Produced by: Craig Erickson

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Schrapnel Records releases
GENRE: Blues Rock

  1. Businessman
  2. Familiar
  3. Desperate
  4. Remember Now
  5. Wild Dogs
  6. Break Free
  7. Bus Stop
  8. Shine
  9. Doomsday Blues
  10. Till The Sun Shines
  11. Broke Down Love
  12. Angel
  13. Beautiful Venus

Craig Erickson is a guitar player with great soul and a lot of talent. I would however, place Erickson as a blues player before anything else, with rock leanings.
He plays with a hard edge to his riffs, but they primarily originate from the blues. I spell this out for two reasons - it will great news for lovers of blues rock, but I also mention it to warn anyone who is not partial to a little R&B in their rock n roll.
Personally I don't mind some blues at all with a couple of my favorite artists like Gary Moore and Glenn Hughes often crossing into blues with much success.
This album has more cross over potential than most blues rock albums as the great Rob Lamothe guests as vocalist on no fewer than 6 tracks!
Rob sings his heart out as he always does, showcasing a new style to his voice and further displaying his versatility. While his solo records and even the Riverdogs releases have shown the man to have a soulful side, here is where it shines through.
Rob Lamothe fans would do well to add this album to their collection.
This is not a hard rock record, nor a heavy guitar album, but more a mellow blues drenched rock feel, with Rob singing clearly and with authority, but also with some restraint - ultimately suiting the relaxed style of this album.
I really like his vocals on the smoldering and moody rocker Desperate. That's my pick of the album. Following closely is the guys cover of the Jimi Hendrix song Angel. Rob's vocals are sensational. Passionate and soulful. A great version of this already well covered classic.
Also notable is a guest appearance from Glenn Hughes, who adds his authoritive vocal style to a cover of the Tommy Bolin track Wild Dogs.
It's the kind of soul filled vocal Glenn could do in his sleep, but pleases fans no end and again is faultless here.
I am not so much into the tracks featuring Eric on vocals and a few tracks tend to out stay their welcome a little. It's definitely not an album for fans of 3 minute pop songs.
BOTTOM LINE: We haven't had a good blues rock album for a while, so this fits the bill nicely. It's a fairly laid back album, mid tempo at best most times.
But it has a good production quality and the songs are consistent and the vocals of Rob Lamothe and Glenn Hughes are big added bonuses.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Blues rock fans and most fans of Rob Lamothe and Glenn Hughes.
DISCOGRAPHY:Force Majeure . Two Sides of the Blues . Retro Blues Express . Shine

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