Indie / RYFC007
Produced by: Company Of Wolves

Released: OUT
Relatives: Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones

  1. Institution
  2. Rocks In Your Head
  3. Dance Yourself Stupid
  4. Damned
  5. The Ballad Of Sailor Jack & Georgie
  6. Skin To Skin
  7. Same Way Out (That You Came In)
  8. Rhythm And Blues

I am enjoying this record for the very same reasons I enjoyed Izzy Stradlin's recently reviewed solo album.
This is a good honest stripped back rock n roll record in the traditional sense of the term.
Again, like Izzy's album, there are Rolling Stones comparisons, some also again to the Stones personnel doing their own solo projects.
Some tracks on the new Company Of Wolves remind me of Mick Jagger's own mid 80's solo records. Just a little more bluesy rock n roll.
Company Of Wolves were initially signed to Mercury Records and produced a snappy hard rocking debut that was a little LA Sleaze and a lot of swampland blues.
It earned the band quite a following - one they never really cashed in on.
Several years have gone by and a couple of records too, but now they seem to be back in their best form ever - and a different form at that!
Thanks largely to an independent budget and no label dictating terms, this album sees the band loose, raw and clearly enjoying themselves. That tone shines through on the songs.
From the bluesy hard rock of the guitar driven opener, to the more jazzy, acoustic themed twang of Rocks In Your Head, to the Jumping Jack Flash-like Dance Yourself Stupid (complete with horn section), to the Aerosmith swagger of Damned, to the track that seems to be a tribute to the great Rod Stewart - The Ballad Of Sailor Jack and Georgie.
The band cover all spectrums of good fun honest 70's style rock n roll.
BOTTOM LINE: If there was an icon of 70's rock, Company Of Wolves seem to have paid tribute to them all on this cool, retro vibe new album. Through the various style of the album, their own sound shines through in places, especially with the talents of Kyf Brewer on vocals. Generally, this is just a good fun, stripped back rock n roll record. Recommended for sitting back and relaxing (drinking) to, or throw it on in the car for a feel good fix.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Retro rock n roll, The Stones, Rod Stewart and 70's rock.

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