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Everything by: Danny Danzi
  1. Save Us
  2. Come To Me
  3. Lost Without Your Love
  4. Love Me Or Leave Me
  5. Is Love A Lie
  6. Somewhere Lost In Time
  7. All The Time
  8. Dirty Mean And Nasty
  9. Dreams
  10. Pop Goes The What
  11. I Want To Spend My Life With You (Japan Only)
Most visitors to this site should know the name Danny Danzi. The New Jersey resident and Z Records artist has made himself well known on all the Message Boards and is truly a great laugh to talk with and very down to earth.
The difficulty in becoming familiar with an artist is that it can make it hard to make an unbiased review of the music.
But thankfully Danny on this occasion has made my job very easy indeed by delivering an album chock full of great harmonies, killer lead guitar and basically some very good melodic hard rock.
This is big stadium style American hard rock. The album starts loud and ends loud, so play at loud volumes for best impact!
Save Us opens the album in good style. This track is a mid paced rocker with a really solid groove and a cool multi layered chorus.
Come To Me is a more in your face uptempo hard rocker. Plenty of that cymbal crashing manic tempo'd drum crashing sub metal stuff! Nice scream there towards then also Danny!
Lost Without Your Love tones things down a little bit. It's still guitar driven, but has a more pop feel to it and has a big chorus with a great melodic hook.
Love Me Or Leave Me is another uptempo rocker, but with the more melodic feel of Lost Without Your Love. The production is a little shallower on this track, but the monster vocals fill any void left by that.
Is Love A Lie rocks a little more - a nice little Eddie Van Halen lick in there - and some smoother vocals.
Somewhere Lost In Time has a great moody intro that features Danny's voice and a swathe of keyboards. It then explodes into a big heavy ballad with complete musical backing.
All The Time is another anthem rocker. I like this track a lot - big hooks and big vocals and a good pace. Nice guitar solo too.
Dirty Mean And Nasty is a hard edged and sort of funky number. This reminds me of the sort of thing Extreme might have recorded. Big guitars and lots of funk.
Dreams is a ballad. And a good point to add one in. After this 8 track guitar fest, a nice power ballad is welcomed! Some acoustic guitars in there, but mainly a solid electric guitar ballad that gets progressively heavier.
Pop Goes The What is a frenzied instrumental with a every instrument sounding like it is trying to out do the other. Sounds great!
I Want To Spend My Life With You is a Japanese bonus track that will be appearing also on the new Z Records compilation.
A great piano ballad that maybe should have been on the European version of the album regardless of the Japanese need for bonus tracks. This song ends the album beautifully.
The amazing thing about this album is that Danny practically plays every instrument on every track. More amazingly - it comes together pretty damn well. Quite often, in these one man band situations, the mix leaves something to be desired and it fails to gel together. As luck has it Danny also produced and mixes this album!
Overall the album is very enjoyable and will appeal to those who like their sound big and made for stadiums. The production is slick overall, but there is the odd place where the sound thins out a little. A minor point, as the songs themselves are generally of a very high caliber.
This style of hard hitting arena rock, while produced in and influenced by the USA, is also heavily European flavored. Fans of Euro rock should check this out.
ESSENTIAL FOR: USA Stadium rock lovers, fans of harder edge melodic rock and big guitar lovers.

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