1. Lost Cathederal
  2. Live And Die
  3. Motorcycle Loretta
  4. Lyin'
  5. Free Me
  6. Greed Of Love
  7. Cold Blooded Bitch
  8. End Of The Road
  9. Although We're Fools
  10. Waisted Prime
  11. Hell Of A Night
  12. If You Need Me
How good are these guys? Yep - bloody good! It's been a couple of years, but Jean and the guys are back and are in full melodic glory, with some of the best hard rocking tunes this year.
Crown Of Thorns have created a couple of classic rock albums, but there are some that favoured the debut over their last record.
Good news for you here. The band, while retaining the heavier flavour and the Led Zeppelin influence of the second album, seem to have re-captured the urgency and the flair of the debut. True also that this record has more hooks and choruses than ever.
The band couldn't have picked a better opener than Lost Cathedral, with it's huge guitar sound building towards that kind of a chorus that gives you goosebumps, and makes you want to replay it over and over. A great anthem and a COT instant classic.
Live & Die takes a couple of listens to get into, it is darker and less immediate. A really moody track that is lyrically even darker. Still, once a few listens have passed, the chorus is there for good.
Motorcycle Loretta is one of my favourite tracks, with a very Zepish and heavy guitar riff that leads into another anthem like chorus, that never hangs around long enough to get sick of.
Lyin' is a big, overblown and fairly fast paced power ballad, that really rocks. A great vocal and some killer harmonies.
Free Me is another moody mid paced tune that will also take some listening to. Another great vocal.
Greed Of Love gets things rocking again. The band use some female backing vocals to add to the already huge sound, and the chorus is almost like a bridge to the next verse.
Cold Blooded Bitch isn't as heavy as it sounds, and is the closest thing to the old COT on the record. A good mid to uptempo rocker.
End Of The Road is a great power ballad, and one of the best tracks of the album.
Although We're Fools is a hard guitar driven number until the chorus, where it turns into one of the most commercial number the band have ever recorded. Something like the Beatles on speed! Great chorus and harmonies.
Waisted Prime is a moody mid paced ballad, and again, another very commercial number compared to the rest of the album. Another highlight.
Hell Of A Night is pretty different! An electronic drum backs the tune with a keyboard accompaniment and a sound I can't really describe. Maybe something Prince would record?!
If You Need Me wraps up another great Crown Of Thorns record. A huge ballad, if not the biggest on the record, and one that AOR and hard rock fans should love regardless. A lighters in the air kind of song.
Any fan of the bands' previous work should get into this right now, and hopefully with a wider promotion, the band will pick up new fans. A very contemporary record, while retaining everything we love about this sort of music. Great record!