Beneath The Shining Water
Legend Records/MTM
· Produced By: Darren Wharton

· Running Time: 43.17

· Release Date: June 7

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: AOR

· Links:
Songs: 75%
Sound: 95%
Dare to me are a classic AOR band. Their debut album Out Of The Silence is an all time classic – especially as far as British AOR goes.
The follow-up Blood From Stone was a stab at arena style harder rock, but remained very enjoyable - spoilt only by a muddy production.
On Calm Before The Storm the guys returned to a mellower tone and was popular among fans. The last album changed direction yet again. Belief was more diverse than previous outings, touching on Celtic influences and more traditional tones, while being more stripped back than the normally multi-layered production.
Frontman, writer, vocalist and instrumentalist Darren Wharton has always painted a lush and vivid canvas with his deep and reflective lyrics and his unmistakably haunting musical layers.
Beneath The Shining Water is no different – it again features multi-layers of lush keyboard and guitar passages and further layers of vocal melodies and accompanying harmonies.
The album is richly produced, immaculately mixed and sounds every bit like a traditional Dare album.
Style wise it mixes the laid back Celtic tone of Belief with the more straight ahead AOR of Calm Before The Storm. Everything an avid Dare fan could ask for – with one notable exception – truly memorable songs.
I am still enjoying the album, so I don't want to appear too harsh, but the individual songs of Beneath The Shining Water just don't have enough individual personality. There is almost no differentiating between them.
Sea Of Roses is a solid opening track, but with a worrying ease, you will find yourself up to track 5 – the very personal U2 styled The Battles That You've Won without blinking.
There just aren't enough dominant choruses on offer to be able to separate what tracks you are listening to. In addition to that all10 tracks on the album are of the same pace and tempo. This is an album of almost identical tracks. So it's an easy album to like, but also an easy album to get lost in.
There are places where the songs sound as if they are just about to break out into a big chorus or pace changing bridge, but that never happens.
And that's a disappointing aspect to an otherwise very smooth album.
It's just too slow and too much the same – and given the slow pace and laid back ballad feel, it's not an album to listen to when wanting to get fired up.
The Bottom Line
I always found Out Of The Silence a great mood record that I could play at any given time – but not so for Beneath The Shining Water. It's going to appeal most only when the mood is right.
I have rated all previous Dare albums very highly and continue to enjoy those releases. However even though the quality of this album is unquestioned, I don't rate it as highly as any of the other albums as I already have this album in the form of Calm Before The Storm and Belief.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Out Of The Silence
· Blood From Stone
· Calm Before The Storm
· Belief
· Beneath The Shing Water

Line Up
· Darren Wharton: Vocals & Keyboards
· Andrew Moore, Richard Dews: Guitars
· Gavin Mart: Drums

Essential for fans of:
· Dare - Belief
· Dare - Calm Before The Storm
Track Listing
· Sea Of Roses*
· Days Gone By
· Silent Hills
· Beneath The Shining Water*
· The Battles That You've Won*
· Allowed To Fall
· I'll Be With You
· Where Darkness Ends
· Storm Wind
· Last Train
--*Best Tracks

09/06/08: hassan -
Rating: 85
Hi hope you are all fine there. I just got hold of this album now in 2008. Its an amazing album, very heart touching, it reaches gently to your heart and the soul, very soft and smooth. This guy has got great melody and his voice is really wonderful. Lyrics are high quality, very poetic and deep.... the best songs are 2 and 3, and yes.... it sounds pretty much like one long song, but it is indeed very precious album

24/08/07: peter muncaster -
Rating: 100
I remember the 1st time i saw dare...many moons ago in a squash club in Oldham, a friend of mine played drums with them back then & i knew from the moment i heard a demo tape that this band were gonna go places...& my god have they gone straight to the top...especially in my record collection, juz cannot get enough [brought them a few new fans along the way too]. Out of the silence is a very special album that should be in everyone's record collection!! It's got something for everyone on it to enjoy & so much more. Blood from stone wasn't a bad record, it did have a few good tracks...but lacked the magic of the 1st album...Calm before the storm brought a bit of magic back with a nice suprise at the end [a beautiful rendition of a lizzy classic]!! Belief was a step in a slightly different direction [with a more celtic feel] but again, yet another many classic albums can one band put together? It never ceases to amaze me these guys juz keep pulling more trix out of the hat!! Beneath the shining water had the same feel to it as Belief, but lacked a bit of humf! [& some of the songs were a bit too short] but none the less, another dare classic...i'm juz enjoying the rain soaked live album at the moment until the next offering [which i'm hoping is the next out of the silence, or calm before the storm] Whatever it will be another class album which i think you should all go out & buy along with their back will not be dissapointed!! Thanx for the beautiful songs Darren...long may they continue!!

07/10/05: daz perry - dazp777@hotmail
Rating: 100
darrens a phoenominal songwriter i love the feel to the celtic stuff lovely melodies n arrangements n rhythms every album dare has released has been tastefull n well crafted dare are an exeption in the aor scene cos dare are the only aor outfit to have a celtic feel and it comes from the heart cant wait to here new cd in 2006 ok lads all the best dazz

18/05/05: hercules -
Rating: 100

02/12/04: Mike -
Rating: 93
Darren Wharton have not made me dissepointed yet, this is why Dare is one of my favourite groups. I have all Dare records, and all of them is so good. Yes Beneath the shining water is not a hard and uptempo record. But thats not a problem for me, with this good songs it dosent matter. Its a mix of the last record Belief and Calm before the storm (on of the best records ever). You can listen to this from start to finnish without problem. Its a journey.

06/11/04: ton - o.herwijnen
Rating: 95
Everything this man does is great. This album sounds a little too simular and a little bit soft, but I never heard a beter sounding album. I hope to see them live soon and talk to the master himself; Darren Wharton. Enjoy in the late evening this record and all the others. In my opinion is the album Out of the silence the best of Dare, close followed by Belief. But can't get enough of Dare.Lovely music with very interesting lyrics.

09/10/04: Darren Preece -
Rating: 95
Darren D Wharton is in my opinion a musical genious and this album in no way changes my belief (sorry for the pun)From the opening chimes of Sea Of Roses to the fading heartbeat of Last Train this CD takes me on a soul searching aweinspiring journey and a journey i never wanted to end. If you include the bouncing U2esque riff Battles and the beautifully layed out ballad Allowed To Fall and mix them with the foot tapping Stormwind and the beautiful Silent Hills you have a CD of music that can be surpasseed by so few bands.Congratulations Dazza on another great CD and dont listen to the "Must Go Heavier" section of the industry as that would just make you yet another melodic rock band who sound the same as 100 others.

08/09/04: dimitrios -
Rating: 97
DARE – “Beneath The Shining Water”
Running Time : TBC

Oh, dear how do you start a review, when the pen feels suddenly so heavy. DARE frontman, Darren Wharton was one of the collaborators of the late and great Phil Lynnot, in the last few THIN LIZZY albums. After tragedy struck, it took Darren a while to kick back into action, but he did amazingly so, in 88 I think (?) with the debut album of DARE on A&M records. The band played some fine pompous AOR in the vein of MAGNUM, with perhaps a touch of BON JOVI. Another 3 albums followed, taking us to 2001’s (I can’t find enough words to praise it enough, masterpiece would be an understatement) “Belief”. This album is the most harmonious fusion of Celtic moods and melodic rock to date. I was blown away when I heard that album. “Beneath The Shining Water” continues the fine tradition of it’s predecessor. Overall, it’s slightly darker, but equally as brilliant. I ‘m lost for words. The words in the songs are poetry and Darren’s voice, oh my god! If I ever wanted to cast a man to play an angel in a theatrical play, I would choose him in a heartbeat. A voice that is both masculine and soulful, yet delicate, able to perform amazingly clear and soothing melodies. And songs like “Sea Of Roses” ? Well it’s the best song I heard in the last 15 years period. “Days Gone By” is another melodic gem, this has top 10 written all over it. “Silent Hills” is another “little” epic, with a peach of a chorus. “Beneath The Shining Water” perhaps just a little darker, but I might as well start weeping. The perfection of the music is, scandalous. Thank god that “The Battles That You've Won” is slightly below par, because I could not take another song being so perfect. Slightly below par, doesn’t mean that it’s bad though. Other bands would kill to write the rejects of DARE, much less such a great song. “• Allowed To Fall” is a broody ballad, so simple and yet so beautiful. A bit more of an up beat affair is the following track, “I'll Be With You”. “Where Darkness Ends” echoed a bit of MARILLION to me, but it could just be that I reviewed their new album just before this one. Do I need to say perfect ? Do I ? “Storm Wind” is another rockier song, pretty uplifting to say the least, magnificent material at its finest. The closing track “Last Train” is a bit more melancholic, but it’s lyric is so full of optimism. My mind, tries to actually recover, from the sudden rush of bliss. Gosh, I’m afraid I might sound melodramatic and I might be taking this over the top, but hey if I weren’t going to hell, (where every rocker will eventually end up – as they might as well tell you in school – at least that’s what they were telling us, about those long haired Satan worshipers) but instead to paradise, this could as well be the soundtrack. The production is very clear, and Darren’s voice and songwriting are untouchable. ”Beneath The Shining Water“ is a journey on the wings of an eagle through the green countryside of Ireland. Like a sea of Roses… all around you. Darren and lads, thanks for making mortality, beautiful.


06/09/04: Spicouc -
Rating: 90
Hy people! From Catalonia i want to say that this CD it's the greatest sweetest music i ever listened and felt. This music make me dream and fade a new life and new loves. So i close my eyes between the stars :P
If someone can link me a page with the lyrics i'll be thankful :)

26/08/04: Mario Mewis -
Rating: 100
DARE is the best band in its genre (melodic, mellow rock) : simply perfect !

Keep on "mellowing" ;-)

It's good for our souls..

06/07/04: juan carlos angulo palacios -
Rating: 90
Saludos de LIMA PERU, aca no se puede encontrar mucha musica AOR, pero me consegui este disco debido a un amigo que lo compro por internet, pero yo no tengo tarjeta y esas cosas, pero bueno esto para mi es un discaso, se asemeja a la musica relajante de steve perry (the god) pero con un estilo muy suyo.
bueno mis grupos aparte de este es:
Whitesnake (david coverdale THE GOD)
steve perry (JOURNEY TOO!!)
eddie money
goo goo dolls(modern rock!!)
y un largo etc. saludos y haber si alguien de PERU lee esto y sabe como conseguir discos de AOR por aqui, pues mi amigo no me va a emprestar su coleccion.

06/07/04: ian -
Rating: 70
I have to agree with Mr De Keyzer , great voice but an album that seems like one big song is after a few listens annoying . Don't get me wrong Dare have made some wonderful music , BUT three albums with virtually the same music on them can get very boring . Come on Darren do what you always threaten to , plug the guitars back in . That said if you need to chill out after a hard day at work this is the album for you .

06/07/04: Steve Price -
Rating: 80
Great voice and the best album to date from Dare. On problem is that it's not uplifting in any way and is definitely an album for certain times of the day/night. Melodic and mellow!

03/07/04: Per -
Rating: 90
Dare is my favorite music/Band and I just feel sad that it΄s not so often they have a realease. Enjoy every song as usual, but think also that some songs could have a bit more variation. Difficult to please everyone, but I must say that Dare spreads more Joy through Their music than anyone else on the musicmarket today! Keep up the good work, and please,get started on the new album soon!!!!!!!!!

30/06/04: Micke R -
Rating: 95
I must say that I am a big fan of DARE, Darren have never made me dissepointed so far. I think this new CD is very good. Sure its layback music, but I love it. Beneath the shining water is a cross between Calm before the storm, that I think is the best Dare record. And one of my all time favourites. And then Belief. If you like real music you can not disslike this record. few record you can listen from start to end, but with this you can. The first Dare record is also a classic of course.

23/06/04: Guillermo -
Rating: 85
En realidad un buen album aunque se echa de menos el feeeling rockero de suss dos primeros trabajos la voz de Darren sigue siendo insuperable

19/06/04: jonnyrod -
Rating: 86
I'd have to agree with a few of the other posts here. Calm Before The Storm is my favourite Dare CD and this one is very similar, but lacks a few GREAT songs like that album had. That said, there are some standout tracks here with some fabulous hooks and choruses - like 'Silent Hills','Battles..', and the title track. Very good album, but I kinda expect Dare albums to be a religious-type experience and this one falls a little short (as I think Belief also did after repeat listenings). Also, every song is around 4 minutes long, which is a little short, especially in a song like 'Battles That You've Won' (which is a great track) where you're just starting to get into it and then it's over. However, it IS a Dare CD, meaning it's a lot better than most of what is out there at the moment, so keep up the good work Darren.


18/06/04: guillaumeasia -
Rating: 85
Well, first sorry for my English, I'm French.
I think that Beneath The Shining Water is a good album, but I don't understand one thing : everyone has said that it would be a darkier album than the others, and I don't think it's the truth : I find Calm Before The Storm darkier, and more romantic.
The sound is very good.
Finally I find that the songs are too short.
Well, I's a good album, but a little bit conventional.

18/06/04: steffe -
Rating: 70
Solid as usual, but just as Andrew wrote, the songs are to much alike. Maybe 2-3 uptempo songs and this one could have been a classic..

17/06/04: John Trimbos -
Rating: 70
I tend to agree with Andrew here. Dare always sound good, and I like softer stuff as well as hard rock, but there are no memorable songs here. The new CD sounds like a sub-standard follow up to Belief. Time for some new ideas, I think!

17/06/04: Chris Pritchett -
Rating: 90
I'd agree. Having grown up in the mountains and lakes of North Wales myself, Darren's music has become the soundtrack to my visits home. We walked round a lake the other day, and my brother and I sang songs from "Calm before the storm", and lo and behold, the same lake is in the artwork for the new record. In truth though, I don't think this record is as strong as "Calm..", but it is better than "Belief". The songs are all pretty similar, Darren's lyrics are occasionally pretty bad (and he should be banned from ending lines with "My friend" "Again" or "My son"), but damn it's a fine listen. Immaculate production, a true sense of atmosphere, fantastic guitar work and some really anthemic choruses.

A great record, though not perfect. Nice one.

17/06/04: Andrew Davies -
Rating: 95
When Dare released Belief, I wrote to Darren to congratulate him on what I still think is one of best albums ever released. To my surprise, he wrote back to thank me for my comments/support.
To be clear, I am a long-standing fan, Out of The Silence remains a firm favourite. However, I think albums 3 and 4 set a style and direction which fit perfectly with his song-writing, vocal and musical talents. As for album 5, it's seemed a long wait and in my opinion well worth it. I think it is another timeless achievement which will still be played long into the future (think of all the albums you listened to and loved over the last decade and how many you actually have the time or inclination to play now!). For me, with a handful of other artists (Queensryche, Marillion, Venice and Harem Scarem spring to mind), Dare have a place with the elite. This is another great sounding record, put together with care and attention. It has atmosphere and feeling - qualities that I feel many melodic releases lack. Congrats again to Darren and the supporting cast.

17/06/04: Stuart -
Rating: 95
Well i couldnt disagree more with Freddy.
I think that the new album is amazing.
Classic Songs and classic melodies.
The Celtic stuff is just the influence of living where he does.
I should know im welsh myself and i also know Darren a little bit.
I will say that this cd doesnt have a single like WHITE HORSES.
But its way better than CALM BEFORE THE STORM.
A 100 times better than the awful 2nd cd.
And it rests nicely between the debut and Belief.
Keep up the Celtic Stuff Darren because its very moody and most of all represents where you are today.
Great cd.

17/06/04: Jesus Friend -
Rating: 100
i want to let everyone know that i have every single album of DARE , and this is the very 1st album i can listen to from Start to Finish.....and i absolutely love it , voice / music and all the rest.

My favorite bands are HAREM SCAREM / NEWMAN / MARK SPIRO etc....

this is one of those albums that i really treasure and i find the score of 85% totally unfair...i'd give it @ least 95% , the song yes , are samey , but then i feel at the end that i heard 1 big song and i want to repeat it all again.

FANTASTIC ALBUM! it and stop being so boring with your WANT TO ROCK ALL THE TIME.....take the time to relax with an album like this @ the end of the a blessing.

I L.O.V.E IT!......period.

17/06/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 65
Boy, has this man a golden voice, but this is the third CD in a raw from him that sounds exactly the same. Lame, not rocking and sometimes boring, how great his voice might be.
When can we expect another rocking record from Darren ? This one lacks all power and the Celtic influences are also a pain in the ass !

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