Danny Vaughn Traveller Frontiers Records
Produced By: Danny Vaughn

Running Time: 55.00

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 91%
Sound: 93%
Danny Vaughn is one of rock n roll's true survivors. Making his debut with British rockers Waysted (fronting their most acclaimed release), he went on to form Tyketto, a band which recorded one of the all time great melodic rock records ever (the debut Don't Come Easy). He then scaled it back a notch with the earthier, stripped back approach of Vaughn and tackled pure melodic rock again in the acclaimed From The Inside project.
I'm a long time fan, so I'd have a hard time no recommending all of the above to those that may not be familiar with the man. Check out the Tyketto debut and the last Vaughn album Fearless.
Danny has now started a new page with a UK backing band and the new, simpler moniker of his own name.
Traveller is Danny Vaughn's new birth, but the sound is a familiar one. Mix a little Tyketto (Strength In Numbers more so) and the earthier Vaughn records and update the sound a little with a stronger electric guitar presence.
That gives you the new sound, which to be honest, isn't far removed from what we all know and love. For those that don't know it is a hybrid of American classic melodic rock with a certain stadium feel, but a down to earth vibe that showcases an emotional depth many singers would love to emulate.
This album sounds better if played uninterrupted from start to finish. That's a compliment to the material and to the feel of the album, as true to the title of the album, you do feel as if you are taken on a journey of some type.
Previous DV records have always had their stand out tracks, but on this occasion I find it hard to single out any few tracks, preferring rather to enjoy it as a start to finish body of work how all albums should be I guess! (But many aren't)
The only suggestion I could make to improve the record would be a little more emphasis on a chorus or two. I still long for the days of Tyketto's 'hands in the air with every chorus' approach.
Miracle Days is a tough opener, with a driving guitar riff and solid chorus. It runs perfectly into the likeminded Badlands Rain.
The title track Traveller is where we hear a little acoustic guitar for the first time and a sound which will be familiar to all Vaughn fans, especially with the very enjoyable chorus.
From here the album flows seamlessly into another strong melodic rocker Restless Blood. Some really fine vocals here from Danny, using the full force and emotion of his skills.
That's What She Says is a quirky rocker with a cool groove and is one that grows on you with each listen.
The Touch of Your Hand is a beautiful, emotional and soulful ballad that picks up tempo as it goes. Another sublime vocal.
Lifted is classic Danny Vaughn. Tyketto, Vaughn, you name it you know the style, but it never gets tiring when delivered with such spirit.
The Warrior's Way is a darker and tougher rocker, complete with angst filled vocal. It isn't the most instant of numbers, but fits the run of the album and is followed up with a contrasting number the more acoustic driven The Measure of a Man to great effect.
Think of Me In The Fall is another very laid back, very placid and soulful acoustic ballad, which features another amazing lead vocal from Danny.
Death of The Tiger is a moody, more aggressive rocker in the same vein as Restless Blood.
Closing the album is Better By Far, another acoustic song that showcases Danny's voice and a song which brings a relaxed close to an otherwise emotional record.
The Bottom Line
Danny Vaughn fans are going to love this and should not hesitate in purchasing. For those new to the name, there is no better place to start. This is an accomplished and mature melodic rock record with a great deal of passion and emotion in the songs featured. The full band sound only helps deliver those songs in a manner in which they deserve.
I'm still very fond of the last Vaughn album and also the From The Inside project. This is another melodic rock highlight as expected.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Flesh & Blood
From The Inside
Danny Vaughn - Traveller

Line Up:
Danny Vaughn: Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboards
Tony Marshall: Guitars
Lee Morris: Drums
Steve McKenna: Bass
Pat Heath: Guitars

Essential For Fans Of:
Danny Vaughn
Track Listing
Miracle Days *
Badlands Rain
Traveller *
Restless Blood
That's What She Says
The Touch of Your Hand *
Lifted *
The Warrior's Way
The Measure of a Man
Think of Me In The Fall *
Death of The Tiger
Better By Far

--*Best Tracks

13/05/08: Steve -
Rating: 93
Excellent album. Danny really delivers a stellar album. This is mature melodic rock. It's as if Tyketto grew up and wiser. The songs show just how amazing a songwriter Danny is. I can't wait til the next album!

29/07/07: Si -
Rating: 90
Agree with all the above, excellent writing and delivery again, Better by far, Restless Blood are highlights for me, Saw him at JB's recently - Awesome roll on Firefest. Would have liked something a bit harder/punchier though like early Tyketto, but I guess some would say we are living in the past. I also used to moan about the path Dare took after Blood from stone. Cheers

21/05/07: Gman -
Rating: 90
What a voice! I never bothered to get into Tyketto back in the day and now I wish I had. Better by Far and The Warrior's Way are two of my favorites. Great record to listen to on a warm day with the windows down! Crank it!

17/05/07: Paul Ottowell -
Rating: 80
The rockers are great but ballads not as good. Nothing as good as 'When you walk away' or 'Standing Alone'. Saying that, the first 4 songs make this CD an essential purchase.

17/05/07: sad mick -
Rating: 95
Danny's best album since tyketto

15/05/07: Neil Robinson -
Rating: 85
This is not Tyketto,this is Vaughn. There is a difference. Don't Come Easy will never be topped and Strength in Numbers is excellent. But in terms of Dannys' solo work, this is up there with previous albums. Not as heavy as i expected considering the 2 guitarist situation, but some awesome songs anyway. Title track takes the honours.Saw the band live in Newcastle last week and it was a fantastic gig with Dannys' voice as strong as ever. Good album.

15/05/07: Paul -
Rating: 80
Surprised to see that there are no reviews (so far) for this one. Well I like it, though it is not as good as 'Soldiers and Sailors' nor 'From the Inside'. A bit mellower though interesting.

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