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Perris Records PER0073-2
Produced by: Cherry St.

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: AC/DC, Rhinobucket, LA Guns
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Good In A Bad Way
  2. Luv Junkie
  3. Cloud 9
  4. Roll The Bones
  5. Red Devil
  6. You've Got The Bomb
  7. King Of The Mountain
  8. 2 Times You
  9. Whiskey

Cherry St. play a brand of stripped back good time rock n roll that is not going to take a lot of time or energy to describe.
This is a fast paced, uptempo, riff driven, no bullshit, stripped down, AC/DC style hard rocking, good fun, sex-ed up, sweaty rock n roll.
The vocals from Wes Kimball are very Brian Johnson / Bon Scott and suit the music to a tee.
The album has only 9 tracks, so there are no fillers and it lasts only a meager 28 minutes, so it doesn't have any time to out stay it's welcome. But the songs are very much of a muchness. To point out how same-ish the record is, check out the intros to track 1 and 4 and then just about every other track! Yep, if you like one track, you'll like them all!
It's a raw stripped back record with production to match, but in the context of the record, the sound is actually pretty good. Right in your face, just as if you were sitting at a bar while listening to this.
The band has had several line-ups and a surprisingly long history, for details of their history, check the Perris Records site.
BOTTOM LINE: The style is a little sleazier than Acca Dacca, but if you like classic guitar rock mixed with a little LA Guns like sleaze, this is for you. For best results, play loud!
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of AC/DC style hard rock, fans of no frills classic riff driven rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Cherry St. . Buster Cherry . Reated-X

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