without a doubt the most rocking CD Def Leppard has put out in many years. My favorite Leppard CD since Hysteria, hands down.

02/06/06: Armin Klahr -
Rating: 20
I can't believe the Leps done this covers album,it's bad enough we have to wait 4 years for a new album,let alone a covers album and a pretty poor one at that! The X disc was a poor pop album...we want a ROCK album guys...remember you are a ROCK band...have you totally run out of creative ideas????? Get in the studio quick and give us a newly written album for release next year and make it ROCK....i really don't know why Andrew supports you guys Joe...he has done nothing wrong and he writes as a fan of the band...obviously the Leps are out to rip off as much money as they can from their loyal fan base...and stop touring the US every summer and playing the same old easy towns making a fast buck...your fans are all over the world...thanks,rant over.

02/06/06: Matt -
Rating: 85
Disregarding all of the silliness that has gone on between Joe and Andrew, as we must, this is a first rate covers CD. Like most of you, I detest covers albums. Fortunately, for those of us who don't live in the U.K., most of these songs are entirely new. Indeed, the worst selection for the album, as Andrew indicated, is "Rock On," which was played to death in the 80's in America thanks to Michael Damian's horrid rendition. This overhyped song frankly stinks no matter who is performing it and no Leppardization in the world can save it. Five points off simply for this song choice, though I agree with Andrew that the screaming guitars in the middle help a little.

The majority of the remaining songs are really strong, though. In contrast to Andrew's opinion, I believe "Drive-In Saturday" is a fantastic tune. For me, I've never really enjoyed David Bowie all that much. His songs are strange and his voice just isn't first rate (sorry if that is blasphemous to some, but that's how I feel (I mean "China Girl"... come on, we all know that's pure crap)). However, the Leps' cover of this one (and their previous cover of Ziggy Stardust) is simply spectacular.

I, too, wish that Def Leppard hadn't waited 4 years to release a covers album. I also believe that this would have been great as a "tweener" (in between proper studio releases). But, when we set that aside, this album is really very rocking.

Finally, I think it is overlooked that this album isn't necessarily supposed to sound like Def Leppard. In fact, that's what sets this covers album apart from others. Instead, this collection of songs shows the fans what inspired 5 lads growing up in Sheffield in the 60's and 70's. Sure, there are no huge choruses in these songs. Why? Because, Def Leppard invented those huge anthemic choruses! Still, you can hear the "Photograph" "Whoa Ohs" in "The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll," you can hear how the origins of "Rocket" clearly date back to "He's Gonna Step on you Again" and "20th Century Boy's" intro is eerily similar to "Back in Your Face." I strongly disagree that there are no hooks in these songs. To the contrary, the one interesting consistent theme in all of these songs is that they have great guitar hooks and generally catchy verses. The one missing ingredient in all of them is a bombastic chorus, which the Leps properly developed in the early 80's.

In sum, this album is almost a prequel to their first album. It is how they got to be who you all loved. You may not be listening to this in heavy rotation in the future, but you can be guaranteed that you'll notice some of these artists' influence in the next original Leppard release, and for me, that's pretty cool.

02/06/06: Zok -
Rating: 35
Why? I dont understand why a band like Def Leppard does a cover album? Def Leppard have done som classics in the past,sure it was a long time ago. But they must have more than this to put out?
Its hard for me to understand why a artist/group does a whole cover record??? one or two covers on a album is accepted, but not more!

02/06/06: Terry Clark -
Rating: 65
There are about 5 really nice tracks and the rest are just ok. The record just doesn't really pop, probably becuase one has heard these songs all before by other artists, the concept as said before really doesn't fly for a hard n heavy modern rock band. They do credible versions of the songs but what's the point?, even more weird was the Toto covers album. I also really like the X album, it has a very melodic modern sound to it,too bad is was ignored by the record buying public.I still remember being in high school some 22 years ago and riding in a bus to go pick corn in a field for a summer job and almost everyday the guys in the back of the bus with their boom boxes were cranking Def Leppard, high praise indeed!

01/06/06: Adolfo -
Rating: 75
A good covers album... nothing more, nothing less...

01/06/06: Kenny -
Rating: 60
I'm a HUGE Lep fan - have everything that I can get a hold of with regards to these guys. Even bought the CD twice and the bonus CD at Wal-mart. While I liked it the first couple of spins, I totally agree with the sentiment here. It's a "nice" album, one you can play with the top down on the way to the beach but it's nothing earth shattering. I have a feeling that within the next few weeks, I'll totally forget about this one and it will start collecting dust. On the positive, I'm glad that this record fufills their obligation to the record company - now maybe they can go to a label that will properly support and promote them (me thinks that this is the reason this record received so much promo in the states - the label wants to keep them but if they're smart, they'll bolt just as quickly as they can). Also, this record seems less polished and more raw sounding than their previous releases. While I enjoy the polish of "Pyro" and "Hysteria" it was a nice change to not have that on this record. Hopefully they will keep the same vibe on the next "proper" release of original material.
Stay strong, Andy!

01/06/06: Joey -
Rating: 0
I will not be purchasing this as I detest covers only albums. It shows a lack of creativity on a band's part

how about a new studio disc? fuckin' cover albums> I don't care what songs joe elliot liked as a kid

now that this shit is out of their system, hopefully they start on a new studio disc asap. they're not gonna tour for this shit are they

with X being 4 years old>I'm dissapointed their to lazy to record a new disc, I love all their stuido discs, Slang included

this cover thing should've come out in 2003/2004, followed by a new studio disc 2005/2006. It doesn't appear as if they've even started working on a new stuido disc. maybe 2008 we'll see one

01/06/06: Paul Haworth -
Rating: 40
Obviously they have run out of ideas, this is not want the fans want!!!

01/06/06: IAN -
Rating: 40
I have to agree with everything Andrew says , can't understand why band's do this if it isn't just for the money . We all want to hear new stuff by them , not half arsed version's of other band's song's . OK it's played and sung well but i'd stick to the originals , they are ton's better , so on the whole a poor effort .

01/06/06: John -
Rating: 10
What a waste of money!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible from beginning to end - what were they thinking...... This will stop me from ever buying another Lep CD... X was excellent - this is *(&%^&*^$%^# -not one song that listenable - after hearing this i definitely will not go see them live - since they will play at least four or five of these miseries - I actually wasted more money at Walmart for Extra tracks and interviews - ugh - another three horrible takes on old dated songs sounding new but old dated and unlistenable - what a mess - maybe the unmastered should have remained unmastered and unreleased - although it sold well here in the US - it will spiral off the charts - into oblivion and quite possilbly end their run - cause I dont think Ill ever buy another CD from the Leps before hearing again - three friends that bought the CD also upon release all say the same thing this is garbage and will sell on Ebay ASAP - maybe get something back - I know Ill never listen to it again - its that bad - I mean baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad - Im putting up on Ebay today!!!!!!!!!! I dont need another coaster and its not worthy of that - worst CD I've bought in ten years - AVOID AVOID AVOID

01/06/06: Harv -
Rating: 75
This might bring down the wrath of one Mr. Elliott, but like Andy I believe that this album is a mistake. Do I enjoy the CD? Yes, I do. Do I see myself playing this over and over again in a couple months? Probably not. There are some good tracks and some ho-hum tracks, but overall it's not a horrible cd. Unlike Andy, I would say I prefer it to X at this point. If this cd had been released in a double set with a cd of originals, then it would have had a greater impact on my ears. Including a pure Def Leppard sound with Def Leppard influences would have given the listener a greater appreciation of what Def Leppard was trying to accomplish. I've heard them play several songs from the Yeah! CD live and the CD would have had even a greater impact if they had given it a more live and less polished feel. Finally, I give the band credit for doing something that they wanted to do instead of creating a CD to please the label.

01/06/06: Paul Glover -
Rating: 50
I am really dissapointed with this CD as it's taken them ages to do & don't really like their choice of songs on it. I have never been much of a fan of cover songs anyway but for a band like Def Leppard to do this when fans are crying out for a New CD with New songs on it is just wrong. The choice of songs maybe what they like but it's like a karaoke album really! This CD will be played once & then forgotten about to be honest in my collection even though i am a big fan of Leppard & have seen them many times over the years, it's just not what we want to hear.

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