Brazen Abbot Guilty As Sin SPV
Produced By: Nikolo Kotzev

Running Time: 62.00

Release Date: July 28

Released: EU

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 90%
My main point with past Brazen Abbot albums has been that the use of multi-vocalists has broken the album up, where just one vocalist could have given the album a more consistent flow.
With album number 4, Nikolo has stuck to the vocalist formula, bringing back Joe Lynn Turner and Goran Edman, but adding the powerhouse Jorn Lande into the mix.
The formula might be the same there, but the result is a little different.
It's immediately evident that the quality of the songs and the performance by the all start band (John Levin, Mic Michaeli and Ian Haughland) are an improvement over the past albums.
These are the strongest set of songs Nikolo has presented to date and the album is easily Brazen Abbot's best. The production is first rate, big and epic when needed and stripped back when needed.
And the song choruses and inner melodies are more engaging than the already solid previous albums.
Track By Track.
One Life To Live is typical Brazen Abbot uptempo, in your face and 100% from the Rainbow book of hard rock, with Joe Lynn Turner putting in a strong vocal performance. The production quality is immediately evident and the album gets off to a fine start.
Eyes On The Horizon is the first BA track to feature Jorn Lande. As expected it's a monster and is every bit as good as Lande's other recent work. He sounds right at home with the band and with the material on hand this being a big, fast tempoed, hard rocking track.
I'll Be Free is a beautiful soft ballad with Goran Edman in fine, sweet touch.
JLT is back for Slip Away, another upbeat, epic sounding rocker that features one of the album's most immediately catchy chorus hooks. Joe sounds fabulous and dare I say for fans of Joe's, it's one of his best tracks ever.
Mr. Earthman sees Jorn Lande at the mike again. Another quality vocal is a given, but wow, this is another uptempo hard rocker with a monster chorus and some fine harmonies. Another album highlight.
Like Jonah is a Goran Edman fronted track. Remaining uptempo, this track is a little softer then the few before it, but still manages to feature some epic organ and guitar work and another catchy chorus. The middle section features some outstanding guitar work.
Bring The Colors Home features Jorn Lande again. And wow, another fabulous track. This time we get an epic hard rock ballad straight out of classic Whitesnake territory. Some fine harmony vocals and superb wailing from Lande makes another clear cut highlight.
Fool's Confession features Goran Edman. This track has a Queen style pomp feel to it, which doesn't match the rest of the album, but fits in well thanks to the consistent production and acts as a cool change of pace for the album.
Supernatural sees JLT back for track number 3. This is a light rocker with a mid to uptempo pace. Not one of the album's best tracks, but solid.
Time for another ballad and Goran Edman is the perfect choice for the AOR track Eve. An all acoustic ballad, the track is ok, but not as strong as the earlier ballad.
After a couple of weaker tracks it's time again for another Jorn Lande track. A Whole Lotta Woman sees the tempo picked right back up again, with another Whitesnake/Rainbow style rocker.
Guilty As Sin closes the album with a moody mid-tempo number featuring JLT. Although there's no big hooks, the track remains a good choice to close out the album.
The Bottom Line
Although the style and delivery of past albums is retained, the songs are very commercial and very accessible. The result makes Guilty As Sin one of the best European hard rock albums of the last few years. All vocalists and musicians and especially Nikolo put in grade A performances, which further highlight the strength of the songs on offer.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Eye Of The Storm
Live And Learn
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Guilty As Sin

Line Up
Joe Lynn Turner, Jorn Lande, Goram Edman: Vocals
Nikolo Kotzev: Guitar
Ian Haughland: Drums
John Levin: Bass
Mic Michaeli: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Brazen Abbot
Joe Lynn Turner
Jorn Lande
Goran Edman
Rainbow/Deep Purple/Whitesnake
Track Listing
One Life To Live
Eyes On The Horizon
I'll be Free
Slip Away
Mr. Earthman
Like Jonah
Bring The Colors Home
Fool's Confession
A Whole Lotta Woman
Guilty As Sin
--*Best Tracks

19/01/05: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 90
Good to see some bands play what they want to play and are not dictated to by current trends.I love this kind of stuff and believe I was born a decade too late (born 1974!!).This band blends elements of Deep Purple,Rainbow and Malmsteen and adds something of its own.JLT's vocals are on top form as usual and so are G.Edman's and on this album we have the mighty Jorn Lande who I have only recently become familiar with.My favourite track would have to be 'Slip Away'.I have all the Brazon Abbot albums and believe along with its predecessor this is their best yet and I hope Nikolo Kolvetz Keeps the faith and continues to churn out more albums like this.

22/02/04: Big Bone -
Rating: 100
This album deserves a 100, it's genius work by the great Nikolo Kotzev. This is amazing, every song is really really good, it's my favourite album of 2003. Fans of this should also check out Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus.

05/09/03: Hanuk Baac - temporarily unavailable
Rating: 98
This is my favorite album of this year so far, closely followed by great new ones like Newman's Sign of The Modern Times, Bob Catley's When Empires Burn, Gary Hughes' Once And Future King and Evergrey's Recreation Day. We still have some big release coming up, bands like Balance Of Power, Silver, Silent Force, Norway, Dare, Iron Maiden, Cornerstone are about to release their anticipated new albums but will they be able to beat out Guilty As Sin? It remains to be seen but I guess the chance will be slim. This is the best Brazen Abbot ever and each of three vocalist did a great job of delievering their own. When Joe Lynn Turner sings it sounds like Deep Purple meets Rainbow with harder edge, the tracks that Goran Edman appeared remind me of Kharma and Jorn Lande brings heavy Masterplan vibe. A top notch classic rock record with flawless production and performance. Crank it up!

02/09/03: Kaponis -
Rating: 90
It was a pleasant surprise for me the listening of this album. Good hard rock with fresh ideas, riffs that stuck in your mind and great vocals. Something new in hard rock it is difficult to find these days, isnt'it?

01/09/03: Scott -
Rating: 95
Excellent body of work. Basically it picks up where "Nostradamus" left off, but it rocks a lot more. "Mr. Earthman" is about the rockin'est thing I've heard in years. Monster chorus! Goran Edman delivers great vocal performances on "Like Jonah" and the ballad "I feel Free". Great all around performances by everyone involved. This is a classic record!

31/08/03: Rick -
Rating: 90
Excellent!Besides how can you go wrong with the vocalist on here?

31/08/03: edi -
Rating: 95
This recording is just an extension of the magnificent Nostradamus collaboration. This one though rocks out more. So if you liked Nikolo's previous effort then you can blindly purchase this new one.Highly recommended for all fans of classic European hard rock metal example Whitesnake and JLT Rainbow era.

29/08/03: Lynchomaniac -
Rating: 95
Nikolo has made a really classy Hardrockalbum this time. He has delivered strong material before, but this time around he has made the best Brazen Abbot album released so far! It reminds me of a harder Rainbow actually, and with the adding of Jorn Lande to the lineup you can't really go wrong! This is top drawer stuff, no doubt about it!

22/08/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 80
Great hardrock record. Glad to see that some bands still have the courage to play this kind of stuff so well. Great to see they don't jump on the modern bandwagon, but that they dare to play classic hardrock ! You know I never give that many points. But 80 is a lot to my standards ! Good one !

08/08/03: Tom -
Rating: 97
This album is awesome. How could you go wrong with two of the finest vocalist out there...Joe Lynn Turner and Jorn Lande!!! Both deliver big time on this album. I have all of the previous Brazen Abbot albums, and I can say emphatically, that this is the best of the lot. If you are reading this review, you need to purchase this album now!!!

02/08/03: Dio -
Rating: 95
The album is superb !!!

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