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Butch Walker Left Of The Self Centred Arista Records
Track Listing
Rock Vocal Power
My Way (1)
Suburbia (2)
Trouble (5)
Alicia Amnesia (3)
Sober (4)
Into The Black
Get Down
Far Away From Close
San Fernando Sex Star
If (Jeannie's Song)
Take Tomorrow

(*) Best Tracks

Album Details
Produced By: Butch Walker
Running Time: 46.09
Release Date: Out Now
Released: US
Genre: Nu-Breed
WebLink: Butch Walker
LabelLink: Arista

Discography & (Rank)
Southgang (4)
Hey Album (3)
Ready Sex Go (2)
Left Of Self Centered (1)

Discography / Compilations

It's a well know fact that Butch Walker is God.
I am certainly not going to argue with those that worship the singer/songwriter.
In fact, I am only going to agree with the converted and try and convert a few more to the man's charms.
Butch is of course the lead singer of the now split Marvelous 3 and before that Southgang.
M3 put out two albums both critically praised, but short on sales.
All the fans have an opinion on which album is better.
Personally, I think Butch gets better with every release.
I like Hey Album better than Southgang. I liked Ready Sex Go better than Hey Album. I like this even better than all of them!
For me, this is the best Butch Walker related release to date.
Just about every track is a killer and Butch's observations on life, reflected in the always witty and provocative lyrics are just brilliant.
He may not be resetting the formula for DNA discovery, but the way he twists a phrase around a hook is unparalleled.
Left Of Self Centered contains some of the catchiest hooks of Butch's writing so far.
One point though as funny as the spoken word opening track Rock Vocal Power is, how many times are we really going to listen to it? Better off placing it at the end of the album where we don't have to skip it time the CD is placed in the player.
The fact that this really isn't seeling thus far is a crime. Surely it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up and realizes what a genius Butch Walker is.

My Way is just brilliant pure nu-breed modern rock with huge hooks and totally in your face attitude.
Butch has this knack of yelling his lyrics at you, but never sounds out of tune, out of place or like he is screaming. It's all attitude.
Suburbia is a brilliant look behind the veil on modern day life in the burb's, a la the movie American Beauty.
Trouble is passive, effects filled, but has a chorus that is totally in you face, aggressive, and over the top.
Alicia Amnesia is more of the same hook filled nu-breed rock and attitude. The song reverses the last track a heavy verse and soft chorus. Brilliant!
Sober is a haunting modern rock ballad of sorts, with a passionate plea leading the chorus.
Only Take Tomorrow fell short for me, although the first half of the album is definitely stronger and more instant than the second half.

Points Summary - The Bottom Line
Fantastic songs - truly great lyrics and tight as hell production that is right in your face.
Big mistake with the sequencing of the album - track 1 has to go!
Perfect running time and artwork that some love and some hate - but gets people talking. That all equals a near prefect melodic modern rock record.

Buy it if you liked:
Marvellous 3 - Ready Sex Go, Hey Album
SR-71 - Now You See Inside
Simple Plan - No Fads

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17/06/06: Alyssa -
Rating: 100
Greatest person I have ever met. Both of his albums are one of a kind! In my eyes Butch Walker is god!

24/09/03: Geoff -
Rating: 96
He really does deserve 100%, doesn't he? But as I've said before, I'm saving myself for that one album one day. But before I get there, this is how it's done so close to perfection, and I can't find flaw here.

'My Way' is a perfect opening song after a humerous intro. Big anthem-type song and why was it not a chart topper?! 'Suburbia', 'Trouble' are both f*cking superb and keep the album chugging along at a awe inspiring pace.
'Alicia Amnesia' is one of those songs that if forced I've have to name as my least favourite track on the CD, but still a cool track regardless.
'Sober' is as fine a ballad as there comes, 'Into The Black' is my favourite song off the album with it's mesmerizing verses and huge catchy as f*ck chorus, 'Get Down' is actually my least favourite track ont he album, I must confess. Cool song, but I don't dig the female vocals in the chorus overly.
'Far Away From Close' is right up there with my faves, and melodic as a gem. 'San Fernando Sex Star' makes it hard to choose what my second fave song after 'Into the black' is because there are too many sensational tracks to choose from, like the next one, ' If (Jeannie's Song)' - TOO MANY!!!
And the album closer, 'Take Tomorrow' is a nice balladic moment, finishing off on a fine note.

Overall, Butch, fails to ever leave a sour taste in my mouth and this is no exception. Absolutely brilliant album and somebody give this guy his due credit!!!

07/09/03: jay -
Rating: 100
Without being blasphemous to the almighty, Butch Walker is indeed a musical God, with Left of.. being his latest, greatest miracle. I knew of Southgang when they were out, but didn't find out about the Marvies until after all three albums were released. I only wish I'd been able to see them live. But I got this the day it was released and MAN, was it ever worth it. (A bargain for as many times as I've played it!) If you don't have this, GET IT, NOW! And if you've never seen a Butch live show, GO, NOW! As awesome as his CDs are, you never know what you're going to get (or how you'll get it) at his shows.

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 97
I think the biggest travesty in rock is the fact that this guy isn't huge. The songs on this disc are extremely strong, catchy, and have fun, clever lyrics. To top it off it's hard rocking. I have a hard time watching hacks like Good Charlotte make it big while this guy enjoys only cult status. Will the general public ever wake up? This guy deserves better.

15/03/03: Dave A. -
Rating: 90
Just got this, I have only listened to it twice. I had forgotten about all the rave reviews on this site for it. I just recognized the name. WOW! This is a fun album! It sort of reminds me of The Electric Angels album(if anyone ever heard it.) What a sense of humor, sort of reminds me at times of a pop/rock version of Afroman(if anyone has ever heard that:) Also there are signs of Rick Springfiled and Billy Squire in some of these songs, no, really! Great record, great fun. And until I just read the full review, I had forgotten about this guy being from Southgang! I liked that band as well, this is just completely different! One other comaprison since I just bought it, it is the male version of Avril Lavigne's album. Probably better! Dave

25/01/03: Marc Vanway -
Rating: 100
I won't say anything more about Butch. I think that Andrew's review says exactly everything as the reviews from the other people does. I'll just add 2 words: BUY IT!!

16/12/02: Kelly -
Rating: 100
I havebeen following Butch's career from Southgang. I thought he was an amazing guitarist back then......look at him now!
If just the rest of the world(MTV & Radio) would pay attention to
who is writting and producing all oftheir favorte artists stuff.
This is a brilliant album. I'm proud of you buddy. You're a goo friend.

02/12/02: Mike -
Rating: 100
Is anynone kidding here? This man is the MOST underrated and genius musician I have ever heard. I have been following Butch's career since Southgang. I have all his cds and of course M3 ReadySexGo is bar far the best thing he has ever done. But I got this cd on advance from his website as a favor and that was back in the beginning of the year and I have not taken it out yet! I've even recruited a lot of people as fans for Butch by playing this everywhere I go. Agreed the Rock Vocal Power is genius but does get tiring. My Way is the most anthemic song I've heard by a real rocker in at least 10 years. Classic!! And should be played everywhere. Suburbia is a song I have from a live acoustic show he did and this new version totally kicks ass ( I even cover this one in my own band) people thinks it great! Trouble took me 2 times to fall in love with -- Butch at his best. Alicia is bar far the best song on this album. The mixture of styles and harmonies is unbelieveable. Sober really got me in a way that I wasn't expecting. It made me very sad and reminiscent of and old flame I had forgotten about. Into the Black is really a great song and I love where he went with this idea. Get Down gained new respect from me for the idea of using Christina Lloree on vocals also. Great Song. Far Away From Close makes me cry every time I hear it. It has the most BEAUTIFUL chord and melody progressions I think Butch has ever written. 2nd best song on the cd! Diary was also on the acoustic cd I have. It was a ballad on that version And this version totally kicks ass!! The lyrics a real yet very funny. Love this man's sense of humor. If is a song that I sort of passed on til I read that it was really personal to Butch. Now every time I hear it I fall in love with it again. Take Tomorrow was also on the acoustic cd. Not much different but I didn't care for some of the instruments on it. But seeing how it was written for the 9/11 attacks I really respect this song and knowing that the lyrics are fantastic!. Overall---next to ReadySexGo this si the best album I have ever bought.
Please check it out -- I promise there is something for everyone on here!

14/11/02: houseofpane19 -
Rating: 100
Butch ROCKS!!!

07/11/02: Troy Culpan -
Rating: 0
How this man is not a multi billionaire I have no idea?! The man is a Musical genius and Rock God!

I agree with everyone, it is by far the best CD I have bought in a long time! Living in Australia I had to get it from the US, no biggie, but so worth it!

I've always been a huge Butch fan, The Marvies are one of my fave bands, but with this new album, "Ready Sex Go" was taken out of the stacker for the first time in years and in went "Left of self centered" I think it'll be in there for a long time!

Songs like "My Way" are just brilliant, the hook, the lyrics "There's the right way, then there's my way" How good is that!! I can't get enough of it! "Alicia Amnesia" is a killer! What a hook! BUT I gotta tell ya, my 3rd fave on the CD is "If" I almost freakin cried when I heard this, it's so powerful and emotional and when those harmonics kicked in in the 2nd verse! Holy shit! Just proved to me how much I idolise this man! He is just too good!

If you don't own this CD, WHY NOT?! As Molly would say "Do yourself a favour" as I'm gonna say "Everyone MUST own this CD, tell your friends, tell your family, tell yourself, hell buy 2, I did"

Rock on Butch! Let's get him top tour Australia again one day!

21/10/02: Paco -
Rating: 99
The best Cd in the last five years. It's melodic fresh rock. This guy is a genius

11/10/02: Jason R -
Rating: 95
...first I have heard of Butch Walker's work outside of Southgang. It is AMAZING - catchy hooks, gritty lyrics, maximum melody and guitar riffs you can slice cheese with! Seriously, it is chock full of great tunes - My Way, Alicia Amnesia - do yourself a favour, buy it & believe the hype.

02/10/02: Scott -
Rating: 92
Great album! Very catchy tunes with lots of pop hooks, ripping guitars and a few loops here and there. (But nothing nu-metalish) Consider it a continuation of the M3 stuff - a little less metal, but still rockin'.

Seriously, I rate this slightly behind the new LA Guns as best album of 2002. LAG stays in the CD player all the time. This keeps popping in and out. Just the same, it holds firm with any of the new stuff out there by Springsteen, No Doubt, Lit, Def Leppard, etc. Great songwriting on Suburbia, San Fernando Sex Star, Sober, etc. Plus, nice dig at poseurs like Kid Rock, Limp Bisquick, and Pearl Jam.

30/09/02: Simon Secher -
Rating: 100
I just want to say that this is one of the best rock record that has been realeased in this millinium. All the songs rock and are very catchy. Butch is with out a doubt a very talented songwriter. I can`t say which song is my fav but one of them is Surbubia.

29/08/02: David Collins -
Rating: 99
Butch's "Left of Self-Centered" is a great album that may take a few listens to grow on you before you can maximize your appreciation for this album especially compared to past M3 works. The only exception is the first track, "Rock Vocal Power", which is funny at first, but gets really old fast after repeated listens. (After a few listens, it really started to get on my wife's nerves.)

However, this track, along with the hidden "I Can't Sing So Well" track at the end of the CD, do have a purpose. While they don't contribute musically to the album, they definitely set the mood for this CD which is an all-out attack on the numerous no-talent musical acts that are being pushed heavily by major record albums today (aka Limp Bizkit).

For the most part, I think Andrew's review is fairly accurate. However, I take strong exception to Andrew's claim that the first half is stronger than the second half. Granted the first half is a little harder, reeks with more attitude, and as Andrew says it is more "instant" than the second half. However, the songs on the first half of the CD don't offer a whole lot of variety which is exactly what the second half of the CD does. Very few CD's can offer this amount of variety contained on the later half of this CD while keeping the consistency and quality at a maximum.

The first two REAL songs (not counting the sarcastic "Rock Vocal Power" promotional ad already mentioned) are "My Way" and "Suburbia". Both of these songs are classic rock anthems of the new millenium. I really dig both songs very much. Both are two of my favorite songs on the album although if pressed I would say that I prefer "Suburbia" with Butch chanting, yet still singing, those twisted, in-your-face lyrics that jacks-up the attitude so far it completely goes off the scale.

The next two songs are "Trouble" and "Alicia Amnesia" and they both are excellent rockers that I would classify as being passive-agressive. They are followed by the song "Sober" which is a modern-day hard rock ballad that has a powerful message and differs substantially from the syrupy, sweet 80's-style power ballad. Andrew summed up these songs fairly well in his review above.

However, where Andrew's review falls short is the fact that it stops right before reviewing the best song on the CD.

I have two favorite tracks on this CD that are both on the later half of the CD. They are "Into The Black" and "Diary of A San Fernando Sexx Star". "Into The Black", which features Nicky Sixx on Bass, features a surrealistic, experimental style of music, which Butch first started to explore on Ready Sex Go.

"Into The Black" is one of the most original songs that I've heard in some time. I also really love the musical arrangement on this song. The first verse features a drum machine and swirling, psychedelic keyboards and dreamy vocals that combine to set the very surreal mood of this song. Add Nicky's pounding bass and Slug's blistering drumming and the song gives way to a pulsating hard-rock chorus with one of the best hooks that I've heard in a long, long time. To top it off, the song contains a bridge that has a melody reminiscing, but not exactly like the Beatles' classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" which further adds to the psychedelia content of this song.

To not mention "Into The Black" in your review is a crime, Andrew!!!!!!!!!

The next song on the album, is "Get Down" which is perhaps Butch's imitation of "Kid Rock". Well, not exactly! This song is also one of my favorites because of the modern feel and what it manages to accomplish. Overall, the song can be categorized as guitar-driven hard rock with a deep groove. Butch has really created a masterpiece here that also contains influences of Hip Hop and even Rap music, complete with turntable scratching. To combine all of these elements in a single hard rocking, guitar-driven song and make it sound amazingly fresh and appealing is an accomplishment that I would have previously said was impossible by any artist. To offer a comparison, I would say that the chorus is similar in some ways to the song "I'm Losing You" on "Ready Sex Go."

The next two songs contain all of the charm that the Marvelous 3 classics possess. "Far Away From Close" is a very catchy, Marvy sounding song with a very melodic chorus with a great hook. The song, along with the awesome bridge section, reminds me a lot of SR-71 at their best.

Along with "Into The Black", "Diary of A San Fernando Sexx Star" is my other favorite on this album. "Diary" possesses the charm and humor that the first two Marvy albums ("Math" and "Hey Album") reaked of. It is a very fast tempo song that has a sing-along verse coupled with a very melodic, free-flowing, and one of the catchiest choruses I've ever heard. This song is the shit, dude. :)

Making "Diary" totally complete is a great bridge section that borders on the definition of Thrash Metal. I should mention that these great bridge sections found on practically every song on this album have become a staple of Butch's song writing style and they really do so much for the song by keeping it fresh and adding the necessary twists that keeps the song from getting boring. I think that Butch has really stumbled onto something here because I think that the bridge section of a song has taken on unparalled importance since the modern rock world seems to frown on the long, killer guitar solo which often made the difference in songs from the 70's and 80's.

"If (Jeannie's Song)" is the most serious song on the album and it starts out with an acoustic, alternative-sounding verse with no drums. Add drums and a few electric instruments, and the pace picks up and gives way to a poweful, driving chorus that is out of this world. I really like this song more and more with each listen.

As Andrew identified in his review, "Take Tomorrow" does fall short at least compared with the rest of the album. It is not a bad song, it is an average song for Butch. In fact, it has a good chorus with an excellent vocal arrangement. Perhaps, what is really wrong with the song is that it is rather soft and slow and isn't the ideal way to officially end this great album (especially since it follow "If (Jeanie's Song)" which is also one of the slowest songs on the album). Perhaps, if the song order was tweaked it would be more effective. But who knows, "Take Tomorrow" may end up being a huge hit. Go figure.

This is one helluva album. By far, the best of the year and inching out Harem Scarem. Again the best songs are "Into The Black", "San Fernando Sexx Star", "Get Down", "Suburbia" and "My Way".

Andrew, you wrote a great review, but I would suggest that you listen a few more times to the gems that are on the later half of this CD and reconsider your opinion!


29/08/02: steve -
Rating: 80
Gets better with repeated plays. Not in the same league as Hey! Album or ReadySexGo though. I think Butch needs to ditch the gimmick songs and over used lyrics and get back to writing the short sharp punches that filled the last 2 Marv3 albums. The tongue in cheek does wear a little thin.
Good album even so.

27/08/02: Mic Michaeli -
Rating: 100
Best Cd I've bought in the last 10 years. Totally agree with this review.

27/08/02: Bryan Toth -
Rating: 99
I definitely agree with most of Andrew's comments about this one. Butch definitely seems to be getting stronger with every release (although there were actually 3 Marvelous 3 releases -- the first one is "Math And Other Problems" ..... but I digress....) The one thing I will differ on is the rating of the individual tracks on this release.... without a doubt, I think "If (Jeannie's Song)" is the best track on the album, followed closely by "Diary Of A San Fernando Sexx Star" and "Alicia Amnesia".... As Andrew mentioned, Butch just has an amazing way with lyrics and can really tell a story with a song in a much different way than most songwriters.

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