Z Records
Produced by: Contagious

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: British Hard Rock bands
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Hear It Calling
  2. Time And Again
  3. Lady
  4. Lost & Lonely
  5. Love Can Always Find A Way
  6. Suzi Ann
  7. Flying High
  8. Outa Time
  9. Fantasy
  10. Dreams

Contagious are Z Records great British hard rock hopeful. The guys are well known in the scene and recorded a fairly well received EP last year. This is the long time coming debut album.
Their EP featured some good songs and was a good taste of a band developing and finding their way and hinted at a group of guys that could write some catchy British hard rock.
The debut album is more of the same, but with some side notes.
To be frank, there are going to be different views on this album, depending on where you read or hear any comments.
I'll try and give it to you straight.
Personally, I really enjoyed the songs on this album. I like the melodies, I like the style - as there isn't much else out there exactly like this right now - and I like the fact there is only 10 tracks and no fillers.
Musically, I think this is a good album, provided you like straight up, no nonsense, raw, rocking melodic hard rock. There are some nice little tweaks and additions in the songs that add to the interest of them and there's also some good solid hooks to wrap your ears around.
Contagious take their sound from the best of British hard rock before them. The guys have gigged more than many other bands in the scene and have potential to keep rocking for years.
Without saying the band sound like any of the following, I could see some comparisons to early Whitesnake, Europe, UFO and more recent UK rockers Newman - I find it hard to make any direct comparisons.
I guess that's another positive for the band - they have their own feel without breaking any musical boundaries.
Tracks like Hear It Calling and Lady and also Time And Again are very catchy.
Now for the down side of the story. I think the production of The Calling is below average and doesn't do the band or the material any favours at all. It needed a better mix, and a better quality sound to break into a wider fan base.
At times the vocalist sounds out of sorts with the rest of the band and the rhythm section and keyboards are often buried behind the guitar and loud vocals. A better mix would have changed the muddy sound and brought things like the harmony vocals into their own space.
BOTTOM LINE: An album of catchy songs in a raw, good hard rocking style that should be welcomed by many fans of the European melodic hard rock scene. But a poor production could hinder full enjoyment of what essentially is still a good album.
if you like straight ahead no nonsense British/European hard rock and are prepared to forgive a below average sound, there are some great songs on offer on The Calling. I will still look forward to the next album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of British melodic hard rock, fans of raw, frills-free hard rock albums.

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