Lava / Atlantic 7567930322
Produced by: Bob Rock

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. War (The Process)
  2. The Saint
  3. Rise
  4. Take The Power
  5. Breathe
  6. Nico
  7. American Gothic
  8. Ashes And Ghosts
  9. Shape The Sky
  10. Speed Of Light
  11. True Believers
  12. My Bridges Burn
  13. Libertine (Bonus Track)(Australia & Japan)

The Cult are back and they are back in more ways than one. They are back to the simple, yet classic line up of Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy and Matt Sorum.
They have also bought back producer Bob Rock - responsible for their best and most commercially successful record to date - Sonic Temple.
The guys are also back to their best song writing in a decade and have really produced a record with a ton of attitude and a ton of class.
Plus - this is really fucking heavy!!
This is a classic Cult record, however it's not Sonic Temple Part 2. There are parts of the record that grinds along in the fashion that their classic 1989 album did, with a very commercial sound. That is in part due to the return of Bob Rock and his trademark sound.
But much of the rest of the record is as bold and as fresh as any other rock band out there just starting out.
There is a real modern rock feel to the album. The guys aren't afraid to mix some new with the old, and I think it works in their favor. It makes this a fresh news record with a commercial edge for today's tastes, coupled with reminders of the band's most classic sound of their previous commercial peak.
The combination of the two should make this record a winner with old and new fans alike.
Just as Alice Cooper tuned down and cranked it up on his last record Brutal Planet, so to do The Cult on this album. There is a definite modern rock sound to the record, with the guitars on tracks like The Saint tuned down and beefed up to a point where they are so heavy, my ears nearly bled! But included in this onslaught is enough melody to satisfy any old time devotee.
Even on the lead single off the album Rise the guitars are so heavy, I could see both classic rock stations and modern rock / alternative stations playing this.
It continues on just about every track - with only Nico and True Believers slowing down the pace in any way.
The rest of it just flat out rocks! Even to the last track My Bridges Burn, the guitars are like a wall of sound backing Ian Astbury, who is clearly in the best vocal form he has ever been in.
The Australian version offers the same bonus track as the Japanese release. Libertine is just like any other track on the album, no sub standard B-Side offering. It's well worth tracking down. Heavy, aggressive and swaggers along with 100% attitude.
BOTTOM LINE: The sheer power and raw heaviness of this album surprised even me. This is a powerful rock n roll record that takes the harmonies and style of the Cult at their classic best and mixes it with a new found modern aggressiveness that rocks from the opening chord to the last chorus of the album. One seriously heavy album, with attitude to match.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of The Cult and many modern rock fans. Fans of Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet album.
DISCOGRAPHY:Dreamtime . Love . Electric . Sonic Temple . Ceremony . The Cult . Beyond Good & Evil

08/09/04: WardyS3 -
Rating: 85
nothing at all wrong with this album like some said way back when it was released! Great songs and a whole new heavy vibe going on in the Cult dept, Astbury in fine form and still barking 'babies' albeit this time over a more thumping and dirty machine. There's a bit of Electric, a bit of Sonic, but mostly this is likely to dissapoint a number of fans as it doesn't exactly return to the 80's, but what the heck I love it! Faves are most, but standouts are Rise, Holy War, Ashes and Ghosts, Shape the sky (very swinging baby!), and American Gothic. Great rock album, pitty it didn't last!

12/03/04: Jon -
Rating: 75
Rise, Nico, and All My Bridges Burn are the reason for this score. Everything else on the album, though quite heavy, is average. But, the three songs mentioned are absolutely killer! Buy it for them.

06/06/02: Roby -
Rating: 80
Well, I can't pretend things stay the same... 'Sonic Temple' is a sweet memory but more than ten years are gone.
Duffy doesn't want to appear as one of the guitar-heroes on the planet, he is just Bill Duffy. He knows what he likes, he knows what he wants! And he wants to sound heavy, heavy and modern... and catchy too... and Ian sings as the god that really is, nervous, magnetic, sweet... great! Welcome back... but you're just a memory once again, isn't it?

15/10/01: kevin - www.k&
Rating: 90
i have to give this cd a high rating, i was never a cult fan but thus cd rocks, what more can i say, well worth the effort and wait.

25/09/01: Jason Lurcott -
Rating: 90
I picked Beyond Good And Evil up at my college radio station's CD give away. I have no idea why they decided to give this album away. But, I'm glad I snatched it up. The songs are hard rockers, kinda fast with good song writting behind them. And the record cover and liner notes seem very Romanesque(sp?), which is pretty cool. Anywho, I like the record.


06/08/01: Heber -
Rating: 35
This Cd, for me, is a great disapointing...
I am fan of The Cult since the great "Love" album, and I always loved the diversity of the band. A disc is never equal to the following... But, this time, they commited a mistake. The distortion is too much... It seems like a modern heavy metal band, not the old The Cult of wonder works like "Sonic Temple" or "Ceremony".
Where is the melody? Where is the creativity? Where is the voice of Ian? We only hear distorted guitars
This is the worst disc of this band. It's sad to say, but they're lost the way...

20/07/01: Mike -
Rating: 90
Simply put the Cult are back and perhaps more impressive than ever. This record is a testament to one of rocks longest running bands(not without a few break ups mind you). At first you might under estimate the cd maybe it's too heavy or sounds too much like Sonic Temple, but give it 3 weeks and you will see it for what it is a totally original and different cd from a great band (ever Cult cd is different and a work of art). Give this cd a chance and you won't be disapointed in fact if you're like me you will probably go out and buy the rest of their catalogue and go to a show and buy a shirt and.....

20/07/01: Jason Boesche -
Rating: 85
I really like this album. I go right along with the review on here. I do think that it overwhelms people at first due to the aggressiveness of it, but it really grows on you. I think the only 2 songs that can be written off as mediocre would be TAKE THE POWER and ASHES AND GHOSTS. It's a lot different from their previous efforts, but as a whole, I think it's a very solid album. It's not Sonic Temple.. It's a lot heavier. The guitars are so heavy. Ian's voice and Billy's guitars are simply excellent. WAR, THE SAINT, RISE, BREATHE, they all rock and really grab your attention. NICO is a great ballad and a song that I feel is very underrated. In regards to the last half of the album, I think it's excellent. AMERICAN GOTHIC is one of the best songs on there outside of RISE. SHAPE THE SKY, SPEED OF LIGHT, and TRUE BELIEVERS are really good songs. Then to finish it off, you have MY BRIDGES BURN which may be the best song on here or at least tied with RISE. The heavier sound may be a hard pill to swallow for some Cult fans, but I along w/ many other Cult fans and rock n roll fans in general, really like this album.

19/07/01: John Kivlin -
Rating: 85
Maybe I need to listen to it a couple more times, but I just can't rate it that high. Andrew is absolutely right, it does flat out rock, and The Cult are still the most original and rock band in the last 15 years, but there's something missing for me. Don't ask me what. That said, the music/band sound great. Maybe it's the songs? I dunno.

18/07/01: Philip Wilson -
Rating: 55
Feh, forget the review on the website. This thing is a dog. I've been a fan of The Cult since Sonic Temple, and certainly prefer their harder edged music to their earlier work. While I was happy to hear they'd embraced their hardrock past for this release, what we got is a fabulously forgettable slab of mediocrity.

My brother gave me the CD, as he'd listened to it and thought it was total trash. I'm now thrilled I didn't pay for this.

I gladly took it off my brother's hands. But after I gave it a few listens, I decided his description wasn't far off. The production is top notch, and there are a couple good tunes here, but about 8 of the 12 songs lack any trace of a good hook or catchy melody. I've listened to the album perhaps 8-10 times and still can't remember anything about most of the tracks.

I hate to give this album a bad review, since it's great to see a band like The Cult embracing melodic guitar rock, but the songs are, for the most part, bland and featureless. The second half of the album is almost entirely filler. The album is devoid of character, through and through.

I'd sum the album up as this: a travesty!

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