Def Leppard Songs From The Sparkle Lounge Universal
· Produced By: Def Leppard

· Running Time: 39.41

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Def Leppard
Songs: 85%
Sound: 85%
There is a phenomenon one must first overcome before reviewing any Def Leppard release. It is a two-pronged affliction - first there is the pre-album "Euphoria" that one experiences – a result of excessive happiness due to the fact an album is actually being released. Then there is the post-album "Hysteria" that comes from the initial playback of the new album. Such emotions caused by the end of multi-year wait for new music can at times cloud judgment of the new music on offer can lead people to be more complimentary than they otherwise would a few months down the track.
This phenomenon is not unique to Def Leppard fans, but with albums consistently years apart, it is a common feeling I know fans suffer from and will relate to.
So with this in mind, I have been giving this album a thorough workout for nearly 2 weeks now. Yes, I got an advance copy a week before it was released.
I don't like to rush out reviews for the sake of getting them done on time and in past cases I have had a lot of listening time to judge records before posting a verdict.
Both X and Yeah! were with me a while before reviewing – in the case of the latter, I think we've covered that saga beyond all necessary boundaries.
I have lived with this album for a shorter period than those 2 albums, but I am confident that after a couple of weeks of absolute hammering, I know this album inside out and feel comfortable with the final verdict.
What makes this album easier to review, is the fact that there really isn't that much to it. Not compared with past albums at least. No 70 minutes to get to know or 13 or 14 tracks to absorb and no multi-layered intense production to tend with.
Songs From The Sparkle Lounge is a simple, stripped back 11 song, 40 minute affair that is pretty much memorized after a dozen listens.

There is an interesting contrast between two iconic British rock acts both releasing new albums at the same time after a several year wait for new material.
Whitesnake has decided to use their classic sound to the best of their abilities, mixing the best elements of their past history.
Def Leppard on the other hand have decided to continue on the stripped back 70s glam influenced path that they started out on with Yeah!, mixing things up a little more for this album of all new studio material.
Yes, the band rocks harder than they have for sometime, but I'm not sure it is as memorable. I think this album is a good fun record – much the same vibe as was intended with Yeah!, but at the end of the day also I think this album lacks a true direction.
The style is varied, but I don't think the album goes far enough in any one direction, it just hovers in between. Take a look at the first three tracks - you have Slang, Euphoria and Yeah! all represented. It sends a confusing message to fans.
In the past when the band has experimented, it has alienated some fans and caused considerable debate, yet those two record where experimentation was most obvious (Slang and X) remain strong favorites to many and to this day hold up as well as anything else in the band's catalogue. Personally speaking I'll play Slang and X over Euphoria and Adrenalize any day of the week.
X was heavily criticized by some for being too soft, but you have to give immense credit to the band for being so focused on that recording and the songs within. It remains a travesty that a larger section of the public weren't made aware of that album.
Even on Yeah! – as much as I dislike the majority of the record – the band was at least focused on a set direction. I don't get that same feeling here.

Track By Track:
It's always best to kick off any album with a little gusto and Go does just that. This heavy rocker has an almost industrial feel to it at times, a modern vibe that throws the listener back to the days of Slang, complete with loops and production effects that give this track the feel of Rocket for the 21st Century.
Nine Lives is the most openly commercial Def Leppard sounding track on the whole album and therefore an obvious choice as lead single. It could easy fit on Euphoria and is the song that best represents the band's classic sound.
The use of Tim McGraw in the mix doesn't bother me at all – his role is minimal. I do feel sorry for the guys being accused of following Bon Jovi, when this idea was probably hatched way before JBJ headed to Nashville. It's just that the wheels move slowly in the DL camp.
C'Mon C'Mon is about as simple as any song gets. This is straight out of the Yeah! songbook, with the band following that album's 70s rock tribute, with an original of their own. A pounding beat and a simple rabble raising chorus should see this as an easy fit in the band's live set. It's a mood song…sometimes I'm in the mood for it, sometimes not.
Love is the album's only ballad and that I think is a good move. And credit to the band, for their ballads have managed to stand out as something different each time. Each record Bon Jovi releases you get the same couple of ballads you have heard before and simply don't need again, but both this song and Long Long Way To Go stand out as very original ballads.
Now Love is original in the sense that Def Leppard haven't recorded a ballad like this before, but not quite so original in that the sound and influences mirrors that of band favourite's Queen – another act the guys respect immensely and another sign that Songs From The Sparkle Lounge continues to mirror the influences of the Yeah! record.
I like the overblown mid-song passage and I like the guitar solo and I especially like Joe Elliott's vocal here. He makes this song work. But this song typifies the overall feel of this album - there could have been more. I would have taken artistic license and gone right over the top with this song and blown it out past 7 or 8 minutes.
Tomorrow continues the loose, raw and glam-ish vibe. This happy go lucky pop rocker has that distinct Def Leppard sound, yet with poppier influences and a sound that mixes Euphoria, X and Yeah!
Same too with Cruise Control – another very 70s sounding rocker that to me mixes the modern rock sound of Slang with X during the verse, then converts to Yeah! style during the chorus. The chorus is fairly restrained, but a melodic verse and additional bridge add weight to the song, but at the end of the day – it's not memorable enough for me.
Hallucinate sounds promising to start, with a nice hard edge riff kicking things off. Then it's back to the raw, stripped back style of production. This sounds like a rougher, rawer version of a song that could have been included on X, had it been further polished up.
It's a likable song, and features another nice guitar solo in there, but perhaps is a little underdone.
Only The Good Die Young is an interesting song. I like the Elliott vocal that kicks off the verse – a nice hook and lyrically it sounds like a carry on from the same subject that influenced Photograph all those years ago. A happy sounding mid-tempo pop/rocker with a strong, but simple chorus and more traditional DL sound.
Bad Actress will surely be the most talked about rocker of this whole album – completely infectious and hard not to love. Again, it is very stripped back in comparison with past albums and another blatant "tribute" to the glam rock acts of the 70s. Hard not to love this one though, with the tempo sweeping you up and dragging you along for the ride.
Dodgy lyrics aside, it's a lot of fun.
Come Undone is a solid enough rock track, but at the end of the day it doesn't do a lot for me personally. I'm not feeling the chorus and it just seems to be lacking direction.
Gotta Let It Go is much better. This is one of my favourite songs on the album, even if this time they did borrow from Bon Jovi (the Have A Nice Day riff anyone?)
I like the modern influence and I like the added aggression of the song. Something that is missing from the rest of the album – true attitude!

The Bottom Line

Songs From The Sparkle Lounge does sparkle at times, but overall it lacks the spark and direction seen on previous Def Leppard albums. It is a bit of fun to listen to, but I don't see a serious depth to the songwriting. The record is quite likeable, but I truly exepect opinions to be quite varied in both negative and positive directions.
I thought it may have been wise for the band to do something akin to what Whitesnake have done, and that is concentrate on appealing to their core audience and deliver an album based on days past. Maybe the band doesn't want to listen to calls for Pyromania 2 or Hysteria 2, but those calls remain and they won't go away.

This album is just a little too varied in direction, but the bulk of the songs sound almost like a reaction against the longer, polished and more intense X record. Short, simple and instantly catchy are all fair comments, but I like my Def Leppard music to have more depth and take time to get to know it. I played X for months, even more so than Euphoria, but this album I know off by heart already and I think I'll be ready to move on from it within weeks.

Still a respectable score, but this ranks behind most other DL albums for me. It is far superior to Yeah! though...and it is nice to hear new material at last, but I did expect more from one of the icons of the industry. And I hate to imagine when we might all hear the next studio album from the band...
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· On Through The Night
· High And Dry
· Pyromania
· Hysteria
· Adrenalize
· RetroActive
· Vault
· Slang
· Euphoria
· X
· Best Of / Rock Of Ages
· Yeah!
· Songs From The Sparkle Lounge

Line Up:
· Joe Elliott: Vocals
· Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell: Guitars
· Rick Allen: Drums
· Rick Savage: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Def Leppard
Track Listing
· Go *
· Nine Lives *
· C'Mon C'Mon
· Love
· Tomorrow *
· Cruise Control
· Hallucinate
· Only The Good Die Young
· Bad Actress *
· Come Undone
· Gotta Let It Go *

--*Best Tracks

10/04/09: Timothy -
Rating: 95
DEF LEPPARD'S Songs from the Sparkle Lounge gets better with each listen and it is better than most of the new stuff that is out there.

19/08/08: andy read -
Rating: 40

14/07/08: Terry K. -
Rating: 95
I'm a bit amazed at all the so-so/bad reviews of this cd! Just what exactly are you wanting in a DL release? Maybe that's part of the problem in the first place. Some love Slang (tripe) and Hysteria (overrated),even 'X' (WAY mellow) gets high marks from some. The band has quite the uneven history then,eh? Not exactly AC/DC or Journey,are they? So then,many varied opinions. What I don't quite understand is--why the bad rap here? This is a great listen all the way through! Catchy,riff-laiden rock with nods to most of their past legacy on hand here. There's high merit in all these tracks,given a few spins. I'd bet there will be a lot of fans going back to this down the road and finding that it's way better than they originally thought. Count me in on the original bandwagon--as I love it!! Nice job,guys! I get it. T

11/07/08: Dwayne -
Rating: 80
I have mixed feelings about this CD. I get excited everytime Def Leppard releases new music, but am somewhat disappointed. A few songs are excellent. A few are OK. But some I just skip. A good CD, but not a great CD. And is it just me or is Joe Elliot avoiding or losing his upper range. Seems like he's trying to lower his singing voice and I think some of the songs lose their punch because of this.

04/07/08: Ken -
Rating: 86
I really wanted to take some time to listen to this album 6-7 times before I put my thoughts out there.

In the end, I agree with Andrew - there's a certain lack of direction because the songs are all so different. From Go, Nine Lives, C'Mon C'Mon and Love, you get four good songs that are totally different. The rest of the record has some nice moments, my favorite tracks being Bad Actress, Gotta Let It Go and Come Undone. The middle of the record is a bit average.

All in all, I think Leppard are capable of a lot more. One more killer ballad would have helped. I like this CD, I just don't love it...

01/07/08: Paul -
Rating: 10
Now that Mutt has left Shania maybe we will get the real Def Leppard back???

26/06/08: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 50
What a shame!.This band was one of the first bands to get me into rock and after listening to everything since Hysteria I've not heard a decent album.I don't expect Leppard to do a Pyromania part2(although it would be nice),but why not do what The Scorpions are doing and put out some good contemporary catchy melodic rock albums.It makes me mad that bands like Gotthard,Bonfire and House of Lords to name but a few get no major recognition for writing top class albums and yet Def Leppard get to play all the large venues and get all the support they need.THERE REALLY IS NO JUSTICE.
I wonder what percentage of people who own Def Leppard albums have even heard of any of the bands I've just mentioned let alone own anything by them.
At least Whitesnake and Journey have given the fans what they want.Just look at the ratio of positive reviews for their albums compared to this.

19/06/08: Leo Valiu - -
Rating: 60
disappointing-the samples led me to believe this was as good as X or euphoria (excellent releases) but the songs just aren't good enough. production is poor too. disappointment of the year so far.

13/06/08: RAFAEL GIORNO -
Rating: 95

12/06/08: gregg -
Rating: 86
Andrew prettymuch nailed this review. "Only the good die young " is the best track of many unspectacular tune.

11/06/08: Danny -
Rating: 25
This album is ok at best. Why can't Def Leppard just be Def Leppard? Who do they have to keep monkeying with their writeing style. If they want to explore new ground do it as another project. In the mean time go back listen to Pyromania and just right good solid Rock songs like that...not a duplication just be who you are. Listen to the new Whitesnake Joe thats a perfect example of what I am talking about.

10/06/08: michael -
Rating: 50
The album "sounds" great but the songs are weak. Nothing memorbale, if i could i would have taken the cd back.

10/06/08: YNGWIEVIKING -
Rating: 80
Better than expected but not essential either !

05/06/08: Charlie Smith -
Rating: 20
Been on board the DL wagon since about 81 or 82, There have been pure classics made (High & Dry, On Through The Night, Pyromania, Hysteria, & X) and some horrible cutout bin classics (Yeah!, Adrenalize to name but two) and all manner of music in between. The slide to "The Sparkle Lounge" began way back on March 31, 1992 with the release of Adrenalize (Yes There are some good songs on it but.....) a complete rehash of Hysteria from start to finish. To me that's where they stopped being original, and started the slide to their newest disc. Although I did like Slang I for one thought WOW nice try at change, now this disc couipled with the covers disc has totaly turned me off to buying their stuff on the day of release, so unless they can recover from their loooong slump it's used CD's for me as a fan. $13.99 - $16.99 is just way to much to pay for a CD of rehashed Leppard

05/06/08: bob batter -
Rating: 20
Dear God. Here's my review track by track:

-Tracks 1-10 - CRAP!
-Perfect silence when cd has stopped playing - 100 times more enjoyable.

If "Yeah!" was the final nail in the coffin then "Songs From The..." is the ashes.

05/06/08: scuppanet -
Rating: 25
Awful release. If I want to listen to Def's older stuff I'll do that on their older releases. No catchy melody, no hooks, no sound, no point. Whitesnake will eat them up live... can't wait!

28/05/08: Dave -
Rating: 89
I'd rate this in the low 90's but Andrew has a point, that there really isn't that one unbelievable song. What we have is a collection of songs that the SUM is better than it's parts. X IMo was probably the best produced material since Hysteria, I liked maybe 1/2 the songs, and the rest jsut did absolutely nothing for me, there wasn't enough rock. Euphoria has a few songs that are better than anything on Sparkle, but where Euphoria had a few song that I skip Sparkle doesn't. I guess I'll eventually rank this ahead of Euphoria some where near Adrenalize, but it sounds nothing like the latter...DEFinetly my favorite since 1992 (not counting Retro..) Most fun cd by them in a decade and 1/2.


My list:
4) Retro-Active
5b)Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
6) Slang
8) X
10) Yeah!

27/05/08: Erik -
Rating: 95
Absolutely TERRIFIC Leppard CD... just about every song is great and the guitars are loud and crunchy. Leppard might not be the massive band they once were, but they are still one of the most talented bands in the history of rock. Another terrific CD from an incredible band.

27/05/08: Steve -
Rating: 85
A decent album that's very much Def Leppard. Yes, it's very stripped back, but there's a lot to enjoy about it. A lot of songs are very catchy as well! I suppose that the only criticism I would level against the album is the 'shortness' of it; it just doesn't feel very substantial, maybe along the lines of what Andrew had mentioned about the lack of depth in the songwriting. But you can't expect Hysteria over and over, and this is an okay album.

21/05/08: Emmanuel TAFFARELLI -
Rating: 99
As a DL fan since the 80's, I think this album is their best release since Adrenalize. Joe and Friends have nothing to prove to anyone. They do what they want. Even if I wasn't always well-surprised by some of their previous efforts (Slang for example)SFTSL is really awesome. It is straight, not too much over produced like Euphoria (even if it was not bad)and the songs remain in mind. Thanks very much, guys! You are back to rock 'n roll!

21/05/08: Peter -
Rating: 90
Go- is Tough no nonsense hard rock.Very slang but much better.
Nine Lives should be a hit...catchy. Very Leppard
C'mon - Pure Def Leppard. 70's glam. Should be a hit also, but i think 'Hallucinate' is much better.
Love - A real grower. Haunting, beautiful and interesting.
Tomorrow - Great pop rocker true to the leppard sound.
Cruise Control - This track is a filler to me. Not over keen.
Only the good die young - Pure pop. Beatles vibe. Great song
Hallucinate - Should be the next single, one of my favourites.
Bad Actress - Ac/dc vibe. Keeps getting better and better. Possibly the ace card of the album
Come Undone - Another grower. Stone Temple Pilots vibe
Gotta let it go - Good closing song.

Another very strong album.A real grower with repeated plays.

20/05/08: Tom -
Rating: 95
I would just like to say thank you to Def Leppard for putting out such a great CD! There is NOTHING WRONG with CD. Great songs that are fun to sing along to. Keep up the great work guys.

20/05/08: Steve Johnson -
Rating: 50
I've been a fan of D.L. since the early 80's when my buddy played me High And Dry. Pyromania sat in my boom box for an entire summer. Unfortunately I think the D.L. I came to love died with Steve Clark. Every album since his passing has gone the way of most other bands where you find one or two diamonds in the rough and the rest is forgettable.

I ran through this album a couple times trying to see if it would help any. It didn't. I did notice a few things:

1) Whoever is writing their lyrics needs to be shot or get a dictionary. Nine Lives was so cheesy it should come with crackers. Sounds like they are just regurgitating old 80's lyrics.

2) Must every other song use just the song title as the chorus? How many times can we use C'MON in a song? Maybe there is some secret drinking game incorporated in it.

3) Who mixed this thing? "Blah blah blah Bad Actress Blah blah blah Bad Actress" Half the time I can barely hear Joe's singing.

4) Go back and listen to your first few albums. That is the sound you need. Go back and get those awesome backing vocals you had on Hysteria, cause the backing vocals here stunk. The songs sound like they came from a sparkle lounge band. Very dry, very shallow, and very pedestrian.

5) QUIT TRYING TO SOUND LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!!! I hadn't even read Andrews review and Queen, Bon Jovi, and Herricane Alice all came to mind. You are Def Leppard!!!! You have a sound!!!!

Once again I shake my head at this album. Even as a debut from a nobody this album still would rate low. I think it's ridiculous to try and rate an album separate from a bands other works, because that is what our interest in the band is based on. At this point, I am done with this band.

20/05/08: Donovan -
Rating: 100
I can't help but wonder how tainted Andrews opinion of Def Leppard is. Had the "Yeah!" episode never happened what would SFTSL scored? Higher I'm guessing. 85 is a great score, but he says that he expected more from "icons of the industry" which is surely in reference to "Hysteria" and "Pyromania". Had those albums never existed Leppard wouldn't be facing the same crap they do with every release in that people are looking for a "Hysteria" killer or sequel. If people can push this album out of the shadow of DL's past they will find a fantastic album that stands well on it's own. There is not one bad track on this record which is something I can't say about all Lepp albums. I don't understand the argument that this album lacks direction. Maybe its just me, but one of the things that I appreciate about DL (especially post-Hysteria) is how varied their sound is. If I want to listen to a band play virtually the same song throughout an entire album I'll play AC/DC or something. The only gripe that I can get on board with is that the album is too short, but what is there is quality and the length is easily forgiven.

19/05/08: Red -
Rating: 60
There are one or two nice songs on here but overall this powder-puff, by-the-number rock with no depth or substance and little longevity. What you hear on first listen is pretty much what you get - no hidden hooks or repeat play surprises to be found anywhere.

Completely forgetful effort by the leps.

18/05/08: Alanna -
Rating: 65
After listening to Def Lep for 21 years now..
this album is a real disappointment. Sure, there are some decent tunes (especially the first three rockers) but after that its a downhill slide into mediocrity. And of course nothing approaches the greatness of "Hysteria", "Pyromania" or even "Retroactive".
As Lep CDs go, it's better than "Slang" but its still no "Euphoria".
The production is lacking, the sound is thin, the melodies are missing in action, and Joe's voice needs some studio sprucing.
Better luck next time, eh?

18/05/08: Joe -
Rating: 80
Glad I held off on reviewing this one for a while. My first few listens didn't impress me much, but I've found he album growing on me the more I listen to it. It's been pretty interesting reading other people's opinion's, too - as some I agree with, while others I disagree with. Anyway, here's my take..

Go - Probably one of the heaviest thing I've heard from the band in a while. A bit of echoes of SLANG, and an obvious attempt at sounding modern, but it works.

Nine Lives -I agree with Andrews assessment of this one. It's ok, but not on my list of faves.

C'Mon C'Mon - To these ears, best choice for second single. This is the "Pour Some Sugar On Me" of this album. Catchy, and nostalgic at the same time. This is the type of song that will most appeal to the casual Leppard fan, because it sounds the most like their past huge, yet simple, hits.

Love - Keep seeing everyone cite Queen as an influence on this one, and I hear it a wee bit - but this is really straight up Beatles era Paul McCartney right down to the melody. Not bad for the album's only ballad (and yes, there should have been at least one more).

Tomorrow - Trademark, by the numbers Leppard - but nobody does it better. Another highlight that should be the album's third single (if they get that far).

Cruise Control - This one's ok, but a bit filler. The guitar solo helps save it, though.

Hallucinate - Another by-the-numbers track - but again, it works,and I like it. Not great, but good.

Only The Good Die Young - Sounds like an ANDRENALIZE left over. Again, ok, not awesome.

Bad Actress - The music = A. The lyrics = F. Another solid rocker, at least musically (when was the last time the guitars ripped this much?), but the lyrics sink this song completely for me.

Come Undone - I agree with poster Martin,a very Stone Temple Pilots vibe to this one. But if I'm going to listen to STP, I'll listen to them, and not Leppard. This one's, so far, just a step above average.

Gotta Let It Go - Quite possibly my favorite song on this album. Unlike some others, the falsetto actually makes the song for me. And so what if they perhaps borrowed a bit from Bon Jovi on this one. For one, I prefer this tune to Jovi's - and for two, it's not like Bon Jovi haven't lifted a riff or melody in their day, either. Their song "I'll Be There For You" completely steals the melody of The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down".

So in closing, SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE is grower of an album for certain. Wish it had maybe one more ballad, or song - but that's it. The main thing that keeps it from being better, is that it's too unfocused of a record. It sounds like a random collection of songs, rather than a defined whole. As such, it has trouble sticking, and takes repeated listens to really appreciate. I suppose in this day and age, the band may be going along with the fact that the new generation doesn't really listen to "Albums" anymore, but are more interested in just "songs" - but that's a shame. In any case, it may not be what they were aiming for, but that's what they delivered.

I rate it higher than X (too many ballads - good ballads, but too many), but it's not as good as EUPHORIA was to me. Having recently re-listened to it, I still think that album's highly underrated.

18/05/08: Richard -
Rating: 90
Very good songs played well. Not to long either, be honest how many of you listen to cds that are an hour or seventy minutes long. Great that this band are still around and release new music.

17/05/08: Greg -
Rating: 90
First off I am huge Def Leppard fan and like most of their stuff so I guess my opinion is slightly swayed when it comes to their music. I think this album (I will always call them albums) has moments of greatness on it that haven't happened in a while. Andrews review was pretty decent and fair, but I disagree with his criticism about the album going off in too many directions. I think that is a good thing. Slang was a good album but went too far in left field to try to bring in the alternative crowd. X was a ok album that had some good songs but went way too comercial and soft to try to bring in the pop crowd. Point of fact is Def Leppard has a sound and when they were very very popular in the 80's they weren't trying to satisfy people, they just wrote good songs and they crowd came to them. I think it is good that they went in a variety of different directions on this one as it was just them trying to make good songs and not trying to totally fit in a genre. Is it a perfect Is their filler, yep. Is it their best work...nope not even close. But you have to understand that their probably never going to get to that level again as it's hard to do. This is a very good rock record and has some very good moments, like Tomorrow and Hallucinate which are great DL anthem songs. It also takes chances (something X and the last few cds haven't done) with songs like Love and Bad Actress and even to an extent Nine Lives (duet with a country star has to be taking a chance). The latter 1/2 of the cd tends to fall into filler....Only The Good Die Young etc....which are good songs but albiet not classics. All in all I think this was a solid effort and it got back to what they should be doing which is making good rock songs, taking some chances, and not trying to be the flavor of the month.

17/05/08: jari -
Rating: 70
first of all,i really hate the frase "up to date sound".why inventing the wheel again.if you like up to date sound listen to foo fighters ect.musicians tell that they have to "reborn" to keep the selfinterest,i don´t give a flying...about it.i just stop buing if i don´t like it.def leppard has same problems that queensryche.they don´t know how to write good songs anymore(read hysteria type of songs).every record since adrenalize had been atleast one light in the dark,here it is nine lives but even that song has nothing to do with hysteria ect.thank god theres bands/projects such like khymera,gotthard ect,even house of lords have found their way back.let´s hope lepps will someday the end this one sounds like "update" :) version of slang.

17/05/08: David -
Rating: 100
I believe Alberts comments are spot on:
"I think the Melodicrock review is for the most part a good review. The problem for me is that other albums (Whitesnake, Brother Firetribe) are getting higher grades while these albums are far from the quality Songs from the….delivers."

Andrew's review tend to review an album against a bands previous efforts, not as a stand alone new piece of music. If Sparkle had been a new album by a brand new band, I believe the rating would have been much higher, but sice Def Leppard has release prior albums of varying sound quality, song quality etc... this rating is, for what ever reason, tied to comparison.

Sparkle is a really good disc period. No comparison to any other music, this disc sounds good, has good songs, is well written and delivered. You put this disc on and quality music pops to mind, no comparison to other music, this is just really good.

Great job and hat off the Def Leppard 2008, Sparkle is a high quality great disc worthy of high marks and deserving of high praise.

16/05/08: daryl -
Rating: 10
i cannot believe i keep buying there this is horrific man since steve clark died they could not write a nursury story.this sounds like on continuous song. I WILLNOT EVER BUY ANOTHER LEPP ALBUM

16/05/08: MuttLangApprentice -
Rating: 80
Wow, After reading all the reviews I can't believe how many diffent opinions there are. It must be that since the band has been around for 30 years and people have discovered them at diffent times, they are looking for different things. I got their first record in 1978 and have been a huge fan (Not a suckup fan) since. I am as big a fan of the Mutt Lange sound as I am their songs and without the mutt production they sound like an average rock band. They have always tried to distance themselves from the Hair Metal tag because they felt Image was not important as music but they fail to realize how important the sonic quality is. Everything they did with Pete Woodruffe sounds like a demo with the exception of Promises. I know Mutt is not interested anymore but they should try using Mike Shipley again or even someone like Beau Hill. Overall I think the songs are pretty good but the drums are boring and bland sounding. Rick should go back to programing the parts like on Pyro and Hysteria. Also, the guitars sound like they are using Line 6 direct amps. They need to pull out the Marshalls and Mic them up.

15/05/08: RS -
Rating: 90
I agree with most of Andrew's comments about the songs, but I just think they are a little bit better than he rates them. After several listens, this album holds together better than "X". The first and last tracks are outstanding and ought to find a home in their live set. I would like to hear more (and better) guitar solos. The trading leads in "Go" are great, and I'm surprised Def Leppard doesn't do more of this. The album could have benefitted from one longer track (something slightly proggy like "Die Hard the Hunter" or "Gods of War.")

15/05/08: Albert -
Rating: 85
The ballad Love is such a masterpiece but i dont understand why they had to Queenarize it?

There is this amazing melody starting which the lyrics:

“Oh, how long must it be until you
Come and run back to me
Can't you see
I've got no release from the pain”

Probably the best melody ive heard in years. Play this part on an acoustic guitar and you have the basics for a song that can hold up with the best ballads ever made. They should have cut the bombastic grab and build a song around this amazing melody.

15/05/08: Marco -
Rating: 95
I really love this album! It rocks and sounds up to date. Andrew's 85 % rating is too low in my opinion, in particularly production wise.

15/05/08: Jon -
Rating: 84
Good songs but not great....I'm tired of bands using the song title "Only the good die young" putting there different lyrics to to this song title..I'm surprised no "B" tracks have been listed or found yet? They have typically done so in the past.

15/05/08: STEVE -
Rating: 72
This cd isn't awful But it's nothing special.
Why didn't they write more songs together?
I actually traded this cd in for credit toward the new DOKKEN cd.
I think V Campbell songs are the best.. good melodies..
Where are the hooks? Where are the songs that will get teenagers to discover DEF LEPPARD? Nine Lives? That's not it .
They've fallen so far behind BON JOVI in terms of songwriting.
Cmon Cmon the next single? Pull the plug.... That's all folks!

15/05/08: Todd -
Rating: 85
How awsome is another summer with a new Def Leppard CD in my car. The big production is gone but this is still a good listen. A little disapointing in length and too long a wait between new material, but again, another Def Leppard CD for a summer listen!!!! Great!!

15/05/08: RockMan -
Rating: 65
It's just ok to not very good. The songs are just too weak. A lot of you say, "It Rocks". Compared to what?!? Other Def Leppard? I hope that's your comparison because it does NOT rock. It has some stylings that run the mill of late 70's raw guitar sound. I agree that Joe's voice sounds decent to horrible on this disc. I'm sorry, it's just luck warm. Def Leppard should have a "Promises" on EVERY CD. It's there staple.

15/05/08: -
Rating: 94
Sorry guys. but this time the band found the right path. Finally an album from DEF LEPPARD that really rock´s again. I woke up to the rock scene/style when i heard for the very first time the HYSTERIA album back in 87 (this is actually my "LIFE ALBUM"). My first thought was "what th´a Hell is this?" And its sad, but we must face it, the HYSTERIA album is "unik"
I have all the albums, and i really didn´t like "X", because it was to POP´Y. This time, i love the album, but off curse, the HYSTERIA album is always in my mind...

15/05/08: Neil Johnson -
Rating: 80
Im liking it more and more as I lsiten...grows on you...even the lesser track such as Come Undone...its 40 minutes long is intentional. C'Mon C'Mon ( made for hockey arenas al a Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part 2) and Only the Good Die Young are as catchy as can be, Go and bad Actress are great rockers, Love is a classic ballad, different and unique from others they've done...Gotta Let it Go does sound a little like Bon Jovi in the chorus but sounds fierce cranked up. Better than Slang nad X, but obviously not as good as Hysteria or Pyromania, however I find some of these track memorable!

15/05/08: Ken -
Rating: 65
I have been a huge Def Leppard fan since "On through the Night". I am disappointed with this album. I was so excited to get this CD. When I put it in my CD player and couldn't believe my ears. I don't hear any classic Def Leppard sound here at all. This is their 3rd worst album. "Slang" and "X" are the other two. Oh and by the way "Euphoria" is way better than this. “Euphoria” rocked! I am also disappointed that we had to wait 6 years for a new Def Leppard album and all they were able to come up with was 39 minutes of music?

Top De Leppard CD's
1) Pyromania
2) Hysteria
3) High N Dry
4) Euphoria
5) Adrenalize
6) Retroactive
7) On Through The Night
8) X
9) Slang
10) Songs From the Sparkle Lounge

I just ran into Phil Collen a few weeks back at the supermarket. Next time I see him I am going to ask him what were you guys thinking releasing an album like this, hehehehe. No, No, No I would not do such a thing.

I think this album will have to grow on me. But so far I am not digesting it just yet.

15/05/08: Damir -
Rating: 80
Very borin' album.I like X but this "sparkle" cd is really nothing special.They try to rediscover their music, but it's i think it's not thr right way.Bad copy of queen

15/05/08: Cory -
Rating: 70
As I am a huge Def Leppard fan, I am a bit disappointed with this CD. It rocks in spots, for sure, but it's lacking in melody and hooks in various places. I believe that "Tomorrow" should be their next single, as it's the most accessible song on the CD. "Hallucinate" has a great verse, and I LOVE those guitars, but the chorus is lacking a bit. The chorus is a letdown after such a great buildup.

I like the fact that they are rocking again...they need to mix this rocking sound with more melodic and catchy songs, per their X CD, and THEN I think they are onto something. Mix the song structure and melody of X with the updated rocking sound of "Sparkle" on the next CD and I'll truly be a happy camper.

15/05/08: Cory -
Rating: 70
As I am a huge Def Leppard fan, I am a bit disappointed with this CD. It rocks in spots, for sure, but it's lacking in melody and hooks in various places. I believe that "Tomorrow" should be their next single, as it's the most accessible song on the CD. "Hallucinate" has a great verse, and I LOVE those guitars, but the chorus is lacking a bit. The chorus is a letdown after such a great buildup.

I like the fact that they are rocking again...they need to mix this rocking sound with more melodic and catchy songs, per their X CD, and THEN I think they are onto something. Mix the song structure and melody of X with the updated rocking sound of "Sparkle" on the next CD and I'll truly be a happy camper.

14/05/08: Albert -
Rating: 85
I think the Melodicrock review is for the most part a good review. The problem for me is that other albums (Whitesnake, Brother Firetribe) are getting higher grades while these albums are far from the quality Songs from the….delivers.

I think it is a good refreshing record with some outstanding songs. Nine Lives and Cmon Cmon can be hit singles. For me there are some songs that don’t do anything with me, Cruise Control and Hallucinate. Than there is Love….what a brilliant melody but the song is totally fucked-up at the end. This should be an acoustic song and then it would be the best ballad ive heard in years.

The reason why iam a little bit disappointed is because after 6 years!!! I expect at least 12 songs and more quality songs.

So conclusion, 85 score is right but then should set a new standard.

14/05/08: The Greatest Ever -
Rating: 70
This is a decent album. It is an improvement from X and it is better than Slang.

The classic tracks are:
- Go (a better chorus would elevate this song from great to classic)
- Hallucinate (this is the best song in the album, there is only one minor flaw, which is the stupid falsetto, more on that later)

The good tracks are:
- Tomorrow (the guitar intro is too similar to Go and the stupid "Elevation" intro is really not necessary)
- Gotta Let It Go (again, the falsetto ruins it)
- Love (I know it's a Queen rip-off, but it's still pretty good)
- Nine Lives (I don't mind the Tim McGraw bit and this is a good single, it's catchy and it's classic Leppard)

The mediocre track is:
- Bad Actress (great guitar solo, riffs and speed, but it is lacking everything else)

The absolute turds are:
- C'mon C'mon. This song is stupid and it's catchy but not in a good way. The release of this song as the second single will guarantee that this album won't be successful.
- Come Undone (this pointless track is just bland all around)
- Cruise Control
- Only The Good Die Young

Moral of the story: Joe should stop doing the gay falsetto. I think the first time he did it was in the ultra-lame Girl Like You from X. It sucked then, and it has sucked since. Stop it. It makes the band sounds very sissified.

14/05/08: bobby -
Rating: 25
This is terrible.Even the song 9 lives doesnt come close to anything def lep has released in the last 20 years.
I bought the cd and now i have it on sale.
Absol rubbish save your money,otherwise go and get X ,now thats a great def lepp cd.

14/05/08: JJ -
Rating: 95
If you don't get it, you don't get it. Their best since Hysteria. This is a classic. A must have.

14/05/08: Tommy -
Rating: 0
Sorry guys but this cd should have been trashed at the get go. Joe’s voice is HORRIBLE! How anybody could compare this to any of Def's old material is beside me. They should have gone the Whitesnake road and staid with what worked. Been a HUGE Def Leppard fan my whole life, and it’s sad that this is all they could come up with.

14/05/08: Wil -
Rating: 90
I think this has to be one of their best releases in a long while. With Yeah! and X, their music has lacked an energy that hasn't been there for quite some time. I'm glad to hear the guitars again. One of the best tracks is the opening song "Go". It has a nice heavy groove. Nine lives is defintely one of the better tracks and has the signature sound. As for the rest of the songs, all terrific high energy fun songs. My only complaint is that the CD clocks in at less than 40 mins. A couple more songs would've been nice considering non US releases always get bonus tracks of some kind. Still, a fun CD to listen to.

14/05/08: Benno -
Rating: 85
When I first heard "Go" and "Nine Lives" back-to-back I replayed the two tracks four or fives times in a row, definitely two of the most exciting Lep tracks I've heard in many albums; not since the opening of "Do you wanna get rooooocked..." have I had this reaction. Then I set about listening to the rest of it.

Nothing on the album stands up to the first two, I can't stand the ballad, but the rest is solid Def'n'roll. The thing that really stands out on this album above all others is the prominence of the guitars, I love the guitars. They've got real presence where normally they'd get sucked into the rest of the production.

To me thats what sets this Lep album apart from all others, and I'm enjoying it more because of it. I'm looking forward to "Go" and "Nine Lives" being played live, here's hoping they hit Oz.

Cheers and beers


14/05/08: alaskaman -
Rating: 82
High energy, decent songwriting, and catchy riffs make this an agreeable comeback album for Def Leppard. Tracks like Go, Hallucinate, and Only the Good Die Young are great songs.

Unfortunately, the album overall is pretty unsubstantial. It's over in a hurry and the songs don't have much meat or complexity to them. Production is also rawer than their best albums.

14/05/08: Booper71 -
Rating: 94
Lacking that one killer track or defining track but it is easily the best since Hysteria with the drum sound being very awesome again. While I think the 70s cover album was a wash, I think it came into play here and as a result the band rediscovered their harmony.

14/05/08: Ralf -
Rating: 90
Finally! This CD rocks again! The last publications of the leps were all only an average. The pressure seems away to be to bring the second hysteria out. The fun him the tape while playing in this album had, one hears clearly out.

14/05/08: the rocker -
Rating: 90
i'm 39, i was raised on this stuff, i do like this cd, BUT, still to poppy. i'm a huge lep fan ,HUGE.when they rock on this , they do it well. nine lives, hallucinate,gotta let it go are great. then theres the poppy, tomorrow,only the good, and c'mon are good tracks.i also like bad actress and go.

14/05/08: David -
Rating: 93
Great sounding Leppard CD! With only one ballad this cd rocks most of the time. Go and Hallicinate are my favorite tracks with Only the Good Die Young a close third. New and old Def Leppard fans will enjoy this cd. The only complaint is the length of the album. Only 11 songs and all are pretty short for Def Leppard. Cruise Control and Love are the weaker songs on the cd.

14/05/08: Martin -
Rating: 90
I would not say its better than x as that was full of quality tunes but maybe this one is a little closer to their true selves.
Go is a real grower. Tough no nonsense hard rock.
Nine Lives should be a hit. Rocky and catchy.
C'mon - Pure Def Leppard. 70's glam to the max. Should be a hit also.
Love - A real grower. Haunting, beautiful and interesting.
Tomorrow - Decent but inferior to Torn to Shreds from x
Cruise Control - Dark and menacing. Very good
Only the good die young - Pure pop. Beatles vibe. Good song
Hallucinate - Familiar lep territory but nowhere near as good as Promises or Photograph
Bad Actress - A real sleeper. Keeps getting better and better. Possibly the ace card of the album
Come Undone - Another grower. Stone Temple Pilots vibe
Gotta let it go - Good closing song (not as good as scar though. How good is that song?)

In Summary. Another very strong album. But honestly have they ever released a dud? I have enjoyed them all and continue to enjoy this new one

14/05/08: William -
Rating: 72
This Cd is a must buy for the new generation Def Leppard fans. For those fans who loved "Highn' dry" or "Pyromania" there may be some dissapointment for first generation fans! The track Hulucinate has a riff which reminds me of (promises, or photograph). I feel it is fair to say that they attempt to play music for the current age, so you won't find any more albums with 8 singles such as Hysteria had. Considering it is the year 2008 and the fact that Bon Jovi has been successful in pleasing the market I would say Def Leppar gives a pretty good album to the newer fans, and a couple of songs for the the fans that grew up on the early stuff. My favorites are, "Cmon Cmon Cmon, and Go reminds me a little of the intro of Women from Hysteria, also, "Tomorrow, and Hulucinate" are cool songs if you liked the ablum X! I grew up on the old stuff so my review is a score of 72

14/05/08: Daniel -
Rating: 96
Easily the most consistent, fun and rocking album of their catalogue since Retroactive (I know, b sides compilation, but still)... The songs flow naturally and there is a much missed energy, rawness and clarity in the album, track after track. It takes all the good things from X, Euphoria and Slang, turns guitars to 11 and delivers solid hook after solid hook. An incredibly enjoyable melodic rock record and amazing to see a band that makes consistent good music 300 years into their career. Favourite tracks: C'Mon, C'Mon, Only The Good Die Young, Go, Tomorrow and Bad Actress.

14/05/08: Harv -
Rating: 91
I have to disagree with Andrew regarding the attitude of this cd. I believe that they went into "The Sparkle Lounge" and demoed material. If they liked it, they kept it. For the first time since Hysteria, they didn't write a sound. Adrenalize was a hair-metal sound. Slang was alternative. Euphoria was rewriting Vault. X was a pop CD in the vein of Bon Jovi. Yeah! was something that they just wanted to do. THE SPL is the exact same thing with original material. It is refreshing to see them just write music. It is currently my second favorite CD after RetroActive. Why? Both CDs are diverse in sound, but still sound like Def Leppard.

14/05/08: Big J -
Rating: 65
I'm a big BIG Def Leppard fan, always have been. Have thoroughly enjoyed nearly everything they've ever put out, with Yeah! being the exception.

This is a massive disappointment. The album feels as though it was thrown together without any direction - disjointed, hollow and uninspired.

Nine Lives is the highlight, with Come Undone and Love close behind. The rest is a mish-mash of filler and pet projects that don't belong on anything more than a b-sides compilation.

I'm hoping the guys find the way - and I'm sure the tour will be great, but I truly hope for more out of the next record.

14/05/08: Matt Tritico -
Rating: 90
I really like this new album. “Go” has that vintage Leppard guitar sound, “Bad Actress” just rocks, “Come Undone” could have fit on X or Euphoria, “C'mon, C'mon” could have been on Hysteria with that “Rocket” drum sound and “Tomorrow” should have been the first single instead of “Nine Lives.” “Love” is ok, but has some cool Queen like moments. All tracks are very catchy, drivin' with the windows down tunes, but I was honestly expecting a little more. Especially with Joe mentioning AC/DC somewhere along the way. At least it's not that overproduced. They are so much better live and I am still waiting for that stripped down, nitty gritty album. Mutt Lange is the secret weapon behind their best sound and they should have waited to work with him. He couldn't due to scheduling conflicts or something, but this is awesome Def can you not like those melodies, harmonies and verses. This is worth picking up as it’s a perfect way to kick off your summer.

14/05/08: Ktz -
Rating: 95
What a great album!!! I absolutely love GO, awesome song. One of their best cds with X.

14/05/08: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 0
To set the records sraight, Def Leppard did not go counttry, Tim McGraw went rock. That is how Joe Elliot puts it and he is right. I can deal with one track with country singer McGraw because it rocks, as does the rest of the CD, aside from two ballads. The opening song, GO, is very similar to the sound from the HIGH AND DRY album so I was hooked from the beginning. Every track on this CD has quality sound, lyrics, and especially vocals. Joe proves he can still rock with the best of them and I am very pleased to hear Vivian Campbell play some lead guitar. I think everyone will be impressed with SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE.

14/05/08: zac -
Rating: 9
the more they strip back all the layering the better. Euphoria proved that they can chase Hysteria 2 or Pyromania 2, but this band needs to move forward. the motto goes like this " Tasty over Tricky ". the more they strip back alot of over processed vocal layers the better they sound. they got the guitar sound right, Rick Allen sounds great, the bass lines are killer and i really liked Joes vocals ( intro to Tomorrow was killer ) all they need to do is stop layering the chorus vocals so much. while i can identify with what andrew is saying here i think his rating is low. great job Leps!

14/05/08: DB -
Rating: 85
Overall it is a good CD and a masterpiece over that piece of turd X...I wish the whole CD was in the same direction as the opening song "Go"....that song kicks all ass.
Couple of things that made me give it an 85 rather than anything higher. The song C'mon C'mon...I don't get it, why people love this song? It must be me cause all I keep hearing is rave reviews of this tune...I skip that rehashed anthem everytime. Also, the length of the album being I think only 39 minutes is a little short for my taste, especially being new material in 6 years. Lastly, I'm hoping they are out of using the 70's style music with Yeah and Sparkle (some songs are obvious).

But I will say it is their best effort since Slang. Maybe someday they will put out a super hard rock effort, but doubtful.

13/05/08: Jay -
Rating: 20
No, I'm sorry, but I have to differ from these reviews. I think this new Def Lep Cd is beyond awful. They are way overproduced and Def Leppard seem to have forgotten their "rock" roots and they are clinging tightly to any type of "pop" sensibilities that might be in vogue at the moment. It pains me to say that I regret buying Sparkle Lounge. I have been a Def Leppard fan since I was 12 years old in 1983, and I would probably still see them in concert, but I am done buying their music.

If you like Pop music, and you don't have a prior history with Def Leppard, this CD is probably pretty good.

If you're a Def Leppard fan from back in the day, you will probably be very disappointed.

13/05/08: Robert -
Rating: 75
If Lep turned out product on a more consistent basis, maybe I'd feel different about this disc. Problem is, they put out new music two or three times per decade and my interest begins to wane. SFTSL certainly rocks, but fails to deliver that "wow" factor. Nothing that will be remembered in a few months. Stranger than that, there is almost no clear direction or focus here. Even X and Euphoria sounded cleaner and played well as a whole. C'Mon, C'Mon is a good Gary Glitter knock-off (Back in Your Face-style), Love is a decent stab at Queen, and Bad Actress tries to stay topical. Nine Lives is cheese and sounds out of place, Gotta Let it Go steals from Bon Jovi liberally, and opener Go is forgettable.

Bottom line: two or three good songs, but nothing rising above that. I hope they try a bit harder on the songs for the next album for 2012. And I hope they call Mutt a little sooner. They need him now more than ever.

13/05/08: Fernando -
Rating: 95
First, the sound stellar. Production is leppard quality but not overdone. A lot like the covers cd from what I heard. They did what they said they would.

The songs……I think this is leppard being their most honest. These songs don't sound contrivied at all. Very natural and free. They weren't trying please anyone.

Here are may favs:
Tomorrow….My fav song hand down. Should be a single(best Phil solo on the cd)
Only the good die young…..A close second .(best viv solo and probably best solo on the cd)
Hallucinate….. What can I say GUITARS!!! Love this tune. Classic lep and classic phil
Have a nice day……lolor should I say Got to let it rip off but still really good a great tune with a lot of nice touches and melodies.

Those are the top….. The next bunch(no particular order)
Bad actress….. Solid. I wasn't crazy about it at first but now I love . I'm surprised joe wrote this, because it sounds like man raze. Solos are great, attitude, riff etc…

Go…another good song. I love the chorus. JUST GO. Make a really good vid. Solos are great again
Nine live ….good solid lep tune and very smart with mcgraw. Good song.
C'mon C'mon…..didn't care for this song at first... now I really like. Good live song I'm sure.
Love……This is coming up my charts. I'm still not sure about elliots voice on this tune, but still really good. The harmonies and backing vocal are sweet.
Cruise control….very slang. Not crazy about the mix. Joe's voice needs to be louder. But again, another great song. They just don't end!

Come undone….this is the only song that does nothing for me….BUT would be a great song for a lot of artists. The was set very high!

Conclusion: After saying all that. There is no bad song on here. Not one! Best cd in years and most complete.Best since Hysteria!

13/05/08: Donald Salerno -
Rating: 90
After the YEAH debacle the Leps finally get it right. Sure this CD is not Pyromania or Hysteria, but its a clear return to form. They tried a full return to those CD's with their X album which was criminally ignored. With Sparkle Elliot and company seemed determined not to make the same mistake twice. So, if you like catchy anthem rock songs with some stripped down classic Leppard harmonies this is your CD. Unfortunately this is not the 80's and Elliot’s voice is not what it used to be, but he knows how to effectively utilize what amazing vocal talents he still has. Overall this a solid CD, with some great Leppard hits that brings back touches of the greatness of their past masterpieces but still moves forward into this century.

13/05/08: John -
Rating: 10
Horrible disappointing - after the third spin it was obvious nothing works...its up for sale on ebay...otherwise its a drink coaster

13/05/08: Jared -
Rating: 70
Good but not their best. Go and Cruise Control are awful songs, Love is just way too sappy even for the Def Leppard guys but Tomorrow, Hallucinate, Come Undone and Gotta Let It Go are great. Not a must buy, by any means and doesn't come close to Pyromania (My Favorite Def Leppard CD).

13/05/08: Navaioh -
Rating: 95
Really a very good cd for the Leps, the best since from long time!

13/05/08: John Inman -
Rating: 98
Best damn disc since the mighty HYSTERIA, and even THAT "masterpiece" was bit too ballad/pop heavy for me!!! NO cheese melting tracks like "all night" (Euphoria), and NO "sugar remake" attempts!! Not too many ballads either (only 1!!). And on that note, 'Love' (the ballad) is simply BRILLIANT! A heavy dose of QUEEN influence on this one. Very nice to see from the guys! They finally dried up the DRUM sound too! THANKS GUYS!! They sound FAR more natural and less drum machine like. Now THAT"S rock-n-roll!

'Come undone' (kick u in the shins chorus!) and 'Gotta' let it go' are among my fav. tracks, but I dare say aside from the single 'Nine lives'....there's not a weak track on here!! Yes, I consider 'Nine lives' to be the weakest's still not bad.

'C'mon, c'mon' should be the next single! A great and very creative song for the band. 'Only the good die young' is another really creative song style 4 the band! I haven't heard these kind of progressions or beats out of Leppard EVER!

I dunno' what they guys were drinking on their nights in the Sparkle lounge (on tour)...while writing this album...but serve up MORE of it on the next tour and keep it coming guys!!

I've been a fan since early 1983. I was 15 yrs old when the guys grabbed me through my radio, and I'm still here 4 'em! ROCK ON guys!!

13/05/08: KING -
Rating: 20
One good song on it, skip this one and save your money.

13/05/08: Maya -
Rating: 95
Very good album excellent.

13/05/08: Kissfan101 -
Rating: 85
Great album! Nice return to sing-a-long pop/hard rock.
WHY SO SHORT?? Only 40 minutes?

13/05/08: Rick -
Rating: 95
Definately better than Euphoria and slightly better than X. Solid songs with variety, from the out and out rockers Go, Bad Actress to the just sublimely cool Cruise Control. Love is their best ballad/slower song since Bringin on the Heartbreak. The song goes where no other DL song has went before. All in all a great album and a fresh approach from the over cliched Euphoria and the different song writing of X (although still a very good CD).
Will stay on high rotation much longer than the other two.

13/05/08: chad ledoux -
Rating: 96
long time leppard fan. i have all their cds, and have enjoyed the music since way back. although many will say they havent rocked this hard since the 80s, i have found good to great stuff on all the albums, especially slang. that being said, sparkle lounge is a great return to form. song for song, its their most consistent cd since slang. the whole band is in top form. since the release i have been playing it non-stop. standouts include, go, bad actress, cmon cmon, gotta let go, nine lives, and love. a leppard cd with only one ballad, who could imagine that.

13/05/08: Andriy 203/A -
Rating: 87
A very good album, with a touch of the classic leppard style plus the modern sound that came out with X

Nine lives, cmon cmon are in my opinion a classic def anthem songs that you can't no listen every day.

Not an amazing album, it sounds maybe a little too modern but of course it rocks and it signs the return of a great band that everybody love

13/05/08: dek -
Rating: 85
first time i heard it, thought, yeah not bad, after a few listens am well into it!!! i wud have to say its the best thing they have done in years,... great in your face guitar sound, yes it isnt as 'complicated'as the mutt years, lets be honest the multi million dollar production days are over,, bt i think the more stripped back feel suits it, mix classic leppard with slang and put a large dollop of 70's retro in there for good measure and bang you have the sparkle lounge!! cant wait fot the tour!!!

13/05/08: Paul -
Rating: 0
This is probably the heaviest Def Leppard release since Pyromania, and it is definitely worth buying. I would still like to see Joe get the growl and scream back that he had in the early days. The vocals aren't what they used to be, but its still, in my opinion, the best they've done since Pyromania.

13/05/08: TC -
Rating: 75
Best CD since Hysteria. Cmon Cmon is a great song, could be used as a football anthem (anyone in marketing listening). Tomorrow and Hallucinate are great tracks as well with great riffs. Bad Actress sounds a bit AC/DC-ish but still good, Come Undone and Gotta Let it Go are another bunch of solid tracks.

Vivian and Rick Allen have really come out of the forest on this one.

Well done boys and come on down to Australia !

13/05/08: Tommy -
Rating: 95
This CD is a must buy, Track after Track, althought I think Nine Lives is Not the strongest on the CD it is Classic Leppard. it's Nice to hear Vivian Ripping again, this is the best he's sounded since Joining the band.Rick allen also shines on this disc. I think the last half of The CD is the strongest, But Go is a great opener and Love could be a classic, Just wish it was about 2 to 3 min longer with a nice classical guitar duet at the end.

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