Chickenfoot Chickenfoot Edel
· Produced By: Andy Johns

· Running Time: 62.50

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: Sammy Hagar
Songs: 85%
Sound: 95%
If I still had to explain who Chicketfoot are, then I would suggest you were reading the wrong website! So I will pass on the history lesson for hard rock's newest "supergroup", but it is safe to say that they are, by pedigree, truly deserving of the term.
To say the hype machine was in overdrive for the debut album from Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith, Joe Satriani and Michael Anthony is an understatement.
Thanks to some savvy advance marketing and some bizarre statements from the likes of Hagar, who stated the group could rival Led Zeppelin – expectations were high.
I'm happy to say that for my opinion those very high expectations have almost been met, which equates to a pretty damn good record.
What the album lacks in knock-them-dead songwriting, it more than makes up for in groove. There is a definite avoidance of big chorus hooks here, but groove is the order of the day.
I'm not blown away by every song but boy…the electricity of the performances here is second to none and you can't help but be drawn in by the amazing energy emanating from the record and the individuals involved. When I play it – I play it loud and love every minute of it. But at the same time, it's not an album I'll play every day.
Hagar sounds as good as I have heard him in recent years and back to his Van Halen best.
Michael Anthony proves why he was the missing element on the VH-Roth reunion with some fantastic backing vocals and screams and his bass playing is phenomenal. What was Eddie VH thinking in ever dissing the man's talents??
Chad Smith forms an unbreakable bond with Anthony to provide the biggest, baddest, fattest rhythm section in rock n roll.
Joe Satriani proves that he is indeed one of the finest guitarists in the world in any genre and gives EVH a true run for his money.
Each puts in a career defining performance and it is all captured absolutely magnificently by producer Andy Johns.
I can see why Hagar used the Zeppelin analogy. Andy John's signature Zep vibe and the retro sounding loose rock n roll of the material here definitely has that classic rock 70s feel. Perhaps if Led Zeppelin hadn't already done everything possible previously, this record would be regarded as more groundbreaking. Today it isn't, but it still sounds fresh and invigorating.
I had some reservations that the overall tempo of the album was a little plodding, but the groove is just so infectious.
If you look at the debut Mr. Big album, as good as it was, it has the same feel – a group of musicians getting to know each other's groove. But on album number two, after extensive touring and living together – getting both tighter and looser at the same time – the band exploded into brilliance and perhaps that will be the case with Chickenfoot's sophomore release.
Right now though, Chickenfoot's debut certainly doesn't play by the rules. The dark and intense opening track features a very subdued chorus almost undefined to the rest of the song, but some amazingly intricate guitar parts and a sense that you could almost be there in the studio with the band as they laid down these tracks. The closing soloing is outstanding.
The power groove of Soap On A Rope is intense and the interplay between the guys in the last minute of the song is something special.
Sexy Little Thing, Oh Yeah and Runnin' Out keep the groove momentum going with some catchy moments before the semi-instrumental Get It Up sees the guys really let fly.
Down The Drain is one of those very special moments in music that allows the listener to witness a very special group of musicians just jamming away and you can literally feel the smiles on their faces as they go about it.
My Kinda Girl is the feel-good uptempo number of the album and Learning To Fall is the serious and sentimental moment.
I'm not so much into the extreme retro vibe of Turnin' Left or the funk/boogie of Future In The Past, until the second half of the song turns more intense.
The bonus track for the LP and the Japanese release is the semi-acoustic, loose blues rocker Bitten By The Wolf. An interesting track showcasing a different side of the band, but definitely worthy of being a 'bonus track' and not on all forms of the album.
The Bottom Line
The album doesn't have the hit song attitude of Balance or For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, but what I love about this release the most is the sheer brilliance of the musicianship on each song. The interplay between Anthony and Smith and the flurry of riffs and soloing from Satriani mixed with Hagar's undeniable energy make for an electric record. If you're in the mood, this album's got the groove.
I will say though - the packaging although a novelty - is absolute shit. If you are going to do something special, make it look a little better than a piece of cardboard with a CD wedged in-between.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Chickenfoot

Line Up:
· Sammy Hagar: Vocals
· Joe Satriani: Guitars
· Chad Smith: Drums
· Michael Anthony: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Sammy Hagar
· Joe Satriani
· Van Hagar
· Classic Hard Rock
Track Listing
· Avenida Revolution
· Soap On A Rope *
· Sexy Little Thing *
· Oh Yeah
· Runnin' Out
· Get It Up
· Down The Drain *
· My Kinda Girl *
· Learning To Fall *
· Turnin' Left
· Future In The Past
· Bitten By The Wolf

--*Best Tracks

23/02/10: Brad -
Rating: 88
I give the guys credit for not creating a predictable album full of short, made-for-radio, mainstream-sounding songs. Would have liked to have a few more "instantaneous" track stick in my head upon the first few listens, but most of them have grown on me over time. Love the overall groove and musicianship of the album. Definitely worth a listen for long-time rock fans who love Sammy like I do.

08/02/10: Mark Donnelly -
Rating: 97
So often supergroups just don’t deliver – not the case with Chickenfoot. This album simply oozes class from start to finish and improves with every listen, even six months later.

This is Sammy Hagar’s greatest ever vocal performance and Joe Satriani is simply breathtaking from start to finish. The rhythm section of Chad Smith & Michael Anthony is just a powerhouse & keeps Sammy & Satch focused throughout. What’s so great about this album is that you can have a different favourite track every time you play it. This album matches the song-writing & performances of Van Halen’s For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge but is not quite as obvious as the latter album but is well worth repeated plays. One of the reasons for the latter is that several of the songs on offer do not feature obvious standout choruses.

Album of the year? I predict amongst my Rock Friends that this will be the most popular album of 2009. Let’s hope for more UK shows in 2010 and a follow-up album.

I could ask for their favourite track on the album and get ten different answers. The songs on this album are that good but do require the listener to give them time to grow and develop. This album is simply stunning from start to last and I will wait with anticipation for the sophomore follow-up.

The musicianship on offer here is first-rate and nothing less than one would expect from the protagonists involved.

Avenida Revolution kicks the album straight into top gear from the off-set. It is obvious to the listener from the opening bars that this is in your face, classic hard rock. A great album to play at a party or drive to but maybe not the one you would put on for a romantic dinner with your wife or girlfriend (or both if your name’s John Terry).

Soap On A Rope is sure to among many people’s favourite songs of the year and is the first time you get to hear Joe Satriani start to shred if in a totally controlled manner especially at the end of the track. Superb ending with the refrain that always fools those sycophantic DJ’s on Planet Rock.

Sexy Little Thing has a cool summer vibe to it and a track that does feature a more traditional chorus.

Oh Yeah features some excellent backing vocals and once again underlines the great vocal performance by Sammy Hagar. Another blistering solo from Satch.

Runnin’ Out has a real Van Halen feel to it, though Satriani’s playing is so different to Eddie Van Halen’s there is never any chance of direct plagiarism.

Get It Up is a real heavy track and a dangerous one to drive to as the pedal to the metal is soon reached. Brilliant backing vocals and the guitars are all over this track not to mention the thumping rhythm section.

Down The Drain has a more darker moodier feel and builds to an absolute crescendo.

My personal favourite track is the glorious foot-tapping My Kinda Girl. This song still sends shivers down my spine and rocks like there’s no tomorrow. I love the lyrics on this track especially:
Yeah, she just a-bit roughed out, turbo classy
All dressed up, she looks so s-s-s-sassy
Hey bartender, come down here
Watch her blow the head off a tall, blonde beer

Pure class and one of my Songs of the Year.

Learning To Fall slows things right down and Sammy Hagar puts every bit of emotion and soul into this song. The solo on this track is awe-inspiring. Another highlight on the album.

Turnin’ Left is very reminiscent of Sammy Hagar’s Three-Lock Box.

Future In The Past builds from a slow start to an incredible shredding climax.

It would be easy to say that this album is all about Sammy Hagar & Joe Satriani, however, without the powerhouse rhythm section of Michael Anthony & Chad Smith this album could have easily fallen flat on its face. Despite the incredibly silly name Chickenfoot have certainly delivered an outstanding album that definitely does not feel like a side-project.

Production by Andy Johns is first class and as mentioned earlier is very much in your face – an album certainly not be played quietly or for the faint-hearted!

If Sammy Hagar has laid down the gauntlet to Eddie Van Halen & David Lee Roth then I can imagine them running for the hills or maybe we’ll be lucky and it will inspire another classic Van Halen album.

Those of you don’t own a copy of this album: shame on you, call yourself a rock fan!

Those of you that do own it but have not played it for a while, revisit it and trust me that you will not be disappointed.


17/10/09: Doug -
Rating: 90
This is a fantastic record, its isnt a sammy hagar record or a VH sounding record, great tracks, great groove, give it about 4 listens and youll love it. standout tracks are sexy little thing, my kind a girl

03/09/09: gregg -
Rating: 87
Solid debut, the record lacks some urgency and memorable songs.
The goes in many different directions, I look for the next effort Gel better.

28/08/09: William -
Rating: 90
I loved this record even though Joe Satriani wrote the songs to please Sammy Hagar.

I think Joe Satriani played down to be in a band. He plays great but on a more simple level of guitar complexity. Joe helped Sammy Hagar get out of the overdone party solo albums and should be praised for that alone if nothing more.

The highlights of this album are probably
1. Avenida Revolution; has some Van Halen guitar and cool bass guitar of Michael Anthony at the end of the song, which excludes Joe Satriani.

2.Soap on a rope which could have been a Led Zeppelin song; has a black Sabbath feel during the middle of the song; this song also has excellent drum work.

3. Sexy little thing; is a cool pop rock song that seems to stick in your head farely easy

4. Oh Yeah; Zeppelin/Hagar type song that was featured on Conan O'Brien show and the bands first music video

5. Running out; sound like a Van Halen Song from OU812; need I say more

6. Get it up; total Joe Satriani riff; all Satch fans have heard similar riffs on his solo work. Can Sammy still get it up; without Viagra? lol

7. Down the drain; my favorite rock song on the record. Very cool, inventive solo and again excellent drums.

8. my kind of girl; I thought this track should have been the very first track on the record. It has a cool intro that Satch makes sound like a chicken and then turns into a powerful rock song that has similar energy of Ac/Dc thunderstruk. The chords are applied powerfully like thunderstruck verses are. Maybe Satch can help AC/DC write another "Thunderstruck". Anyhow this is a great song for the album

9. Learning to Fall; the only ballad. I liked this song but it is in no way my favorite Sammy Hagar ballad.

10. Turning left; late 70's early 80's rocker; a cool solo and some Sammy classic moments.

11. Future in the Past; I think the song should have left out the funk, and stayed true to the idea of the first 1min and 30 sec of the song. It might have been another "EAGLES FlY" if they played with the intro and took it in the right direction. It almost goes into a Red hot chilli peppers type funk instead.

I am glad to see this band doing some cool rock. I wish them the best.

24/08/09: peter -
Rating: 95
Really great effort of four talented musicians. A combo of many different influences, from Led Zeppelin and Montrose (listen to the "Soap on the Rope") my favourite track... to Aerosmith ("Sexy Little Thing", "Get It Up") and Van Halen ("Down The Drain")- killer riff from Satriani and my second favourite. There are impressive vocals of Sammy Hagar (he sings like he did in "Montrose" and the best he has sung in years) since Van Halen's 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge', great solos from Joe Satriani (not dominating the compositions),fantastic work of Michael Anthony (suberb backing vocals) and Chad Smith on drums. A lot of interesting ideas here. Topped off by a brilliant production job from the great Andy Johns. This is definately a groove album. One of the most interesting albums this year from this "Supergroup".

22/08/09: Mike Snge -
Rating: 65
Not bad but this record lacks urgency, not to mention memorable songs.
I expected way way better from these top musicians.

22/08/09: Frank -
Rating: 50
The production is great, but the songs are very mediocre. There is not one song with a great chorus. I totally agree with Jason, this album is just not very good. Therefore I can't understand the big hype that surrounds this album.

22/08/09: Harv -
Rating: 95
After Sammy's last solo effort, this is a breath of fresh air. It is just a great, straight-ahead rock album. No pretending to be something that they are not.

21/08/09: Jason -
Rating: 40
Ok, first off... apologies. I desperately don't want to feel the way I do about this album, but truth is truth. And I also don't want anyone to think I made snap judgments. I sat through this record 6 or 7 times. I TRIED to like it, I really did. I adore Sammy Hagar. I sing for a living and if I could sound like anyone it would be him (Freddie Mercury 2nd, Dann Huff 3rd). I love everything Sammy does. He is the meat and potatoes of rock and roll for me. He has written some of the best rock songs of all time. I had high high hopes for this release. After the disintegration of Planet Us I was so excited to see a new supergroup form in it's place. But I cannot lie... this release is one of the most disappointing I have ever come across. It's just... the songs. The songs are... not good. I mean... over a combined 100 years of experience in the music business from these 4 guys and what do we get... "Oh Yeah?" Really? That's It? As a musician I have no doubt these tunes are a blast for these guys to play, but they aren't as much fun for us to listen to. With the exception of "Turning Left", this entire disc has almost nothing of substance to offer. And even that tune they could have cut the last 2 minutes off of. It's such a bloated record. 6 of the 11 tunes are over 5 minutes long. Two of them hover right at the 6 minute mark while two more push past it. Only ONE song is under 4 minutes. The record just drones on and on. Bottom line is the songwriting is shockingly sub par. And I know I'm going to piss people off when I say this.. but I believe most of that falls in the lap of Satriani. I have great respect for him as a musician, but not so much as a writer. Just... hookless. And when the solos come around on this release it's just blur blur blur blur blur. I want MELODY. I want something that resonates. I don't care how fast he can play or how technically tight he is, if it's not enjoyable to HEAR it's pointless. I mean no disrespect to the band or the people who enjoyed this album. We all like what we like, but the songwriting here is just not good enough. Considering the people involved and the experience they have this should have been much much much stronger. And I hate to say this also, but while I was listening to this I was reminded of the last time I was ever so excited for a new release from a new line up of people I respected, so anxious to hear an album I was very much anticipating because of the people involved and then was so let down. You know when that was? Van Halen 3. Same thing, I love everyone involved but the songs are not good enough. Sorry everyone. Just my opinion.

21/08/09: Steve -
Rating: 90
I've listened to thiscd more than other cd this year!
Really like it!
A few songs are out there like get it up , learning to fall ,the first song i really like the bonus track bitten by the wolf...

21/08/09: Wardy -
Rating: 86
While this one isn't quite up to the standard I expected songwise, there's no denying the quality is there. Sam is sounding better than he has for a long time and the energy in both his vocal delivery and the rest of the guys simply drips outta the packaging let alone the audio LOL!

I'm not sure if this will have the legs, whether I will be listening to it too often down the track, but it certainly sets Chickenfoot up for strong releases in the future!

Opener Avenida Revolution reminds me of Mine all Mine when if like me you bought OU812 on vinyl and that track opened the record... just a truly magnificent borderline metal track high on muscle high in spirit, Down the Drain grooves big and the ballad Learning To Fall is a lyrical masterpiece, take away the reference to the opposite sex and that song could just about mean anything and bring anyone back from some real life nightmares... probably Sammy's best lyrics these past ten years!

There's some lazy moments and dare I say some lackluster arrangements too, but I'm not gonna list and discuss em here because even for *meh* moments this record is when compared to many others right now quite the album!

I hope they bring the next record on fast and hard and kick it up that extra notch!

Good times!

21/08/09: mike -
Rating: 95
wow! this is rock n roll, for me it gets better with each listen.only it is sad that most so called rock stations won't play this just because these guy's aren't 25! good music is good music

21/08/09: Paul -
Rating: 88
A cd best listened to as a whole, as there are no real standout classics. Every song is listenable, just not overly memorable.

20/08/09: Feverdream -
Rating: 79
it's good...just not great. Factoring in all the hype i would have to say i was disappointed in this. The musicianship is excellent (duh!) but the songs just dont click with me, i keep trying to listen to this but every time i do it's as if i'm listening to it for the first time. it just doesn't stick to me.

20/08/09: Skip -
Rating: 95
It's about time more super groups emerge. This band is a perfect fit. To expect or receive anything less from this group would have been blasphemy.

20/08/09: Edu -
Rating: 95
best of 2009, future in the past second half is amazing. Best songs: Avenida Revolucion, Sexy Little Thing, Oh Yeah, My Kinda Girl, Learning to Fall and Future in the Past! Play it loud on your car! :D

20/08/09: Stefan Grimbs -
Rating: 90
Just a good rocking cd. good songs, good vibes. i like it.

20/08/09: kissfan101 -
Rating: 70
Nothing here I want to sing along with or listen to more than twice. I expected a rock & roll disc, not this.

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