Track Listing
· I Had A Good Time (1)
· Stare Out Your Window (2)
· Corporate America (3)
· With You
· Someone
· Turn Off
· Cryin'
· Didn't Mean To Fall In Love
· You Gave Up On Love
· Livin' For You (Live)

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Discography & (Rank)
· Boston (1)
· Don't Look Back (5)
· Third Stage (4)
· Walk On (2)
· Greatest Hits
· Corporate America (3)

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Boston - Walk On
Corporate America
Artemis Records
· Produced By: Tom Scholz
· Running Time: 44.43· Genre: AOR
· Release Date: November 5 · Released:
· WebLink: Boston · LabelLink: Artemis

A small update to the review. After a few days of reflection, I think the score doesn't reflect my true feelings; therefore it has been changed upwards to an 80. Not a big difference (only 5 points), and my comments within the review remain 100% as they were. I just think 75 was a little outside what it was worth.
Like so many melodic rock acts featured here, Boston have a huge dedicated fan base and with any release comes a myriad of divided opinion.
Given that albums are so few and far between for this band, those opinions are even more passionately given and defended.
Only a true masterpiece is likely to see fan opinions united. Given that this album isn't that, I expect the reaction to be quite varied. There will be some that love this album and I have no doubts that there will be others that loathe it.
Reviewing this record with impartiality - I find that it falls somewhere in the middle of those two views.
Coming 8 years after the last full studio album Walk On and 6 since the Greatest Hits album, Corporate America was always going to have expectations high.
For many, it will depend on what those personal expectations were when it comes to rating the album.
Personally, the debut is obviously a classic, but other than that, only Walk On rates highly.
I know some didn't take to that album, but I enjoyed it as a great high-tech melodic rock album.
Initially I didn't take to it, but after re-discovering it some months later, really grew to appreciate it - even though another couple of tracks would have made it even better.
With that in mind, I have been playing Corporate America religiously, to make sure my comments and feelings are accurate.
For me Corporate America is an extension of the sound and style started on Walk On. I feel this new album picks up where that album left off and continues the journey.
Once again, it's a fantastically produced slice of multi-layered high-tech melodic rock that few could beat.
But once again, there are short comings and a question mark over just what the majority of the fan base seemed to be longing for.
Corporate America sees a few interesting moves in the recording line-up. Back comes original vocalist Brad Delp, joining Fran Cosmo (with son Anthony Cosmo also on board) and a female vocalist has been added - the pop/country singer Kimberley Dahme. It is her inclusion on this album that has bought about the biggest debate.
Just like Walk On, this album has some simply amazing moments that remind you just why you are a fan of this genre of music and of Boston themselves. Some truly spine tingling, feel good moments.
But there are a few 'other' moments. Read on...
I Had A Good Time is a first class, first rate, fantastic, feel good, inspiring mid to uptempo rock track that I just can't get enough of. For me, this track will rate as one of the best for the year and is a welcomed addition to the Boston legacy. Featuring Brad Delp on vocals, the multi-layered high-tech rocker has a ton of positive emotion and layers of great harmonies.
Stare Out Your Window is a mid-tempo ballad featuring Fran on lead vocals and is another strong melodic rock classic, this time powered more by acoustic guitars, with that strong Boston guitar sound underlying the track.
The sound goes close to that of Walk On, especially with the vocal harmonies. The addition of Dahme adds texture to the very strong harmony vocals.
Corporate America is the track you all got a sneak peak of earlier when it was leaked to me.
Although not really like any other track on the album, it works well in it's place as an big uptempo high-tech pop track. Personally I think this is a gem of a track, with an original take on the whole Boston style. The mixing of lead vocals/harmony vocals and again the extra dimension of Dahme's vocals work to the song's advantage. The chorus is nothing short of fantastic, lifting the tempo 5 notches and bringing those hard hitting guitars right into your face. A winner for sure.
With You is where things take a dramatic turn for the worse. As an individual song, you can't fault it - it's beautifully produced, well sung and there isn't any reason why it wouldn't be a hit....elsewhere.
This is not a Boston song. Kimberley Dahme is up front on lead vocals for this totally acoustic country ballad. Bar a few examples of harmony vocals and some brief end track soloing by Tom Scholz, it's unrecognizable and feels like somehow the Boston CD was removed from the CD player and replaced by the new Judds album.
This would make a great country single, but there is absolutely no question that this track should not be on this album. And what's more, it's totally in the wrong place, instantly cutting the momentum built by three strong opening tracks.
Someone is much better. This moody mid-tempo rock track is another great example of everything Boston and with Brad Delp again featured on lead vocal, you begin to wonder why he couldn't have been the album's only vocalist. More strong harmonies and a solid guitar fill from Tom.
Turn Off is the band updating their sound to a more tuned down-friendly audience. It's darker and almost feels like a modern rock track. In fact, it's the heaviest Boston song I have heard and features a great vocal from Fran. Dark, moody, heavy and pretty cool.
Cryin' sees the return of the acoustic guitars. Fran's singing, on a track that again features a somewhat modern rock feel, although the acoustic guitars strip that sound back a bit. A solid and catchy song that features a few production effects and could find a home on modern rock radio. No sign of 'that' guitar sound until later in the song.
Didn't Mean To Fall In Love sees Brad back for lead track number 3. This song is stylistically much like that of Walk On again. Again features the very high-tech, multi-layered feel of the earlier tracks. More acoustic guitars are featured in the layers of additional instrumentation, as is the old Hammond organ. A typical Boston sound will see this track favoured by long time fans. Could have used a bigger chorus.
You Gave Up On Love is another track that sees vocalists mixed and varied - from Brad, Fran and Kimberly also. Her lead lines turn the song into an almost-duet. A strong song which is well produced, fabulously multi-layered and uptempo.
The inclusion of Livin' For You (Live) is a case of what should never have been. The track is excellent - no doubt about that - but we knew that 8 years ago! Why on earth would you include an old live version of an old track on a new studio album?
As good as this track is, like track 4, this has no place on this album and ends the record on a sour note.

Also - a little has been said about my side album rankings. That's nothing to do with the overall review, but is just my personal take on what albums I prefer as an individual. Good to see it's a talking point. Why this and Walk On are placed ahead of the second album? As great as Don't Look Back is - it just wasn't an album that featured highly in my life. Walk On did (personal reasons - the music matched my feelings at the time). Hope that explains that!

The Bottom Line
As I indicated earlier - I hold mixed feelings for this CD. Some stunning melodic rock anthems and multi-layered AOR ballads that will remain popular with me for some time.
But in-between, a couple of mis-placed tracks that interrupt the flow of an otherwise solid album.
I ultimately will rate this about the same as Walk On, in a positive context, but ultimately this is another case of what could have been.
I would love to see Brad back as vocalist for a full album. I'll mark my calendar for 2010 and hope it comes true.
Sundries - the running order of tracks leaves something to be desired, as With You is not at all suited where it is. Artwork and running time are ok, but again, take out 2 tracks that shouldn't have been on the album and the running time is down to 35 minutes. Not great...

Additional Ratings

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28/03/07: gregg -
Rating: 79
RIP Brad Delp. What a fantastic vocalist that was a huge part
of making Boston Great. It is a shame his vacals dont appear more on this CD. Fran Cosmo can't hold his mike cord and that is a big reason why many of the songs here fail. It contains some good moments like the opening track, turn it off, someone,
cryin, and you gave up on needed a little more
meat and more Brad Delp. What a shame.

10/03/06: bostonfanatic -
Rating: 100
2 songs that send shivers up my spine. Need I say more.

01/12/05: gstandard -
Rating: 50
The road to oblivion or, at the very least, the road to obscurity. This CD is a hodge podge of miscellaneous doo-doo. There are perhaps two songs that are worthy of the Boston stamp, and even these tunes would have been featured low in the list on a "B" side LP 20 years ago. It is clear than Scholz is purposefully trying to wean Boston fans off of the sweet vocals of Brad Delp. Delps's voice is seldom heard and when it is, it is oddly processed, mixed down beneath the other tracks and directed to sound more generic. Perhaps this is Scholz's way of removing the trademark "Delp Yelp" from the Boston sound. Scholz directs all aspects of Boston production and it is clear that Brad was directed to whisper and sound a lot like - ummmm - Fran Cosmo! Delp certainly doesn't sound like this on his latest CD "Delp And Goudreau"! One can only assume that Scholz is up to no good by creating such uncharacteristic vocal tracks.

Kim Dahme gets to feature her song because Scholz is a dirty old man (getting close to 60) who has become enamored with a women young enough to be his daughter. The next thing Scholz produces will probably feature her exclusively. It depends on whether she continues to tickle Scholz's fancy (or more). If you like Brad Delp, the only place to find his magnificient vocals is on his own work with former Boston guitarist, Barry Goudreau ( and RTZ. There are two new RTZ releases in 2005 - save your money for these CDs.

If you are a big fan of Boston (like me), you have a better chance of being gratified by music put out by Brad, Barry, Fran and Sib, then with CA or any future release. Unfortunately, Boston is dead - long live Kim Dahme. Hopefully the original members of Boston will get together and fill the void caused by the death of Boston with music by Delp and Goudreau (RTZ, Orion The Hunter, etc).

14/01/05: Uğur GÜNDÜZ -
Rating: 50
Certainly badest Boston Album.

09/08/04: Zachary Barger -
Rating: 85
A worthy effort. Turn It Off is one of their best songs EVER! My only complaints are the songs With You and Livin For You

14/03/04: Alliedforces -
Rating: 15
I didn't have a good time after the first song was over...

12/03/04: Jon -
Rating: 60
Ok, ok, I can't make up my mind about this album, and after having almost a year to take it in, I'm raising the score back up to where it was before. The main reason for my change of heart is that I'm liking Someone and Didn't mean to fall in Love a lot more than at the beginning. I gotta say that this album does have some good songs, but the bad songs bring them down. Anyway, this is my last review of this song, I swear.

26/02/04: Jeff C. -
Rating: 90
Boston's debut album is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, hands down. There are thousands of bands that would kill to have the success Boston did right at the start. Now, in the new century, we have Corporate America. And I give it a 90. To the hardcore Boston fan, this might seem like stupidity. I wish however to prove that mindset wrong. Whenever I buy a new album I always attempt tp keep an open mind. Every new CD is a new work of art. Npw, of course CA is not going to come close to "Boston". The bands sound has changed. Yet I like this new sound. CA is as always with a Boston album immaculately produced. Layer upon Layer of great sound is heard throughout the entire album. The harmonies are again outstanding. There is a new Boston sound, and I think the fans have to adapt. Brad isn't singing all the tunes anymore, the Cosmos are more involved. Boston has taken it's old sound and retooled it. The basic elements are still there, it just comes off differently. And if that is the way Scholz wants to go, all the power to him. He is the driving force behind the band, it's his sound he can do whatever he wants. Whether or not people like it is of course up to them. Now to my only critique. Drum triggers. I really don't like them, at points in the album the drums sound really fake. it doesn't necessarily take away from songs, but it is there. That is why CA gets a 90. For me, an album that gets a 100 is one that I can put into my Cd player and not change a track. This is close to one of those, with the drums being my only sticking point.

03/02/04: Boston Patriots -
Rating: 50
Okay, this album would have been just a "crap" had their last album come out in 1998 or so. However, we have waited 8 freakin' years for this one. This is not just a crap; this is a catastrophe. It's like digging the hole for 8 years to escape from prison and finding out you've been going the wrong way. Nothing much to talk about the music. Why did Tom let other members write write the modern rock tracks -- I simply don't understand. And what happened to his "perfectionist" attitude? The album sounds like it was recorded one day. What a horrible production... How about several vocalists fighting for the spotlight? We don't want "Star Search" here. Let the man, Brad Delp, sing for God's sake! I give 50, solely for the wonderful opening track. Let's hold our breath and wait for the new one in 2010(do the math). I hope Tom is still alive and well until then...

24/10/03: Chris -
Rating: 100
Well, I really enjoy Corporate America...and to me, that's all that matters. I have always enjoyed the debut album and Don't Look Back. Took a real liking to Greatest Hits. Bought Corporate America with no expectations and took an immediate liking to it the first time I listened to it, (has never happened with any other CD I've ever bought). Wanted more so I purchased Third Stage and Walk On. The more I listen to TS and WO, the more they are growing on me. Now, I no longer have a favorite...I love them all! Yup...I love you Boston, and I'll take you any way I can...old, new, live, studio...just keep it coming!!!

20/10/03: anton h -
Rating: 80
Boston is my #1 band, but I feel Tom & Brad are trying too hard.Boston is a LEADER, not a follower, and Corp. America does not lead, it follows.What happened to those sweet hyperactive basslines of early Boston?What happened to those fast,beautiful heavy metal songs? I like the new team, and the philosophies, but Tom & Co need to seriously revisit the 70's albums and stop trying to follow the trends of the lesser music of today. I hope the next album goes right back to Hitch a Ride, More than a Feeling, A Man I'll Never Be, and Dont Look Back.The world needs good music to lead spirit & soul. Please Guys, go back to 1 & 2, and "listen to the records".The world is depending on it.

11/07/03: Delirious Nomad -
Rating: 0
It sickens me to say this as a long time Boston fan, but...
These tree huggers should care more about the noise pollution that this CD puts out.
They should remember that it's not the "blind European snail darter" or the "left footed albino snow owl" that buys their music.
I guess I admire their dedication to their "cause", but trying to make statements in music is not appealing....Of course, even good lyrics wouldn't save this one.
Buy at your own risk.

07/07/03: Brad -
Rating: 78
This album is not as bad as (almost) everyone says. I agree that it is the worst Boston album, but of course I'd rate all their other albums above 90. While the inclusion of a female lead singer is indeed questionable and the production and songs themselves could be better, there are still some good songs here.

"I Had A Good Time" is a neat leadoff track. Good combo of the old Boston sound and some modern influences. Although very different, I actually like the title track with its thumping beat and modern sound. "Turn It Off" is another unique, modern-sounding track, while "You Gave Up On Love" is a catchy melodic, nicely-done track even with all three singers (including the female) involved.

The only songs that weaken the album are, as others have stated, the country-ish "Without You" and the closing live re-hash of "Livin' For You". Other than that, the album is at least an interesting listen. Not the best melodic rock album of our times, but not bad. Certainly not as bad as the close-minded old farts here seem to think. If this is so bad, go hang yourself in the bathroom while listening to Limp Biscuit. Clearly this is better than a lot of the crap out there today.

13/06/03: steve -
Rating: 25
Look below at how the bad reviews outnumber the good ones ten to one ! Enough said. Very poor effort from Mr Scholz & company.

19/04/03: chi-town mar'tay -
Rating: 0
hi , reason for this reply and change is that as taking the cd as a whole and the facts that we have waited since june 1994 for a full-length cd for this piece of shit, tom once again got rid of or chased away the awesome rythum section, hired a chic lead singer who's really a country singer, rehased old songs and killed the very few good ones by horrible production,arrangments that don't fit or make sense and only making 9 new songs 5 of which are ballads!!! all i got too say is WHAT THE FUCK??!!!





27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 80
I waited eight years for this!? While this has some solid tunes, I expect more from a "genius" who has upwards of a decade to work on this record. What is Smoltz doing with all his time? And by the way, isn't it time for him to start releasing these discs as solo outings. Didn't this stop being a band a long time ago...or maybe it was never a real band.

27/03/03: Martin from Slovakia -
Rating: 45
i am (not was)a great fan of Boston but it is a sadly true that
in most tracks BOSTON sounds like pooooooor oasis.Turn it off!!! There are very few good songs on this ! But i hope that one time they will make/Tom,Brad.../ real true Boston album.Only wish it wouldn´t been such a long time... And then it will be more than a feeling ! Long live BOSTOOOOOOON (without Oasis sound)

09/03/03: Chad -
Rating: 70
This release sounds like the band opted to throw a bunch of very different sounding songs together just to release a cd. While there are a couple of good tracks, I am very disappointed in the release as a whole. I can only hope that the band would hear the fans out and re-think thier next release if they plan on making one.

26/02/03: Rich -
Rating: 50
Brad Delp is the voice of Boston and it should remain that way,nuff said.Stare Out Your Window is a decent song and funny enough , It wasn't sung by Brad but by the quite capable Fran Cosmo.Still Brad Delp's voice and Tom Scholz's wall of sound guitars are what makes Boston ....Boston.Here we find the recipe dilluted a bit too much and the product sounds more like a side project.I doubt this album will fare very well unfortunately.

17/02/03: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 60
I've finally found the time to review this new Boston album after several listenings. And the result ? Well, this ain't Boston nomore. Gone is the classic Boston sound, what we now hear is more laid back pop stuff. They wanted something else, but I'm afraid that the fans don't want such a drastically change of style ! Look at what this album is selling. It's a disaster ! Very disappointing, and it hurts me to say this, but the truth is the truth !

15/02/03: toto4evr -
Rating: 30
hi, as ive said on this site many times a huge boston fan..of there first 4 esp 3rd stage which was my fav. These recent personell changes were a huge mistake. david sykes was a great bass player and b.g. vocalist also proved his worth on the cool "tell me". I also liked "higher power". now for this corporate is probably worse than any cd released by a great band or artist ive ever heard !! even the good songs like "I had a good time", "I didn't mean to fall in love", "someone", corporate america, and "you gave up on love" are all good songs but are mostly ruined by horrible production , bad mixing, and off arrangments and you can't decifferor understand clearly what the hell anyones singing!! brad delp is being treated like a side man. Brad's tunes though good are the most pieced together , framented , played with on the cd and all have been ruined...a warmer , less hissy production more upfront powerful soloing and rythum guitar would've made these songs quite good. Brad is sounding great and I think everyone would agree with is fran he sounds awesome but you can't hear either ones vocals in most of the songs..tom has potted,or drowned out there voices..somone is lacking any "real audio sound" and a punchy chorus...i hate that chorus it ruined that song for me... the druming or as it sounds programming is worse than if he actually programmed them..tom uses triggers and effects for a clean sound like on walk on..these drums are the WORST IVE EVER HEARD BY ANYONE! besides the material which is suspect at best why is there a chic in boston??? she is a very hot, country sounding singer, her song "with you" is a last song type of slow dance in a country bar, a good tune and vox..tom's rockman overdubbed solo is a horrible idea and doesn't "bostonize it" it almost ruins a good song..BUT.. THIS SONG DOESN'T BELONG ON THIS OR ANY BOSTON RECORD ..PERIOD!!! Change is great , but change for a reason not just to make a few bucks. Jesus, have you heard a more out of place sounding record before?? frans tunes are good but are poorly produced (as the whole record is) and his vocal production like brads is an all-time worst!! tom on purpose, wants everyone to sing as low, whispery and as bad as he does..his cheezy drums,synths,and his mostly poorly thin sounding guitars (where u can find them at all) drown out all vocals except on the ballads..frans 3 tracks and brads 3 tracks sound nothing alike and have no continuity or flow..sounds like 2different bands dahme shouldn't be in boston or any woman period. it just doesn't sound right..and for those who said corporate america is a remake with different words of "higher power"ur right just like the intro for i need ur love is from don't look back.. but at least higher power is a good song and is well produced..this is an absloute disgrace and tom really should pay us all back for this one.. I doubt i will go to the tour if there is one.. one of the great things about boston is going to kill this tour...they always play what they like and don't care if it was a hit or walk on..they played almost everytrack over the 2 tours , I luved that record esp with brad live..mmm mmm good..they never played less than 4 songs from that cd....problem is tom has said he's proud of this cd..its production , songs and he can't wait to play it live!!

IN A WORD .. "YIKES"!!!!


RECOMENDATION FOR ANGRY,HURT, DISSAPOINTED BOSTON FANS : Voice your opinions of this cd and the current line-up. someone, maybe ANDREW M. could make a space here for a petition or open forum letter to be signed by fans, without alot of cursing, or name calling (which, when ur passionate and angry is hard)and say what u think, have it sent to boston i.e. tom scholtz.

2.)go bye rtz 's awesome debut it and the 2nd one which ive heard is good. I'm going to buy rtz:2 this week . maybe this along with the horrible reviews by fans and bad album sales will make tom either hang em up , or as I hope, either fix the cd or record another using brad n fran for all or almost all of it and fire this woman from this male group!

3.) don't support the new line-up in any way. don't buy the cd. or anything that comes along that has corporate america attached and DON'T SEE THE UPCOMING TOUR!! I know that will be hard but look at it this way will hear at least 4-5 songs from this record and that chic singing what brad,fran , or garry p. should be !!

4.) go listen to toto. they got smart , ditched there female b.g. singers 5 yrs ago and got bobby kimball back , there original vocalist..they've put out a great new cd. in 1999 called "mindfields" one of there best ones..and an awesome covers cd. and a kick ass 13 track unreleased cd in 1998-99 called toto xx ..has got songs from there original demos that got them there 1st deal to great tracks covering most of there career.
and go check out journey..they are fresh , awesome and sound does styx!!


chi-town mar'tay

14/01/03: John MacKay -
Rating: 90
This really is a good effort no matter how people feel. I don't agree on the addition of a female singer, but a change in sound was needed. When I first mentioned the release of a new Boston album to my friend, the reply was ("Boston, the band where every song sounds the same"). If you all remember back when Third stage was released, Tom Scholz was criticized for not changing his sounds. Now that he tries to make a different sounding album, people are still criticizing his work. I like the new album and would pay to see Boston in concert any day of the week. This album is worth alot more than these low talent, over rated, garage bands that corporate radio has flooded over the past ten years.

10/01/03: John S. -
Rating: 10
Absolutely dreadful. We've waited eight years for this? If Tom cares as much about the environment as he says he does, he'll know better than to waste his oh-so-precious natural resources touring in support of this piece of crap.

06/01/03: PeterE -
Rating: 65
An enjoyable but rather slight album - certainly the weakest Boston album so far. "I Had a Good Time" and "Corporate America" are strong tracks, but "With You" is totally out of place and the live version of "Livin' for You" just filler.
I have to agree with another contributor that the "liberal" politics jar a bit. Does Tom actually want to ban the market economy system that pays his wages and allows him to distribute his product?. Perhaps he should listen to Rush's "2112" to learn something about freedom.
And in this day and age a 44-minute album including a live version of a previously released song is poor value for money.

03/01/03: Shawn Pelata -
Rating: 8
Killer record from an evolved band! Melodic, well-written, well-played, and absolutely great! NO band can stay the same forever, and BOSTON has not. Are YOU the same person YOU were 25 years ago? Didn't think so...

30/12/02: Mike -
Rating: 60
Corporate America is a decent album, but certainly pales in comparison to the expectations of Boston fans. There is a definate mixture of good & bad things on this release. The good including classic Boston sounding tracks like "I Had A Good Time" & "Someone." Also, the band does a nice job of undateing its sound on the very solid title track and "Turn It Off." Two other songs, "Stare Out Your Window" and "Cryin'", are extensions of the sound established on their last studio recording Walk On. Then, the quality of the album begins to drop. "Didn't Mean To Fall in Love" & "You Gave Up On Love" are mediocre tracks whose intros were dressed up to make them sound bigger than they were. They are not bad songs, but could have been arranged better. Then, the bottom drops out of the album quality-wise for the final two tracks. The live version of "Livin' For You" has no place on a studio album. C'mon, Tom, eight years between releases and you need to use a live track as a filler. Finally, the country sounding song "With You" featuring Kimberley Dahme on lead vocals. The track has even less place on this album than the live track does. Boston is supposed a rock band, although nowadays an ensemble rock band. These last two tracks mentioned torpedo the album's rating a good 20 below where the rest of the album would be. It's a shame to wait such a long time for a new Boston release to end up with only five or six really good songs.

24/12/02: AGC -
Rating: 20
Based on their past I give them 15 points and I give them another 5 because of the first track which is good but overall this CD is "CRAP"! I wasted $15. Worse CD I have bought in years.

16/12/02: John K -
Rating: 65
I listened to this album over and over throughout the weeks. I stand by my overall opinion that the only songs that have some inspiration, and quality to them are, "I had a good time" (and even then I've heard Boston do much better versions of this song setup/structure. I find myself bored with the song after a week or so.)
2)"Stare out your window" - Maybe the contributions of Anthony Cosmo saved this album from the gutter?
3)"Cryin"- Again, Anthony saves this album from an even lower rating. Both of these tunes still are being played as the days/weeks progress.
I guess that is one good aspect of a CD player. You can skip past the filler material to the good tunes. After all this time these 3 songs are the only one's that really matter. Am I disappointed? You could say that. Just feels like the train's come off the track.

15/12/02: Jeff Jacobsen -
Rating: 70
I applaud Tom's effort to branch out into "todays music", and satisfy the "original" fans too. The more I listen, the more I like several cuts. As a longtime fan, the songs I like the best are the older Boston sounding ones. "I had a good time". "You gave up on love" are my favorites. I would have bought the CD just because of those 2 songs. I get downright angry when "With You" starts!! It's a good song, but has no buisiness being on a Boston album!! I could be wrong, but I think something is getting soft and or hard on Tom's body regarding Kimberly D. They look like a couple. That's my opinion of why that song is on the CD. But hey........Tom has given us an incredible gift of incredible "timeless" songs over the years. Only Boston songs never wear out for me. I try to view it as Tom dose not owe us anything. I am very thankfull for what he has given us!!

11/12/02: Doug Griffith -
Rating: 95
What is wrong with you people? Talk about hard to please...

This is one of the best BOSTON albums least 5 or 6 tracks equal to the best they have done (and yes I have been a fan since 1976). Great production, great musicianship and songwriting that is still recognizably BOSTON, but has also changed.

The one thing no band can do is sit still - like all bands that have lasted BOSTON have evolved. The history of rock and roll is full of forgotten artists who have refused to compromise or move with the times.

The addition of the new singers and songwriters has made BOSTON a better band - they still make 99% of other AOR bands sound second rate, so like it says on the first album...

Listen to the record...!

10/12/02: WCG - WCGX3@AOL.COM
Rating: 3
Hey your clueless. This album is not a BOSTON album. It's a " I need some money to support air cleanup or to fight animal testing, so i'll put out a quick load of crap, put 3 seconds of brad on it just to call it boston, hell i'll barely plug my guitar in too,those tone deaf idiots out there will still buy it like Don't buy this crap ... at very least download it for free if you can.

09/12/02: Kip -
Rating: 95
I have no idea why everyone is bashing this album. All you "purists" think you're going to get their debut album again.
They expanded their musical horizons on this album and i believe the female vocalist is a nice addition to the vocal sound. I read all the reviews prior to buying this so my expectations were low.I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. They bring in some of the old and mix it with the new to make a pretty damn good album. Good to hear Brad in fine form!!!

Rating: 0

28/11/02: Jon -
Rating: 45
I have since lowered my score from a mediocre 60 toan even worse 45. "I had a good time," isn't as good as I first thought. It's got no intensity (it should be the second or third song, not the opening), and Brad's vocals are hushed whispers. He did break loose for a few lines later in the song, but for the most part it sounds like he's singing a lullaby to a sleeping baby. What the hell?! Also, the female vocals are more irritating to me than before. That's like having a guy sing on a Madonna album. It's way too mellow, where are all the rockers? Walk On was hard, this is like Backstreet Boys half the time. I still love Turn it Off, killer song, but the rest is ok to crappy.

26/11/02: Laura -
Rating: 75
Well, let me start with saying if Tom Scholz wants to play with the Boston sound, then do so, but give us long time Boston fans something too! I agree that "With You" doesn't belong, but I could live with it if we had a 12 or 13 track cd. Another thing Mr. Scholz, please keep your liberal views out of Boston's music. Rock should be fun and inspiring...not political. LS

26/11/02: Steve -
Rating: 1
Without Brad Delp singing the band Boston does not exist. I have been a huge Boston fan since the first album
but no more. I rufuse to help Tom Scholtz and his ego trips. I guess I will need to find a new favorite band.

26/11/02: Marshall -
Rating: 80
If you compare this work to the first two albums, it's a very marginal effort. There are some bright spots here, however this album makes the case for file swapping. I not saying go steal the songs by downloading them, rather I would recommend listening to a few tracks before purchasing the full C.D.

22/11/02: Longtime Boston Fan23 -
Rating: 82
After further review of this album, I have backed my rating down to an 82.
Hearing the mp3's I had envisioned a much better produced album when it was finally released. The production is Horrid. No power sounds here. Good songs, very good though.

This is what Dokken's last release was. As Dokken should have been called Don Dokken, Boston should have taken the "Downers Revenge" name and ran with that.

If more of the "wall of Boston guitars" were used, Brad's vocals more prominent, and some minor cleanup of sound were to happen, this album would easily get a 90-95 out of me.(possibly a 100)
Believe me when I say I'm sad at even thinking I would ever give Boston anything under an 85.

I hope Tom would consider some cleanup duty to this release, it would do wonders because the songs are there already.

But hey! Buy it, it is good.

21/11/02: Kula -
Rating: 98
Can't realy understand all the recent rewiews on this album. Think this is a very good album, it's pure Boston all the way. Yes, they're trying some new stuff on a couple of songs, but without leaving the Boston sound. But I agree with Andy! The live verion of "Living for you" feels unnessesary and should have been placed as an extra track on a single or something. To sum it all! if you liked "Walk On", then "Corporate America" is an album you should buy without a second doubt!

21/11/02: Scott -
Rating: 85
Great band. Great album. Modern. Fresh. Exciting. No complaints.

21/11/02: D LeValley -
Rating: 35
What a total misguided load of crap. The largest misuse of a tenth of an ounce of plastic I have ever heard. No one should buy this disk. If you want to hear someone with talent get Shy's latest release, or Biloxi, or Vicious Mary, or just about anybody else. I was a huge Boston fan, but Tom's overbearing ego and his obviously dilusional thoughts of his own self worth make this release a hugh failure. It's a rip off and a joke. Andrew, I told you once before that my taste in music matches yours nearly to a T. I'm amazed you rated this so high. But don't worry. I still luv ya man. dml, The American Rocker

20/11/02: WILLIAM GWALTHNEY - wcgx3@aol.xom
Rating: 30
This is the exact reason " FILE SHARING " should exsist.To charge people money and conning them in to think this is a BOSTON album is a joke.
This should've been a 3 song E.P.
A message to Brad Delp, buy the name BOSTON from Tom Scholz and tell him to hit the road. It's obvious he cares nothing about creating new BOSTON music. Your great voice is more valuable to the Boston sound then his weak ass rockman squeal.

19/11/02: DLR -
Rating: 0
Boston are the very reason why "real" bands from the 70's and 80's who are still making viable music can't get singed with a decent label anymore! A label like Artemis forks over a huge promotional budget and garners Scholz with "artistic freedom" as he put it in the liner notes, and they turn around and release this pile of crap! Here are a few thoughts that both Artemis records and Tom Sholz should read...

1. For starters, the leaked pre-release single (corporate America) is the exact backing track from the song "Higher power" off the greatest hits CD... They just changed the words! and then to actually make that song the title track of the CD so a lot of attention would be paid to what basically boils down to a sub-standard remake of their own song? How tacky guys!

2. The song "I didn't mean to fall in love" has overlapping and mis-arranged drum loops all over the place, and the bridges to chorus are all so poorly arranged that the CD almost appears to skip in several places. Tom, next time hire a real mix engineer, so you don't drwon the track under the weight of it's own 10 differetn guitar overdubs! The picked out spanish guitar parts don't line up with the base drum beats and they create some really horrible moments in the song! A real shame, beacue this could have been one of the most interesting and progressive tracks Boston's done in years, but perhaps they should start taking 12 years to produce a record if this is what you get after an 8 year wait!

3. While the track "With You" featuring Kimberley Dahme is a well written and moderately performed track on it's own, it has no business whatsoever on a Boston CD! I mean how transparent? Throw a couple of Boston style guitar harmonies at the end and that is supposed to make this a Boston song? "Amanda" just rolled over in her grave!

4. How stupid do you have to be to realize that Livin for you is anything but a live recording? Can you say fake crowd noise and endless overdubs? And why include that track anyway, unless you just needed filler, which God knows this album needed plenty of that because... as far as I'm concerned there are only 3 Boston songs on the whole record "Had a good time", "Someone" and "You gave up on love"... so if it were my record I would have stayed in the studio till I finished 7 more real Boston songs... this was one of the biggest musical dissapointments of the decade for me.... a former Boston fan...

19/11/02: Keith -
Rating: 60
It's hard to believe Boston has taken a turn in this direction. They should have scrapped the Greatest Hits disc and put "Higher Power" and "Tell Me" on the Corporate America disc. "With You" is absolutely a travesty even consider putting on a Boston album. Kim Dahme has a good voice, but some on let her sing something more upbeat. I continue to play "I Had A Good Time"--"Corporate America" and "You Gave Up On Love". These are basically the three only worthwhile Boston tunes on the disc. Brad Delp has got to be one of the most powerful-melodic and recognizble voices in rock history. It's a shame Tom decided to not bring Brads stellar voice to the forefront on this disc. How many other Boston tunes has Tom wrote and not decided to release?? Probably alot! There are a couple of other songs that would have made the grade on this disc even if they were written back in the 70's, such as "Help Me" from the '77 Long Beach King Biscuit and "Television Politician" these would have been ideal songs to include on Corporate America, not the other six filler tunes that were put on it. Maybe Tom should listen to the two RTZ discs, Brad was outstanding on those discs! Instead of trying to diversify and expand your musical horizons, stick with what got you where are. Basically "IF IT'S NOT BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT"!! Boston-s/t, Don't Look Back, Third Stage and Walk On were all great Boston albums, even though the first two differed from the last two they still had the classic Boston sound, soaring guitars, awesome harmonies and the vintage Hammond organ here and there! There are too many bands out there that tried something way to different from album to album and fell flat on there faces. Sorry to say this may be one of them. Come on Tom, get back to your roots and give the fans what they have been waiting for--A KICKASS BOSTON ALBUM THAT ROCKS!! and will also put Boston back on the map as one of the best bands of all time!

16/11/02: XBstnFn -
Rating: 0
This is hands down the worst record I have ever heard in my 37 years. I also think the first 2 Boston records are the 2 best records ever made. I'd rather buy a Garth Brooks record. One word? Joke.

14/11/02: Clint -
Rating: 50
Someone wake me when the real Boston puts out an album. This is album has five tracks that are good and barely at that, the rest do not belong on a Boston album. "With You" is an okay song but isn't even good enough to be a hit on country radio much less rock n roll. I am absolutely trilled that I bought this album second hand at a used cd store for 8.99. If I had paid full price for it I might have angrily tossed it out my car window.

13/11/02: Gus A. -
Rating: 10
I would be lying to say I was not highly dissapointed with this effort.When I heard track one I thought I was in for a great listening experience. However things quickly went south after that.In general the song writing was very weak. Tom has had 8 years to write this album and yet he could only contribute 5 songs? The rest were written by other band members and quite frankly they do not cut it. Alot of you so called fans can say that they are updating their sound but in my book that is an excuse for accepting bad material. If this was Bostons first release it would be their last. It is not going to bring any new fans to the table and all but alienates the old fans. I have nothing against Frans singing and thought he did a great job on Walk On and the Orion the Hunter project, but the songs he sings on this effort are lacking to say the least. I can not even begin to understand Tom's thinking in having Kimberly sing. While I think she has loads of talent, it is the equivalant of Van Halen hiring Jennifer Lopez as their new singer. I also have to take issue with those of you who have been so critical of Don't Look Back. On their best day Corporate America and Walk On don't hold a candle to that record. The first three records are the best with Walk On being an acceptable effort. Corporate America is by far the worst. And by the way the reviewer who keeps refering to the songs as high tech rockers, Boston has always made a point of using low tech gear to record their music. Meaning no computers,or sequencers and very little synthesizers(Walk ON). They have always been about using real guitars, real basses, old organs, and acoustic drums. If it sounds "high tech" that's because Tom is a great producer.

13/11/02: Mick -
Rating: 40
For those of you who actually like the new "Boston" record, hide your eyes, cause this ain't gonna be pretty! This is simply an AWFUL record! It is disjointed, immature, and amateur at worst, well, words escape me! Whatever magic there once was is LONG gone! This record sounds like a very bad demo, with no direction, POOR production, and weak songs! ENOUGH of the cheesy handclaps! Enough of the 2nd grade lyrics! ENOUGH OF THE HORRID DRUM SOUND! That is the worst sounding kit I have heard! Obviously programmed by a NON horrid! Tom was brilliant on the first 3 albums, but my guess is that everyone around him keeps telling him everything he does is brilliant....and of course he believes it! But it is so obviously over! I mean really, what is with those demon like low vocal harmonies?? yikes! The recording is bad, the mastering is botched, the songs are laughable! Bright spots? YES...the bass playing of Billy Carmen is a shining moment....but that is it.! Coming from a true blue Boston fan , this is sad to say, but PLEASE do not EVER do another record! Brad should find himself a songwriter with a clue, and move on....(give me a call!).......but this is truely beneath his talents, and not worthy of the 14 bucks I wasted!

11/11/02: Chris from PA -
Rating: 8
Yes, we have waited for 8 years plus for this album. The Greatest Hits Boston album was a waste of space. It's hard to pick out their greatest hits. You can't just slap most of BOSTON and DON'T LOOK BACK on a compilation and not represent the following two studio efforts. I can tell many people are sour on WALK ON. I for one was not. There was no Delp vocals found on the album due to his first RTZ collaboration. He was missing, but Fran did a fine job. But except for "What's Your Name?". The album is pretty solid. It's not as if other Boston albums didn't have a weak track or two. "Party"? Anyone? Comon' guys, give me a break, even the earlier effort aren't infallible. I think it's hard for fans who connected with Boston in 1976 to allow them to change and mature. I myself became a fan starting Third Stage but I knew that that the debut still was special. But a good band knows how to progress, mature, and freshen their sound and not sell out at the same time. Look at all these 70's and 80's hard rock groups who continue to play the same crap over and over and rehash everything. The fact is Tom could not make another classic Boston album after THIRD STAGE. Hell, even that album progresses from the sound of the first two. If Boston put albums out every 2, 3, or 4 years, their changes would not be so obvious. Tom needed to explore different things. If anything, these Comso-and-son creations expand Boston's vocabulary and creativity. Do the vocals sound like Anthony, Fran, and Tom were listening to a little Oasis? Yes. But it sounds like an influence, not a deliberate attempt at drawing the young kids in. "Cryin'" and "Stare Out Your Window" are solid tunes in their own right and are a noble and effective attempt at expanding Boston's horizons. And give me a break with the lyrical substance...Boston has never been known for it. "Dreamin of your sweet love mama let it be". "There's a party and nobody cares what you're doing here?" yeah, like that doesn't reek of doobies and heavy 70's lingo. Give me a break. I will always love the debut and it still stands as the best, but it doesn't mean that Boston has been churning out crap since THIRD STAGE either. Heck, I think THIRD STAGE had some of the best lyrics, esp. “Hollyann”.

"You Gave Up On Love" is a great song. But I give more props to the band for the Cosmo tunes. If you listen to "You Gave On Up Love", it is filled with 70's/80's cliché riffs and harmonies. Hell it sounds like a Pat Benatar tune in the middle. I agree it is beautifully Boston, but some fans on here are definitely overrating it. Also, the credits say that Brad is nowhere to be found on this song - that it is in fact Dahme, Fran, and some other guy. I'm wondering about that, because is sure sounds like Brad is in there somewhere.

"Turn It Off" is a screwy, evil tune. But it's growing on me. It's some weird hybrid of heavy Neil Young meets Alice-In-Chains meets Boston. Interesting marriage. But also another nice experiment to do something different and it works very well.

"Higher Power"..ooops..."Corporate America" is an interesting tune. :-) Love when Brad belts out "Corporate America..Look Out!" Look Out!" But it sounds like the difference between "Amanda" and "My Destination". I like the song nonetheless. Tom is really putting together some nice textures of guitar, keyboard, organ, and bass. Only problem is that the voices get a little overrun is this song.

"Without You"...well, this should have been more Boston-ized like Hybrid Ice's "Magdelene" from WALK ON. Tom could have made it into a more "Hitch A Ride" flavor. Not a bad song, but I agree with everyone else that this should have been either been either placed at a different spot or been a bonus or "hidden" track. Like the silly tune at the end of the Beatles' ABBEY ROAD.

"Livin For You" live??? Great WALK ON tune..very nice lyrics, nice solos. But this also should have been a bonus track that should have been separated as to not disturb the flow of the album. I heard there was an old concert favorite never previously released as an album track or a new "girl's-name-titled" song sitting on the editing room floor. I would have liked to have heard them.

"Someone" and "Didn't Mean Fall In Love" are something that could have easily fit on THIRD STAGE or possibly WALK ON. I like them. Again, we hear the guitar/organ/keyboard/bass texturing that makes for a fresher Boston sound. But this style doesn't overpower the vocals in this case.

I do wish the album was a little longer in length. But with the exception of WALK ON (which was 44 mins. or so), the rest hung around 35 mins. This album is more like 40 mins. or so I believe. Also, I wish Gary Pihl would have had input on something other than the live clip from an old tour.

You know, I was so ecstatic when I heard "I Need Your Love" in May of '94, that it was hard to judge WALK ON when it came out. I've been up and down with it over the years. But I've come to appreciate it even more as time went on, and I rank it above THIRD STAGE and close to DON'T LOOK BACK. It was one hell of a rounded-out band effort. Don't forget that before that, Boston was Brad/Tom with a little help from their friends. first two albums had drum tracks written Tom and Jim Masdea regurgitated by Syb Hashin (cept' for "More Than A Feeling" being performed by Masdea). Goudrea and Sheen had very little input on either album. Masdea returns for pieces of THIRD STAGE and Gary trades leads on "I Think I Like it". By the time you get to WALK ON, you got alot more input- more Gary, then Fran (Cosmo), Tommy Funderburk, David Sikes, Bob Cedro, and Doug Huffman. Not a bad thing, especially since the drums sounded even more powerful, not to take away from Tom's percussion skills or anything.

Where does CORPORATE AMERICA rank all-time? It will take time to know. Like WALK ON, it certainly doesn't suffer from a lack of a band effort. And don't think it's a piece of crap like some on the message board. And hell, we get Brad back to share vocals with Fran. For me, it comes down to how well I can accept "With You" into the flow of the album. With CORPORATE AMERICA, I'm weary and questioning a couple song choices, but I’m not disappointed after 8 years. Open your minds to this effort old fans, I think you'll understand and appreciate it after more listens.

Also, Check out this review -

10/11/02: Dan Meyer -
Rating: 75
Strong songwriting and awesome playing lift this disc to a rating of 75 in my opinion. The disc would have been much better without a live version of "Livin` For You" included. The total length is way too short. Should have had at least one more vocal by Brad.

09/11/02: Barry Gold -
Rating: 55
After working on this for 4 1/2 years you would Tom Sholz would
have come up with something better. Their first album is still the best and for a DIE HARD Boston fan, this CD is a MAJOR disappointment. Track #4 doesn't even belong on the CD and there are only a handful of songs that are any good. On some of the other tracks, you can't even hear Brad or Fran sing anything. The guitars are too loud overshadowing their voices. Tom, why don't you retire or go back to the original Boston sound.

08/11/02: Jon -
Rating: 60
Man, kind of dissapointing. I don't usually do song by song reviews, but I feel like pontificating, so here goes:

I HAD A GOOD TIME This is the most recognizable Boston song on here, and is pretty good, except for the lame female voice asking, "Do you wanna do it again?" I thought that was a dumb touch.

STARE OUT YOUR WINDOW This doesn't do much for me. Pretty much filler.

CORPORATE AMERICA The synth on this song rieks of Higher Power from the greatest hits album (which was a way better song), except it's much more prominent on this song. What I like about it is the very heavy, Boston-like guitar, when the guitar finally kicks in.

WITH YOU is an ok song, for a country album, but on a Boston album, it's pretty much filler.

TURN IT OFF is my favorite song on the album. It's longer than the version released to the public, and the new, unheard part is a cool interlude with cool bass and drums. I like this song alot, despite the organ at the very end.

CRYIN' is slow tempo filler.

DIDN'T MEAN TO FALL IN LOVE is still more filler.

YOU GAVE UP ON LOVE Finally, after two lame songs, a good one. This is very Boston-ish, but a female vocalist for a band like Boston totally doesn't fit. Still, it's way better than the other song she sings leads on. My biggest gripe with this song is that it starts out sounding like a huge up-tempo anthem along the lines of Walk On, but ends up a big (not hugh) mid-tempo anthem. Still good, though.

LIVIN' FOR YOU This was one of my least favorite songs off of Walk On. What's the point? It sounds exactly like the studio version. If it had some cool live-version-only hooks or solo, it'd be ok to add it, but I think they did it because Tom ran out of song ideas. Damn shame.

This album contains way too much mellow, slow-tempo filler. The few good songs could have been better. I sure hope it's not another 8 freakin' years. Cool cover, though.

08/11/02: Chris Ryan -
Rating: 65
This CD was NOT worth waiting for. Tom has truly lost the picture. This should have been a Tom Scholz solo album, NOT a "Boston" one. Brad Delp is not used enough, the girl singer is a complete waste of 4 minutes of CD space. There is not ONE up tempo track. This is by FAR the worst Boston CD. If Tom had released this under his own name I would have given it a 90% rating, but Bostons history is far to hard for this to live up to. The first 3 tracks are great after that turn it off. Sorry Tom.

08/11/02: Steve15 -
Rating: 15
Just Bought & Listened to Corporate America.I want my $13.00 back!!! For someone to take years to record a cd & have these hoorible results is beyond me!! Tom Scholtz should go back & work for poloroid! I can't find one song that's close to anything on the debut release. Walk on was better than Don't look back??? Andrew Sorry I disagree! One Question: Why didn't Tom let Guitarist Gary Phil play a note on this record?? He's been in the band for over 10 years now! I hope the new STYX cd will make up for This & The Journey Red 13 cd.

08/11/02: Brian -
Rating: 55
As an almost 30 year fan of Boston, I must say that while "Corporate America" has some redeeming moments, it's a real disappoint considering we've waiting 8 years for it to arrive. Actually we only got 8 new Boston songs. Agreeing with the others, Kim's song is well sung and played, but absolutely does not belong on this cd. Then we get the live version of "Livin' For You" which is an awesome song.....BUT WE'VE ALREADY HEARD IT!!

I think what most people are saying is that there's some good stuff on this cd, but we need more of it.

Lastly, I'm beginning to wonder if it's about the music with Tom and Boston these days, or trying to make a political statement. I also think that Tom may be trying just a bit too hard to distance himself from his former bandmates (Sib, Fran, Barry) on the first two albums. For more on that go to and read Tom's open letter ref to those guys.

Bottom line....Tom, why did you make us wait so long for so little?

07/11/02: Kevin K -
Rating: 90
I went on Tuesday Nov. 5th and picked up a copy of Corporate America
and I listened to it for the first time. I take back what I said previously
about it because I was only basing it on the few sound clips. If you are
a true Boston fan you will like this album even though it has that
country sounding song in it. I think it is awesome and the opening track
is awesome it's the Boston we all love and that guitar sound can never be
matched by anyone. So that's it I hope they sell a lot 'cause they always do.

06/11/02: FC -
Rating: 90
Could have used more vocals from Brad, especially on "You Gave Up on Love" Cryin, to me, is the sleeper on this CD. What a great song. Tom buried Brad's vocals too much on two of the three leads Brad sing. Overall though, a very solid effort. I Like IT.

05/11/02: Adam -
Rating: 40
I waited since 1994 for this. What a horrible horrible CD. Tom what happened buddy? You have Brad back use him. The only reason WALK ON didn't do what THIRD STAGE did was beacause radio and the public didn't want to hear somebody else singing to your music. Now you have Delp back and you barely use him. The few shining moments on the CD are all Brad!!! And why all songs by Cosmo, do you owe him money or something? They aren't even close to the caliber of what you write, they don't even sound like a BOSTON song. I know you talked about how Boston should evolve and you shouldn't try to make your CDs sound a certain way, the BOSTON way. Whatever, if you don't sound like Boston then who will. Nobody has ever or will ever have that amazing Boston sound that so many people love. So if you don't wanna sound like Boston anymore then quit! Ok enough rambling here is my review. "I had a good time", awesome awesome song!!! Brad on vocals, Tom on pretty much everything else, classic song!!! "You gave up on love" really good song. "Cryin'" and "Didn't mean to fall in love" good songs. That's it the rest is pure poop. Steaming hot poop. After all this time we get one killer song, a few good tracks, and a lot of poop! Just so I'm clear this isn't a knock on Fran, he kicked ass on WALK ON, but Boston is Brad's voice. Give Fran 2 songs top. Maybe share lead with Brad on one other track that's it!, and Kimberley Dahme is smokin' hot, just don't let her sing a country song on a BOSTON CD. I'm sorry but this is a huge dissapointment. Please please when you tour only pick a couple of tracks off of this disc to do live. The idea of waiting this long to see Boston live again only to hear a bunch of sub par tunes is a horrible thought.

04/11/02: BIGtrouble77 -
Rating: 70
I must be in the minority, but i think fran cosmo has an amazing rock-style voice. His range is way better than Brad's. Brad always had that really tinny, sissy-like voice. It actually sounded like he had a lisp on 'Don't Look Back" and 'Third Stage.' I will give Brad his due credit... He did a great job on the debut album.

Walk On was a great album. The Guitars sounded a bit 'digital', but it had real substance and power. The intro to magaline is absolutely amazing. I just felt that Tom took the title track a bit too far(the intro really sucked). He could have consolidated the epic middle solo a bit, imho.

Anyway, to corporate america... From what i've heard 'With You' really blows, 'I Had a Good Time' is a REALLY cheesy popish tune, 'Stare Out Your Window' is by far one of the best tunes(albeit a departure), 'Someone' isn't bad- although it had the makings of being a classic:(, 'Turn It Off' is great, Omitting the opening lyric, Cryin' is just below STOYW- a very solid track, finally... 'Corporate America' = Higher Power II, 'Higher Power' = crap. Haven't heard the others.

As hot as the girl is, she has to go. She has no business singing at all on a Boston album. Fran Cosmo makes the album pretty decent; without him it would have easily been quite mediocre. I am a purest- David Lee Roth is the Real Van Halen Frontman, but I have to admit... Fran's the Man as far as Boston's concerned.

02/11/02: Crochunter -
Rating: 100
This album is all Boston and I agree that this is their
best album too date. The songs are full of emotion
and power.

01/11/02: Gator -
Rating: 10
What a shame. The mighty Boston are no more. After reading Tom Scholz' comments about "it's time to start a new chapter", I can't help but to think about other great bands who have pulled the plug on a great career, Queensryche are you listening?
It's hard to badmouth one of the greatest bands of all-time but the truth is only one song "I Had A Good Time" sounds like Boston. (a great song by the way, proving that the band still have it in them) but the other tracks are all garbage, not a power chord in sight. At times I thought I was listening to a Joni Mitchell album. Sad but true! Goodbye Boston, I'll miss you.

29/10/02: Sammy -
Rating: 96
To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'll ever be able to get past the first track. There is no such thing as too many guitars and this is living proof! When I first heard it on the radio, I was knocked out of my seat. Needless to say, I had a good time listening to it! Old fans (if they can tolerate things that aren't exactly the same) and new fans alike will enjoy this. Hell, if anything, it gives them an excuse to tour and me to buy tickets.

28/10/02: George -
Rating: 90
Not the best album in my book, but only because this is really the first Boston album to be all that diverse in its sound. Ppl should buy this album if you liked "Third Stage", "Walk On", "Orion The Hunter", or the RTZ albums.

28/10/02: Jack -
Rating: 60
This is definitely the worst Boston CD to date. The songs are the worst, the production is the worst, and Boston is starting to finally lose all remanants of one of the greatest and most original sounds in rock n' roll.

The only thing positive about this CD is the fact that Brad Delp is back and he sings on 3 songs. However, that is also the most negative thing about this CD. A singer of Brad's skills only singing 3 songs and then having to share the microphone with a cheap imitation of "Reba". Give me a break!!!!

Normally, I would have bought this CD at the store with no questions asked. However, I would have been really disappointed. Thank God for the file sharing services!!!!

As for Andrew, rating Don't Look Back as the worst Boston album to date, that has to be a typo or he hasn't listened to that album in a long time. I'm really in shock over this because I generally have the upmost respect for Andrew's musical opinions (except for his preference of "new Rush" vs "old Rush"!) :)

Although DLB may not be as good as the debut (very few albums compare to the Boston debut), "Don't Look Back" is easily the second best Boston album of all time. Everyone knows that pressure from the record company that forced Scholz to release "Don't Look Back" in a year and a half (when he actually needs around 8 years to complete an album), did force Boston to use a couple of filler songs (rejects from the debut) on the second half of DLB. However, the first half of DLB is flawless and is as perfect as the debut! It is the definition of melodic rock!

Please, Andrew, redeem yourself as you did with your recent UFO review and tell us that your ranking of "Don't Look Back" was a typo or a temporary lapse in judgement!

25/10/02: LisaT -
Rating: 90
Boston's Corporate America is their best album to date.
The production is excellent, the instrumentation is stellar,
and this album shows some real growth and maturity. The
album is so diverse, it is brilliant, yet deeply rooted
in the Boston guitar sound with amazing melodies!!

25/10/02: JS -
Rating: 8
Brad Delp needs to sing on every song, this album would have been awesome if he did. Does anyone know why boston now has like 4 singers??? If it aint broke dont fix it!!! That guy has one awesome voice!! They could use some more hard rocking songs too.

24/10/02: Jeff -
Rating: 49
Despite what Boston fans may say, Boston is no longer Boston!
(As the song goes, ""The Powerchord" is gone, but is not forgotten!"

Their debut album is still one of my all time favorites, but what impresses me the most about Boston these days is how loyal their fans are despite the sub-par material that has been released in the past twenty years. I don't know of a band who has released as few CD's and LP's that have managed to maintain such a strong and dedicated fan base over the years.

Although Tom Scholz is a good guitarist/keyboardist, was once a great songwriter, and still has his god-like ego, he must face the fact that he is not a producer of the likes of "Mutt Lange" even though he has attempted to draft his own version of Shania into the latest Boston lineup. In fact, the only thing positive about this album is the addition of a little variety--something that past Boston albums have always lacked--but the addition of a female country-western singer is a little too much variety for most folks. Perhaps she is Scholz's new love interest or perhaps she is just his latest attempt to mimic Barry Goudreau who has recently found his musical soul mate with female singer Lisa Guyer.

With all of the reunions and the money they have made I'm still trying to figure out why there has never been a Boston reunion. Clearly the Boston fans would appreciate this. Who wouldn't like to see Tom, Barry, Fran, Sib, and Brad back together? However, I'm not really surprised. Why should anybody respect their original band when they can't respect one of the greatest singers in the history of rock n' roll--Brad Delp. (Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Brad never quite severed ties with Goudreau. In addition, Brad Delp & Sib Hashian contributed to the Barry Goudreau album, which understandable angered Scholz since it was originally marketed by CBS in 1978 as a new Boston album).

All in all, I will give Boston an "A" for consistency. Since the debut album, Boston has steadily gone downhill. It is interesting that the quality of Boston's music is indirectly proportional to the size of the band which has dwindled over the years from a six man band to a two-man band to a one-man band (plus a dozen backing musicians). Perhaps Boston hasn't quite hit rock bottom since there are a few decent tunes on here, but this is no doubt that this is their worst CD to date!


23/10/02: Kevin K -
Rating: 60
After 8 1/2 years since Walk On, I cannot believe that
Boston would put out an album with 4 slow songs on it
compared to their old style. He had so much time to make each song a real rocker, but this falls way short and being a
true fan for so long, I am very disappointed. All the fans
waited so long also and this is what we get. Not fair.
Tom could've done way better and he probably has several other tunes that are far better. Is there anyone that agrees with me or am I on my own?
I gave it a 60% because

21/10/02: Brian T -
Rating: 100
Great album, very strong songs, sonic perfection.
The chorus organ in Didn't Mean To Fall In Love is amazing, so melodic. These songs are very addictive, gotta listen to
them over and over again.

21/10/02: javier maya -
Rating: 90
boston is boston forever

19/10/02: Monte Turner -
Rating: 95
This album sounds great - every song except With You is
outstanding. I'm very impressed with the variety. The
keyboard work mixes well with awesome Boston guitar sound.

16/10/02: Iron Man -
Rating: 60
This effort replaces Walk On as Boston's poorest effort. It is to Boston what Edge of the Century was to Styx or Holy Water was to Bad Company....a pretty lame product. It pains me to hear the songs on this record in much the same manner that it pained me to hear Walk On. To those of us who believe Boston is one part Tom's sonic guitar and one part Brad's stratospheric vocals, this record can only defy logic. Brad has three lead vocal shots and Tom's sonic artistry is traded in for some refried efforts and a country appeal on the incredibly inane "With You".
This LP is only for diehard fans who are trying to complete their collection or newer fans who have no inkling as to what Boston once was. Eight years between Walk On and this, and we are treated to some country, some disco, some Oasis sounds, 3 Delp songs, drum triggers....and a live track? Older fans, that's no dream. It's a nightmare.

15/10/02: whosgonnasaveus -
Rating: 98
Corporate America is an excellent album, I cannot stop listening to the release we were so happy to obtain. Before writing it off give it a few listens and keep an open mind (long time fans).

Had Boston ten albums in their catalog they would have had the luxury of becoming more experimental and diverse without upsetting their die hard fan base whose expectations are often way to high.

Corporate America has great catchy tunes and some different but brilliant songs.

All those who think Kimberley is doing a Yoko Ono, wake up and smell the rockman.

14/10/02: James Pinkston -
Rating: 98
I love this album - modern, diverse, melodic but sounding
like classic Boston.

14/10/02: Brian -
Rating: 98
The handful of songs I have heard are absolutely addictive. (I Had A Good Time, Someone (demo), Turn It Off, and Corporate America) They are certainly some of the best rock songs to come along in years. Can't wait, to hear the rest of the album on November 5th. All of you out there should definitely plan on pre-ordering or picking up a copy quickly because its going to be worth every penny.

14/10/02: Kyle -
Rating: 99
Dude its Boston, what else can I say. Also i have been waiting as long as anyone else for this album and Boston has done it again, for me anyway.

13/10/02: Frank Mouton -
Rating: 0
I wanted to comment on what the reviewer said.I personally think that "Don't Look Back" was an extension of the debut and don't see how it could rate as his fifth choice of Boston's albums.Both the 1st and 2nd album are absolute classics of rock.I have heard " Stare Out Your Window" and "I Had a Good Time" on local radio and I like these two.I thought "Corporate America was very high-tech and won't know if I really like it till the album comes.The 30 second snippets on the web were not really enough to go by as far as an accurate review.I don't think that "With You" belongs on here at all.This album should rock but so far it sounds like its pretty weak."Livin' For You" should have been scrapped in favor of a reworked demo or reproduced the "Walk On Medley" with the classic Boston sound and Brad on vocals.Walk On had some really great tunes on it and Fran's vocals didn't affect my decision about liking it.The album suffered because the classic sound is hidden deep in heavy production.Put on your headphones and crank up the "Don't Look Back" album.You can feel the intensity of the album,like you're in the album.I'm sure the new album will have a few shining moments but won't be what most of us have been waiting for.

13/10/02: T.J. Holzer - tj_stacey
Rating: 90
I'm still very unsure about the addition of kimberly to the mix. She is an accomplished vocalist, but not for classic Boston rock. "Corporate America" is a very good track, very great new sound from the boys...and girl. "I Had A Good Time" is just plain old straight up Rock and Roll. This album is one of my favorite to date, and better that Walk On...But not as good as the first Three.

12/10/02: Steve Hendricks -
Rating: 95
Great job Boston - Awesome!!
As a radio DJ, I am extremely impressed with the songs on
Boston's Corporate America album. "I Had A Good Time" is
one of the best rock songs to come around in years.
This album is going to find many new fans for this group - very musically diverse while maintaining the classic Boston sound unduplicated anywhere. "Cryin", "You Gave Up On Love", "Didn't Mean To Fall In Love", and the guitar shredding "Corporate America" are standouts. Sound quality simply incredible.

12/10/02: Desslar -
Rating: 50
Mostly awful. As if Third Stage and Walk On weren't watered down enough, this album doesn't even pretend to rock. This is sappy easy listening. What happened to the the anthemic rockers of the first two albums??? These guys are one of my favorite bands, but it's time to give it up.

Rating: 95

11/10/02: Mitch -
Rating: 85
For those of you that are trying to figure out how in the world we have heard the whole thing before it was released, here's the deal. Somebody stuffed a copy into mp3 format and put it on the web... Who?? We may never know, but those of us who frequent the website forum found it quick. We waited to long and got greedy. :-) Anyway, Brad is back and the songs he sings are nothing short than awsome! The first cut "I had a good time", as mentioned, is going to go down as one of the best Boston songs since the debut. That is if it gets a fair shake. The whole Fran thing on Walk On kinda set Boston way back. Nothing agains Fran, because I like his singing, but Brad is the man who is known as the vocalist for Boston. The only song I have an issue with is "With you". Excellent somewhere else, but doesn't belong where it is. Should have been a bonus track or something. I really like the live version of "Livin for you" with Brad on harmonies. November 5th for the real deal wont come soon enough though!

10/10/02: Longtime Boston Fan 23 -
Rating: 90
Kinda confused by the Intial 75% rating because the rating doesn't match up with the praise that was given to many of the songs. ???If a person didn't see the rating they would probably think it was given an 85% at least.Good review as usual though.

Anyway, I like this album. It is very progressive which is a relief. But I like many would certainly delete two certain songs from this album.
Let Brad sing all leads on "You Gave up on Love" and this song is big, real big.
But all in all, this album does very good and I highly recommend it to all Boston fans (me being a fan for 24 years now)
The producing is simply awesome! It is so great through headphones like all Boston songs are.
Get out and buy this one Nov. 5th, you'll like it.

10/10/02: Greg Johnson -
Rating: 95
This album has great songs that you can listen to over
and over again. A great mix of classic Boston with new
sonic twists. I Had a Good Time is awesome. I love
the guitar and organ playing at the same time in Didn't Mean
To Fall In Love. The chorus in Corporate America has a screaming
guitar sound. I wish Brad sang all the leads but musically I
am very impressed with this album. I can listen to these
songs over and over again.

10/10/02: Tim -
Rating: 88
Since I like Brad and Fran's singing, and I think Kimberley's voice works very well with them, I like what I have heard so far. I got goosebumps during I Had A Good Time. Corporate America grows on me more with each listen. With You will rise above it's position on the album, this song stands on it's own! Someone and Turn It Off have tuned up very well, and positively expand the Boston sound. I hope radio cooperates with the same zeal that they are with the new Tom Petty and Sammy Hagar.

10/10/02: Jason -
Rating: 90
I have yet to hear the full album, but judging from the title track, I have to say I'm not impressed. this review leaves me more to hope for however.
Corporate America (the song) sounds like an extension of "Higher Power" from the greatest hits album.
I am glad they're including "Livin' For You" on the album. That is one of the greatest songs of all time.

10/10/02: Paul Johnson -
Rating: 90
Agree with pretty much everything the reviewer said. But if you love the BOSTON sound,and I do, you have to love this effort because nobody does aor rock like BOSTON,even with some minor shortcomings.

10/10/02: Aaron -
Rating: 85
As a younger fan of Boston, it's been a bit frustrating waiting for new music to come out. While this is not a perfect album, it, for the most part, was definately worth the wait. "I Had A Good Time" & "Stare Out Your Window" are great tracks that should see a healthy dose of radio play. "Corporate America", "Someone", "& "Turn It Off" are also great songs that refuse to leave my head (Iwas particularly impressed with the improvements made to "Turn It Off" since it was originally played on Rockline 2 years back. "Cryin'", "Didn't Mean To Fall In Live" & "You Gave Up On Love" flow together nicely, and would have been a nice way to end the album, except for the unnecessary addition of the live track "Livin' For You". If you're going to include a live track, at least make it a better live version than this (Personally, I would have loved a live version of the "Walk On" medley). "With You" is a great individual track that I feel may find some play among country fans, but it does feel a bit odd here, especailly coming right after "Corporate America". Overall, I think that a bit more reworking (if that is possible with a Boston album) in terms of song order, and a better live track are my only complaints, but this is a very solid album, one that carries the classic Boston sound into the new times (where hopefully it will generate more Boston albums!)

10/10/02: JDB -
Rating: 0
This new release is an absolute disgrace to the few Boston fans that have waited so long for some decent studio material. Scholz just doesn't get it. Three songs with Brad on lead vocals?? He will be *very* lucky to fill the 2000 to 2500 seat venues this spring featuring this crap-

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