Deep Purple Bananas EMI
· Produced By: Deep Purple

· Running Time: 51.42

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Classic Hard Rock

· Links: Deep Purple
Songs: 70%
Sound: 85%
Deep Purple is back – but does anyone care anymore? Well, yes and no. It depends on your outlook. The band's releases still generate good publicity and their fair share of debate, while it's clear the glory days are gone, this new album proves there is still a little life left in the beast.
The oddly titled Bananas is the band's third studio album with guitarist Steve Morse. The band's debut with him – Perpendicular – remains one of my favourite ever Purple albums and is highly regarded by just about everyone.
But the follow up Abandon really didn't move me and the gloss was removed from this incarnation of Purple, for which I was previously so impressed with.
Bananas is a far better and more enjoyable record, but maybe not quite good enough to return the band to the lofty status I had previously awarded them and I fear that might be the same feeling elsewhere.
Gillian sounds in fine form, as does the rest of the band – with new organ/keys man Don Airey in place – and the production is worthy.
So the only spot for any let down are the songs. The good thing is that there is nothing bad on the album, just a few tracks that don't inspire as they should and could be labeled predictable.
Highlights for me include the mid-tempo ballad Haunted, with female backing vocals accompanying the band; the darker and bluesier rock track Sun Goes Down; the organ drenched hard blues of Silver Tongue; the laid back 70's rock of Walk On; the Perpendicular styled Picture Of Innocence and the utterly wonderful (mostly instrumental) Never A Word.
Elsewhere on the album House Of Pain is a fairly predictable opening track; Razzel Dazzle is a bit lame; I've Got Your Number misses a memorable hook and Doing It Tonight doesn't really go anywhere and the last track – 90 seconds worth - isn't really needed.
The Bottom Line
A solid album and an overall good effort from a band with a long rich history. So, there's nothing on here that's going to blow away the band's classic albums or songs, but it's an enjoyable ride nevertheless and provides some entertaining moments.
Not classic and still not close to Perpendicular, but not bad at the same time.
Recent Discography
· Perpendicular
· Abandon
· Bananas

Line Up
· Ian Gillan: Vocals
· Steve Morse: Guitar
· Ian Paice: Drums
· Roger Glover: Bass
· Don Airey: Organ

Essential for fans of:
· Deep Purple
· Steve Morse
Track Listing
· House Of Pain
· Sun Goes Down*
· Haunted
· Razzle Dazzle
· Silver Tongue*
· Walk On
· Picture Of Innocence*
· I've Got Your Number
· Never A Word*
· Bananas
· Doing It Tonight
· Contact Lost
--*Best Tracks

15/10/05: Alan Johnston -
Rating: 79
I agree with the review rating of around 75, but not the song choices. For me "Never A Word" is poor - and I edit it out of my track selections in playing this album. I also love the title track - which the review didn't seem to rate - it is VERY Purple in its groove - especially as it picks up later in the track. Also, Walk On is a top track - a gem. But I agree about Silver Tongue being a top track - though maybe not transferring live as the opener to shows as has been done.
As there is no place on the Rapture Of The Deep review for feedback, may I just say that I disagree with the review track selection on that - Before Time Began is an epic track to close. Don't rate the title track so highly but I love the whole album. And I agree that Clearly Quite Absurd is superb - the review says it is a ballad - but as with much of the album, it changes and becomes almost progressive rock for a minute or so with exchanges between organ and guitar. Rapture Of The Deep - last 4 tracks have Gillan in superb vocals and phrasing. Each tack is good - but it is the way the whole album gels and flows together that makes it a really superb album and I would give it 95% - a true classic - best since Machine Head - worthy praise indeed. May I also direct you to the following discussion forum: which has a Deep Purple discussion board.

16/09/04: Sascha -
Rating: 100
Bloody fantastic! Awesome album! Needless to say more...

09/06/04: Chelsea -
Rating: 95
I am only 16 an was never introduced to such music with it not being so popular these days. I had a best of CD and liked it went to their show and loved it. The CD rocks and more people should appreciate such talent. And who can't resist the sexyness of Steve Morse?
Love Chels

02/04/04: Dr. Marcus Narley -
Rating: 90
First let me say, like most people, any new album generally falls into three categories: A) Those that grab ya right from the start -- and stay favorites with you, fo-ev-a. B) An album that sounds just OK at first listen, but after giving it a few listens, tends to grow on you and becomes a favorite. And C) An album that didn't grab you at first, and after several listens, still never appeals to you. I would put this is the B category. If you listen at first and think, "Well, it's OK", I suggest giving it a few more listens before declaring it a “mediocre” effort. There lots of melody, some nice keys from Don, solid rhythm section and some truly great guitar riffs! I’m a die-hard Mark II fan and I must say that Steve is very, VERY clean. While Ritchie influenced me immensely, Steve is Ritchie’s equal in technical ability -- and seems considerably more consistent. I suppose I first expected a "21st century Machine Head", which this clearly is not. Once I got past that (and saw these guys perform several of the Bananas songs live) I grew to really appreciate this CD. Steve is extraordinarily precise, and you can actually feel a "good vibe" from his playing – and from this album (“good vibe” never really describes any Blakemore / Deep Purple effort). It's “good time rock music” with many moods. In fact, one of the mellowest tunes -- Never a Word -- is just plain awesome. I'd like to see it get some airplay; I think it could “hit” on alternative stations. I agree House of Pain is a bit too "ordinary", but it sure describes one of my best friend's relationship with his girlfriend, Ian must've "been there" in his life (or knows someone there right now). But "Sun Goes Down" is quite powerful and moody (heavy "Purple" keyboards, as well). I like the title track (even my 12 year old daughter likes to dance to it - quite an accomplishment for a song written in an odd time signature). Speaking of which, many of the qualities of this album are rather subtle. That's why it benefits from several listens. It is a fresh sounding album and I almost think it would stand a better chance of commercial success if it weren’t called "Deep Purple". Ian still has the pipes (in fact, his mid-range has finally came into it's best form ever). As for the title being "dumb", indeed not! This is Ian Gillan folks and the title-track is geo-political ("everyone HAS gone bananas"). Contrary to Joe Lynn Turner, I've always loved Ian's (and Roger's) lyrics -- ..."Drivel", indeed! (BTW: Where's JLT these days -- begging to wash Ricthie's windows?). Yes, this does NOT sound like 1972 Mark II, but isn't change essential for keeping things from getting stale? This album is NOT stale. Anyway, give it a listen, or better still, see this line-up live! They are truly a lot of fun, and that's probably what comes through the best for me on this album. I know tension can be inspirational too, but based on my extensive newly acquired collection of Deep Purple performances with Ritchie, I would bet Ian, Paicey, Jon and Rog had enough "Black Tension" to last a lifetime! While I feel Ritchie's body of studio work (and Made in Japan) will serve to maintain his position of rock greatness, I can now see that his "personality issues" detracted from Deep Purple's live performances (a may be why many don’t list him in the same league with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton). But with Steve, the live performances are consistently good and filled with great feelings -- and fun! If you can get-past the fact that this is not Ritchie Blackmore's Deep Purple, I believe you'll find that this is a fun album, from a fine band of supremely talented musicians. Cheers. “The Doctor”

30/03/04: Stephen Farrar -
Rating: 80
A very good album (what album with Steve Morse is going to be truly terrible?), but it doesn't measure to some of their previous work. Some great songs and hooks are mixed in with some oddities (I've Got Your Number is surprisingly boring).

02/02/04: Kudiman -
Rating: 50
Gillans voice? Without Lord without Ritchie...i say without Purple!!

27/11/03: Morradichi -
Rating: 90
A damned good album! A massive improvement on the last album Abandon which for me was a complete turn off. The production on this album is 1st class with a much bassier sound than of late which adds to the overall sound. Don Airey does a fine job of taking over from the maestro and Steve Morse seems a lot more restrained this time out, which is not a bad thing as his solos have tended to sound very much the same since his first album with the band.

This album itself has one or two strange tunes, most notably Haunted, which I think is one of the worst songs I've heard DP do and that's after a 35 year career. The highlights for me are Sun Goes Down, House Of Pain (which bears more than a passing resemblance to Rainbow's All Night Long riff), Silver Tongue and the excellent Walk On which is my favourite track on the album.

Overall, as a die hard Purple w/Ritchie fan I'm quite impressed by this album. Nice going guys!

18/09/03: Steve Cook -
Rating: 45
I hate to say it but I'm not excited by this cd, its ok, but you dont want "ok" from Deep Purple, I agree that the best tracks are "Sun goes down' & "Picture of innocenced". Steve morse saves the day, but give me "Slaves & Masters" over this one. File under Gillen Glover - Accendentally on purpose.

18/09/03: Ron Jeremy -
Rating: 90
An excellent album full of fresh sounding sounds & superb playing. After the disappointment of Abandon, I was weary of Bananas, but after a listen I knew that this album was leagus better in every way. Any fan of melodic hard rock will enjoy this. 90/100

17/09/03: Apostolos Kaponis -
Rating: 80
A solid album with decent songs for the glorious name of the band after the dissapointment of Abandon. Don replace Jon adequately but I still miss the Blackmore's riffs.

17/09/03: Tom Lindström -
Rating: 100
Best album since PS maybe the best album since CTTB haven´t decided yet.
I think this album Is great and far better than Purpendicular witch was a nice album.
It´s not over for the boys this album proves It ! The album Has a bluesier style and i think that´s the way It should be.
100 % from me and I do think It´s a classic not as good as Burn or MH but still a classic DP album.

16/09/03: Patric Burkhardt -
Rating: 90
I love this album very much and it grwos on every listing.
The first 2 with Steve Morse I have sold on e-bay, but bananas has great songs, a top gillan, cool solos from airey and morse and as always paice and glover are a great rhythm-section.
I think the albums is closer to the seventies stuff then all the albums afterwords. Is it a classic? Please ask me again in 20 years. In Europe (Germany, Switzerland) the new CD's is in the top 10 and that means a good sign for "Classic Rock" in Europe so. I'm looking forward to the concert in Basel (Switzerland) were Deep Purple will be supported by the great Hard Rocker's of "THUNDER".
Keep on rocking.


16/09/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 55
Rather disappointing, the new Deep Purple. Why ? Because it lacks power, it's not rocking hard enough ! And also the songs are mediocre, not the standard you expect from Deep Purple. I fear the best days are over for this band. Sad but true !

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