Danger Danger Revolve Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Bruno Ravel

· Running Time: 51.01

· Release Date: September 18

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers Danger Danger
Songs: 96%
Sound: 99%
They're back! Whilst seemingly always never far from our minds, it has been a staggering 9 years since the last all-new Danger Danger studio album - Return Of The Great Gildersleeves. We've had the long lost Cockroach release, Live & Nude and Rare Cuts to keep us occupied, but everyone wanted to see if Danger Danger could still bring the magic with Ted Poley back in charge of the mike.
Was there ever any doubt?
Bruno Ravel has developed into a truly great producer and it is a wonder we don't see him behind the desk on more projects. I hope we will. He brings his magic to the new album, which sonically sounds about as good as you could hope for.
With the knowledge that a new record was always going to sound great, it was just waiting on discovering if the band would favor the sound of the Ted Poley fronted debut and Screw It, or lean towards the darker Paul Laine era, which included two of this genre's best ever albums in Four The Hard Way and Gildersleeves.
Wisely, the band have opted for a mix of both era's, with the fun and the easy going nature of the first two albums combining with the more contemporary production style of the last 2 studio albums, not to mention that compelling, understated darker edge.
It works great for the band. There is nothing unexpected here – which in this case is good, just more classic Danger Danger material.
So the album sounds a million bucks, the guys are all playing their hearts out, but of particular note are the lead vocals of Ted Poley – he has never sounded as good as he does here.
The added production bells and whistles brings the band up to date, but at the heart of the album is classic D2 – albeit perhaps a little more laid back than 20 years ago.

Track By Track:
With an ear blasting thump we are away. What we get is the same powerful production and deafening rhythm section from the last album's with Ted Poley's classic AOR vocals riding over the top. That's What I'm Talking About is a typical feel good anthem with a soaring chorus and tasty guitar solo.
Ghost of Love is a driving rocker with a slightly darker feel and a catchy fast paced chorus and a thumping bass line.
Killin' Love is a great dark and moody rocker. A little slower and more intense, but I love this side of the band and Ted sounds fantastic singing in this moodier range.
Hearts On The Highway is simply a classic Danger Danger hard rocking anthem and one of the best songs for 2009. Love that chorus…love everything about this track. Perfect.
Time for a ballad. The acoustic driven Fugitive is sentimental, melancholy and thoroughly enjoyable. Another great vocal from Ted too.
Keep On Keepin' On steps backwards into old school D2 style. This sounds slightly different in style to most of the other material. I wonder if this song isn't an unused track from the past? In any regard, it's still a solid feel good rocker, which fans of the debut will love, but not a knockout.
Rocket To Your Heart really gets my attention. A moody and somewhat contemporary ballad that turns heavier during an anthemic chorus. I could hear this being part of the last couple of albums too. Very cool song.
Time to relax the seriousness for a moment with a typical mid-tempo D2 tongue in cheek rocker in F.U.$. Great verse, great chorus and a good fun track.
The mid-tempo rock track Beautiful Regret is one song I'm still struggling with a little. It just isn't as instant as some other tracks and one of the least catchy songs of the album.
The rock ballad Never Give Up is much better – full of class, full of emotional and another great lower register vocal from Ted. A perfect chorus.
The best way to end a Danger Danger album is with a classic old school party rocker and Dirty Mind is just that - classic D2 and great hard rocking attitude.
The Bottom Line
The band delivers – it is as simple as that. They were following up two impossibly fantastic albums, but have almost matched those and also managed to capture the essence of what a Ted Poley fronted Danger Danger record is all about. Despite lyrically borrowing from Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Kiss, Bruce Springsteen and themselves (go find them!), the songs have mostly matured in sentiment and still manage grab your attention.
And the production – wow – if only all records sounded this good. The only downside to a new Danger Danger release is the knowledge that Ted Poley will likely be up to Greatestits Volume 4 before we see the next D2 album. Keep the momentum going lads!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Danger Danger
· Screw It
· Dawn
· Four The Hard Way
· Return Of The Great Gildersleeves
· Cockroach
· Rare Cuts
· Live And Nude
· Revolve

Line Up:
· Ted Poley: Vocals
· Rob Marcello: Guitar
· Steve West: Drums, Percussion
· Bruno Ravel: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Piano

Essential For Fans Of:
· Danger Danger
· Ted Poley
· Marcello / Vestry
Track Listing
· That's What I'm Talking About *
· Ghost of Love *
· Killin' Love *
· Hearts On The Highway *
· Fugitive
· Keep On Keepin' On
· Rocket To Your Heart
· F.U.$. *
· Beautiful Regret
· Never Give Up *
· Dirty Mind *

--*Best Tracks

04/03/12: michele -
Rating: 90
If this album was realeased soon after the first 2 materpieces we had 3 materpieces one after one and that could be the continuos for make a lot of albums like those.
I love Paul Laine but D2 are with Ted Poley.
Surprise for me hear this come back and listen that fantastic sound that lead me back in my youth.

11/02/10: Vern -
Rating: 75
I'm a Danger Danger fan who wants the best of both worlds. Ted was great. Paul was great also. I can understand the appeal of returning to the original line up, but after listening to Revolve I can't help but feel either Ted has changed too much or the band has forgotten how to write with Ted in mind. I imagine we're laying down tracks after midnight in a house where other people are sleeping and Ted's stashed in a small room trying to nail the vox without waking anyone.

Those criticisms aside, if I sideline my expectations for what a D2 album should be, I have to say I can enjoy most of the songs well enough. My hands down favorite is Rocket To Your Heart. One of those songs you just have to hear to see why. F.U.$ is a barrell of fun and the band knows it. Ted sounds like he's bringing it more than on any of the other tracks which gets me cheering along. Killing Love should have been left off - doesn't fit the D2 ethos. Instant deselect for me, sorry guys. Hearts on the Highway is a real nice little harmonious rocker that feels well known the first time you hear it. I don't mean that as a criticism. It's like a welcome homage to tunes with that certain familiar vibe. That's the best way I can describe it. Oh, and the ending of that track really pays off nicely. Well done!

In the end I'm a little confused as to where Danger Danger are headed. Down to mediocrity? Or now that they've got Ted back do they just need a little lattitude to discover where the bounds of the band are nowadays? I guess we'll find out on the next release.

08/02/10: Mark Donnelly -
Rating: 97
With the return of Ted Poley to the fold expectations for this release were high and fortunately they do not disappoint. All songs were written by Steve West & Bruno Ravel who also handle production which is first-rate. The mix of the album is brilliant and Ted’s vocals are the best that he’s recorded to date.

That’s What I’m Talkin’ About kicks the album of in fine style and it’s the hard rocking melodic style that D2 have become famous and loved for throughout the years.

Ghost Of Love with its great chorus is a smooth slice of melodic rock that highlights what a superb vocal performance Ted Poley puts in on this album.

Killin’ Love is a darker song but like every track on offer here is a great slab of melodic rock.

If you ever needed just one song to play to someone who had never heard Danger, Danger then Hearts On The Highway would be ideal – soaring guitars, big chorus & superb backing vocals. The latter are another highlight of this album with contributions from Frank Vestry, Tony Harnell, Mitch Malloy & Jaret Reddick.

Fugitive is the first ballad on the album and nicely changes the pace of the album.

Keep On Keepin’ On is another typical D2 album track and similar to offerings on their last brilliant studio album (released 10 years ago) Return Of The Great Gildersleeves.

The opening to Rocket To Your Heart is a bit smulchy and the only part of this album I do not like, however, by the time the chorus kicks in the song is right back on track and rockin’!

F.U.$ is the tongue-in-cheek track on the album and could easily have fitted on Steel Panther’s Feel The Steel album. Initially, I did not warm to this track, however, with repeated plays the infectiousness of the song kicks in!

Beautiful Regret is a little bit harder than the other tracks on offer and not quite as instant as others but is a real grower.

Never Give Up is the second and best ballad of the album; sheer class.

Dirty Mind is a fun way to finish off an almost perfect album. It is an up-tempo rocker.

My favourite Danger, Danger tracks still lie on their other albums, however, for consistency throughout Revolve is possibly the best ever Danger Danger album, however, only time will tell if it can match up to Cockroach, Four The Hard Way & The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves.

For those of you who like your AOR with a hard-edge then this is just what the doctor ordered - awesome!

06/01/10: jacco/amsterdam -
Rating: 100
Simply love it!Voice of Poley takes me bak to the days i was twenty again.Goosebumbs!This is what i am waiting of.Being a fan from their debut.Met the guys during the recording of Screw it! in The Netherlands.Hope they will come to play in Holland.I wil be there.

22/12/09: Nikos Derventzis -
Rating: 95
An amazing album. The boys are simply back, can't wait to see them touring next year. The album is simply dymanite, the track "Keep on keeping on" is one of the best songe that I've heard this year.

11/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 85
A safe AOR cd from Danger Danger here. I would expect something like this from Blanc Faces, maybe. Very listenable, but nothing like D2 of the past, as it lacks any edge. HEARTS ON THE HIGHWAY, NEVER GIVE UP, DIRTY MIND, & KILLIN' LOVE are my personal faves from this.

08/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 85
This CD is very listenable, but also very safe. There's just no edge at all. Music with no edge generally translates to me as disposable. I doubt that I'll have much of anything from this cd on my iPod playlist a year from now. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT & GHOST OF LOVE start things off in a rather uninspired manner... listenable, but not memorable. KILLIN' LOVE is a solid track... up until the last minute and a half. For those that haven't figured out this is an anti-abortion song, listening to babies giggling for a minute and a half will both get the point across AND ruin the song. HEARTS ON THE HIGHWAY is a pretty good AOR tune and a highlight, though it doesn't remind me of anything D2 past. FUGITIVE is, lyrically, a rather strange ballad. Again, listenable, but not memorable. Andrew is right, KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON is very reminiscent of old school D2, though not a "keeper"(pun fully intended). ROCKET TO YOUR HEART is so cliche it makes me groan just to listen to it. F.U.$., finally some D2 attitude and humor, although even here the boys seem restrained. It all just sounds too orchestrated. BEAUTIFUL REGRET continues the safe, mundane sound. NEVER GIVE UP is the better of the two ballads, and one of the stronger songs on the cd. DIRTY MIND is one of the better tracks and closes the cd out on a good note.
So, overall, a safe, predictable AOR cd. Safe, however, is NOT what I would expect from Danger Danger.

Rating: 95

04/12/09: Porzio - -
Rating: 80
More modern that the initial samples made me think, this is nonetheless a strong effort from a personal favorite band. 'Hearts on the highway' is precisely the reason why we are so attracted by this type of music. The passion is so strong.

03/12/09: Alex -
Rating: 100
One of the best album I've heard that is out in 2009! Great to hear Ted Poley back in Danger Danger and his voice is brilliant on this album. And the guitar is absolutely stunning! I have no word really. Rob Marcello is an amazing guitarist and I have never heard him play like he does on this album. *salute* to Robert Marcello.

Never heard Danger Danger before this album was released, but simply put, this band and album has simply grown to be one of the greatest melodic rock album I've heard in many, many years!

28/11/09: Jordan -
Rating: 10
Brilliant in so many ways. I cannot describe how great this cd is. Amazing songs, amazing production. I am beyond happy with it. I can only hope there will be another one in the future!!!

01/11/09: Tony Z -
Rating: 97
Bruno Ravel has produced another fine effort! Production is great and Mr. Poley sounds awesome as well. There new Guitar Player fits in like a glove. Love the new tunes boyz! Come to Montreal,and do a Canadian Tour!

27/10/09: DENIS (Brazil) -
Rating: 100
B R I L L I A N T !! I can't remember getting addicted to listening to a cd like this in a long long time. I listen to it at home, in my car going to work and AT work, it's a masterpiece! I just can't get enough! The melodies, the vibe, the lyrics, everything is great here. I hope I can see them live playing the old tunes of course but I'd love to see/hear these songs live. BEST CD OF THE YEAR!! (and I don't even have to listen to other cds until the end of 2009) Danger Danger is back!! COME TO BRAZIL!!

26/10/09: Peter -
Rating: 50
Just what I was afraid of, Danger Danger lost its dynamite. They went completely back being that boaring sing a long AOR band they once were. I´ll stick to Four the Hard Way and The Great Guilder Sleeves with Paul Laine, because that´s obviously a different band of a superior league.

25/10/09: Krille -
Rating: 100
Never been a fan of Danger Danger before. For me they have always been a corny 80´s band. Until now! This is for me THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Great songs, great vocals & great production! Amazing!

23/10/09: William -
Rating: 99
Danger Danger always had catchy hooks. This album grabs you the very first time you play the record. Ted Poley sounds great and the band has a very energetic sound.

It reminds me of a good Warrant album; having atleast 8 songs that rock while having those perfect sing along hooks.

Best songs are "Hearts on the Highway", "Keep on Keepin on", "That's what I am talking about", "Rocket to your heart", and ofcourse "Fu" which made me laugh along with "Dirty Mind" That song has a 80's classic cheap trick type feel to it. Excellent album; nice to hear them playing again. They sound like they are 18 still!

Does anyone else thing, "Killin love" sounds like Def Leppard's "Bringin on the heartbreak"?

22/10/09: Peter -
Rating: 95
Although "Danger Danger" started off as a Hair Glam/Metal outfit like so many others in the late 80s, they consistently delivered quality albums through the unforgiving 90s while their sound took a more AOR turn, which is fine by me. Once again the songwriting core of Bruno Ravel and Steve West remains intact guaranteeing the original "Danger Danger" vibe.
This release sees the return of original vocalist Ted Poley (best he has sung in years), while also marking the studio debut of Rob Marcello ("Marcello-Vestry") as the lead guitarist of "Danger Danger". It is a pleasure to hear that "Revolve" is probably the most consistent album in the band's history and has managed to keep the bar steadily high on all 11 tracks of this album with a superb production by Bruno Ravel.
Despite the catchy choruses, strong harmonies and Marcello's accomplished performance, one can not help but think that "Revolve" is too much of an easy listener. You might say that's more than expected as this is AOR; still I felt that the album should include more of those heavy opening riffs and possibly a couple of aggressive songs ( similar to "Under the Gun", "Grind" and "Goin', Goin' Gone") would also fit nicely.
This is probably the most radio friendly album of "Danger Danger" and although it is great I suspect it would have been better with "Paul Laine" on lead vocals. Of course the subject Poley/ Laine can generate endless conversation so I conclude that it is fascinating to see Danger Danger reformed with their original vocalist and a new guitarist who is clearly qualified to fill Andy Timmons' shoes.
Personal favorites include "Ghost of Love", "Hearts on the Highway"*(Brilliant song,can't get that one out of my head!) and the cool "Rocket to your heart". Welcome back D2!:)

18/10/09: Stan From Australia -
Rating: 98
Brilliant Album, songs like "Rocket To Your Heart, Hearts On The Highway & That's What I'm Talking About has restored my faith in AOR. I just keep playing the CD over and over as loud as it goes in my car just love it.

15/10/09: ODYSSEAS -
Rating: 98
the best album of the year!

14/10/09: Brian -
Rating: 98
Cannot get enough of this album! Love it, love it, love it. One of my favorites from Ted or Danger Danger easily! I'm particular to Killing Love, That's What I'm Talking About, Dirty Mind, Fugitive...oh, heck the whole thing is just great. One of the best of the year for me.

13/10/09: Kevin -
Rating: 100
The guys really hit it out of the ballpark on this one. Ted is such a fun singer! I played this Cd in the morning and the songs keep playing in my head. Best in Years.

13/10/09: Mark -
Rating: 100
I know I seen it written not to long ago, that Andrew associated the sound of a perticular group, by making the statement that "This is what Bon Jovi should sound like". Well in my opinion, that statement couldn't fit a better band than these guys. I was Soooo surprised when listening to this group of songs. Great job Rob, Ted and guys,....You out did yourselves with this one.

13/10/09: Alex Siedler - @@
Rating: 10
Right up there with all the classics in the Glam/AOR genre. It´s every bit as good as any other major/well known Rock release from the late 80s/early 90s with HEARTS ON THE HIGHWAY being the genres best song since then.

13/10/09: panos -
Rating: 100
Simply the best album of 2009 hands down!!!!! Hey you radio dj's WAAAAAKE UP AND PLAY THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!

13/10/09: Michael -
Rating: 98
Amazing. Could easily be the top melodic rock CD of the year though I anticipate W.E.T. will deserve 100. Anyhow back to DD, this is great CD. The guys sound classic yet modern at the same time. Rob Marcello is a great replacement for Andy Timmons and nails the DD sound. The songwriting is spot on and the production is very good too. The real gem is Ted's vocals. He does some amazing work here and helps to raise this CD even higher.

13/10/09: Tuomas -
Rating: 95
Just what the doctor ordered!! Good old AOR!! Great sounding record and good songs..what more do you need?? ;D

13/10/09: Tom -
Rating: 75
I was happy to see Ted Poley back at the mic! I was really looking forward to this album, but it's a bit of a letdown. Production is good, but could've been brighter & in your face with more presence. The songwriting's OK, but where's the uptempo stuff? It's all a bit too relaxed and laidback. I miss the attitude, zest for life and tongue-in-cheek humor of the first albums.

Even today if put on either their S/T debut or the magnificent follow-up Screw It, it brings a big, fat smile to my face. This one doesn't. Wish it did, but it doesn't.

It's a bit too "safe" for a band called "Danger Danger".

I know we've all grown a lot older and "more mature" since 1990, but that doesn't mean anything. The guys in Kiss are a lot older and they just put out an incredible WHOPPER of a ROCK album.

75/100 is for good production and excellent musicianship. 25/100 is lost because of the dark overall sound and because the album's just plodding along at mid-tempo, which for a rock album isn't a good thing.

12/10/09: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 98
I am a long time fan of Danger Danger and Ted Poley. I even enjoyed the Paul Laine years, but nothing compares to TED!! This is a great return from DD.

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