Low Dice / Sony Special Products
Produced by: Paul Northcote & Danger Danger

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Def Leppard, Van Hagar
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Still Kickin'
  2. When She's Good She's Good
  3. Shot O' Love
  4. Afraid Of Love
  5. Tip Of My Tongue
  6. Walk It Like You Talk It
  7. Goin' Goin' Gone
  8. Good Time
  9. Don't Break My Heart Again
  10. Don't Pull The Plug
  11. Sick Little Twisted Mind
  12. Time In A Bottle*
    (Paul Laine Vers. Only)

To describe the ongoing saga behind this release and to then describe each of the two discs on offer would result in this CD taking several months to review.
If you are not aware of the ongoing legal and organizational sags that have prevented this album being released to the public, then where have you been?!!
Well, the liner notes should catch you up, so get this pronto...
Let's get straight to the point! Most regulars to this site should know that I adore this band. I rated their last album 100% - the only perfect score I have assigned any album in the history of this site. I stand by that mark - it is a masterpiece of a record!
The band certainly have a history and I don't want to get into a Ted Poley VS Paul Laine debate within this review.
I prefer the band as they are now - being a long time Paul Laine fan myself, and prefer their tougher, harder edge sound with Paul up front.
But I also love Ted, as a singer and as a frontman and as a personality. His post D2 work is something I have followed and supported with enthusiasm.
That is the beauty of this release. The band should get full and unconditional credit and support for their decision to market both albums together as a 2 disc set.
This way, there are no what version sold more than the other debates, nor will there be a split in the fan base over what record to support, or the cost involved of buying 2 separate albums. For that reason, this is another 100% essential release.
Cockroach the album, or the music at least, was supposed to be album number 3 in around 1993/4.
It was (is) a bold step forward for the band, after the disappointing second album Screw It. This one has the songs - big rock anthems with attitude and swagger. It also has the tongue in cheek good time rock that the band were known for (Tip Of MY Tongue, When She's Good) and it also has a more serious reflective side (Don't Break My Heart Again, Afraid Of Love).
The music was tougher, it has a much heavier edge and in the case of Ted Poley, it was in a style that he hasn't sung before. The band went out on a limb and things went awol. Shame, as the music was awesome.
Paul Laine's came in and re-recorded the vocals after the departure of Ted and his version of the album sees a revised track running order and a bonus track, a cover of the 70's classic Time In A Bottle.
Paul's voice suits the material better - in my own humble opinion at least. He has that raspy, harder edged voice that suits the style of the songs. Too band it's taken 6 years or so to get released!
Singer aside, if you are new to Danger Danger - why has it taken you so long to find this band?!!
The style of this album is pure American fist pumping uptempo hard rock. There's parts of Def Leppard in there, (anthems, backing vocals), parts of Van Hagar, (guitar riffs, song delivery, anthems, backing vocals), parts of later day Poison at their best (the glam & blues influences on a few tracks, backing vocals etc), and a large dose of their own cool sound.
Several of the songs on Cockroach will be familiar to the owners of those last 2 albums, as the band re-recorded a few songs each album.
Of the exclusive tracks to this release; Don't Break My Heart Again is a sensational moody ballad, Don't Pull The Plug is a barnstorming bluesy hard rocker with a killer guitar solo intro, Good Time is a straight up party rocker, as is Tip Of My Tongue and Shot O' Love is the long time cult favorite track that finally sees the light of day with this release. This track is a huge stadium rock anthem with a big verse and an even bigger chorus. Legendary in every sense of the term.
BOTTOM LINE: Ted or Paul, it doesn't matter - with both on offer here, it is hard to pass this release as one of the best American hard rock albums of the year - or as it turns out - any year.
Fans of any American stadium rock that haven't discovered this band, or previously wrote them off as being too light n fluffy, need to take a serious new look at this release.
Then you need to get Four The Hard Way and The Return Of Great Gildersleeves.
I love this band, I love their sound and there is no reason why they shouldn't be where Bon Jovi are today.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Danger Danger, Paul Laine, Ted Poley and American stadium rock fan. Every regular to this site!
DISCOGRAPHY:Danger Danger . Screw It . Dawn . Four The Hard Way . Return Of The Great Gildersleeves . Cockroach

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