a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Peter James Goodman
  1. Changes
  2. Different Worlds
  3. No More Crying
  4. Heal My Soul
  5. Heat Of The Flame
  6. Down For The Count
  7. Sister Moon
  8. Guardian Angel
  9. Flesh & Blood
  10. As Far As The Eye Can See
  11. Through The Time
Conquest hail from Finland and deliver a blend of heavy European flavored hard rock.
This takes a few listens to get into. With each listen though, the music becomes more familiar and the melodies present themselves.
I think for those fans of Euro rock, it might come a little easier. It has it's own definite feel, if you know what I mean.
This album reminds me of plenty of others in the Yngwie, Rainbow, DIO, Axel Rudi Pell mode, yet offers enough to suggest their own style and feel. Lead vocalist Peter James Goodman has a good set of lungs, with a powerful lower range.
The songs are all very consistent, varied in pace, which keeps things rolling along nicely. From the frantic Heat Of The Flame to the mellower Heal My Soul.
I have some doubts with the opening track - the album gets much better after that - so if you are sampling the album, check a few of the songs for better measure.
I think the vocalist tries to run the gauntlet of his range on the first track and that's a little off putting.
The middle of the album swings towards the Yngwie album Rising Force featuring Joe Lynn Turner. If that's appealing to you, then Conquest are worth further investigating.
BOTTOM LINE: A good hard rock album for all fans of European hard rock. not your typical AOR, but out of all the new Euro rock releases, this is one of the better ones.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of European hard rock, guitar metal and some Yngwie fans.

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