Brother Firetribe Heart Full Of Fire Spinefarm
· Produced By: Not Listed

· Running Time: 44.22

· Release Date: May 12

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 98%
Sound: 97%
Sometimes, something a little special comes along for fans of a bygone era. Finland's Brother Firetribe have really pulled out all the stops to deliver an album of glorious keyboard filled AOR that sounds more American in places than many American bands sound these days.
There isn't a note I don't like on this album and I find myself swept up into the rush of passionate songs and over the top harmonies every time I out it on.
A great album pulls the listener in and I simply cannot listen to this without the desire to sing along with every track.
The band has evolved since their debut album False Metal (now repacked and re-released as Break Out). That was a cracking debut, but this album has more of everything. More keyboards, more guitars, more hooks, more vocals and more energy. I think that last one of the key – more energy. The songs just burst through the speakers and beat your ears with the melodicbat.
The debut was great, but I found myself favouring singer Pekka Ansio's other band Leverage over that release. But this is just pure melodic magic and of the 2 Leverage and 2 BFT releases, I now have a clear favourite.
I think the band have found their groove and refined their sound. This time around the songs pull you in thanks to some wonderful chorus hooks and equally good verses, which provide great contrast to the soaring choruses.
I know this style of record will not be for everyone, but the 80s influence and keyboard drenched sound, coupled with layers of guitars and harmony vocals and songs that remind me of the glory days are enough to make this one of the best albums of the last few years – for me.
There are two sides to this record – but both blend perfectly together. There is the more dramatic and powerful side of the coin, which comes from the band's European influences and that heavy synth and somewhat symphonic approach Finnish bands have.
The opening rocker Who Will You Run To Now is a prime example, adding an instantly likeable chorus and a powerful vocal to top things off. The darker and moodier Game They Call Love fits this mold as does the pounding title track Heart Full Of Fire, which features a duet lead vocal with Nightwish's Anette Olsen and so many swirling keyboards.
The rocking Going Out With A Bang; the darker Out Of My Head and the closing big beat stomper I Am Rock are all part of this dramatic side to the band.
On the other side of the coin is something a little lighter – a great contrast to the darker moments – and that is some wonderfully commercial keyboard driven pop rock.
There is no better example on this album or perhaps anywhere than the glorious and engaging Wildest Dreams, which will be hard to beat for song of the year. This is what it is all about for me – passion, emotion and a chorus from heaven.
And while you spend 3 second bemoaning the end of this melodic gem, another fires up and drags you into its own world. Runaways is keyboard heaven circa 1985 and Pekka's raspy vocal is blissful. And yes…another chorus from AOR Heaven.
The album's big ballad is Play It From The Heart - a European sounding affair, moody and compelling and another great chorus. Heard It On My Radio is a track Gregg Giuffria would be proud to call his own. I haven't heard such fluffy keyboards since Giuffria's Silk & Steel.
And the cover of Chasing The Angels would make Mike Reno proud. More AOR glory.
The Bottom Line
My endorsement of this album is overwhelming. I love every track, I love every verse and every over the top glorious chorus. Commercial AOR at its very best without ever sounding dated in any way. I have no doubt some will be left scratching their heads but that is the beauty of the diverse readership of this site. But looking back Giant and Giuffria became pink and fluffy legends with material such as this.
What I will say is that if you are a die-hard Giuffria fan or just long for the days of classic keyboard filled AOR, then the sequel to Silk & Steel has finally been released and it is called Heart Full Of Fire.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· False Metal
· Break Out (False Metal Re-Issue)
· Heart Full Of Fire

Line Up:
· Pekka Ansio Heino: Vocals
· Emppu Vuorinen: Guitars
· Kalle Torniainen: Drums
· Jason Flinck: Bass
· Tomppa Nikulainen: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Brother Firetribe
· Giuffria
· Giant
· Scandi AOR
Track Listing
· Who Will You Run To Now *
· Wildest Dreams *
· Runaways *
· Game They Call Love *
· Play It From The Heart
· Heart Full Of Fire *
· Heard It On My Radio *
· Going Out With a Bang
· Out Of My Head *
· Chasing The Angels *
· I Am Rock

--*Best Tracks

13/01/09: Nicodim -
Rating: 100
If I'd only give it 100+ rate I would do so. The album you wants to hear more and more. I just can't stop listening to it from the very first months of 2008 and it still looks fresh for me. I'm the great fan of Pekka voice and he never lets me down. It doesn't matter if we speak about BF or his another project Leverage. Found both two years ago thru Andrew reviews here on and I must say now a BIG THANK YOU to Andrew for helping me to discover one of the best bands in the modern day industry

27/11/08: Martin -
Rating: 60
I totally agree with Mr. Andrew Fortunski... I invest in the majority of Frontiers releases etc. - but this one makes me totally cold! I'm simply not hearing the greatnes in this band. Sadly this dissapoint me just as much as the sad Overland solo album (coming from a major FM fan).

20/08/08: Doc -
Rating: 97
I must keep this short, for here in America listening to this type of music is punishable by death. Many agents died smuggling Heart Full of Fire into the US to allow 'the melodic Underground listeners of the US' to listen to the great music coming from Europe. I will send more opinions via the Underground at a later date, but hear this: we at The the Melodic Underground Listeners of the US' firmly state that the chorus of Wildest Dreams might be one of the greatest moments in Rock, bumping shoulders with the B-side of Abbey Road, Stairway to Heaven, the dueling guitars of Brad Gillis/Jeff Watson, Masterplan's Black in the Burn. Alone, worth the price of admission.

I must be off now. To keep my cover and avoid suspicion, I am attending a Miley Cyrus concert tonight. Or is it the Jonas Brothers? God help me.

23/07/08: Dave -
Rating: 99
I have only 1 complaint about this CD. IT'S TOO SHORT! I don't know if they did this purposly, but it would fit perfectly on 1 side of a 90 minute cassette! How fitting!

22/07/08: Garry Fay -
Rating: 90
Much as I love this CD, is it just me or does one of the tracks sound like a carbon copy of a Bob Cately song from his 'The Tower' CD?

11/07/08: Tony -
Rating: 95
I too bought this on the basis of Andrew's review but I would have to say that this is the best of those I have bought based on what I've read on this site by a considerable margin - with the caveat that I was already a Gotthard fan when I started visiting Melodic Rock.

Yes it sounds 80s, but in a good way. It's big, dumb, fun, feel good, 80s rock. Wildest Dreams is absolutely stunning, and would be a huge hit in another universe, but the rest of the album is fairly strong as well. The inclusion of Chasing The Angels at Track 10 is a great idea as it revives the album just when it could be starting to flag. I Am Rock is hilarious.

If you don't like music from the era when keyboards were pushed way up in the mix, then it may not be for you, but I think it's brilliant. Having said that, the keyboards don't sound as twee as some of Geoff Downes efforts on Phoenix (what was he thinking??!!). They work well and blend with the guitar and rhythm section to give the material a good "wall of sound".

Best track - Wildest Dreams

08/07/08: Andrew Fortunski -
Rating: 65
I'm not sure what's going on here but Andrew's score of 98% is way off on this CD and the last few releases that Andrew has reviewed leave me puzzled.
The choruses are very simple, not memorable at all. They lyrics are not well thought out at all. They hold no substance whatsoever. The keyboards sound very stiff an very outdated. The overall mix is very poor. Now I am someone who loves the 80's AOR sound and I was looking forwared to this CD but man, what a let down. WORK OF ART is deserving of a 98% not this band. Only 10 songs to boot makes this a very short release. Not worth the $15 plus dollars I paid for it. I also bought OVERLAND based on Andrew's reviews because usually I have seen over the years that we have very similar opinions about bands. I hope that release doesn't dissapoint like this one...

03/07/08: Lynn -
Rating: 100

03/07/08: Ville Ruso -
Rating: 97
Another great cd from BFT. Compared to the first album, I'd say the sound quality is better on this one and songwriting about the same. Wildest Dreams is easily the best song on offer, but song quality remains strong throughout the album.

To answer Matt's question... The song I Am Rock came about when a TV production company needed a theme song for a humorous TV show about a fictional rock not unlike Spinal Tap. The company wanted the song to be anthemic, fun, simple and easy to sing-along to. In essence, it had to ROCK. A guy from the record company knew the guys in BFT could write that kind of a song in their sleep. So they did - with the help of a sixpack or two and with tongues placed firmly in cheeks. The result? Cliched, yes, but FUN!

02/07/08: Eric -
Rating: 90
Excellent album. Their first one was my favorite album of 2006 and I still listen to it quite often. My expectations were consequently very high. In my opinion, this one doesn't quite reach the level of the debut but is still a winner. Favorite song are Wildest Dream (as good as anything on their first album)and Heart Full of Fire (I've always loved Anette's voice) and Play It From The Heart.

01/07/08: Roman -
Rating: 96
Best album of the year? At least it belongs to top 3 releases of the year 2008.
Brother Firetribes debut (False Metal) was very enjoyable album full of great melodies. Their new album is even better.
This album contains duet with new Nightwish frontwomen Anette Olzon called Heart full of fire. This song is execelent also because of Anettes beautiful voice.
The best track on this album is wildest dream. As a single in 1986 it would have became the cult.
Another great tracks are pay it from the heart, heard it on my radio and I also like hard rock song (the only without any AOR influence) I am rock.
Weakest track is runaways. (but on albums like this is hard to find any weaker songs...)
Similar to debut is also cover version chasing the angels, that is even better than original version.
So, if you havent heard this album yet, do it. It is beautiful masterpiece!

30/06/08: metallic blue5150 -
Rating: 95
Brilliant AOR Album!...This even knocks the socks off the debut!No poor tracks... just gem after gem. 'Runaways' and 'Chasing the Angels' are two of my favourites, but 'Wildest Dreams' is just completely stunning... & by far the stand-out track for me.Unbelievably, BF's version of "Chasing The Angels" is even better than the original.I can't recommend this one highly enough to fans of catchy powerful,keyboard driven melodic AOR.For fans of Giuffria,well done guys!!

22/06/08: Brett Johnson -
Rating: 72
Having downloaded and loving False Metal., which I would have rated in the 90's. I purchased and imported this CD based on the Melodic Rock review. Basically Heart Full of Fire is nowhere near it's predessesor. Poor sound quality and soft, sucky almost disco licks and beat make for a disappointing second effort. Look at Leverage instead.

08/06/08: juan antonio - l0ck3123@yahoo.
Rating: 50
What a miss! The first album is great, but this sucks. The sound is the big problem. It seems disco music. The keys, what a nightmare!. False Metal is one of my favorite album of the year, I wish they do better in the next album. More guitars, less keys.

24/05/08: Steve Johnson -
Rating: 65
This was one of those "Andrew likes this band so I'll check them out" gigs. He surprised me with Gotthard, but Brother Firetribe I wasn't too impressed with. Heart Full Of Fire and I Am Rock are my favorites. Not that the other songs were bad, they just didn't stand out like these did. Would have been big hits in the 80's. Matt's question cracks me up, because I thought the lyrics of I Am Rock sounded like they were geared specifically to make this a sports arena theme song. Cheesy, yet likeable. LOL Basically this album mirrors most of the others being done now......2 or 3 great songs and a lot of filler.

23/05/08: Gordon -
Rating: 65
I was disappointed in the production and engineering on this CD. While the shift toward upbeat songs is welcome, the songs often seemed incoherent and the sound quality left a great deal to be desired.

21/05/08: CJ Plain - CJPlain@yahoo.
Rating: 95
Great song, awesome musicianship, and overall quality...

To me, it sounds like the best CD that Survivor never recorded. And that's NOT a bad thing.

20/05/08: Paul Ottowell -
Rating: 90
Great tunes, great singing and a lot of fun. Not quite as good as False Metal but comes very close. Out of my head is the top highlight.

19/05/08: Matt -
Rating: 70
This is an OK album. I have nothing to add critique-wise. But somebody please answer me this: Is "I Am Rock" seriously a song or is it a joke? It literally sounds like the songwriter took every rock lyric cliche and incoherently strung them together. How anyone could sing this song in front of an audience without totally cracking up is beyond me.

15/05/08: Steve Tozer -
Rating: 98
AOR/Melody Rock at its best. I feel like a teenager again every time I listen to this. This has to be album of the year, nothing out there comes close, well maybe Khymera's second offering comes a close second but "Heart Full Of Fire" is every AOR/Melody Rock fans dream. Well Done Brother Firetribe.

15/05/08: Tim -
Rating: 95
Having been a huge fan of the bands first effort - calling it one of the best albums ever of the genre - the first listen through was a bit tough, expectations were severely high. The first three tracks were good, with Wildest Dreams the first to 'stand out' - it was amazing, on par no doubt. However, I resisted the urge to judge after only one or two listens, and after giving it a chance have agreed that it too is an amazing record. By comparison I would rate the first release a 100, this a 95, as it doesn't quite match up on a number of songs, but over and away it surpasses anything else that is out there. This is, by far, one of the best bands I've ever heard.

14/05/08: Albert` -
Rating: 75
Very good record. Not surprising but very good songs. If the new leppard is getting an 85 score than a 75 score is the right one for this record.
fav track is Play It From The Heart.

14/05/08: Ian -
Rating: 90
Another strong hard rock album from Brother Firetribe, some great songs filled with cracking harmonies and powerful musicianship make this a must for the aor/melodic rock brigade.

14/05/08: Jose Luis -
Rating: 100
This is simply one of the true milestones in melodicrock of our time. Amazing choruses, melodies and power. I havent heard melodic quality like this in a long while & Even though the keyboard sound is very prominent, I found the sound of this album refreshing in its own right. Great and hunting!!

14/05/08: Roman -
Rating: 0
Very good music,harmonies,and hit ambitions oooh 100% :-))

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